girls like pokemon

Are you a girl who likes other girls, and who likes Pokemon? Then this is the tag yourself meme for you!

It includes all of the 21 final form starters from gens 1-7. If you’re a girl who likes girls, I’d love to hear which one(s) you are in the tags! If you’re not a girl who likes girls, feel free to reblog for your sapphic (AKA, girls who like girls) friends/followers! Have fun!

Please note that questioning and trans sapphics are welcome to join in the fun. :)

(If you’re having trouble reading the text, open in another tab and zoom in)

My previous tag yourself sapphic Pokemon post was a hit. Pokemon is my special interest and I loved scrolling through all the tags seeing your responses. So I decided to make a second one!

If you’re having trouble seeing the small font, click on the image and it’ll zoom in. I’d love to hear all the types you relate to in the tags, but I’d be especially curious for you all to pick one or two of those types that would be your typing as a Pokemon.

This is open for all girls who like girls, including questioning and trans wlw. If you’re not a girl who likes girls, feel free to reblog for your followers who are, and/or reblog this general Pokemon type tag yourself meme I made a while back.

Have fun!


Magic Guild Clash Online!
a sorta sequel to the Detention AU fic
…in which Mira manages to rally her girlfriend and her two new friends to help her in her favorite online game.
She’s a goddamn veteran. Cana tries her best. Freed just likes the outfit, and Laxus just wants to collect birb plushies.

Cana: Don’t worry, Laxus. I think you’re a hot girl.
Mira: Same.
Laxus: See, Freed, be proud. Your boyfriend is a hot girl.
Freed: Oh My G O D.

So hey because I got a new blog now after having several issues with my old one, I need new people to follow. If your blog consists of any of the following stuff, give me a follow or like this blog and I’ll check your blog out! Nice one.

- pop punk
- gay ships
- gay girls
- gay… everything
- just general day shit rlly
- clexa, hollstein, and supercorp always have a place on my blog
- nerdy shit.
- carmilla in general I guess
- video games (particularly final fantasy 15, kingdom hearts, pokemon and loz. Always good shit.)
- Disney
- anime in general
- tattoos
- skateboarding
- space
- cool aesthetic shit like that
- ummm yeah more gay shit.

Yeah cheers thanks a lot. ✌️

The Au that literally no one asked for: Mean Poke’s

The Unwilling Victims:







and @occasionallysalazzle

what’s the deal with people getting pissy about the genders of fictional creatures? who freaking cares if that gardevoir is a dude or that machamp is a chick or whatever it doesn’t freaking matter they’re pokemon they’re fictional just let people view these fictional creatures however they want it’s not going to hurt anyone