girls only like guys with skills

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Jess Mariano most likely grew up in an abusive household with a mother who didn’t want to be a mother. He was a good guy, who had a lot of problems and bad communication skills. He didn’t understand that Luke loved him because he never experienced that type of relationship before. And Rory is probably the first girl, no, first person he has ever cared about and he ran because he was scared of disappointing Rory, like he disappointed everyone else (his mother, and Luke). He is the only character (aside from Emily and that’s including the Revival) who had the best character development. He was an angry teenager who became a successful, happy adult. And he doesn’t get enough appreciation.

Ok guys, Spencer was not actually begging Marco to drop the case, she’s not stupid and she knows him well enough to know he wouldn’t risk his job or his integrity for a girl he just met. She is incriminating him. She knows he is the only guy in Rosewood police departemnt that has any chance at all on pinning her and the liars for murder. She is making it seem like he might have known who she was when he started flirting with her at the bar and was just using her to get information. And I mean, I kinda have a hard time believing he didn’t know, with the liars already being questioned about Charlottes murder. Don’t forget whose house Spencer grew up in! She’s def using those Hastings lawyer skills. Their sexual relationship compromises his credibility and may force him to recuse himself from the case. I’m sure she is actually really upset about losing him, and I think Marco really does like her, but Spencer’s loyalties lie soley with the girls and now that shes backed into a corner she’ll do what she must to keep them out of prison.

TOP5 Sexiest PRODUCE101 Trainees – #4

In my last post, I’ve mention that you need the right attitude if you want to be sexy – and some men out there are just simply born with it.

Among all those handsome and gorgeous trainees of Produce 101 Season 2 are several candidates who can be easily called sex gods. But there is only one that overflows with confidence, which makes him sexier than most of the other boys of the popular survival program.

#4 – ONG SEONG WOO // 옹성우

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When Ong Seongwoo appeared on our screens for the very first time, you could hear girls all over the world moan with pleasure. This guy has the face, the moves, the voice – and damn, this bastard is savage as fuck. And that is exactly what makes him so incredibly hot.

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Seongwoo is totally aware of the fact that he is good looking and extremely talented – and he has no shame to mention it all the time. His confident personality combined with his unique sense of humor makes it so easy to develop a huge crush on this sexy Fantagio trainee. Even other Produce 101 participants had to admit that his sex appeal can be fatal, and that’s why they chose him as center for one of the sexiest boy group songs ever.

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Do you know why girls like assholes? Just look at Seongwoo. He doesn’t sugarcoat things, he brags about his looks and skills, and he usually gets what he wants. Sounds pretty much like a huge jerk, right? But ladies still can’t get enough of his shameless behavior and handsome face.

Not only his confidence and looks makes girls all around the world drool. Who would have thought that being funny and sarcastic can be this fucking hot? Seongwoo loves to joke – mostly about himself since – thanks to his confidence – he is not scared of embarrassment.

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However, I’m not sure if Seongwoo is a guy I could date. I wouldn’t be able to introduce him to my mother, my sister or my female friends, because every single one of them would fall for him as well – and he kinda looks like he has no problem dating multiple girls at the same time.

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I’ll just admire this perfect example of intense sex appeal from afar, and let my dirty mind do the rest.

TOP5 Sexiest PRODUCE101 Trainees: #5#4#3#2#1

Reaction to you being the girl of another gang's boss? Thx 💮


i kinda went a little over board with this but i’m not sorry.


Jin knew you were in another gang he had seen you around and was content knowing your gang worked along side his, what he didn’t know was that you were considered that gangs gang leaders mistress/consort. being a mistress/consort means you aren’t a wife/husband so he would consult with his own gang about how unhappy you really were in your position, he would fight to get out
“i’m here for you, you know that. its not your fault, you didn’t cause our gangs to become rivals. it was a long time coming and we are glad to have you”

being a leader of his gang would allow him to break the rules but he is a respected leader himself and even though he could break the rules for you its really against his morals to do so. in the end Joonie would fight for you and it might get a little messy between both of the gangs.
“What you didn’t think i’d fight for you? you don’t belong to him, that tattoo doesn’t matter anymore.”

Yoongi is a all in or nothing kind of guy, everything is put on the table he expects the same and when you showed your hand that had him learning just who you were he wouldn’t hesitate per say just think before he acted next. he would weigh the pros and cons and may even consult his own gang’s leader before he pursues you.
“i need to know if you are sure, if you want us. the cons far out weigh the pros for my gang if we do this.”

About the only time you saw him frown, even if it was for a split second, was when he found out you belonged to a rival gangs boss. Hoseok has a way of getting information from people where they don’t even know they just gave up a secret, he would learn all he could about you and learning you were just being used by the boss wouldn’t sit well with him. cue knight in shining smile armor he’d get you out and make you smile again.
“your smile is beautiful, and you can smile more not being by that guy.”

Tae wouldn’t be shocked he knew the gang you were a part of didn’t allow females to be anything other then some item for the boss. what shocked him was how well you carried yourself, your acting skills were second only to his. it didn’t take long for him to come to the conclusion you were to good to be some guys trophy.
“your talents are wasted with him, i can promise you a good time.”

you? another gangs boss’s girl? he wouldn’t touch that….well at least he tried. like a bear to a honey-hive you were just to tempting to not try and snag, so what if the bees got pissed, you were worth it.
“you are worth the effort, it’s not my fault he couldn’t keep up.”

you were good…almost TO good. he knew you had to be from the gangs higher rankings but he didn’t expect you to belong to the boss. when you to met every time it was just a game for the both of you. as the game went on you were both less careful and your boss didn’t like to share. the trouble would lead to chaos but in the end you would gain the title of golden too just like your new man after all you were perfect for each other.
“just so you know i don’t like to share either.”


~Admin A-Town


“Being the only two girls on board was kind of rough. They’d shared stories, complained about the guys’ gross habits, and shed some tears together about Annabeth. Hazel had told her what it was like to control the Mist, and Piper had been surprised by how much it sounded like using charmspeak. Piper had offered to help her if she could. In return, Hazel had promised to coach her in sword fighting—a skill at which Piper epically sucked.”
She’s something else

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Mild swearing, takes place in a strip club

Word count: 892

Request: by @insanitycreatesmonsters 
Please can you write this one shot for me!!! So I had this idea of the avengers needing to recruit people for this mission, and tony knows a girl who is as good as natasha who is working undercover at basically a strip club type place. And so they all go there to find her yet tony only says something like you’ll know her when you see her about her appearance and bucky ends up finding her first but with the style of the song ‘Guys My Age’ by Hey Violet when the bass drops. Thankss!!! xxx

A/N: Sorry it’s so short but I hope you like it!

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Bucky’s POV

“Natasha is still injured from our last mission, so we are going to need someone with similar skill sets who would be available to join the team for a short time. Does anyone have any recommendations?” Fury questioned with his powerful voice. The whole team was stationed in the mission briefing room. In two days we were leaving to shut down a small hydra op in the Canadian wilderness.

Thinking over Fury’s question, we all looked at each other seemingly not coming up with any ideas. That is until Tony’s eyes widened and caught all of our attention.

“Oh, I think I’ve got someone” Tony beamed. “Her name is Y/N L/N and I’ve seen her in the field before. She’s practically unstoppable. The last I heard was that she was undercover, but I’m sure she’d be able to help us out for a few days if our good pal Director Fury here could track her down for us” Tony smirked. I, for one, was a little shocked that Tony actually had a good idea. Fury agreed to his plan and set out to find whoever Y/N is.

While Fury did his research to find Y/N, the rest of us went into the common area to watch some TV and hang out.

“So Tony, what’s Y/N like?” I asked him, suddenly becoming curious of the new woman who I would have to spend quite a bit of time with.

“Completely badass, stubborn, and incredibly charming which is odd to say about a professional assassin” Tony stated. He seemed pretty fond of the girl. 

Just then Fury burst into the room and ordered everyone to get dressed. She was working undercover somewhere downtown. We were heading out to find her.

The van screeched to a halt in front of a slinky, low lit building. We were in an area of the city that I had never been to before, which was saying something, because I grew up here. As we all got out of the car and approached the building Steve shot me a confused look. I shrugged back at him and continued forward with the rest of the team.

“Alright everyone, I need you to split up and try and find her. She’s in there somewhere” Fury stated and then started towards the door. I went to follow Fury until I remembered something.

“Hey Tony, what does she look like? I’m gonna need to be able to recognize her somehow.”

“Trust me kid” Tony said and clapped me on the shoulder. “You’ll know her when you see her.”

What does he mean? Whatever I guess I’ll find out.

As I opened the door to the building, the immediate smell of alcohol was shocking. Low rhythmic music flowed throughout the surprisingly large space and women with glitter under their eyes danced on stages. They were also just barely clothed. It was hard for me not to stare, but in my defense no one had prepared me for this.

I was raised in a time when seeing a girl in a one piece bathing suit was sports illustrated worthy. Yet, here I was surrounded by beautiful, half naked women. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t affected at least a little by their presence. 

Steve looked at me from across the room with severely reddened cheeks. His eyes were wide and I’m sure mine looked the same. Soon Tony grabbed Steve by the collar of his shirt and dragged him to the other end of the floor.

