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Mine (M)

Prompt: 💕 + Jungkook + “You have no idea what the fuck I’m capable of, babygirl.”

Pairing: Mafia boss! Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: bondage, slapping, killing (a little blood), Sir kink, humiliation, Dom! Jungkook, degrading names, begging, orgasm denial

Notes: For my (very late, i’m sorry) 3k present <3 I hope it’s good enough. 2.2k Words

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this guide will teach you the ins and outs of realistic gangs, roleplaying gang members, and how all of that works. almost all gang roleplays i’ve seen are so inaccurate, glamorized and romanticized. movies are not realistic. even if it isn’t a gang rp - a gang related character could be interesting in any sort of character development plot. so here we go –

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idaravictor: “A Family.” Thank you to everyone who joined us to say goodbye on #TURNamc last night. And thank you all for the outpourings of LOVE and well wishes. I know many of you questioned whether or not Abigail made it, and I just want to assure you, as one of our writers @morganicink confirmed last night, that she did (hence the coded letter). I admit, I was just as shocked and horrified as you for a second, as we did shoot a larger ending, including the addition of a little girl to the family, the talented @skyla_ilece, whose beautiful work you saw in that cart. But once I saw that gun… 😉 The story of Abigail’s triumph despite the odds that we’ve carried throughout the series remained true to the end. And here you have it, proof of our happy reunion, on the show and in real life. Aldis Hodge, who had my back at every turn, and Darren Alford who started out no taller than my chest and fully outgrew me in just 4 years. I’m grateful for both of my men and the beautiful reminder that we are, always, stronger together. #TURNamc #Strongertogether #Fin

When I was a freshman, my sister was in eighth grade. There was a boy in two of her periods who would ask her out every single day. (Third and seventh period, if I remember correctly.) All day during third and seventh she would repeatedly tell him no. She didn’t beat around the bush, she didn’t lie and say she was taken–she just said no.

One day, in third period, after being rejected several times, he said; “I have a gun in my locker. If you don’t say yes, I am going to shoot you in seventh.”

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“When I was a freshman, my sister was in eighth grade. There was a boy in two of her periods who would ask her out every single day. (Third and seventh period, if I remember correctly.) All day during third and seventh she would repeatedly tell him no. She didn’t beat around the bush, she didn’t lie and say she was taken–she just said no.
One day, in third period, after being rejected several times, he said; “I have a gun in my locker. If you don’t say yes, I am going to shoot you in seventh.”
She refused again, but right after class she went to the principal’s office and told them what happened. They searched his locker and there was a gun in his backpack.
When he was arrested, some of my sister’s friends (some female, even) told her that she was selfish for saying no so many times. That because of her, the entire school was in jeopardy. That it wouldn’t have killed her to say yes and give it a try, but because she was so mean to him, he lost his temper. Many of her male friends said it was ‘girls like her’ that made all women seem like cock-teases.
Wouldn’t have killed her to say yes? If a man is willing to shoot someone for saying no, what happens to the poor soul who says yes? What happens the first time they disagree? What happens the first time she says she doesn’t want to have sex? That she isn’t in the mood? When they break up?
Years later, when I was a senior, I was the only girl in my Criminal Justice class. The teacher, who used to be a sergeant in the police force, told us a story of something that had happened to a girl he knew when she was in high school. There was a guy who obviously had a crush on her and he made her uncomfortable. One day he finally gathered up the courage to ask her out, and she said no.
The next day, during an assembly, he pulled a gun on her in front of everyone and threatened to kill her if she didn’t date him.
He was tackled to the ground and the gun was taken from him.
When my teacher asked the class who was at fault for the crime, I was the only person who said the boy was. All the other kids in the class (who were all boys) said that the girl was, that if she had said yes he would’ve never lost it and brought a gun and tried to kill her. When my teacher said that they were wrong and that this is what is wrong with society, that whenever a white boy commits a crime it’s someone else’s fault (music, television, video games, the victim) one boy raised his hand and literally said; 'But if someone were to punch me and I punched him back, who is at fault for the fight? He is, not me. It’s self-defence. She started it, so anything that happens to her is in reaction to her actions .It’s simple cause and effect.’
Even though he spent the rest of the class period ripping into the boys and saying that you are always responsible for your own actions, and that women are allowed to say no and do not have to date them, they left class laughing about how idiotic he was and that he clearly had no idea how much it hurt to be rejected.
This isn’t something that’s rare. This isn’t something that never happens, or that a select group of men feel as if they are so entitled to women that saying no is not only the worst possible thing a woman can do, but is considered a form of “defence” when they commit a crime upon them (whether it be rape or murder-as-a-reaction-towards-rejection).
Girls are being killed for saying no to prom invites. Girls are being killed for saying no to men. They are creating an atmosphere where women are too scared to say no, and the worst part is? They are doing it intentionally. They want society to be that way, they want women to say yes entirely out of fear. Even the boys and men who aren’t showing up to schools with guns are saying; 'Well, you know, I wouldn’t do that, but you have to admit that if she had just said yes…’
If you are a man and you defend this guys’ actions or try to find an excuse for it, or you denounce what really happened, or in any way lay blame on women, every girl you know, every woman you love, has just now thought to themselves that you might lose your shit and kill them someday for saying no. You have just lost their trust. And you know what? You deserve to lose it.” —vampmissedith

watercolor by Marcos Beccari
from an original photograph by Jefferson Ramos [ jeh182 ] (model: Luisa Fontan)

Being a teen avenger part 2

(Much funnier)

Just goofy fun headcannons:

- ugh your first period at the tower is the worst

- Steve won’t be home to take care of you because he’s on a mission

-you hate everything and everyone one second the do a 360 the next

- “sam, can you please not breath so damn loud…you make me want to peel my skin off” “keep on and you’ll be walking to the mall later”

- you keep glaring at everyone….especially Bucky. Bucky is frightened

- “cmon stark just for a few days” “Barnes you don’t get Cyro! You suffer like the rest of us!”

