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In case you missed issues B.A.P WAKE ME UP MV has touched on pt 2 cuz im trash and have been wheezing/crying the whole day fight me

Insecurities + Low Self Esteem/self-worth: shown through the girl with makeup around her and she soon tries to apply lipstick, only ending up smashing the mirror.
Murder/Shootings: The man waving his arms around as if conducting a musical piece until lights spark at his fingertips (like gunshots being fired) and then people dead surround him.
Anxiety/Depression/Mental Illness: The man in the bathroom, coiled up by the bathtub as he looks at his surroundings afraid of something, only to submerge himself into the water in his bathtub.
Illness in General/Suicidal thoughts or attempts: The girl who drinks down those pills as well as some other type of liquid can represent either illness in a physical aspect or portrays the attempt to suicide.
Eating Disorders/Hallucinations: The scene with the woman chopping veggies can allude to two different interpretations. Hallucinations as she almost eats a worm or it is the symbolic representation to express eating disorder.
Societal/Political Issues: The probably most iconic scene where the man is holding up a sign “Emotion Revolution”. This is representative of public demonstrations we see on the news today to fight for equal rights and social justice. The people passing by as if its nothing represent those who are unaware of the issues that surround them.
Revolution is starting to be achieved when these people who went through their own respective life problems come together to help ‘spread the awareness’. I guess you can say they, “wake up” into new ‘selves’, represented through celebration towards the end of the MV.

This isn’t even it. The MV is very diverse in nationality and they haven’t placed labels/stereotypical roles on these people according to the colour of their skin or where they came from. Each and every person was given a role that any human being would go through in their life because every human being is a human being despite race, colour, place of birth, gender, etc.

Not only did B.A.P create a song concerning social justice but they went even deeper this time. They went into mental illness, problems that we have as individuals at a personal level rather than just ‘society’ as a group. They looked into people in their variety and represented it through WAKE ME UP MV.

B.A.P aren’t just ‘kpop idols’. You probably thought I’d say “they don’t fit in the kpop category anymore.” No. This is something far bigger than just the music industry.

I have one wish, just one. I want to be kissed by a pretty girl. Not just any pretty girl, she’s pretty inside and out. She makes my heart flutter and my knees weak. She makes me blush and it hard for me to get a full sentence out. I want her to kiss me without pity, without disgust, but with sincerity, with so much emotion I feel it in my heart and soul. I feel it so hard that it makes me feel alive like I mean something to the universe.

I step out into the road without looking as I need that car to hit me;

I’ve lost all the drive of my own.

—  I’ve lost. // A.S

shiori is a severely anxious 13/14yo EDIT: 15yo with low self esteem and internalised homophobia who believes the girl she likes only hangs around with her because she pities the pathetic her, and who avoids talking to her or listening when she tries to apologise and open up about her feelings. she lashes out in a hurtful way in order to try and feel better about herself but only feels worse and more confused… and is then manipulated by a man she liked and still thinks the girl she likes is laughing at her because juri hadn’t shown any interest in her except after shiori was humiliated in public……… and even after all that she’s shown to be trying to open up again and build a better relationship w juri

shiori was mean, yes, cruel like nanami was, but ultimately it takes two to tango and she’s not some evil demon like certain people make her out to be

i have a better post to make on this at a later date but just venting rn it makes me so sad and annoyed to see shiori hate and especially when juri is made out as having done nothing wrong or bad to shiori (or anyone) whatsoever

Girls with muscles are amazing
Girls with tummy fat are amazing
Girls with body fat are amazing
Girls with stretch marks are amazing
Girls with body hair are amazing
Girls with frizzy hair are amazing
Girls with straight hair are amazing
Girls with curly hair are amazing
Girls with tattoos are amazing
Girls with piercings are amazing
Girls with conservative clothing choices are amazing
Girls with non conservative clothing choices are amazing
Girls with big boobs are amazing
Girls with small boobs are amazing
Girls without boobs are amazing
Girls with “fake” boobs are amazing
Girls with a high self esteem are amazing
Girls with a low self esteem are amazing
Muslim girls are amazing
Jewish girls are amazing
Christian girls are amazing
Non abrahamic faithed girls are amazing
Woman of color are amazing
Disabled women are amazing
Sapphic women are amazing
Trans women are amazing

Guys, girls are fucking great

For @zetsubochisa! Hope you enjoy! (^-^*)

~Ouma, Amami, Kiibo, or Saihara taking care of s/o who’s usually joking around alot but actually has very low self esteem~

-He hears you joke about yourself and your self-esteem issues all the time.
-“(Y/n)!~” He says while holding onto your shoulder and shaking it.
-He comforts you, hugs you a lot.
-“Don’t feel bad about yourself, (Y/n)! You’re so beautiful and I love you!~”
-Its unusually chipper for someone like Ouma, but you just roll with it.