As I slowly adjusted to my environment, I began to scan the room for someone who I believed could be Y/N but no one in particular caught my eye. That was until I moved toward the back of the room. That was her

The song changed as she came into view. It was slower and more seductive. Her hips swayed to a different rhythm and her leg hooked around the pole to her right as she swung to the ground. She gracefully rose back up and her eyes met mine. Must’ve caught me staring. She winked seductively and resumed moving her body in ways I didn’t think possible until that moment.

The curves of her body and the way her hair fell made her absolutely breathtaking. Everything about her drew me in. The heat rose to my cheeks as the bass of the music vibrated the floor.

 I approached the stage and Y/N held out her hand for me to take. I was confused for a moment before she hopped down from the stage and used my hand for support. She looked me up and down and smiled.

“So, you must be James. Fury called and gave me a briefing about the team” she smirked keeping up her attitude from on stage, but speaking to me low enough that no one would hear her. She was undercover after all.

“Uh Bucky” I stuttered out.

“Hm?” she questioned.

“Call me Bucky” I said slowly gaining some confidence.

“Alright Bucky. Let’s get out of here before we draw any suspicion” she whispered with a smirk. Y/N gripped my hand and pulled me towards the exit still maintaining her attitude. As I got another good look at her all I could think was holy shit I’m in deep.

Totally Unexpected (bh6 Hiro x Reader)

Late nights are usually Hiro’s best times to go out and just go on a stroll. Or, for this time at least, go find some gummy bears. His older brother practically ‘molested’ that last bag of those delectable sweets just a few moments ago. So, Hiro thought he’d get some by himself. He looked left and right, past those neon lights and through the convenience stores, but its as if a gummy bear shortage happened when he was off saving the world. Just one bag, he said desperately to himself, or a piece.

“Aghhhhh!” the agitated boy muttered, shoving his hands in his jacket pockets.

For a few more minutes, he strolled down the streets, almost unaware for the fact that it was getting a wee late for him. But, being a teen with raging hormones, almost the same intensity as a girl would, he kept looking. He was craving for it. Willing to do a backflip if he could. And just when he thought he lost hope, one store caught his eyes. He turned his head to look at it. It wasn’t really that of big for a convenience store.

But the sweets aisle was visible even from a few feet away. And sure enough, he had seen what he was looking for. Gummy Bears. Just one more pack.

And like lightning, he dashed for the door, and almost broke his shoulder just pushing it open. He neglected the clerk’s uncomfortable stare at him, his feet carrying him faster than he could comprehend. Now, the sweets were just an arm’s length away, and so he reached out his hand to take it. It was more than a miracle to him just to see him getting closer to it.

“JUST A FEW MORE INCHES!” a huge smile was forming on his face.

But he stopped. He was finally near the pack of sweets. But what he saw wasn’t his hand grabbing the pack. Another hand was grabbing it, which in fact got there first than Hiro did. He was baffled, he couldn’t believe he was outrun by whoever that person was. He then turned his attention angrily to that person, but he paused just at the sight of the face of the person.

A she. A girl. Looking flushed, as if she had ran for the pack herself. Her eyes were looking directly into his, only with a hint of possession over the gummy bears, her soft lips letting out hitches of breath rapidly. Strands of her hair were dangling loosely from her face, although messy, looked perfect on her. She looked, just his age. For Hiro, she was captivating, but that didn’t hinder him from taking those gummy bears off her hands.

“Hey, I saw that first.” he said flatly.

“No.” But even with just the sound of her voice saying one word captivated him even more, making him widen his eyes and blush a bit, “I got it first. Go get another one.”

He gave her a look, pretending to look around the area and back at her with a haughty smile on his face,. “Hmmm…oh my! I cannot see any more packs around here, even anywhere else!”

The girl was in fact displeased by his response, and shoved the pack in her pockets. A smug smile was on her face, almost taunting the 14 year old with her stare.

“Well. Get it from me then.”

Hiro paused, and scoffed at her attempt. “O-oh, I’m sorry…'lady’. I don’t hurt girls.”

Steroetyping. This only ticked off the girl even more, and did not whatsover make her give the pack. Hiro was surprised to see her bend forward a bit, and taunt him. Challenging him to chase after her. If only Hiro wasn’t desperate, he wouldn’t get into trouble with this. But alas, he was. So he swiftly lunged at her, but as if she had ninja reflexes, she dodged him in a blink of an eye. Again, he attempted, but she swiftly slid to her right.

Then it hit him. It was on.

“Alright. You asked for it.” he warned her.

He lunged forward to pin her down, but she had turned to her heel and dashed off around the aisles. Hiro was fast enough to get on his feet and run after her. He saw her turn to a dead end, and thought she was trapped. But when he thought he had finally won, she adruptly landed her feet right on the walls and jumped over one aisle. Hiro stopped dead in his tracks, utmost shock running up on his face. The girl landed successfully on her feet, and through the other aisle, looked at Hiro with a confident smile on her face.

“Come on! Can’t you give a boy a chance?!” he tried to convince the girl.

“Give the boy a chance…” she gesticulated sarcastically. “Nope. Supposed to be the other way around, nitwit.”

It came to the boy that she wasn’t was she looked like. She’s skilled. A fighter, likewise to him. He liked this, though, a challenge he thought he had won but turned up with an unlikely twist. So he turned to see if the girl was still there, only to see no one at the other aisle, followed by a simultaneous pattern of beeps. The boy ran to the counter, his eyes landing on the silhoutte running away into the dark alleys.

“I won’t chase after her, if I were you…” the clerk trailed off, looking at Hiro warily.

But only to receive a smug expression from the boy’s face.

“I’m desperate.”


“Well well, look who’s bac-HIRO?!”

There Hiro stood, at the top of the stairs and in the room, with scratches all over his arms and legs, dirt clinging on his cheeks, his hair messier than it was before. The elder brother looked at him, eyes widened both in shock and anger of what stupidity his brother had done yet again. Seeing your younger brother, at 12 midnight, looking like a huge mess wasn’t okay for Tadashi. So yes, it had hit him that Hiro did something stupid, again. He gave him a look, and grabbed Hiro by his arm.

“Where.Have.You.Been.” he sternly asked Hiro, who only gave him a shrug.

“I was only looking for gummy bears. After you ate mine.” Hiro intonated the last sentence clearly to his brother.

“Looking like that?” An exhasperated sigh was heard from Tadashi, his hands rubbing his face. “Aunt Cass is going to EAT UP this whole place if she saw you like that!”

“Nope. I avoided her by climbing up a window. It’s your fault, anyways!”

“I didn’t KNOW, okay Hiro? But you didn’t have to go out and do something idiotic…AGAIN.”

Tadashi only shook his head and turned around. How stupid his brother was for getting into…whatever he got into for a pack of sweets. He always knew he’d do something like this over something he desperately wanted to have. It was in his nature, a part of Hiro; he knew he couldn’t stop him from doing that. Accepting the fact, he sagged down on his seat and turned his attention back to Hiro.

“Is there something that I need to know here, Hiro?” Tadashi threw a piece of cloth for Hiro to wipe the dirt off.

The younger brother had caught the cloth and only looked down on it. “Well…” Hiro’s voice sounded unsure, and this Tadashi knew. “…n-nothing really.”

“Then how will you explain…” Tadashi paused, and spread out his arms at Hiro, “..this?!”

“You just gestured to all of me.”

“Exactly the point. Explanation, now.”

Hiro sighed, knowing that his brother will continue on to pry him even if he didn’t want to. So he had no choice but to explain.

“Okay…okay…so I was out, you know, a-and I couldn’t find a single store with any gummy bears, but I found one store, with one pack of it and…”

Hiro paused, embarassed by the fact that a girl almost outwitted him, and not wanting to tell his brother. And another thing that he was frustrated about. Something he never wanted to happen, well because he was annoyed of that girl, but it happened. He liked the girl. Had developed a liking for the feisty one.

“And?” Tadashi said, raising an eyebrow at Hiro.

“…a girl got it first. And I-”

But instead of Hiro hearing Tadashi scold him, Tadashi had bursted out laughing. Hiro stopped, and looked weirdly at his brother. He felt himself blushing in embarassment as he continued on laughing. But luckily, his older brother had stopped, tears brimming on the edges of his eyes, as he caught his breath to face Hiro again.

“That’s sucks man…” Tadashi looks at the younger boy still blushing and looking down at the floorboard. “Hiro?”

Hiro looked up at Tadashi, and only shook his head. “I-it was nothing. But…who is she though?”

Tadashi’s eyes perked up at the sight of Hiro wondering about, well, a girl. It seems that Hiro had developed a liking for this girl. At a very young age, on the record.

“S-she was, fiesty and all. And she, she was not just a pretty face, Tadashi!” Hiro had pointed out with a tone, as Tadashi approached his brother and leaned in. “She was like…a-a ninja. I didn’t get the pack…”

His elder brother knew for sure that Hiro liked the girl. His brother, only 14 years of age, has now developed his first crush, only to a girl who beat him in the chase. A grin spread on his face, as he layed his hand on his brother’s shoulder, and with a chuckle, he said:

External image

“Hiro, you just experienced something totally unexpected.”

blehhh, I tried so hard! /( > - <)/ anyways, here ya go go! Hope you guys enjoy it! And ye, you a ninja skilled girl here lmao.


