girls of zelda

  • reviewer: breath of the wild is a game millenials relate to because everyone is thirsty for link ;)
  • zelda: self-doubting, overwhelmed, keeping her shit and entire kingdom together with Anxiety and Sheer Determination
  • link: gets his ass kicked every two (2) seconds, bullshits his way through everything with a paperclip and a garden hoe, still ready to Fight someone at all times
  • hyrule: in ruins, everything overpriced, no money anywhere, ruled by Actual Satan
  • me: yeah dude link's hot af

I’ve managed to tear myself away from Zelda and actually be a productive member of society for a bit. I’ve still got Zelda on the brain though so here’s some a quick doodle of the Gerudo chieftain Urbosa. She’s pretty cool and her design is killer.

I went ahead and added Urbosa to the roster of lovely prints that I sell here at my print shop:

Straight outta Hyrule! ✨
Yeah, I had to do it! I do love the stories, art style and music in Zelda games, and the new one, Zelda Breath of the Wild is reaching far beyond my expectations so far. It’s just too enjoyable and there’s a lot stuff to do! 😍💜