girls of the 80s

two guys, one girl.

— Oh.My.God! Look at that girl in the bar!  — Slash says totally in love with what he sees, Izzy looks at the bar and almost drops the beer from his hand.

— Wow. — Izzy can not believe how beautiful you are.  

— I will talk to her.  — when Slash gets up Izzy holds him by the arm.   

— Oh wait, wait, wait, I will talk to her.  — Izzy gets up and stands in front of Slash.

— I saw her first!  — Slash says and Izzy laughs mockingly. 

— This doesnt mean anything, man!  — so they both look at you again in the bar alone.  — Fuck! She is a goddess. 

— Ok Stradlin, lets do this honestly, you have five minutes to try to conquer her, if it does not work, it’s my turn. — Slash gives the idea.

— Fine Hudson, seems fair. Now, excuse me.  — Izzy puts his drink on the table and goes in your direction. 

He comes closer you and goes to your side, seeing you closer, he notices how beautiful you really are.

— Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to go back in? — Izzy says and you starts to laugh a lot.

— This was very good!  — you says between the laughter.

— They say I am irresistibly funny.  — Izzy smiles at you and notice that he is really handsome. 

Slash appears on the other side of her and Izzy looks at him with an ugly face.

— What are you doing here? — Izzy asks and Slash sighs. 

— Ok lady, we don’t know you name but you are very, very, very beautiful and we both wanted to come and talk to you but honestly I do not want to fight with him for a girl, we’ve been friends for years, so please… Answer us something:
Which of us would you go out with?  — Slash asks quickly, you looks at Izzy and Slash and they both are silent. 

— Guys, what the fuck are you doing?  — Steven asks, appearing. They both look at Steven a little confused.  — She is the new Axl’s girlfriend! 

Izzy and Slash look at you and you try to not laght. 

— I am sorry… It was being very funny!  — you says smiling.

Izzy looks at Slash and they are very ashamed.

— Hey guys, what are you talking about?  — Axl arrives just in time and kisses you. 

— Ok… if you excuse me I need to kill myself.  — Izzy says turning around and leaving. Steven is almost dying of laughter. 

— I go with him.  — Slash follows Izzy and you laughs with Steven.

— What the fuck just happened here? — Axl asks.

— Man, you’re going to have a lot of problems with this girl. 

Heathers (1988)

“It’s one thing to want someone out of your life, but it’s another thing to serve them a wake-up cup full of liquid drainer.”

• snsd lost a member and hasnt promoted in a year
• f(x) lost a member and hasnt promoted in a year
• miss a lost a member and is basically dead
• after school is basically dead
• secret is basically dead
• 9muses is basically dead
• 4minute disbanded
• kara disbanded
• rainbow disbanded
• 2ne1 disbanded

RIP 2nd/3rd gen girl groups :(