-you slowly scoot next to peter “you look really nice today and I really want you to hold me” “what” “UH I SAID YOU SUCK”

- Thor just stays away until summoned

- Natasha gets you face mask and a heating pad so you’ll stop stealing vision and using him for warmth.

-Wanda cuddles with you and gives you food and love and I just love her so much

- pietro???personal take out delivery boy???

- Bruce and tony try to make the ultimate pain killer but fail

-clint says “no no”



-you’re just skipping home tra la la when you notice the most beautiful mess of blonde locks and pretty blue eyes….and angel wings?oh my is that warren.That’s the cute guy from Xavier’s. OH HES LOOKING AT YOU OK STAY COOL! Oh…oh…you fell, you definitely fell

-but it’s like a scene in one of those romance movies where he grabs your hand and helps you up and you stare into each other’s eyes.

- “Hi, I’m warren, you’re (y/n) right, the realm cool girl from school”

“Uh um hehe I guess I mean yes I am (y/n). That is me. I am her….uh…hi”

-he thinks you’re SO cute so he walks you to the tower so a cutie like you doesn’t get hurt or something

- when you get there you’re all flustered and what not. His face is really close to yours. “So cutie pie would you like to go on a date tomorrow. How bout we go have dinner at a cafe? Around 6?” “Uh yeah warren I’d love that, I’ll see you then” AND THEN HE ACTUALLY KISSED YOU IT WAS SO NICE! (I fucking love warren)

- you go inside and your face is all red and you just so giddy like a school girl

- but you see sam on the couch looking quite protective

- “What’s the little fuckers name? What does he want from you? How old is he? When do we meet him and when do I get to beat the shit out of him” “uhhhh please don’t tell everyone else”

-you see Natasha walk in , loading her gun “oh that’s to late because most of us now”

-Thor has the hammer on sight “I shall inform captain Rogers” “NO!” “YES!”

- “YOU GUYS DONT DO THIS TO PETER” “yeah because society has weird standards. That and I don’t have a huge ass that lots of guys want to take advantage of” “what about wade” “wades my boyfriend he doesn’t count”

- tony is ready to fight. Def has a poster that says “GET WREKED WARREN”


-oh my lawd vision has a weapon ready “he is incompute” “WTF VIS”

- team maximoff ready to rumble. “Wanda will crush his mind and spirit and I will taunt him by running in circles” “that’s all you ever do” “least I don’t look stupid in my outfit honestly wtf are you wearing you peasant” “wow. Death changed you.”

- Bruce is ok with it and so is Clint. They think you’re grown and mature but if he hurts you they’re only one call away.

-Bucky is not ok with this. His baby with a boy = no no

-BUCKY IS READY TO MEET THIS HOOLIGAN GODFATHER STYLE! “Warren just do it” “I am not kissing his ring babe”

- “you come into my home and disrespect me?” “Bucky you’re embarrassing me”

- OH MAH GEE STEVE IS SCARY CALM. He shakes warrens hand rather hard, he puffs his chest out, then he pulls warren aside “I’m captain America,I’ve done good stuff and I’ve done bad stuff. But that’s my little girl. If ANYTHING ever hurts her, then I will hurt it. She’s had a hard life and it’s about to get harder because of the accords, she needs someone, and you better be there you understand?”

“Yes sir, she’s the most amazing girl I’ve ever met”


BTS reaction to their best friend being attacked by their fans


You greeted him at the airport with a hug after not seeing him for months. The fans that were waiting for them with cameras around their neck started screaming at you, calling you names, one of them even threw their… shoe? at you.

Jin didn’t hesitate to scold them for their behaviour, body moving to make him seem more intimidating, though it looked more like he was having a seizure.

“Yah! Who do you think you’re calling ugly? And you! Did your mother buy you shoes just so you can throw them at strangers?”

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A fan of his saw you at the coffee shop and and poured her iced coffee all over your new shirt, telling you how you being best friends with Yoongi was unfair to the rest of the Armys.

He found you crying when he came over to your place and made you tell him what happened.

“Hey, hey! Look at me! Look!” He was running around your living room, throwing his hands in the air and making high pitched noises. “There’s your smile! My mission is complete! Now let’s take a nap.”

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You kept getting hateful comments on all your social media accounts and it took a while until Hoseok noticed it. But once he did, he didn’t hesitate to make a public post speaking about how disappointed he was by their childish behaviour.

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You two were just enjoying yourselves since he finally had a free day, when a fan approached you. “Ew, are you seriously dating that? You can do so much better, Namjoon-ie.”

“That is my best friend. And even if we were dating, that is none of your business and doesn’t give you the right to talk like that about them.”

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Someone tried to push you down the stairs of you college, and somehow, between the buzz from all the people surrounding you. You were able to catch the name of your best friend.  Luckily, you were not badly injured, but you still went home to rest for the day.

The person that did that to you was stupid enough to post it on social media, so Jimin saw what happened.

He came to your dorm as soon as he could to make sure you were truly alright.

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You were waiting outside the BigHit building for Taehyung to go have dinner with him.

Right when he stepped outside a screaming girl started running towards you to hit you with her bag. Luckily, Taehyung was fast enough to stop her and give her a glare that was enough for her to go away.

“Do you see this guns, Y/n? Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.” He then flexed his muscles even more. “He protecc. He atacc.”

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You just wanted to go buy some groceries, but two of Jungkook’s “fans” recognized you and approached you to tell you to leave their “oppa” alone.

“You are not pretty enough to be friends with him. Leave him alone.”

When you arrived home and called Jungkook to tell him what happened.  An hour later he showed up at your apartment with a plushie in hand.

“You’re really dumb if you believe them Y/N.”

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The Mirage Heist  // Thief!Shawn AU // Part 4

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

|My Masterlist|

Summary: Shawn is a criminal mastermind and you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time….or was it the right place at the right time?

“Open the fuckin’ door, Shawn!” someone yells from the hallway. Shawn looks through the peephole and you can hear a string of swears from under his breath. Apparently he knew who it was. Thank god. He adjusts the gun in the back of his pants and flips the lock to open the door.

