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Yesterday, at that horror con I was working, someone anonymously sent me coffee, and it just now occurred to me that I probably shouldn’t have chugged it. I figured it was the shy dude who kept smiling at me and miraculously needing to use the garbage can by our booth every fifteen minutes, but it also could’ve been the dude who was just sitting in a chair and staring at me for an hour.

But I got two girls’ phone numbers (on accident, I swear), made two cool new taxidermy connections, got three job offers, and (lovingly) called one of my favourite sculptors a fuckface. So, hey.

The Littlest Winchester - Littlest Matchmaker

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 895

Request: Can you do a Littlest Winchester fic of the daughter trying to give dating advice to Sam or Dean?


    In many ways, Dean’s four-year-old daughter takes after her father. She enjoys food, treats the Impala like a living creature, and is very defensive of her family, but more than almost anything in the world, she loves to be her uncle’s personal pain in the ass. Sam attributes this to the way Dean eggs her on and dishes out generous amounts of positive reinforcement, and he secretly hopes she’ll grow out of it, but knowing how Dean turned out, it isn’t likely. Anyway, he can’t exactly hold it against her when she gives him an honest-to-God hug, kiss, and says ‘I love you’. It’s not the toddler’s fault her father is an insufferable man-child.

    “Uncle Sam, you need a girlfriend,” states the little girl as she climbs onto his lap.

    “I do? Who told you that?”


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me doing my best to get him to look at the camera

him doing his best to have no part of it

Staying in a relationship where I know I’m the only faithful one is so detrimental. Little by little each new girl or unsaved phone number tears me apart a little more. I’m not good enough. Not pretty enough. Not loving enough. Not enough. It makes me strive to be more when I should be walking the fuck away. I justify it by telling myself, he always comes back to me. At the end of the day he still settles for me because I won’t go anywhere. So he must love me right? Wrong. He doesn’t love me. He probably never has. People that can’t stay committed to the one person they claim to love probably have no idea what real love is. But god dammit I love the way he laughs and the way he gets so excited about little things like tai food or tv shows. I love the way he calls me baby in the morning when we’re both still half asleep. I love the way I can always tell what he’s thinking just by the look on his face. I love the way he sleeps next to me, back to back with even our feet touching. I love every beautiful lie that falls through his lips. Because even though I know he doesn’t really love me, even though he often tears me apart more often than holds me together; he makes me feel something. He’s one of the only people that’s stuck around for so long that I’ll do anything to keep him. Maybe that’s what an abusive relationship is. Loving someone regardless of everything they do wrong to you. Or maybe I’m just to pathetic to be alone.
—  Late night thoughts on why I hate myself.

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nyehehehe i got this girls phones number a while ago and i really like her and she too is Gay™ and likes memes so now we're friendos and i love her

gay meme friendos, 10/10 i’m so happy for ur friendship best of luck !!

Character Analysis: Terushima Yuuji

I often see Terushima getting reduced to the one moment he asked Kiyoko for her phone number and was rather persistent about it although she clearly rejected him. However, instead of immediately judging him for that and not even giving his character a chance I thought that his behaviour was actually very realistic. I’m pretty sure in real life there are lots of high school boys asking girls for their phone numbers and nearly begging when they get rejected instead of simply accepting it.

Not that I think it’s a good thing to do but I don’t think he had any bad intentions and maybe didn’t even realise how uncomfortable he made her. Moreover, I briefly want to mention the thing most people probably already heard: Nishinoya and Tanaka don’t show better behaviour at all. They basically glorify her and the things they frequently do would make me definitely uncomfortable too if I was her.

That being said, I think he is a character that’s just as interesting and likeable as every other character in Haikyuu. I mean, we don’t reduce Tanaka to his hot-bloodedness nor Oikawa to his fake cheerful self nor Iwaizumi to an angry brute nor Kageyama to a socially awkward simpleton (and I could go on with that for almost every character in Haikyuu) so why should we do that to Terushima? I know that there are lots of people who think like me but I never came across a full character analysis so here we go.