Kurtbastian one-shot - “The Pain” (Rated PG13)

While Sebastian evaluates new recruits for the Ice-plex’s J.V. hockey team, one of his wannabes gets in hot water with Kurt when he cuts off a figure skater.

Tensions run high and secrets are revealed. (2093 words)

Part 12 of Outside Edge

Read on AO3.

“Alright! Thank you so much, guys and gals, for showing up to this year’s hockey team tryouts!” Sebastian glides down the line of potential recruits, dropping pucks in front of them while he speaks. “It’s been a long three days of drills, but we’ve finally narrowed it down to you guys.” Sebastian stops to give the kids in front of him - holding their sticks at the ready, waiting for their chance to be unleashed and show their stuff - a stern once over. “You should be proud of yourselves. That’s a huge accomplishment.” They hold themselves a little straighter, a little taller for Sebastian saying that. “Before we begin, a little background for those of you who may not already know …”

Sebastian knows a handful will already know what he’s about to say. These kids have been raised at this rink. They could skate before they could walk. Sebastian has seen a few of them grow up here. He’s been their junior coach for the past five years.

God. He’s only a teenager and already he feels like an old man.

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Kyungri: My former boyfriend was not a celebrity, but looks like after we broke up, he started dating another girl group member.  I found out that one day, a male singer took a picture of  Nine Muses rehearsing and sent it to that guy saying, ‘Your former girlfriend is rehearsing right now.

Park Myung Soo: What skills must that man have to date only girl group members?

Yoo Jae Suk: What’s a hit song from that girl group? Is the team name three characters?

atlantismadness  asked:

INFJ Slytherin :)

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The INFJ Slytherin is a rare breed, but when you do come across them they are mysterious, complex, and almost mystical. They are the quiet intellects who seem to be able to predict everything that’s going to happen a second before it does. This makes them really good at strategizing and they have their whole life plan drawn up in their minds with the full intentions of achieving all of their lofty goals. They may come across to others as ‘wounded’ and as a result guys and girls alike are falling all over them wanting to get them to open up their enigmatic personalities so they can know them better. But INFJ Slytherin won’t open up to just anyone, and only a few select people know what they’re really like under that chameleon-esque facade. The INFJ Slytherin is able to change their personality to reflect the dominant traits of the group/person they are hanging out with, and this is part of the reason why nobody knows their true inner selves. But this skill makes them incredibly popular amongst just about everyone, and they can also be very intimidating due to their natural intelligence and charm.

They are definitely a part of Slughorn’s Slug Club and attend the meetings regularly, however they are quiet and prefer to listen to the others converse rather than contribute anything themselves. This leads to Horace asking them questions and probing them to open up, to which they always respond wittily evoking laughter around the table. However these clever answers are always just enigmatic and vague enough that nobody can really see what they are truly thinking. The INFJ Slytherin is a master manipulator and can get anybody to do just about anything they want. However, they would never wish harm on anyone, even their worst enemy, and they use their skill in persuasion for good rather than ill.

They are probably excellent in Divination and Professor Trelawney is always torn between adoration and a mix of annoyance/jealousy that their predictions are often more accurate than hers. They are most likely the head of a mysterious cult-ish group and are pretty much worshiped by all their followers.

They also seem to somehow have information about everything and everyone, already knowing the latest gossip before it’s even hit the school but always keeping it to themselves. They always know what someone’s hidden intentions are, no matter how hard a person tries to conceal them, and because of this nobody can ever fool them. They are often seen finishing other people’s sentences for them with an almost eerie accuracy. They are driven and hard-working, and are willing to do whatever it takes in order to achieve their dreams so long as it doesn’t harm anybody else.

Lets Make Out

A/N: Here is the long awaited make-out AU… and it’s super duper long. Enjoy the awkward situations and sexual tensions (; This is 5000+ words btw, my longest story yet. 

Summary: Mira was truly a devil. Well, at least Natsu had a reason to kiss his mysterious blonde crush.

Pairings: NaLu, Gajevy, Gruvia, Jerza, StingYu, Bixanna, Miraxus, Baccana. 

“Alright class, since we have a few minutes of class left you have time to work on your assignment for tonight.” The professor addressed her class before taking a seat in her desk stacked with endless amounts of ungraded papers. The class groaned at the assignment, but some were pleased that they were given time to at least finish some of the assignment.

Natsu groaned, opening his calculus book full of unfinished assignments he never gotten around, or cared, to finish. He felt a tap on his shoulder but decided to ignore it and try to focus on the homework he had no idea how to do. Instead, his gaze went to the pretty blonde that sat a couple rows away from him.

She had just transferred to Magnolia University at the start of the semester and lucky for Natsu, was put in his math class. From day one, the pink haired male had looked at the blonde from time to time instead of listening to their professors pointless lectures. He couldn’t help it though.

She was just so gosh damn pretty.

And the fact that she was so pretty prevented Natsu from building the courage to go up and at least say hi to her. He wanted to do it, craved to do it, but couldn’t.

He was such a coward.

When the tapping happened again, the pink haired male turned in his small desk chair and glared at his dorm mate.

“What do you want Ice Princess?” He said lowly, trying not to let their strict teacher hear. Gray gave Natsu a teasing grin.

“I saw you looking at Lucy, again.” Ah yes, the name of the beautiful blonde angel was Lucy. Natsu shook his head out of that thought.

“I wasn’t looking at her. I was looking at the window, watching the clouds roll by is better than this stupid shit.” Natsu muttered in denial hoping his best friend wouldn’t see the light shade of pink on his cheeks.

Oh how wrong was he.

“Bullshit. You were so looking at her.” Natsu began to grow slightly irritated even though his friend was saying the truth, Natsu was just in denial. When he was about to reply he was saved by the ringing of the bell.

At least for the time being, seeing as he did live with Gray after all. Natsu looked up and caught one last glance at the mysterious blonde and was surprised when she met his gaze. His onyx eyes caught her face flush and clutch her heavy book tighter to her busty chest while walking quicker out of the classroom.

Natsu thought it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen.

“When are you gonna grow a pair and talk to her?” Gray asked as the duo began to make their way to the food hall for their dinner. Natsu sighed and ran a hand through his rose colored hair.

“I’m trying to, I really am. Its just difficult because shes so-”

“Pretty?” The taller male finished for him. Natsu nodded his head.

“Yeah. I don’t really have anything to say other than ‘Hi I’m Natsu Dragneel and I stare at you through calculus class’ I mean, who does that?”

“You apparently.”

“You’re not helping.”
“Never said I was trying to help.”

“Shut up.” Natsu grumbled before they made their way into the dining hall and grabbed their dinners and sat with their group of friends who were currently out of classes.

“Hello Gray-sama!” Juvia shouted when she seen her lovely Gray approach her.

“Hey Juvia, hey everyone.” He replied to the group, taking an unoccupied seat next to Juvia. Natsu scooted in and took one next to Gajeel.

“Thank goodness classes are over for the week!” Levy gratefully said to the group of teens.

“You can say that again.” Gajeel said taking a bite of his pizza slice. “Wheres the party at this weekend?”

“Is that all you think about is going out and drinking every weekend?” The short bookworm said to the male who was at least a foot taller than she was. He gave her a questioning look.

“So what if it is?”

“You need a new life, alcohol is bad for your mind development.”
“My brain is doing jus’ fine. Besides you’re one to talk ya hypocrite. Remind me again who was the Shrimp who got drunk and-”

“I told you to never repeat that!” She exclaimed, face turning dark red earning laughter from everyone currently at the table. When the laughter ceased, they seen a very tall and muscular male approach them.

“Hey Elfman, whats up?” Natsu greeted him scooting over so he could sit but he shook his head.

“Can’t stay, have another class in five. I wouldn’t be a man if I missed it!” He said pounding a fist into his chest. “Anyway, Mira, Lisanna and I are having a manly party this Saturday night. You guys in?”

“Do you even have to ask?” Natsu answered for everyone.

“It was Mira’s idea, but its a manly idea! She told me everyone bring a date to the party, I’m not sure why, but I bet its for a manly reason!” The tall white haired male gasped in horror. “I have two minutes to make it to my class, stay manly everyone!” He said before sprinting out the building leaving five very confused teens.

“Well, that was odd.” Levy said breaking the awkward silence. Gray nodded.

“You can say that again.”

“Gray-sama will be Juvia’s date for the party!” The blue haired woman happily said clutching onto his arm. Gray laughed nervously.

“S-Sure Juvia. Just let go would ya?” Juvia didn’t do as he wanted, but Gray didn’t say anything else about her clinging to him.

“I wonder why we need dates.” Natsu mumbled popping a chip into his mouth.
“Well if Mira planned it there’s definitely some match making going on.” Levy replied with a sigh. “But I won’t have a date.”

“Course ya will Shrimp.” Gajeel said after taking a sip of his beverage.

“Oh really, who?”

“Me.” Levy’s face turned red yet again.

“Y-You? You want to be my date?”