“What the fuck do you want?” he asks harshly of the person you can’t see. He doesn’t have the door open enough to let them in. Obviously it wasn’t someone he cared to talk to.

You hop off the counter and as you get closer you can make out that it’s a woman’s voice coming from beyond the door. “You think you can just replace me? You think bringing some naive little girl into your twisted little games is going to work out? Does she even know what you’ve done?”

“Should I go?” you ask softly as you approach the door.

Shawn looks over at you and holds his hand up to silence you. As much as you want to snap at him for shushing you, you hold your tongue. “Can you get out of here Lauren?” he asks and you can see he’s holding the door closed against her pushing, knuckles turning white against the dark wood. “I have work to do and I don’t need to deal with you right now.”

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every time you say, “everyone has the right to own a gun,” you fucking spit on the people who’ve been fucking mowed down in public places, who lost their lives on a casual Tuesday in a place that’s supposed to be safe.

“Everyone has the right to own a gun,” you argue.

Everyone has the right to mass murder anyone they want, at any time of day?

What is this, the Purge? 

You sicken me. 

Sandy Hook wasn’t enough for you. Little children going to school and watching their classmates die, parents who have to live with the knowledge that a 20 year old who had fucking issues bought a gun one day and decided he wanted to pay back the world for all it ever gave him, and there was nothing that could stop him. 

Pulse, ah, but gay people, who cares about them? Certainly not you. 

If little kids getting their heads blown out didn’t bother you, why would adults?

Christina Grimmie? Yet another victim of male entitlement? 

Well she was just some girl, right, guns are still more important. 

Freedom, you know. 

Ariana’s concert, well, you never liked her music.

Her fans were shot, well, big deal.

And now another concert. 

Oh well. 

I guess that’s just another 50 down.

No big deal, right.

Who cares, the CONCEPT of gun ownership is so much more important that individual lives, right?

all those people who died didn’t die in vain!

they died so that Americans would KNOW

that every single one of them has the right to own a gun. 

I’m sure as they died on the fucking streets while their friends and family and fellow Jason Aldean fans screamed and hid under cars and ran for their lives, they were so proud to die for an American cause!  

Signs / 80s Hits
  • Aries: 99 Luftballons / Nena
  • Taurus: Leather and Lace / Stevie Nicks & Don Henley
  • Gemini: The Girl Get's Around / Sammy Hagar
  • Cancer: Never Gonna Give You Up / Rick Astley
  • Leo: Death or Glory / The Clash
  • Virgo: Total Eclipse of the Heart / Bonnie Tyler
  • Libra: Wake Me up Before You Go-Go / Wham!
  • Scorpio: Every Breath You Take / The Police
  • Sagittarius: Girls Just Want to Have Fun / Cyndi Lauper
  • Capricorn: Here I Go Again / Whitesnake
  • Aquarius: I Ran / A Flock of Seagulls
  • Pisces: Sweet Child O' Mine / Guns N' Roses
If Lance ever betrays the paladdins (and I hope to God he does if he just spends all of season 3 squawking and moaning every time Keith and Allura make eyes at each other)

Imagine him fighting against Pidge. She tries to dodge his attacks, but he moves with terrifying speed with lethal accuracy. Before she knows it, she’s shot and bleeding on the floor. He sneers down at her
“You have no idea how many times I’ve imagined this, Katie!” He spits her name out like it’s acid.
“I can’t tell you how many times I asked myself why I always stepped in to protect a snot-nosed brat like you whenever you mouthed off at the garrison”
He jams the end of his rifle into the wound on her shoulder and grins at the sound of her scream.
“Why was I putting my neck out for a scumbag who thought they were too good to give me so much as the time of day, outside the simulater?”
He stops smirking and rams the weapon deeper
“Do you have any idea what it’s like to work your ass off for something and be told every third second that you don’t deserve it?”
His eyes turn murky from the memory and he fires the gun on reflex, and blood is rapidly pooling on the floor, mixing with Lance’s tears of rage.
He pulls his mouth back into a distorted grimace and repositions the rifle so that he’s aiming for her head.
“If I had to paint the floor with anybody’s brain matter, Id prefer it to be Keith’s. But until I’ve got his freaky subhuman self in my sights, I’ll make do with you”

Pretty Little Liars 7x20 Til Death Do Us Part - Thoughts

I literally just finished watching the finale and A-List Wrap party right now. I have not seen a single comment about the finale, I don’t know how it was received, at all. Sorry if these comments are just reinforcing what everyone else has been talking about for the past several hours, because again, I have no idea what everyone is saying. Here are my thoughts! 

- It did not feel like a series finale to me and I cannot pinpoint why. I felt the goodbye scene at the end was not strong enough. Sasha said that they had to keep re-filming that scene because she was crying too much when she said “this feels like the end of something” - well, I think they went with the take that had not enough emotion, to the point it felt like a regular line and it lost its power. Not just this line, but in general, I never got a sense of “farewell PLL” from this episode, unfortunately. Not saying it’s a bad episode, but, I didn’t get that sense of “thank you and goodbye Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily, Alison and Rosewood”. 

- Marlene said that there is one question she cannot wait for fans to find out, but she can’t tell us what this question is without telling us who AD is. What the hell could be this question?



- I’ve always said Pretty Little Liars is a two-part show: half a romance show, other half a mystery show. They really demonstrated that tonight, by having almost a very equal divide between the romance and mystery. The entire first hour was romance, and the entire second hour was mystery (plus farewells). The first hour, I was shaking my head. “This is not good. Not good at all.” Sure, there were some cute scenes, like Emison’s proposal, but there was too much fluff in the first half. The second half, it really kicked off. 

- So, my theory ended up being so damn accurate, what the hell! I can’t believe it! Even though Spencer’s twin was my foremost suspect going into the finale, I still ended up being shocked, because of the simple fact that they went with it almost exactly exactly exactly how I said! Not just the who, but also the why! I even got the name Alex Drake! 

