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Our lead is going down! Although it’s not by much, it’s still a decrease. With this being one of the only major polls I’ve ever seen that included romantic Rilaya as an option, it would say a lot to the writers and to Disney if Rilaya were to win. Especially if it were to win with this huge of a lead. I don’t know about the rest of the fandom, but it would give me a lot of hope seeing so much support. Please help us win by voting here! 


Today Charlene Espinoza, RPCV Liberia 2011-2014, joined First Lady Michelle Obama at The Brookings Institution to talk about the importance girls’ empowerment and education. The First Lady highlighted the success of Peace Corps’ GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) Empowerment Camps, and Charlene shared the story Bosh Bosh, an NGO that teaches women and girls the textile trade and whose profits are then invested back into those same women and girls for their education and their future. 

Read more about Bosh Bosh here:


Camp G.L.O.W. [Girls Leading Our World] Leku 2014.
[July 7 - 8, 2014]

Check out our Leku Camp G.L.O.W. 2014 video. 

Camp G.L.O.W. is a worldwide initiative sponsored and implemented by U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers and their local organizations and counterparts. This particular Camp G.L.O.W. was held in Leku, Ethiopia, for 20 female student campers (grades 6 - 8) on empowering young women and gender issues through self-esteem activities, female sexual and reproductive health lessons, and gender facts and discussions.

The sessions were organized and facilitated by 3 Peace Corps Volunteers, partnered with 2 KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) Volunteers, and 1 local counterpart.