“Why not? I need a date, you need a date. Lets just make it easier on ourselves and go together.” Levy was touched by the gesture, not missing the way his cheeks were tinted with a bit of pink on either side of them.

“I would love to be your date Gajeel.” Levy said resting her head on his broad shoulder. He coughed through the awkwardness but snuck a hand around her petite waist and pulled her a little closer to him. Natsu watched the scene in disgust. He turned his head and looked back over to Juvia still clinging to Gray’s arm for dear life and Gray seeming not to care.

“You guys make me sick.” This made his two male friends chuckle.

“You’re just jealous that you don’t have a date yet.” Gray said with amusement.

“Considering he told us about the party literally two minutes ago no I am not jealous.” Natsu let out an exaggerated sigh. “But still, I don’t know who to ask. I don’t talk to many girls.”

“Maybe if you looked between your legs and see that you had balls you’d talk to that one girl and you’d have a date.”
“What girl?” Levy questioned, even though it fell on deaf ears.

“He was staring at her the whole lecture today! I swear if he stared any harder her head was going to explode!”
“What girl?” Levy interjected yet again, but was still ignored.

“I told you I was looking at the window damnit!”

“And I said what girl are you talking about damnit!” Levy yelled louder than the bickering trio finally earning their attention and receiving her answer.

“Theres a girl in our calculus class named Lucy, Flame Brain over here basically watches her every move during class.” Levy started giggling, confusing the three boys who were engaged in the conversation. Juvia was too busy hanging onto Gray’s arm to pay attention to anything.

“Whats so funny Shorty?” The long haired male asked his date, she finished her fits of giggles then started to explain.

“You guys are talking about Lu-chan right?” Natsu felt his heart racing faster.

“Lu-chan? Do you know her?” He asked hastily.

“Of course I do, shes my dorm mate.” Natsu’s eyes widened to the size of saucers.

“Why haven’t you introduced us to her yet?!” Natsu shouted at the poor girl making Gajeel growl.

“I’ve been trying! But her schedule is packed up this semester so she really doesn’t have a lot of free time. That and when shes not in class shes studying.” Levy explained to the group.

“Sounds like shes perfect for you then, nerd.” Gajeel teased making the short girl narrow her eyes.

“Keep saying things like that and you won’t have a date Saturday.”

“I’ll shut up now.” Gray roared out in laughter as Natsu made a whip sound.

“You guys aren’t even officially dating and she has you wrapped around her little finger.” The male next to him said.

“Shut your pie hole.”
“Anyways, Levy whats Lucy like?” Natsu asked genuinely interested in the girl. Levy smiled at him.

“I’ll one up you Natsu, Lu-chan only has one class tomorrow and I’ll use my amazing persuading skills to make her come to dinner so you can get to know her. How does that sound?” Natsu stomach did a somersault.

“You’d really do that?”

“Of course, Lu-chan is single after all. It might do you both some justice.”

Natsu sighed a bit in relief at the fact she was single. “Oh my Mavis Levy thank you!.” He realized the attention was on him after his sudden outburst so he coughed awkwardly. “I mean sure if you wanna do that it’d be cool.”  

“I’m outta here, come on Shrimp.” Gajeel abruptly said getting up dragging the shorter woman behind him.

“Yeah I’m gonna go get some shut eye, I need to be one hundred percent tomorrow!” Natsu said full of confidence.

“You’re just going to talk to her and ask her to be your date, not to marry her. So take it down a notch.” His roommate replied getting up from the table with the blue haired woman still wrapped around his arm.

“It sure as hell feels like it.” Natsu mumbled to himself walking out of the dining hall and to him dorm room.


Natsu looked at himself in the mirror a smile adorning his face.

Damn did he look good.

He was dressed in a nice red shirt with black lining along with his favorite pair of dark blue jeans. A knock on his door suddenly interrupted him.

“Yo Flame Brain you done checkin’ yourself out yet?” He heard Gray shout through the door.

“Almost, give me about five more minutes to admire my looks and I’ll be right out!” He sarcastically shouted back at him walking to go grab his wallet and cell phone from his bed stand. He walked over to his door and opened it and seen his room mate standing with his hands shoved inside his jean pockets.

“Ready to meet your dream girl?” He asked with a teasing grin.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”


“Hey, wheres Lucy and Levy?” Natsu asked Gajeel who was sitting alone at their dinner table. He shrugged.

“Dunno. She texted me and said to go without her and that she’ll be here soon.” He casually said with a shrug. The two males just sat down and began to eat their food. Natsu foot was tapping the ground, extremely anxious.

“Would you quit!” Gajeel shouted in the pink haired mans face even though he was less than two feet away from him. “That shits annoying.”

“I’m sorry I can’t help it!” He said in defense. “What if I mess it up?”

“You’re Natsu, of course you’re going to mess it up somehow.” Gray said popping a french fry into his mouth. Natsu slowly turned his head, eyes narrowing.

“I hate you.”

“I love you too buddy.” Gray replied sarcastically. “But seriously stop with the foot tapping. Its annoying.”

“You’re annoying.”
“Good come back what are we, in the fourth grade?” Natsu was about to make a remark but the most angelic sound came across his ears. He turned his head to the source of the sound and his heart dropped into his stomach.

It was her.

“Lu-chan this is Natsu, Gray, and Gajeel. Guys, this is Lu-chan.” Lucy’s face flushed lightly.
“Hello, its very nice to meet you all.”

“Its nice to meet me too.” Natsu said with a smile until he realized what he said which had the guys sitting next to them roar out in laughter. “I mean its uh, nice to meet you, not me of course I know who I am I mean, I’ll shut up now.” Natsu said looking down in his lap. Levy groaned and put her hand on her forehead and shook it while Lucy put her hand over her mouth and giggled uncontrollably. This sound made Natsu look at the blonde again.

“You’re pretty funny.” Lucy said with a small smile. His frown turned upward and was about to thank her until Gray interjected.

“Hes not funny, hes just stupid.” Natsu whipped his head back to the dark haired male.

“I’m not stupid.”

“Have you seen your grades?”

“Grades actually don’t make up how intelligent a person is.” Lucy interjected before an all out brawl started.

Natsu gave a toothy grin towards his best friend. “See? Told you.” Gray chose to not respond and continued to eat his food. Natsu looked to Lucy seeing that she was still standing.

“You could sit down if you want.” He said scooting over giving her room to sit. She happily took the offer and sat down close enough to him that their shoulders brushed against each other. She turned so her large brown eyes were gazing directly into his onyx ones. She gave Natsu a smile that made his heart rapidly beat.

“You’re in my calc class, right?” She asked trying to make conversation.

“Yeah he is and he-” Gray was interrupted by a kick in the shin.

“Yeah I am.” He quickly said acting as if nothing had happened.

“I thought you were, I was just making sure.” She said still smiling.

“Yeah, its kind of hard to forget a guy with pink hair.” He said keeping the conversation going ruffling a hand through his spiky mane.

“Is it natural?”

“One hundred percent.” He replied a proud smile on his face.

“Thats really cool, I’ve never met someone with natural pink hair.”

“And I’ve never met two people who’ve hit it off this well.” The short woman said with a suggestive wink. The two teens broke their eye contact and blushed.

“Levy-chan!” The blonde said in embarrassment.

“Sorry Lu-chan, its the truth.”

“Whats the truth?” The five teens turned their heads in the direction the new voice came from.

“What are you doing here Erza?” Natsu questioned. “I thought you had classes on Friday nights?”

“My professor didn’t show up so everyone left.” She gave a demanding stare towards the group. “Now, what is the truth?” Levy grinned wickedly.

“That Lu-chan and Natsu are hitting it off quite well.”

“Oh I see.” Erza stated calmly. “Is she your date for the Strauss’s party?”

“What party?” Lucy asked looking at Natsu. He turned and gave her a sheepish grin while scratching the back of his head.

“Ahh, theres a party this tomorrow that the Strauss siblings are throwing and they asked for us to bring a date…” Natsu said dragging out the sentence. Lucy raised an eyebrow.

“And you wanted me to be your date?”

Natsu laughed nervously. “Yeah…” He could tell that sparked her temper a bit.
“So the whole reason you wanted to talk to me was so you could just get a date for a stupid party?” The blonde questioned in an angry tone. Natsu’s onyx eyes widened and shook his head violently.

“No! I- I’ve been wanting you to talk to you for a long time now.” He shifted his gaze to the ground. “I just never really had the courage to talk to you.” He looked at her from the corner of his eye. “So when I heard about this party and that Levy was your roommate I thought it would be the perfect chance to finally get the to talk to you.” He heard the beautiful woman next to him sigh and was slightly confused when her scowl turned into a small smile.

“Well if you put it that way…” She dragged out, her smile growing. “I guess I’ll go to that party with you.” Natsu had to fight every nerve in his body not to jump up and scream to the world.

“Okay cool, I’m pretty sure the party starts around tenish. So I’ll pick you up around nineish?”

“Sounds great.” She announced getting up out of her seat. Natsu frowned.

“You’re leaving already?”

“Yeah, I have a Saturday morning class and I need to study.” She said still smiling. “We have that party to get to know each other more, right?”