- Okay, so I got the part wrong about the twin having helped Charlotte play the game from season 3 onwards. And honestly, that is my biggest complaint about the finale: AD started playing the game after Charlotte died, period. Again this is my biggest complaint and this is where the finale fell flat for me. Technically, PLL could have ended with Charlotte’s reveal in 610. Everything we got with Alex Drake’s story, was purely an extension because we got renewed for more seasons. I just know there will be people saying “ugh I’m so mad that AD has no connection to pre-time jump” and yes I fully agree, and that’s my biggest complaint too… but my response is: weren't the extra 2 years nice? Sure AD is irrelevant to seasons 1-6A, sure that is incredibly underwhelming and no where near as good as the fan theories… but we got an extra 2 years of PLL in our lives because of this extra, final A story? I’m grateful? #alwayslookingforthepositiveside

- I do not understand Ashley’s comment. Quote “you finally get to find out who A is, who’s been torturing us for the last 7 years”. Girl… it was just a month or two, in Rosewood time. 

- Am I the only one who never really felt a sense of danger, or intensity? Weird, since it’s the series finale, and literally anyone could’ve died. It’s not like we had another season, and I knew Spencer was safe from dying. Yet, I never truly did feel like Alex would win the fight. I can’t take PLL villains seriously for some unexplainable reason.

- I really liked the flashbacks that explicitly showed us the scenes where “Spencer” was actually Alex. That was great. I wanted more flashbacks to earlier seasons, however. (I did appreciate that they played some music from the pilot, though!)

- THANK YOU MARLENE for not doing another Charlotte reveal where A sits around crying all episode, trying to make us feel sorry for them. Sure, Alex (nearly said Twincer!) had a sad story, but she embraced her sadness, and it fuelled her anger to take over Spencer’s life. That was really good. I loved seeing Troian walk around with an axe. Bless. 

- I was surprised we didn’t hear of Radley (as a sanitarium). Honestly, thank god.

- I think the motive is the strongest we’ve ever had, of all the A’s so far: Alex was so jealous of Spencer so she wanted to break up the girls, yet her threats only made them closer. Therefore, she decided, “why break them up, if I can just become Spencer?” That is so evil and I love it. 

- I EVEN CALLED IT that there will be a scene where someone holds a gun to Spencer and Twincer, and they have to prove who the real Spencer is. I LOVED that! 

- I have a feeling that once I finish typing this, the first word I’ll be seeing people use to describe the motive is cliche. Especially the above mentioned scene about not knowing which Spencer to shoot. It is a bit cliche. (”I’m Buzz Lightyear!” … “no, I’m Buzz Lightyear!” Toy Story 2.. anyone? That’s where my mind went, lol) An evil, jealous twin is a tad cliche. I can’t defend that. But within this world of PLL, it worked well I guess. 

- Sorry Troian, I wasn’t too convinced by the British accent unfortunately. But my gosh you slayed the rest. WHY COULDN’T WE GET AT LEAST ONE SCENE WITH TROIAN IN THE HOODIE!? That was a real shame. I get that it was set one year later, but… still, Alex should’ve wore the hoodie for a scene or two. For satisfaction’s sake, and it’s also just iconic for PLL. 

- SHOUTOUT TO A FOLLOWER OF MINE WHO MESSAGED ME AFTER THE AIRPORT SCENE IN 715 SAYING THAT TWINCER SOUNDED BRITISH. HOW DID YOU GET THAT PART TOO!? “Are you going someplace?” sounded very British, I agree, but I never picked it until I was told to listen for it. Genius.

- We even got it right as to who Wren was shooting: Twincer, so that she can look like Spencer. Gosh, is there anything we didn’t predict?

- Bethany who? Eddie who? Seriously though, I’m going to spend hours editing my unanswered questions list. We got a lot. You can say whatever you want about the finale, but you can’t say we didn’t get answers. Like, c’mon. If you’re saying we didn’t get answers, you’re the type of person who complains over nothing and is just impossible to please. Every word that came out of Alex’s mouth was golden. We had rapid fire Q&A with Alex and Spencer. I’m not saying this finale answered 7 years worth of questions; I’ll probably find some unanswered things once I start going through my list. But… You. Can. Not. Say. We. Got. Zero. Answers. I hope that when I finish this post, I don’t see people spreading such stupid negativity. 

- Wren died? How? Why? That was unnecessary. This finale really lacked a major death. I wanted to say OMG to at least ONE thing, and unfortunately, I couldn’t. Not one thing shocked me.

- Am I the only one who thought Wren’s involvement seemed a bit forced?? What are the actual odds of Wren running into Alex at a bar in London? Seriously? But whatever. I’m so glad he played a role in this, and a damn big one too. 

- So ALEX was the British person Mary was talking to on the phone in 701!!!

- I loved the scene between Alex and Charlotte!!

- I found it really really random that Alex started messaging Mona 1 year later. They had just moved on and all of a sudden Alex is back to start to reveal herself. Maybe I’m forgetting something because that was just weird.

- I was disappointed that there wasn’t a major reason Alex took Ezra. I was waiting for them to reveal a mind blowing alliance between the two but then it slowly became obvious that he had just been kidnapped and wasn’t on the friendly side with Alex. 

- Melissa’s mask was just pointless. That was pure fan service to MelissA theorists. (And also to throw us off for a bit.) And I knew Melissa wasn’t AD since there’s no way they’d reveal Uber A so randomly at a picnic like that. I knew it was a mask.

- I got dollhouse vibes when Spencer (or Ezra?) said “we’re still underground”. I thought that was creepy!

- Seriously… they make reference to the mums getting out of the basement, without actually giving us an answer??? “Do you remember how we even got out of there?” said Veronica. It would’ve been better to leave that dialogue out completely. Teasing fans over something they’ll never get, is far worse than acting like it was just forgotten. 

- Did Veronica know that Spencer has a twin, since she made a comment in 4B about not knowing who is coming down for breakfast; Spencer or her evil twin? They really made it out as if no one knew about Alex.

- Wren is the father of Emison’s baby!? That was so subtle, the way Alex said it. WHY!? That makes no sense. I’ve noticed that this show is really big on “who” but not so big on the “why”. I’m just going to assume that Wren was the only male she had “access” to, to pull off the stunt, so she used Wren simply out of convenience. That’s all I can think of.