(complete analysis + manga panels below the cut because this got long)

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I need wingman Winn in my life. I want him trying to set up Alex on dates and going with her to gay bars but instead of helping he just scares women away with his eagerness when he approaches them.

I want men at the bar to hit on him and him being super cool about it. Maybe even suspiciously OK with. He is so cool about it that at one point he gets distracted talking to a hot guy that looks a lot like Superman and that keeps complimenting him.

That’s for the better though cause with him distracted the girl who had been looking at Alex from afar finally gets to make a move and buy her a drink. Alex is all shy with her, and she doesn’t really feel the same things she feels about Maggie but it’s still exciting and she has a good time talking to the girl. Even gives the girl her phone number.

When Winn and Alex talk the next day at the DEO about how much fun they had Kara joins in and say she wants to go with them next time, to support Alex. They do and now it’s Kara who keeps getting hit on and the only thing she does is laugh nervously but doesn’t reject anyone.

When two girls look about ready to punch each other fighting for Kara’s attention, Alex resorts to putting her hand around Kara’s shoulders and kissing her check, along with a pointed look to scare the women away. That means she doesn’t get to meet anyone new that night but she doesn’t mind, she has a lot of fun just drinking and dancing with Kara. Winn also gets to see his Superman look-alike friend again.

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last night I got a girl on tinder's phone number because I wrote her awesome hamilton pickup lines but my roommate still refuses to acknowledge my prodigious game.

fmcnberterk omFG

that’s #nice like hamilton pick up likes would so work on me

Alabama Gothic
  • James Spann appears on the TV, a storm is coming. You look up, James Spann rolls up his sleeves, it’s a big one. When you glance back his sleeves are at his shoulders, there’s a tornado. James Spann is only wearing an undershirt and suspenders, all hope has gone.
  • A man bumps into you at the store, “Roll Tide.” The cashier gives you back change, “War Eagle.” You try to get a cute girl’s phone number, but all she write is “Roll Tide” over and over. The entire state can only communicate with two phrases. No one questions it.
  • There are rumors that there is something west of Tuscaloosa. No one goes there, no one is certain. What could be west of Tuscaloosa?
  • Every can of Buffalo Rock automatically refills as you finish. You can’t stop drinking; your throat burns. 
  • Combing through Unclaimed Baggage you find your suitcase, packed for your fifth grade trip to Dauphin Island. You had gotten the flu and not gone on the trip. You thought the bag was still at your mom’s, but, here it is before you.
  • You drive north to Big Bob Gibson’s. You don’t know the way, but white sauce begins to leak from the ground. It slowly overtakes your car. You have arrived.
19 days (present) trivia

zhan zhengxi has a piercing

jian yi takes up smoking

jian yi rescues an aggressive cat he found at school because it reminded him of zhan 

zhan has a girl nicknamed ‘milktea’ s phone number

jian yi is a lightweight but zhan can hold his liquor 

jian yi stole the key to zhan’s apartment

jian yi bought him a limited edition game but promptly broke it right after

jian yi intends to get into zhan zhengxi’s university 

the sexual harassment is turned up (he seems aware this time?) and jian yi kisses him freely

it might be reciprocated (eventually)

I may have an idea where “Mystery Girl” is from based on the number she gave Pearl, (301) 555-0189 (or (301) 555-0789, depending on which shot you look at).

In the real world, 301 is the area code not for Delmarva (the region Beach City is in), but for the western half of Maryland (the state which occupies most of the Delmarva Peninsula), including Maryland’s part of the DC metro area. However, 301 served as the area code for all of Maryland until 1990.

Beach City is canonically along Rehoboth Bay in Delaware, which in reality has area code 302, so what was shown is close, but not quite.

The show takes place on an alternate version of Earth, and we have seen time to time that the geography of Earth is different, both physically and politically. Therefore, Mystery Girl could be from the area that corresponds to western Maryland in our universe.

(Also of note, only 555-01xx is reserved for fictional use these days. The rest of the 555- prefixed numbers were released for public usage years ago due to the exhaustion of available phone numbers.)