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Daddy Harry Chapter 21

A couple of hours later, Harry walks back in the hotel. You don’t acknowledge him as you’re finishing up Emery’s bath. “Dada.” She giggles and waves to him. He smiles and waves to her. She giggles and you get her out and dry her off before putting on her pjs. She then runs over to Harry and climbs in her lap. “Miss ya day.” She pouts. He sighs. “I know, baby, but Daddy had to take care of some work stuff.” He says kissing her head. “Spend morrow Gever.” She asks. He smiles and nods. “Yes, we can. Right up to the last minute before the show.” He says. She giggles and hugs him tightly. He smiles and carries her over to her bed and lays her down. “Night baby girl.” He whispers. “Nigh dada.” she whispers. He smiles and waits for her to fall asleep before he looks over at you. “Pretty soon, you’ll be putting another child to asleep.” You mumble. He sighs. “You saw that.” He says. “Of course I saw it Harry. It’s everywhere. Is that why you were gone today? Is that why you were acting strange? God, I can’t believe that you cheated on me and got her pregnant. I really hope you don’t think that you’re going to keep us after this. I’m gone. You knew before we even started dating that I hated cheaters. That my last two, well now three, boyfriends cheated on me. How many times? Huh. How many times have you cheated on me?” You cry. “So, that’s it. You’re not even going to let me explain. You’re not going to ask me if it’s true, you’re just assuming that it is.” He says. “You’re supposed to trust me.” He says. “What is there to explain Harry? That it was just one time? It was a mistake? You were drunk? I don’t want to hear it. I did trust you, but apparently that I was my second mistake after falling in love with you.” You say. He just looks at you with a very hurt expression. You can see tears forming in his eyes and he just shakes his head at you before leaving the room. You bite your lip and feel the tears falling down and you can’t help but lose it as soon as he’s gone. 

Harry couldn’t believe what you had said to him. The fact that you wouldn’t let him explain and you just assumed everything was true and then the fact that you called falling in love with him a mistake. The truth was, he had cheated though, but not as far as you and the rest of the world thought. It was during the time, that you two were still trying to figure out what you were as far as relationship wise and he was out with some friends, who were also mutual friends with his ex. He tried to stay away from her, but everywhere he seemed to move in the small flat, she was there. They then started to talk to one another and then somehow, they ended up kissing and things started to go further, but he stopped it before it could. That’s all he did. That’s all they was kiss and now she was claiming that he had got her pregnant. He knew the truth, but he also knew that you would find out about the almost hookup with his ex and he was trying to figure out how to tell you, but it didn’t matter anymore. You believed that he slept with his ex and got her pregnant because you had read multiple articles about it. You believed that he had cheated and you didn’t care what he had to say. You had already lost any trust that you had for him. He knew that this stupid scandal ruined whatever future he had with you and Emery together as a family. It was still his fault though, if he had never had kissed her that night, she wouldn’t have ammo against him. He could say thousands of times that they didn’t sleep together that night, but people saw them making out and saw them on the verge of taking it that far. To anyone who saw that, it would look like that is what happened once they left the party. He now wishes that he would have just told you about the kiss prior to this, so then you know the truth, but it was too late. It was too late and he didn’t have anyone to blame, but himself.

Over the new few days, you tried your best to stay away from Harry. It was hard since you were still on tour with him. You had thought about leaving, but that would punish Emery more then it would Harry. She loved her father and she loved the tour life. She loved the shows and the fans. You could see her up on that stage her self one day. When you were at the shows with Emery, Harry was looking over at you whenever you weren’t looking. He missed you. He wanted to tell you the truth badly, but he knew you wouldn’t talk to him. The boys told him to just man up and talk to you, but he knew either way he would lose you because he had cheated. When you were in a relationship, even if it’s a complicated one at the time, you’re supposed to committed to that person. Not kiss or anything with another person. After the concert that night, Harry just sort of sat on the stage once all the fans had left. He looked out at the empty arena and he should be happy. He should be happy that he gets to do this. That he’s living his dream and making all of his fans happy, but even with all of that, he was still hurting. He was still not as happy as he should be. He heard someone walking out on the stage and figured it was one of the boys or someone to tell him he needed to leave, but when he looked back he saw it was you. 

“Y/N.” He whispers. You walk over and sit next to him. “Hi.” You whisper. “W-what are you doing out here?” He asks. “I should ask you the same thing. Pretty much everyone has left to head back to the hotel, yet you’re here.” You say. “I just. I needed some alone time. Away from everyone, everything.” He whispers. “Oh. Well I’ll leave you alone.” you say going to get up. “No. Wait.” He says grabbing your hand. You hated how with that one touch, you just wanted to jump in his arms and have him hold you forever. “Can we talk?” He whispers. “Um. Sure.” You say sitting down again. He sighs and runs his hand through his hair. “I-I know you think all of those articles about me and her are true, but they’re not. She’s not pregnant with my child because we didn’t have sex that night. I didn’t cheat on you like that. It was during the time, we were still having issues with us being together and we were at a party and we started talking and we kissed. The kiss did go a bit far, but not to the extent of anything sexual. Once I saw that it was possibly going that far, I stopped it. I stopped it because I don’t care about her. I don’t want her or anyone else. I want you. I care about you. I love you. Everything has to do with you. That night there were people who saw us  making out and they probably just assumed that we later had sex and now she’s pregnant, but I know for a fact that we didn’t. It didn’t go that far. It was just a kiss.” He whispers. “I know that probably doesn’t change the fact that you hate me or that you don’t want to be with me anymore, but I just wanted you to know that it’s not true. That it can’t be true. ” He whispers. 

A few minutes of silence pass before you speak up. “I’m sorry.” You whisper. He looks up at you. “Why are you sorry?” He asks. “Because I should have let you explain. I should have believed you.” You say. “You believe me now?” He whispers. You nod. “I do believe you.” You whisper taking his hand. “I’m sorry I didn’t give you the chance.” you say. “But I still cheated.” He whispers. “And don’t get me wrong. I’m upset that you kissed her, but I’m relieved to know that you didn’t sleep with her and that you’re not having a child by someone else.” You say. “Does that mean you still love me?” He whispers. “You said it was a mistake.” He whispers. “Of course I love you.” You whisper. “It’s not a mistake.” You say. He looks over at you and you see tears in eyes. You take his face in your hands and wipe his tears. “I love you more than anything. We’ll get through this.” You whisper. “You mean you still want to be with me?” He asks. “I do. As long as you don’t kiss anyone but me from now on.” you say. He nods quickly. “I promise. You’re the only one that want.” He says. You nod and lean into kiss him. He kisses you back and pulls you closer to him. “I love you.” He whispers. “I love you too.” You say. He smiles a bit and just holds you close to him.