girls on 2 wheels


My photo-hating babies <3

The white one with the brown nose is Anakin, the hooded blue/gray and white one is Ahsoka, and my black furred old lady is Weeners!

ryo-maybe: “And Christopher Columbus” as if getting a walking Shonen Chalk Cliffhanger isn’t the best thing to have ever HAPPENED IN THIS GAME

Whoever the fuck is WEAK AND FEEBLE enough to complain about “art style contrasts” or “looking out of place” can go SUCK A LEMON, HE LOOKS GREAT, WHICH MAKES BEATING HIM UP EVEN BETTER, I mean, fucking HELL Agartha is a big step up from whatever idiocy Nasu and DW have been doing since they were born because it includes 1) actual women from history and folk instead of Mike Tyson But A Girl and 2) SHONEN CHALK GRANDPA WHO FIGHTS YOUR WITH HIS STEERING WHEEL STRAIGHT UP