He grinned. “Right.”

“I’ll come with you Lu-chan!” Levy spoke for the first time since Erza came.

“Why are you leaving Shrimp?” Gajeel complained not wanting the short female to leave. Levy huffed an amused breath.

“I’m gonna go talk to Lu-chan about tomorrow and help her study. Why? Gonna miss me?” She offered him a teasing grin.

“You’re guys sexual tension is freaking me out, I’m outta here.” Gray stated getting up and walking away not without a comment from Natsu.

“Say hi to Juvia for me Frost Bite!” Natsu snickered knowing exactly where his roommate was going. He even brushed it off when Gray flipped him the bird for the umpteenth time that day.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Natsu.” Lucy said giving him one last smile and wave before leaving with Levy. Natsu just continued to watch them leave.

“Well Salamander.” Natsu turned his attention to his taller friend. “Looks like you need to get some bigger pants, I think you just grew some balls.”

“I don’t know whether I hate you or Gray more.”


“Natsu-san this isn’t your high school prom! Get your ass out here already!”

“Who the fuck invited you Sting!” Natsu said angrily stomping over to his closed door and swinging it open to reveal four males.

“Mirajane invited Yukino and I for your information.” Sting said matter of factly. “And right now my girlfriend is waiting for me over there so hurry your ass up!” The pink haired man growled at him before closing the door behind him.

“Your lucky I have a date or I’d kick your sorry ass.” Natsu said straightening up his black blazer. “A pretty cute date too.”

“We know, Erza told us what went down yesterday.” Jellal spoke up. “You almost got your balls kicked asking the only girl you’ve had hormonal feelings for out. Good for you.”

“Does everyone here hate me or something?” Natsu groaned out causing his four so called friends to laugh behind him.

“Yeah basically.” Gray said with a teasing grin. “I gotta go get Juvia, I’ll just meet you guys at the party.” He walked away before anyone could say anything.

“Good riddance.” Natsu muttered to himself.

“Sting and myself are gonna go to the party as well since our girlfriends are already there.” Jellal said speaking for him and the blonde haired man. “And I don’t want to keep Erza waiting…”

“Just get lost already before the red haired devil decides to kill you.” Gajeel said looking at the two with an annoyed stare, without another word they both left. The two males continued on the place they were suppose to meet their dates.

“Where are we suppose to meet them again?” Natsu asked feeling as if the two had walked around the small campus forever and a day now.

“The library.” Gajeel bluntly replied. Natsu looked confused.

“We have a library?” Gajeel shrugged his shoulders.

“Apparently. Your girl and my girl go to it a lot.”

“Your girl?” The pink haired teen said with a smirk. “Finally realize your feelings?”

“Yeah it was about the time that you discovered you had some balls.” Gajeel said with a gruff laugh. Natsu didn’t like his comment that much.

“You son of a-”

“Natsu! Gajeel!” The two teens attention turned to the two girls currently waiting outside the library doors. They had to refrain their mouths from dropping.

Levy was dressed in a yellow tank top with green outlining the bottom of the shirt and the straps. It was complemented with white capris and brown sandals. Gajeel gulped before speaking.

“You clean up nice, Shrimp.” Gajeel complemented the short girl who replied with a blush on her face.

“I can say the same thing to you.”

“Wow…” Was all Natsu could get out when he looked at Lucy. She was wearing a light pink dress that came just above her knees and the collar of the dress came a little too low… showing a great deal of cleavage. Not that he was complaining, he just didn’t want any other guy to see it.

“You look pretty wow yourself.” Lucy replied to his comment on her outfit, the guy sure did know how to pull off skinny jeans.

“Ready to go?” Levy asked the three, lacing her fingers with her dates. They all nodded and proceeded to continue on their way to the Strauss’s house. Seeing the couple in front of them holding hands and whispering to each other made Natsu feel like he wasn’t being a good date since him and Lucy were just walking next to each other in a comfortable silence. Pushing his nerves aside, he decided to creep a little closer to the blonde, close enough to where their hands brushed each others. He didn’t think she would notice because the touch was light, but she did, and it sent a spark shooting up her arm and a thousand questions running through her mind.

Did he want to hold her hand? She sort of wanted to hold his seeing her best friend holding her crushes hand. Would it be weird? They had just met after all. Taking a deep breath she took the chance and quickly slipped her hand into his. She didn’t bother looking to see his expression, but when she felt him twist his hand enough to intertwine their fingers she knew she had done the right thing. She looked at him from the corner of her eye admiring the smile he had on his handsome face.

“So, who exactly are the Strauss siblings?” Lucy asked.

“They’re three siblings, Lisanna, Mirajane and Elfman Strauss. They host pretty wild parties.” Natsu explained.

“What goes on at these wild parties?”

Natsu shrugged. “Lots of different things. Underage drinking, joint passing, pregnancies. Ya know stereotypical college party.” He replied. “But Elfman said that it was Mira’s idea for the party, so it could go anywhere.”

Lucy whispered out her next question. “Do you do any of those things?”

Natsu was a bit shocked by her question. “You mean drink and smoke and stuff?”

She nodded her head.

“I mean.. I’ve drank and smoked a few times. Hooking up kind of isn’t my thing.” He said scratching the back of his head with his free hand. Lucy didn’t know why she was relieved by his answer.

“Yeah he couldn’t have slept with any girl until this point anyway, he just recently grew his balls.” Gajeel interrupted their conversation with a laugh. Levy smacked him on the shoulder and scolded him for embarrassing Natsu in front of Lucy. The blonde looked over to her date and seen his face was the color of his hair. She squeezed his hand and offered a small smile. He gratefully squeezed her hand back but his face still remained pink.

His face finally receded in color as they approached the sibling’s home.


“Welcome everyone!” Mirajane said in greeting as the four walked into the large living area. Lucy looked around, not really feeling the most comfortable around this sort of scene. There were people she seen around campus doing exactly what Natsu had told her earlier, drinking, smoking and looking as if babies were about to be made.

“Pretty cool huh Luce?” Natsu asked noticing she had been quiet for sometime.

Her face flushed, and awkwardly replied. “I guess, I’ve never really been around this type of stuff before.” He looked shocked by her answer.

She shook her head. “I grew up basically in isolation. My mom died when I was young and after that my dad went money hungry and worked non stop completely forgetting about me. So, I’ve never really learned how to make friends I guess.” Natsu frowned at her answer.

“My parents died when I was pretty young too. Luckily for me Gramps found me and I grew up with these people.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, but at least you had people around.”
Natsu shrugged at her answer. “I am a pretty lucky guy, really can’t complain ‘bout to much. At least I was never alone.” Natsu said bringing her over to an unoccupied couch, their hands still intertwined together. “If you let me, I can show you how it feels to not be alone.” He finished sitting down with Lucy following soon after. Natsu let go of her hand to drape his muscular arm around his shoulder. Lucy cocked her head up to look at him with a smile.


“You two are just the cutest!” Mira squealed. Lisanna giggled, standing next to her boyfriend Bickslow.

“Who knew Natsu would actually get feelings for a girl?” The short white haired girl said to her sister. Elfman joined his sisters in their conversation, his girlfriend Evergreen following behind him.

“Having feelings is manly!” His girlfriend hit him on his shoulder.

“Not everything is manly you big goof.”

“S-Shut up.” Natsu grumbled, pulling Lucy slightly closer to him. His face turning a pinkish color for the umpteenth time that night.

“Well,” Mira said looking around her living room. Everyone they had invited had showed up and with a date nonetheless. She looked over at the alcohol table, seeing Cana and Bacchus going at the beverages. Mira knew that they were going to get some action tonight, well everyone was going to get some action tonight.

They didn’t call her a matchmaker for nothing.

“Alright everyone!” She called out in that sweet innocent voice of hers, catching everyone’s attention. She walked over to the light switch and flipped it off. “Time for the real fun to begin.” She stated in an innocent tone. Confused everyone eyed her as she walked over to Laxus who was sitting in a bean bag chair and flop down on his lap and instantly connected her lips to his. He was shocked to say the least, but not complaining as he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and returning the kiss.

“This is a make-out party?!” Gray shouted voicing his concern, trying to ignore Juvia trying to pull his face down to his.

“Gray-sama kiss Juvia!” The bluenette proclaimed before succeeding in pulling Gray’s face down to her lips. His eye’s widened for a few seconds, before finally giving in to the temptations of her soft lips.

“What the fuck…” Natsu whispered, looking around seeing that everyone was making out with someone.

Well, everyone besides Natsu and Lucy.

Lucy audibly gulped, looking around and noticed the same thing. A new friend she had met in astronomy class was kissing blonde haired man, she thinks his name is Sting if she can remember correctly. She shifted her head and looked to her short best friend who was having her own heated make-out session with her long time crush Gajeel.

“Uh… Luce?” Lucy was brought out of her thoughts when she heard the pink haired man’s voice.

“Y-Yeah?” She stuttered out, her heart felt as if it was going to beat out of her chest as he felt him scoot closer to her.