- So Ezria got married, Haleb is having a baby, Emison is engaged with twins, and Spoby is??? I was really really shocked actually that one ship is still left up in the air. It’s not a sad ending, but it’s not happy either. Maybe that’s the one thing that doesn’t get answered that Marlene was talking about.

- That last scene with the recreation of ‘that night’ should NOT have been the last scene of the entire show. If Freeform wants to launch a spinoff, fine, go ahead, but how dare you cut to the end credits after that scene. Call me fussy, but I call it passion. The final scene of the show should have been Mary and Alex stuck in Mona’s dollhouse. Cut to the credits after that closeup on Alex (Which, was brilliant by the way, and aligns with Janel’s comment of Mona having her own unique happy ending.)

- The wrap party was boring. Just saying. It should’ve been the 6 liars (yes Mona too) with Marlene, sitting in Spencer’s barn, talking about the making of the finale, any questions that couldn’t get wrapped up, favourite episodes, etc. I finished the finale and thought “it’s okay, I still have one more chance to farewell the show since the last scene didn’t do it for me!” and nope, this third hour was no better.

- FULL CIRCLE HOW??? Can someone name one thing that happened, that can be classified as “full circle”??? In my mind, full circle means Alison dying and the girls having a sleepover in the barn!?

- Overall, this is how I summarise the finale:

It did not feel like a finale. The first half was boring, even for a series finale. The goodbyes were not strong enough, and I did not feel like I properly said “thank you” and “farewell” to my favourite fictional characters ever. The scene with the girls at the end was far too short. The AD reveal was very predictable for me and other dedicated detectives, but I think other fans across the world will be pleased since it wasn’t actually that obvious. The motive was great. Troian slayed. But, coming from a person who also has a non-rhotic accent (Australian), I felt put off by Alex’s accent. The final scene was just stupid, I’m not watching a spinoff - the final scene should’ve been Mary and Alex. We got a shit ton of answers, but, as I’ll soon see when I go to my list, I don’t feel like it was everything. But absolutely, most things, yes.

In 3 words: slow, predictable, fun. 

Here’s my theory where I correctly solved Alex Drake

Here’s my farewell letter

I did it (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hey! So I’m gonna make this request broad because I want you to kind of write it however you wish & be able to really add your own style/twist to it. You can do it in the form of a preference/blurb or a one shot/parts, doesn’t bother me. But, could you do how you think Jughead would react to finding out you’re the one who killed Jason? It can be for whatever reason: self-defense, revenge, somehow accidental, & so on. My only request is that Jug & the reader are together when he finds out.

A/N: This turned quite dark? You told me to add my own style to it so I wrote it the way I write a lot of my short stories! Hopefully you like it.  Xxx

Warnings: Flashbacks of Jason’s death, mentions of rape, murder (obviously. Jason was shot after all.) Major Character Death. NOT A HAPPY ENDING.


I did it (Jughead x Reader)

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Okay, let’s start with how extremely adorable Jughead is. Like, he cares so much about the drive-in and as we found out, the place was literally his home. Like, someone protect my son please. And he tried so hard to save it, talking to the mayor, talking to Fred and handing out flyers and stuff. Forget Archie and that love triangle, this is the important story here.

Speaking of Fred and Archie, look how nice Fred was to that fucking pedophile. Like, he was complimenting her, inviting her to dinner and being such a great guy and that bitch is just sleeping with his son. Ugh. I hate her. 

Betty keeping a diary is so cliche™ but I love it lmao. 

I AM SO HERE FOR BETTY, RONNIE AND JUGHEAD HANGING OUT. Kevin’s okay too, I guess. Still haven’t decided if I like him or not. I mean, he’s funny and all but idk he just feels way too stereotypical and I’m still most certainly not over the biphobia. But maybe he isn’t really biphobic and that was a one time thing bc how else would Betty and Veronica, who are both obviously bisexual still be friends with him? Idk man. 

Cheryl, I love you for being a bitch but damn you just got your ass handed to you by Hermione Lodge, who is just as much of a goddess as her daughter. 

Betty calling out Archie on his shit 👏 👏👏

but like she was so…good about it?? Like she got her point across but didn’t immediately threaten to tell and stuff. And, Archie, honey, how could Ronnie even back you up? Firstly, what you’re doing ain’t cool and secondly, that’s her girlfriend you’re arguing with so ??? 


Where can I sign a petition to get rid of Alice Cooper? 


Betty questioning Grotesque Garbage is   👌 👌 👌 she was really good at that too honestly I just really love Betty Cooper man. 


“I don’t think of my students that way” lmao bitch stop lying

Jughead being a rebel with a cause is my aesthetic. And awww, he’s talking about himself and his family for once. This boy must be protected at all costs.. 

Archie, wtf are you trying to do, telling Betty to stay out of it? She’s literally doing what’s best for you like smh man shut up. 

BETTY AND VERONICA BEING DETECTIVE GIRLFRIENDS IS MY JAM. Like, seriously, they have so much chemistry like just let Bernoica happen man. It’s literally already canon. 

I would sell my soul to Satan and sell my body on the black market to make Beronica canon. 

I’m fully aware I’m being queerbaited but Betty and Ronnie are just. so. goddamn. cute. 

‘Jennifer Gibson’. THAT BITCH.

She has a gun in the car. THAT FUCKING BITCH. SHE’S THE KILLER!!!11!

Alice, wtf is wrong with you. Fred is a chill parent. He isn’t going to tell his son to stop talking to his best friend just ‘cause you’re a psycho who wants to control her daughter.

Okay, but like I really love Hermione and Veronica’s relationship it’s so good and–WAIT A SEC THEY’RE BUYING THE DRIVE-IN. Why must you crush Jughead’s happiness?  I TRUSTED YOUR HERMIONE.

Omg Alice saw the gun oops shit shit shit (betty what were you thinking hiding it in your fucking drawer smh girl). Wow, Alice just hit a new low. It’s not cool to read your daughter’s diary 

I would have felt bad after learning about Grundy’s backstory but my obvious hate for prevented that from happening thank god. 