-He found out you have self-esteem issues.
-That does not bode well with Amami.
-He understand, of course, but urges you to stop.
-“C'mon, (Y/n)…why would a pretty girl like you have low-self esteem?”
-He gives you lots of hugs!~

-“(Y/n)! Please do not say that!”
-Kiibo studies “low self esteem”.
-Why would you think bad things about yourself? He doesn’t understand…
-He looks at you, beaming blue eyes, and tells you it’s going to be okay!!
-He listens to your jokes, just not the ones you make about yourself.

-Out of everyone, Saihara understands you most of all.
-“(Y/n)…I know you’re joking, but please don’t joke about that…you have nothing bad to say about yourself!”
-He comforts you a lot.
-Lots of nose/forehead kisses
-Sometimes you have to assure him everything’s okay.

‘Babies wear pastels’
'Says who?’ I asked…. 'Society. The same society, might I add, that dictates that little girls should always be sugar and spice and everything nice, which encourages them to not be assertive. And that, in turn, then leads to low self-esteem, which can lead to eating disorders and increase tolerance and acceptant of domestic, sexual, and substance abuse.’
—  Sarah Dessen (Auden/ Along For the Ride)
The Signs as types of Girls
  • The Fashionista: Aries, Gemini, Libra
  • The playgirl/ seems perfect: Leo, Scorpio, Virgo
  • The nerd girl: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer
  • The Adventurous girl: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius
  • The Ambitious girl: Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • The low self-esteem girl: Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer
  • The keeper: Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo
  • The picky one: Cancer, Taurus, Libra
A year ago today......

This is the only place I feel safe enough to talk about my feelings about today. This time last year I lost the person who was the most important thing in my life, my boyfriend. I had dedicated every fiber of my being to him for the past 4 years and the thought of not being with him wasn’t something I could handle. I’ve always struggled with issues like depression, low self esteem, and codependency. So when he told me he had been having an affair and was leaving me for her, it was the catalyst that sparked all of my issues into overdrive. I completely fell apart, it was ugly and horrible, and I felt like I would never be happy again. So on July 26, 2014 I cut my wrists open as deep as I could get the scissors to go and then I went to my medicine cabinet and swallowed all the oxy and muscle relaxers that I had. I was in the state of mind that if he couldn’t love me then why should I love myself enough to stay around to watch him leave me. Thankfully overdosing isn’t a peaceful process and when my breathing was getting short I got scared and called 911. They took me to the hospital and told me I had waited too long to have my stomach pumped, so all I could do was lay there and pray I didn’t slip into a coma. Laying in that hospital bed waiting to die I thought of every person in my life that I loved, and how much I would miss them. I didn’t know if they would miss me, my depression was convincing me that no one would care, but I was devastated that I would cause even the smallest moment of pain to any of them. By some miracle I remained conscious, but my kidneys suffered quite a bit of damage. After that, I was taken to a psychiatric hospital where I remained under mandatory care for the next 5 days. I can honestly say those 5 days were the scariest days of my entire life. I had no privacy and everyone watched me and took notes, I felt like a lab rat or a zoo animal. Some of the other women housed with me had severe mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and were violent. I faked a smile, made jokes with nurses, ate all of the disgusting food on my plate, and told the doctors that what I did was silly and just a young girl overreacting to a breakup. I downplayed every feeling I had so that I could get out of that place. The day I was released I had a breakdown, finally being able to not have to fake being okay, and immediately had suicidal thoughts again. I called my mother and sister and they stayed with me all night as I hysterically cried and repeatedly told them that I wanted my life to end. Looking back I can’t even imagine how hard that night must have been for them. My recovery process was long, and it was hard and ugly. I stopped eating for a few months, I started drinking heavily, started sleeping around, anything I could do to try and feel the huge void I felt inside of me. It’s been a year now today and I can honestly look at myself and say I’m still depressed, I still have low self esteem, and I’m still codependent. But that’s okay, because I’m working on all of that still and I’m learning that I don’t have to have it all together right now. I’ve come a long way in the last year, and it’s been the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do. It would have been so much easier to give up along the way and resort to suicide. I still have days where I think maybe it would have been better if I never called the ambulance that night, then I wouldn’t be struggling with things now. My recovery has felt like I’m making no progress some days, but when I look back to last year I can see how far I’ve really come. I’ve finally accepted that I can survive without him, even though I still miss him like I would miss a limb some days. I can go entire days without thinking of him now though, and I haven’t starved myself or cut myself in months. While these steps may seem small to some, they’re huge for me. This day is full of so many different emotions for me, but I want to remember above all is that no matter what else today is, today is the day that I survived. Today is the today my story continued when it could have ended, and I never want to take that for granted.

dude i want a desi disney princess so bad like no that girl who was in the jungle book for 3 minutes doesn’t count like can u imagine a desi princess and the detail of her sari and the vibrant colors and IMAGINE THE BOLLYWOOD-ESQUE SONGS im just dying please give this sad underrepresented low-self-esteem brown girl something to work off here