girls nigh

I hate having all these feelings for you, I just want them to go away. All I do is think about you and how much I want you. When I know for a fact that I don’t ever cross your mind, you don’t even know I’m alive.
—  P.F.🌻
Girl Meets Her Monster Teasers!

• The series finale of Red Planet Diaries is nigh! The girls have been binge-rewatching it non-stop for three weeks to get ready. (This amuses me greatly, considering how often GMW basically screams “GO REWATCH GM SUCH AND SUCH” via callbacks/visuals.)

• Riley decides to renege on a commitment she made to Topanga in favor of watching RPD, and this leads to some REALLY emotional mother/daughter stuff. Not gonna spoil it in any serious detail since it’s the main plot of the episode, but it’s really great. About time. I will say this: Topanga is ABSOLUTELY in the right to lose it with Riley, who is undeniably acting like a spoiled entitled brat. Riley’s friends even think she needs to apologize from the get-go. But of course things escalate from there…

• Maya is “not Maya today” because she doesn’t support Riley’s defiant behavior. Sounds like they’re kinda lampshading something there, maybe…👀

• There’s a slight callback to Amanda the Egg and the whole “not how we’re gonna do it, there’s a big twist at the end” thing, I think. Cory smashes a walnut with a hammer.

• Red Planet Diaries ends with a twist that even Farkle didn’t see coming. Wait’ll you hear how he thinks the show within a show managed to trick its audience so thoroughly…😂

• Riley and Topanga have a little parallel to Farkle and Stuart in GM Maya’s Mother. Cory and Auggie try do it too, but Topanga and Riley just look at them funny.

• Riley and Topanga also do a twin “door slide.” Back to back on opposite sides of the door. It’s realllllly sweet.

• Both Topanga and Riley go over to Maya’s house, separately.

• At one point, Cory is up on his desk at school rocking back and forth because he knows Topanga’s angry.

• All of Riley’s friends pop up to sing the RPD theme song with her through the Bay Window after she’s feeling forgotten because she’s grounded.

• No Josh. No Smackle.