Let’s talk about the drive-in.

Poor Juggie god I feel so bad for him Archie where are you your boyfriend needs you


Veronica Lodge is like fine wine. She gets better and better the longer she exists. 

I kinda sorta weirdly like the Veronica-Cheryl-Kevin squad?? They can be the ‘burn you to a crisp’ squad.

Ooh, Kevin’s got a new hottie. Also, did I mention I really love Kevin’s dad? He’s so nice.

YAS KEVIN GET SOME (My feelings are so conflicted like I want to support Kevin because he’s the only important, openly LGBTQ+ character on the show so far but like, something’s just off about him) 

Archie, please never speak to Grun–OH. HE’S LEAVING HER. YES ARCHIE YES YES YES–OH WAIT. OH NO. 


Alice why tf do you have to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong? 

Man, I feel bad for Fred. 

Archie, don’t defend that woman, please. She deserves it. 

Such drama much intense very wow. 

Oh no. My bby Betty is crying FUCK YOU ALICE. 

Okay, I know there’s probably some people sad about Grundy after her backstory but we got nothing but good stuff immediately after she left? 

Fred and Archie having a moment 👌 👌 👌 (I mean, I feel bad that Archie cried and that he was upset but it had to be done) 

Betty finally standing up to her asshole of a mother  👌 👌 👌 (I still kind of think that Betty is actually Polly but idk) 

A cute scene between Betty and Archie  👌 👌 👌

The scene where Veronica confronts her mom was certainly…something.


Grundy is like a bag of opened chips. She gets worse the longer she exists. Archie, you could not have been more wrong when you said she wasn’t a child predator. I already feel bad for that poor new kid victim of hers. 

On the whole, this was a really, really good episode. I give it a 9 out of 10, but that’s because my queen Josie wasn’t in it and there was not enough Jughead and Archie and there was way too much Archie and Grundy interaction but hey, at least she’s gone now. 

God, I’m literally crying over Jughead. The picture with him and his sister (who tf named them Jughead and Jellybean tho) was so adorable and so sad. My poor child. 



Also, I would just like to add, Betty is the best friend anyone could ever have and she needs to be appreciated more. 

So, what do you guys think? What do you agree and disagree with me on? Let’s talk! Reblog this while adding your notes or send in an ask (PLEASE SEND ME ASKS) or send me a message or something and I will see y’all next week.

anonymous asked:

Hey Cap! Idk if you're still writing rn but could you maybe do one where Alex meets Eliza for lunch and forgets to take off her engagement ring and Eliza notices and realizes and stuff and is protective and wary because it's only been a year but then Maggie comes to pick Alex up at the end of lunch (totally unaware of the sitch) and Eliza just looks at how in love they are (esp Maggie with Alex) and she gives her blessing and it's cute

She hasn’t told her mother yet.

It hurts her – to not. 

Eliza gets a lot of things wrong, but she also gets a lot of things right: and while Alex is so good at lying that she can fool a polygraph, the whole secrets thing really doesn’t agree with her.

It had, in the beginning; when she first joined the DEO, when she finally had something of her own. Something all hers, something… something that made her special. In her own right.

But it wore on her, grated on her.

Because secrets really don’t agree with her.

But she hasn’t told Eliza yet – about the ring, about the plans – because she knows what her mother will say, and she just wants to enjoy. 

Enjoy being engaged to the woman she loves without the stress of Eliza’s judgment of it’s too soon and are you sure, Alexandra? and you’re just coming out, sweetie, don’t you think you need to expand your horizons a little bit before settling down?

But she also knows that Eliza loves Maggie.

And that’s the second problem with telling her.

Because she wants Eliza’s approval and she wants Eliza’s support – it’s all she’s ever wanted – and Maggie? Maggie has it. 

Maybe Eliza won’t be too big of a fan of the engagement right away, but she’s quite fond of the woman who fights for both of her daughters, who plays pool with her science nerd son, who fights crime with her almost son-in-law son (and she really needs to speak to Kara about Mr. Olsen, because really, how could Alex let her let him go?).

And that’s also what Alex is afraid of.

Because they won’t be telling Maggie’s family.

Because Maggie’s family won’t be there, won’t support her, won’t love her.

And if Maggie can’t have her family, a part of Alex doesn’t want her to have to see Alex having hers. Doesn’t want her to go through that pain.

So she hasn’t told her.

But she’s running late – working on new tech with Lena and Winn, on the communicator with Cisco Ramon, always makes her lose track of time – so she forgets.

Forgets to take her engagement ring off.

And Eliza might not be a secret agent, but Alex gets it from somewhere.

She notices. Of course she notices.

“It seems like you have something to tell me, sweetie,” she tells her right after she hugs her, right as they’re sitting down, right after she’s taken stock of the way Alex seems friendly with everyone who works at Noonan’s – right after she’s taken stock of the way Alex seems, now, to interact with people outside her work.

She wonders when that happened, and she thinks it probably has something to do with the ring on her left hand.

“Um, yeah, I told you, Mom – didn’t you get my text? – we were working on an atmospheric – “

“No, no, dear, I know you lost track of time in the lab.” She chuckles softly to herself. “Like mother, like daughter, I suppose. No, Alex, I meant… something else.”

She doesn’t glance down at Alex’s ring; she doesn’t move her eyes from her eldest’s face at all.

She doesn’t have to. Because suddenly, Alex reaches for her left hand, for her fourth finger. She reaches, and she groans.

“Mom, I – it just happened, it’s recent, I didn’t want to um… I didn’t want to tell you on the phone – “

“You mean you didn’t want to tell me.”

“Mom – “

“Is it because you know how soon this is, Alexandra? Maggie’s a sweet girl, honey, a really lovely girl, and I’m not saying you should break up – god knows, she seems good for you, Alex – but marriage? Don’t you think – “

“Don’t you think you should congratulate me, Mom?” Alex deadpans, her voice as cold as the gun in her waistband, and Eliza’s stomach sinks, because her daughter has always been… headstrong.