“W-Well… I didn’t know it was suppose to be this kind of party.” He confessed, but oh my Mavis was he excited. He might get the chance to kiss her! If she lets him of course. “And were the only ones not doing anything…”

Lucy looked in his onyx eyes, seeing hope laced in his eyes. Was this even right? She had thousands of questions running through her mind. Her momma told her to never kiss a stranger, and Natsu was just that.

A stranger.

A stranger she wanted to kiss. Did that make her a bad person? She didn’t know, but when she abruptly pressed her lips against his she couldn’t help but think it felt so right.

Natsu couldn’t believe it either. When he felt her soft lips on his, his mind went completely. All that it could register was the fact that the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on was currently kissing him while he was being a dumbass and not kissing back.

He decided to change that.

His mouth moved in perfect rhythm with hers while he slid his large hands down her perfect body and placed them on her wide hips. He easily picked her up and set her on his lap allowing both of them better access to each others mouths.

Lucy wrapped her arms around his slender neck, threading one of her hands through his pink mane of hair to make a better connection between their lips. She had to hold back a moan as she felt his warm tongue slide against her bottom lip which she hesitantly allowed him access to her mouth. She felt him explore every corner and crevice of her mouth, and she couldn’t deny that she absolutely loved the way it felt.

Growing a bit of courage, she slid her tongue into his mouth earning a groan from the man. Their tongues battle for dominance, which Natsu easily won.

Lucy didn’t know why it felt absolutely right when she knew it was absolutely wrong.

It seemed like hours upon hours of lips on lips and tongue wrestling before the lights flickered back on. Heavy breathing and pants were heard in the room, Mira looked around the room seeing flushed faces. “Did everyone have fun?” She asked as if a make-out party had just not happened.

Natsu still kept Lucy on his lap, giving her kisses from time to time. “Well,” He grinned at her red face and heavy pants. “That was fun.”

Lucy gave a breathless laugh. “Yeah, I guess it was.”

“Looks like we didn’t get to know each other in the way we both expected.” He suddenly said, running a hand through her now frizzy hair. “How bout I take you out to dinner sometime? Then we can actually get to know each other on a personal instead of a physical level.” Lucy smiled at his suggestion.

“You know Natsu? I’d really like that.” She replied, snuggling into the crook of his neck.

“But for now…” Natsu said in a sultry voice that made Lucy look up at him with knowing eyes. “How ‘bout round two?”

I asked her if she had any advice for starting a band and she gave me some really solid points, mostly she said that especially as a woman it’s so important to only team up with people who really respect you and who you trust, more so than getting the most skillful musicians. I said I was actually hoping to do an all-girls thing and she said that was great, and one of the venue guys kind of laughed and she was like see? That’s what’s wrong with men, you’ve gotta find people who take you seriously.

And she said she’s toured with some bands where she absolutely couldn’t stand the way the men behaved, but she trusts the guys in her own band and they stick together. She said a bunch of other stuff too but the point is that she was the fucking best and she didn’t even have to come talk to me at all

anonymous asked:

What two celebrities would you want to spend 10 years on a deserted island with? They can be living or dead. Even propped up in a corner Phyllis Diller is quite entertaining.

At first I was gonna say two hot guys, but then I realized. If I pick two who are more attractive than me, they’ll just have sex with each other. So I thought a hot guy and a girl. But it’d have to be a hot gay guy so he’d only want to have sex with me and not the girl. So, I’ve decided I have to pick a hot gay celebrity, and a female celebrity I love both of whom I could spend all my time with, AND who I think would have helpful survival skills. 

With that said, I’d pick Matteo Lane, and Michelle Obama. I feel like she could keep us alive. Plus, if she was missing the whole world would try to find us!


🔅The reader is in the forest, has been for years and she’s become wild and ravenous, developed incredible survival skills. She spots negan in the woods near her hideout and they become enchanted with each other… Fluffy of Smutty, your pick. 💞😏😄🔅
🔅One where negan finds a girl in the woods but she’s like wild, like an animal. She’s dangerous. She only likes negan, only likes to be around negan or Simon. She hates the wives. Only let’s negan touch her and say she risks her life for him and he ends up falling for her🔅

Hey, guys! So, as I wrote this, I realized it was coming out way too long, so I may be dividing it in two parts. I’ll post the first part and if you like it, let me know, so I can upload the second one!

I hope you like it!

A twig fell from the tree above you and cracked on your head. You immediately got on your feet and clenched your fists, putting them at the level of your chest and stomach so they would work as a shield. No one was around, you were completely alone. You grunted and rubbed your head where the twig had hit you, easing the slight pain.
You picked your crossbow from underneath the bush where you hid it, brushing dust and leaves off. You walked for a while, looking for any movement that would lead you to your dinner, but it seemed like you had hunted every animal on the perimeter; after all, you had been in that zone for about three months now, sleeping underneath trees with one eye open and eating the raw meat of some unfortunate possum that crossed your path.
You had been in the forest since it all began, learning to protect yourself and survive somehow. And now it was time to move further, to find another region to hunt in and keep on having some kind of life, all by yourself. That was the part that hurt you the most at the beginning, being completely alone, but as time went by, you realized that you were better off alone for you could trust nobody, specially when it was all about surviving in that world.
A sound caught your attention, the leaves in a bush started fluttering, as if something had brushed them quickly.
You raised your crossbow and narrowed your eyes, trying to find the author of such noise, but there was nothing. Suddenly, you felt someone wrap their arm around your neck from behind you, pulling you towards them.
-Put that shit down. —the person holding you ordered as he gripped your neck more strongly. You struggled to breath, his arm was squeezing your throat. —Do it, now!
You dropped your crossbow and struck him with your elbow, making him let go of you and wrap his arms around his stomach, wincing in pain.
-Fucking bitch! —the man yelled with a shrill voice. As he fell to the ground on his knees, you took the chance and kicked him in the face, making him fall flat on his back. You took your crossbow back and pointed it at him. He was covering his face with his hands, babbling profanities under his breath. You shot an arrow from your crossbow and he was quiet, he was dead.
You were about to start checking his body for anything useful when you heard someone slow clapping.
-That was fucking impressive. —another voice resounded in the woods. It was deeper and steadier than the other man’s, it also had a certain playful tone to it. He finally walked out from behind a bush. —Holy shit, you are something, aren’t you?
His eyes lingered in your dirty, tangled hair, but his cheeky grin never left his lips. Then he ran his gaze down your body, noticing the scars and bruises on your skin.
You wanted to raise your weapon and put an arrow through his head, but something kept you from doing it. His smile, his eyes, his hands, something about him made him different from all those other men you had killed before.
-What’s you name, sweetheart? —he asked as he walked around you, his eyes not leaving you for a second. You remained quiet, holding your head up high as he inspected every inch of you. —Speak when you’re spoken to.
His breath caressed your ear as he spoke from behind you and it made the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, yet you refused to answer his question.
In the blink of an eye, he was right in front of you, his hand lifting your face and forcing you to look at him. There was only defiance in your eyes and he couldn’t help smirking at it.
-I’m Negan. —he told you, biting his lower lip. —Who are you?
You only blinked at him, keeping your lips sealed. His smirk grew wider and he chuckled lowly.
-Simon! —he called, taking his eyes off of you. Another man appeared and walked to where you were standing.
-Yes, boss? —Simon stood behind Negan and tucked his thumbs in the belt loops of his pants.
-Load her up. —Negan’s eyes returned to you as he pronounced his command. Simon placed his hands on your shoulders but before he could start pulling you towards their vehicle, you punched him in the face. He grunted and rubbed his jaw slowly, shooting you a deadly look. Negan laughed out loud and patted Simon’s shoulder.
-I’ll do it. —he said and grabbed your wrist. You tried to shuffle away but he only held you tighter. He led you towards a black truck that was parked in the middle of the road, he opened the passenger seat and threw you inside. You saw him give Simon an order, the man nodded and climbed inside a white van. Then Negan got inside the truck with you.
-Let’s go for a ride. —he said in a gruff voice. You saw from the corner of your eye that he smirked at you and winked.