But the edges of her voice have the damage of a soldier, now, the ice of a warrior, and it breaks her heart.

Especially because she knows – she knows – how much Maggie has been thawing that ice for Alex. With Alex.

“I… yes, dear, I… congratulations, Alexan – Alex – I want to hear all about it. I just… it’s my job to worry about you, Alex, surely you can – “

“Yeah. I get it.”

“Alexandra – “

“I know a year is short, Mom. I know. I know everything you’re going to say. But you know what, our lives are short, too. I almost died, Mom, I was…” 

Tears swirl in her eyes suddenly, unwelcome, and she has to remind herself that there is no water filling her lungs. “The whole world almost died. And Maggie… Maggie fought her way through the streets, alone, out of ammo for a quarter of her trip, saving school kids on the way to me. To me, Mom. The world was ending and she fought and saved people on her way to me. I held on for her, for Kara, I held on, I…”

Her voice breaks and her jaw sets, and Eliza finds her hand covering her eldest’s; she finds that she can feel the scar tissues in her daughter’s body, that she can hear the scar tissue around her heart.

“You held on for you, sweetie,” Eliza whispers with a soft smile. “It was your love for them that kept you holding you. You. Your love. Your heart. Your mind has always been brilliant, Alex, but your heart has always been your superpower.”

Alex refuses to break – the entire reason she chose Noonan’s was that a public place would be less likely to precipitate an outburst – but she can’t stop the tears cascading down her face.

“All that, but you still think it’s too soon to get married,” she murmurs, and Eliza sighs.

“I just wonder why a woman, kind as she is, who initially rejected you because you were just coming out would be agreeing to marry you less than a year later, sweetie. Everything you’ve been through can also be an argument for not making big life decisions, you know, dear – “

“Mom, I’m marrying her. That’s the end of it. She’s not manipulating me or taking advantage of what I’ve been through or – “

“Why don’t we just enjoy our time together, Alexandra?” she interrupts, and Alex holds her breath, counts like she’s been working on with Sara Lance, sets her jaw, nods, and tries to keep her hands from trembling.

They stick to calmer topics throughout the rest of lunch – the latest research in bioengineering, Winn and Lena’s latest project, how Lucy’s doing – and they almost make it through without Alex’s phone chiming.

“Sorry,” she stammers, “it’s probably work, I have to – oh!” A smile slips over her face – a smile Eliza has rarely seen, one that seems to reverberate through Alex’s entire body – and she blushes. “Um, Mom, uh… Maggie’s heading over here to get coffee for her colleagues, she uh… she wanted to give me a heads up. Because she knows I’m here with you.”

Eliza stiffens slightly. “Of course, dear, it’d be lovely to see your fiancee.”

Alex nearly rises, nearly yells, but she just stiffens her core like she’s bracing for a punch, and she tries to exhale the way Maggie’s been teaching her.

She nods curtly and they sit in painful silence until Eliza clears her throat and asks Alex about how James is feeling with all his new superhero duties.

Alex launches in readily, eager for the distraction. So eager, so relieved, to lose herself in talking about her training sessions with their brother that she doesn’t hear the chime on the door ring, doesn’t turn to see her fiancee slipping up behind her.

Doesn’t know Maggie’s come into Noonan’s, motorcycle helmet in hand, detective shield gleaming, grey henley under perfect leather jacket, until she feels her hand tracing up Alex’s arm, until she feels her soft lips on her temple, until she feels her breath in her ear and hears the words she needs to hear more than anything right now: “I’m so proud of you, Ally. I love you,” Maggie whispers, soft so Eliza can’t hear, quickly so the praise, the love, can seep through Alex’s veins and uncord her tense body.

And it works: Alex melts immediately into Maggie’s touch, into Maggie’s voice, and Eliza has never seen her so relaxed in public. So affectionate with anyone other than Kara. 

Because Alex’s hand finds Maggie’s immediately, instinctively; their fingers interlink like they were created to fit each other’s, and when her eldest tilts her fiancee’s chin with a gentle finger so they can exchange a soft kiss on the mouth, Eliza knows.

Knows that Alex has discovered romantic intimacy.

That Alex is guarded. That Alex is prioritized. That she’s cared for and that she’s worshiped and that she’s truly, utterly loved.

Because Alex would never kiss anyone like that, so casual yet so intimate, so natural yet so needed. So perfect.

“Maggie, sweetheart,” Eliza stands, and Maggie gulps and smiles as she straightens up, accepting Eliza’s hug with one arm, fighting not to cry at a mother’s warm touch. 

“Lovely to see you, Dr. Danvers,” she tells her, and it doesn’t sound at all like the rehearsed lines Alex’s college boyfriends had given. It sounds confident, if nervous; genuine, if full of underlying turmoil, underlying emotion, underlying scar tissue. 

Confident, because this woman loves her daughter. Wholly and completely.

“I see congratulations are in order,” she tells her as she pulls back from the hug, and Maggie nearly drops her helmet. Alex takes her hand and Maggie clings to it.

“Dr. Danvers, I – “

“Kara mentioned earlier that you’re not the closest with your family, Maggie, and forgive me if this is forward, but I would be honored to take you wedding clothes shopping when the time comes. If you’ll have me.”

Maggie’s lip trembles and Alex’s chest wracks with a sob.

And Noonan’s has never seen, before or since, a more emotional, a more relieved, a more cathartic, a more healing, three-person hug.