From the mirror, you could see Simon’s white van driving away. You frowned and decided that you would be ready if anything happened, ready to pull the knife you were hiding inside your boot and sink it in Negan’s neck. That thought gave you goosebumps, how would you be able to kill the man that made your knees weak and your hands tremble? You shook your head and disposed that thought, it was all about surviving, and that’s what you were going to do.
He drove for a couple of hours as he hummed a melody, the road began to darken and the only thing lighting the way were the truck’s headlights. Negan finally pulled over.
-Come on. —he said casually. You didn’t move nor did you take your eyes away from the road. He sighed in annoyance and climbed down the truck. A few seconds later, he opened your door and leaned on the truck.
-Sweetheart, —his voice was stern. —come on.
You only turned your head to look at him, you noticed he wasn’t grinning anymore, his face was serious and his fingers were tapping on the truck’s door.
-Are you fucking coming or not? —he asked with a hint of anger in his voice. Something about him told you that he wasn’t someone you wanted to mess with, so you jumped out of the truck. His smile reappeared on his face.
Negan started walking into the woods and you felt a little joy for it; the forest was your home, your habitat, you had been hunting, eating, killing, sleeping and living there, there was no way in hell that Negan would overpower you once you entered the woods.
-I do not appreciate you killing my men. —his voice interrupted the singing of crickets as he led the way. You didn’t say anything. —That shit is not fucking cool.
-He came at me first. —you tried to defend yourself with a croaky voice, those were the first words you had spoken in a long time. Negan stopped on his tracks, he turned around and you saw that his eyes were wide open, his eyebrows were almost at his hairline and his mouth was slightly open.
-Well, shit, I was starting to believe cat got your tongue. —Negan said and you felt he was genuinely amazed, even you were a little surprised about hearing your own voice out of your head. —So what’s your name, darling?
You didn’t answer, you just stood firmly as you looked him dead in the eye.
-Tell me your name. —Negan ordered with a straight face.
-No. —you said unwaveringly.
-You killed one of my top guys! —he yelled at you. —The least you can give me is your fucking name.
You didn’t quaver, in fact, you straightened your back so he would know that his height didn’t intimidate you. The anger on his face faded away after a couple of minutes of him looking in your eyes.
-Aren’t you fucking special? —he bit his lower lip and tried to touch your cheek, but you pushed his hand away. He only laughed in response. —However, you’re gonna have to fucking to pay for what you did, sweetheart. That’s just the fucking rules.
You narrowed your eyes as he spoke, what did he mean by “pay for what you did”? Was he going to kill you? Torture you? Feed you to the walkers?
-Pay? —you asked hoarsely, staring at him behind a lock of grubby hair. Negan smirked and he let a chuckle leave his mouth.
-Pay. —he said.

  • okay so he works as a bodyguard but a very violent one
  • but a very good one
  • who protects people secretly
  • except when it came to you, all he did was follow ( almost ) every move of yours
  • ye it’s pretty stalkerish but that’s his job ok
  • over the span of 7 months he picked up a bunch of things no one really knows about you
  • some that you dont even know about yourself but you catch yourself doing them
  • like your strange ways to listen to music
  • you could go to 80s german pop to chinese folk music
  • hes also experienced you being in and out of relationships
  • hes seen you with your heart broken
  • but dont worry, from afar he’s cheering u on to get better
  • bc he lowkey has a crush on you
  • only lowkey though no one knows bc why would he have a crush on the one he’s trying to protect hahHAhhHHhha…
  • there would be these bad guys who would attempt to kill you but that would never work out bc hansol was always in the background ready to fight
  • he’s also extremely fast and skillful at fighting
  • but he’s also rlly tall too so he’d hit his head against something trying to follow you only to be in huge pain
  • one time while blocking some bad guys that were trying to kill you, they pulled down his mask and fuck he’s like “ poor girl !! cant protect her now hahHHAHH my identity’s out !! “
  • like srsly hansol what the fuck
  • but no actually he knocked both of them rlly quick and had his partner ( yuta ) give them these pills which resulted to short-term memory loss
  • but he was still being paranoid that they know what he looks so he bleached his hair
  • “ hansol you dont look different it’s just your hair “
  • “ exaCTLY, they wont know anything “
  • “ that doesnt make sense “
  • one time you nearly escaped from getting kidnapped and the bad guys were trying to find you
  • “ whered she go “
  • “ idk man “
  • and hansol beat them up
  • but you were like
  • “ ohhHHh shit i dropped something there let me go BACK to where i ALMOST got kidnapped ;;;; ))) “
  • and you saw hansol mid punch with a buff dude and another buff dude on the ground basically dead
  • after hansol was done with the buff dude #2 lets just say you were “ surprised “
  • hansol looked at you, but rmbr he only saw you from afar and he has a crush on you so he was like
  • “ oh…………….. you’re up close…… ”
  • he kinda just stayed staring at you for so long you felt violated
  • you dove into your bag ready to get your pepper spray out
  • “ how did you.. ?? i didnt even get it out yet ?? wat “
  • “ oh shit “
  • the whole time you were like who is this man and why is he saying hes a good guy
  • you demanded for an explanation
  • so he basically went all out bc why wouldnt you am i right
  • “ i was protecting you bc that’s my job. you’re this huge ass company’s target, and i stop them from killing you. and for your information i’m actually really good at my job. “
  • “ wait so im targeted ?? what the fuckie why “
  • “ you expect to work as spy and have no problems ?? “
  • “ ok u right “
  • lets just say you guys had a little coffee “ date “ after
  • “ what do you want? “
  • “ extra hot no whip white mocha “
  • “ no whip?? what the fuck you really are hardcore “
  • also cue the cliche oh there’s whip on my lip let me.. wipe it off for you..
  • HA SIKE hansol was all like
  • “ that’s what you get for getting whip! “
  • so you had to wipe it off yourself
  • but during that little date you were still pretty baffled by how events turned out
  • “ he’s really a spy.. he ain’t that bad looking either i could have fun with this“
  • even though he wasn’t really “ secretive “ anymore he started being by your side
  • well
  • more like 10 feet behind you
  • you would always meet in your apartment
  • s e c r e t l y
  • and you’d both have deep conversations on how fun but shitty your jobs were
  • he started even falling for you even more when you both were getting closer
  • but how is that possible ?? idk bro
  • same as you, you were also developing feelings for him
  • until one time
  • he discovered your diary that you write all your lil secrets in
  • but seriously you’re a spy and you fucking have a diary containing secrets when was this a smart thing to do
  • pull yourself together man
  • he was snooping through your diary when you were taking a nap
  • “ hansol, he has badly bleached hair, but he’s cute… sometimes too quiet “ you wrote
  • “ what the heck is this girl… my hair costs more than she does— “
  • hansol what are you saying, you’re literally protecting her
  • you also wrote your “ planned “ confession on a page
  • hansol kept grinning and giggling to himself while reading it, it was so cheesy
  • may i also add that he changed some of the ways you described him–
  • your handwriting and his are so different
  • “ badly bleached? you mean. .. perfect hair ehem. abnormally tall? you mean gorgeously tall duh “
  • as he put your diary back where it was, trying to make it seem like he never touched it, he quietly lied on your bed facing you and kinda just admired your features
  • he was blushing even though you were asleep
  • you woke up awhile after that only to meet his eyes staring right at you
  • you pushed him away
  • “ you’re so creepy oh my god hansol “
  • he didn’t say anything
  • he just leaned toward you, leaving a kiss on your forehead
  • “ i like you too “
  • “ what the fuck hansol– how’d you know? what did you look through oh MY GOD HANSOL “
  • you just stayed here half blushing from the kiss and half freaking out how he figured out you liked him
  • you also noticed how he kept glancing at your diary every second
  • “ hansol… you didn’t “
  • looking through your diary, you noticed a bunch of eraser marks and smudged writing
  • “ hansol is the best.. hansol is hot.. did you seriously write this all ?? “
  • “ hey! i obviously didn’t write that, you’re the one who likes me here pft “
  • “ so do you! “
  • and you both just sat there thinking … wow the other person likes me .. oh ym GOD
  • he blurted out “ will you be my girlfriend, ___? “
  • you guys are now the happiest couple there could ever be
  • on some of your dates, bad guys would try and come and he’d just.. make out with in public so they wouldn’t notice you two
  • his kisses are the best
  • whenever a guy is checking you or something, he would always keep you by his side
  • “ hansol there isn’t anyone bad here “
  • “ yeah there is, that guy right there– looking at my… girl hmph “
  • your relationship is filled with adventure ( or basically doing your jobs side by side and you both escaping from people )

I’m a person who respects everyone’s opinion because I want my opinions to respect as well, but it pisses me off that some don’t seem to do such thing. I don’t try to look for fights with anti-shippers because it’s just a lost case and I don’t have time to do such things. What ticks me off is when they bash on my page and try to contradict my opinions about why I support such shipping. I’ve said this many times, and my post supports my ideas as to why I support and love a shipping. Recently, I’ve had hate mail on my Sasusaku post, and it pisses me off because I try not cross tags on my post so I can avoid hate or contradictions.

Original art work: permission granted by artist: @laetia

The last time I am going to explain myself further rather than just posting the sasusaku hints [ I’m still going to finish them, but this is a different story]. I think that the problem about this couple is the fact that Sakura is the hated one, and I don’t understand what’s to hate about her. If it is because the way she used to act when she was a younger girl always hitting Naruto or anyone may I point out that any girl that age behaves that way because I used to be that way and I talk about myself. Some girls don’t know how to act around guys or when it is like my case that I grew up around guys things like that can happen. If it is because she was useless throughout half the series, well let me point out to you that even though she was a frail person. She out of the whole team seven was the one who had to work her ass out to prove not only herself but everyone who knew her. She was not born gifted, talented, skillful, precocious… having exceptional talent or natural ability that made her not only surpass every kunoichi Konoha had but her master as well, Sakura was on a whole different level. If you hate her because she ended up with Sasuke let’s be honest, she was never meant to end up with Naruto or on her own. Sasuke and Sakura had their love completing writing from the beginning, and there was nothing anyone can do about it.


Databook 2, Sasuke’s Profile

“Growing distant, towards darkness..the one to appear before him as he began to leave was Sakura. To the back of a Sasuke that tried to face away from what repeatedly proven behind, Sakura desperately conveys her feelings. Bright and earnest feelings- feelings that did not want to lose Sasuke. The one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love was Sakura. But as expected, Sasuke cannot respond to those feelings. Sasuke was only able to leave a single word of thanks as a parting.”

Friendly reminder that when Sasuke left the village the only person he even stopped for, the only person he even tried to explain himself to was Sakura. I’ve always said this many times, but Sasuke could have easily just walked away but he didn’t because he deeply did care about her, but he was at a moment where he either chooses for happiness and live in complete remorse even if he was happy or get over with his hate, find redemption and ask for forgiveness that he did because every sinner can find forgiveness no one is committed to live on sin forever. 

I won’t get into too much detail when it comes to sasusaku moments because I’ve already done half of them on my Tumblr so you can guys can easily read them if you wish too.

I do believe it that the first time Sasuke did call Sakura that she was annoying he did mean it. I mean they barely knew each other apart from being in the same academy, but they never interacted with each other till they were on team seven that’s when they began to know each others more and he began to acknowledged her and saw that she wasn’t annoying as how he thought she was. 

It’s the first time Sasuke saw and felt that someone CARED about him. It’s also the first time Sasuke started seeing Sakura as something else, not just a teammate and the feelings get stronger as we get to the chunnin exams arc.

Even Naruto knew what was going on around this two.

The third time he said you’re annoying it was during the war. He said it because once again she was confessing to him, and she was crumbling his resolve. Didn’t you guys see the expression on his face? That shaken up face and almost cruel smile. The fact that Sasuke said “you’re annoying” meant that he remembered everything from the past and the words still matter to him. He was hesitant about almost everything even the part where Kishi focuses on his feet hesitation.

Sakura has proven repeatedly that she’s the one capable of giving Sasuke what he has lacked his entire life, “The one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love was Sakura”[-As stated from the data book ]

Just like cherry blossoms, Sakura managed to endure the harsh winter of this relationship, and they’re now ready to blossom into the most enchanting blooming flower that ever graced the earth.

I’ll finish this post with what happen during the Naruto gaiden drama that went on. The drama that went on that Sasuke was a bad parent and that he married Sakura but didn’t love her.

What do we know if Sasuke wasn’t there for his family? I’m pretty sure he spent most of Sarada toddler years with her, and there’s the flashback moment to prove that indeed Sasuke did spend time with both of them. She sees herself holding hands with both her parents. Sasuke did spend some time with Sakura before he left on his redemption journey and you can notice it in the panel where he is saying goodbye to Sakura, both their hair looks longer than what they were. Not only that but she joined him for who knows how long and I’m sure it wasn’t for the amount of time she was going through her gestation months.

I’ve grown without my dad for half my years, and I don’t see anything wrong with it. I would see him at least once or twice a year but it was because of his job, and that didn’t make me think my dad was a bad father at all. Sure I would miss him, but he was doing everything he could for his family protection and well share.


                                       Facts to end this:

  • While he has the affection of almost every girl he knows, Sasuke has only shown romantic interest on Sakura.
  • At the end of the war, Sasuke is shown reciprocating Sakura feelings and she is revealed to be the reason he decides to return Konoha in the novel Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise.
  • Sasuke’s Japanese voice actor, Noriaki Sugiyama, joked that Sasuke is “fearful" of Sakura due to her temper and how she acts like the boss in their relationship and marriage.
  • Sugiyama hinted that Sasuke realized he loved Sakura romantically, and they had a bond that went deeper to the point it was unbreakable after his final battle against Naruto in chapter 699.
  • Kishimoto states that Sasuke is very pure when it comes to a girl though he still gets embarrassed by it. Despite that, he is very straightforward about his feelings. It is also told later on that Sasuke is the type of person never to engage in close or intimate moments with a girl unless he loved her, which is why he never did so until he started reciprocating Sakura’s feelings.
  • While Sakura devoted herself wholeheartedly to loving and saving Sasuke and forgives him for his past actions. Sasuke feels guilty for the pain her put her through and wants to repay her for how much she’s given him, especially following the birth of their daughter and giving him a family
[ENG] 160517 Seungkwan’s Twitter Interaction with Fans

Fan: Oppa, other than Joshua and Vernon, who is the best in English?
SK: It’s probably me.

Fan: Boo Seungkwan, let’s go for a match!!!!! Face me!!!!!
SK: Don’t want to, don’t want to. I’m scared. 

Fan: Oppa! Look at this. *laughs* Seungcheol-oppa’s clone.

SK: *laughs*

Fan: Boo Seungkwan-oppa, the photos in my gallery are mostly of you. *cries*
SK: Wow, how touching. You only store pretty photos. *laughs*

Fan: Seungkwan-ah, what’s the secret to your pretty handwriting?
SK: When I was in elementary school, there was a handwriting contest on Hangul day. I was pushed to the 2nd place by a girl in the same class as mine. From then on, I practiced a lot on how to write prettily. *laughs*

Fan: What do you think?? I really want to see you. I’m sad.. I really want to see you… I really like you, Seungkwan-ah. *cries*

SK: … That guy who fell on the ground looks pitiful. *cries*

cr: bex @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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anonymous asked:

[KNB] How would you think the GOM + Kagami would try to get the attention of a woman they like (without using basketball)? How would they approach her?

How would the GOM + Kagami pursue a woman they really like?

Combining these two.


  • He is so fricken smooth when it comes to impressing someone he likes, it’s kind of ridiculous. If his royal treatment, million dollar chivalry, horseback-riding, and just absolute perfection wont sweep you off your feet, his ability to jet you off to Paris for a fourth date sure as hell will. He just really treats you right. Although don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely smart enough not to let some golddigger take advantage of his riches. He just really loves to spoil the ones he loves.
  • He’s just one of those types of people where everything he does, he does well. I could see him really impressing  a date by playing them an original violin composition, taking them on a ride on Yukimaru, or just winning them every single stuffed animal they want at the carnival.


  • Okay so he’s either really smooth when picking up girls or really awkward. If you take basketball out of the agenda, well, more then likely he’s going to be on the more awkward side of the spectrum. He just doesn’t really know how to act around girls he’s interested in, he spends most of his time around guys, Momoi, and his gravure magazines so actually interacting with them just really throws him off his game. Luckily, Momoi is more then willing to help him out.
  • As a kid, he was totally the type of guy to catch bugs and lizards and such and give them to his crush as a present or Valentine and then be legitimitely confused as to why they’re upset about it. (”But he’s so cool ___-chan!”) To be honest, even as a grown up, if in the wilderness or on a hike or something with his crush, he’d probably do the same thing. Aomine’s just a big naughty boy type in the end xD


  • Well he’s got a little bit of an unfair advantage over the others, being a semi-famous model and all and he definitely knows how to put that model status and hot damn good looks to good use. He’s also just got a lot of confidence and charisma when he wants to so getting girls is actually pretty easy for him. Girls like him not only because he’s hot, but because he’s just a fun, down-for-anything guy who’s personality they just love being around.
  • He’s another one of those types of guys that is basically good at everything he does, so if he’s trying to impress someone with his skills, he can really play just about any sport for them. Kaoraoke too. He LOOOOVES doing karaoke and he’s actually really good, so you can bet your bottom dollar that he’s gonna use it to impress a girl. That’s the whole confident fun-guy move coming into play again. (”___-chi, wanna sing a duet together?!?!”)


  • Aww this little bean here doesn’t even realize that he could use basketball to impress girls so his approach without basketball is pretty much the same. He just tries to be really nice and genuine to people, opening doors, pulling out chairs, and you can bet paying for dates (this kid’s got one hell of a chivalrous side) and just hoping for the best. Kill ‘em with kindness would be his main move.
  • He’s a pretty big bookworm so his usual icebreaker is asking about favorite books or book genres. Seems pretty basic but he actually manages to hold some pretty long, simulating conversations this way. Never underestimate the power of “Oh you like Sci-Fi novels? Do you like H.G Wells?”


  • This carrot is just so awkward hitting on people, please don’t make him do it. Even normal social situations max out his tsundere levels so honestly, when approaching someone with romantic intent, he just tries so hard not to make an ass out of himself that he ends up barely even talking most of the time. Funny enough, his usual opener is “What’s your sign?”
  • He impresses people he’s attracted to with good ol’ fashioned intelligance. Even if he’s no good at starting a conversation, he knows a few facts about just about anything so once you actually get him talking, he really does have a lot of interesting things to say. You end up leaving the conversation learning something.


  • Okay so he’s the type of people to have either a TON of people approach him because of his height, or everyone clear out the candy shop because of his height.  He doesn’t approach people that often though, not only out of self-consciousness but also because he’s just not interested in a lot of people. He’ll usually start a conversation with someone by offering to buy them some food or–God forbid–share his own. Totally the type of guy to ask to buy a girl a drink at a bar and buy her a Shirley Temple–make that two because he wants one! And he’ll totally ask for your Maraschino cherries.
  • Generally, he doesn’t use any other particular skill to impress people. Honestly, like Kuroko, he doesn’t even realize he can show off with basketball most of the time. No, he’s impressive because of just how surprisingly approachable and easy to talk to he is as a man of his size and personality. Even if he doesn’t seem like it, he’s actually a great listener when he wants to be and the ladies love that.