  1. ❛ It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything. ❜
  2. ❛ I don’t want to die without any scars. ❜
  3. ❛ This is your life and it’s ending one moment at a time. ❜
  4. ❛ You know how they say you only hurt the ones you love? Well, it works both ways. ❜
  5. ❛ You are not your job, you’re not how much money you have in the bank. You are not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. ❜
  6. ❛ You are not special. ❜
  7. ❛ You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else. ❜
  8. ❛ The things you used to own, now they own you. ❜
  9. ❛ Today is the sort of day where the sun only comes up to humiliate you. ❜
  10. ❛ Maybe we have to break everything to make something better out of ourselves. ❜
  11. ❛ Only after disaster can we be resurrected. ❜
  12. ❛ Everything is evolving, everything is falling apart. ❜
  13. ❛ We’ve all been raised believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. ❜
  14. ❛ Don’t you have other things to do? ❜
  15. ❛ Prove you’re alive. If you don’t claim your humanity you will become a statistic. ❜
  16. ❛ You have been warned. ❜
  17. ❛ If you don’t know what you want, you end up with a lot you don’t. ❜
  18. ❛ It’s not love or anything, but I think I like you, too. ❜
  19. ❛ If I could wake up in a different place, at a different time, could I wake up as a different person? ❜
  20. ❛ Why did I cause so much pain? ❜
  21. ❛ The lower you fall, the higher you’ll fly. ❜
  22. ❛ Maybe self-improvement isn’t the answer, maybe self-destruction is the answer. ❜
  23. ❛ May I never be complete. May I never be content. May I never be perfect. ❜
  24. ❛ Everyone smiles with that invisible gun to their head. ❜
  25. ❛ We are not special. We are not crap or trash, either. We just are. We just are, and what happens just happens. ❜
  26. ❛ The girl is infectious human waste. ❜
  27. ❛ I want to destroy everything beautiful I’ll never have. ❜
  28. ❛ On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. ❜
  29. ❛ If you could be either God’s worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose? ❜
  30. ❛ It is like you’re never really awake; but you’re never really asleep. ❜
  31. ❛ Worker bees can leave. Even drones can fly away. The Queen is their slave. ❜
  32. ❛ A moment is the most you could ever expect from perfection. ❜
  33. ❛ The people you’re trying to step on, we’re everyone you depend on. ❜
  34. ❛ You have to give up! ❜
  35. ❛ Reject the basic assumptions of civilisation, especially the importance of material possessions. ❜
  36. ❛ Without pain, without sacrifice we would have nothing. ❜
  37. ❛ You have to realise that someday you will die, Until you know that, you are useless. ❜
  38. ❛ A tiger can smile. A snake will say it loves you. ❜
  39. ❛ Lies make us evil. ❜
  40. ❛ If you died right now, how would you feel about your life? ❜
  41. ❛ You always kill the one you love. ❜
  42. ❛ Maybe we should always assume the worst. ❜
  43. ❛ Put a gun to my head and paint the wall with my brains. ❜
  44. ❛ Which is worse? Hell or nothing? ❜
  45. ❛ A minute of perfection is worth the effort. ❜
  46. ❛ You’re going to die, tonight. You might die in one second or in one hour, you decide. ❜
  47. ❛ Lie to me. Tell me the first thing off the top of your head. Make something up. ❜
  48. ❛ I don’t give a shit. I have a gun. ❜
  49. ❛ I know who you are. I know where you live. ❜
  50. ❛ Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of your life. ❜
  51. ❛ My philosophy of life is that I can die at any moment. And the tragedy of my life is that I do not. ❜
  52. ❛ Everything is so far away, a copy of a copy of a copy. You can’t touch anything and nothing can touch you. ❜
  53. ❛ There are a lot of things we don’t want to know about the people we love. ❜
  54. ❛ We just had a near-life experience. ❜
  55. ❛ If people think you are dying, they give you their full attention. They listen instead of just waiting for their turn to speak. ❜
  56. ❛ I am nothing, and not even that. ❜
  57. ❛ This isn’t really death. —- We’ll be legends. We won’t grow old. ❜
  58. ❛ Stop trying to control everything and just let go. Let go. ❜
  59. ❛ The amazing miracle of death, when one second you’re walking and talking, and the next second you’re an object. ❜
  60. ❛ Only if we’re caught and punished can we be saved. ❜

Let’s talk about that extended trailer shall we?

First of all what is this cryptic code junk? My poor brain already has so much to process with this show please don’t make me learn another language

And how does Jughead even get the note? You been snooping Jughead?

Also Betty seems to be hiding it from everyone including her family so what does it mean?!

Okay so Veronica is clearly all for the whole Red Circle Situation, she made herself a shirt😂 good supportive girlfriend! Although it will never rival Betty’s crown sweater 😉

And who’s gun is Veronica finding, is it Archie’s? Does he have to trash it after she uses it but Veronica was following him all sneaky like and sees him dump it?

Toni I’m still a little skeptical about you so this is a bit alarming for me, I see your pink hair girl and Jughead seems a little surprised!

And finally I just want to aknowledge the Beauty that is Betty Cooper for a quick sec

Making Amends | Joker + Reader

Note: A little fluffy. This is my first request, so excited to be able to fulfill my first! Requests are always open. 
Description/Request:  Can I request a Jared Leto Joker imagine where joker forgets your anniversary and when he comes home he makes it up to you??? – Anon
Warning: None
(Gif isn’t mine)

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Summary: You are now a Pre-K teacher and you meet Jaebum, a single dad. 

Genre: Romance, teacher, crime, murder, single dad

Warnings: smut in later chapters, swearing

Definition of Pre-K: teacher for children at the age of 4

Author’s Note: Tell me what you think of this chapter! Thanks for reading! I am sorry this chapter is so short, and I hope it’s exciting enough. 

Originally posted by wonhoforjackson

“So are you gonna go hang with Jackson tonight because it’s Friday?”

“Actually my best friend just got a new job, so tonight we are going out to celebrate. We are going to the NEPTUNE OYSTER.”

Jaebum panicked.

He was going to the Neptune Oyster tonight, but he was going for work. Maybe he wouldn’t see you, or maybe he will. It will be awkward if he does see you. He contemplated telling you that he was going tonight. He didn’t want you to think he was stalking you, but it would be odd if you see him there and he never mentioned he would be there. 

“So how about you? Are you taking Jaehwan to any fun activities tonight?”

Jaebum looked up at you with a confused expression.

“Oh…um. I don’t know yet. I hope  you enjoy celebrating  with your friend.” Jaebum said abruptly.

Jaebum got up. 

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