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My Padma and Parvati for this week’s Harry Potter Design Challenge! When I looked up their book descriptions pretty much all you get is they were called the prettiest girls in their grade, they wore their hair in braids, and apparently they wore silver “P” necklaces (I don’t particularly remember this part but Oh well). You never hear much about Padma but Parvati always came off as a giggly fun loving girl to me. Although they were identical twins I didn’t want to just essentially make them the same person as twins are often portrayed as in media. I figured since they were sorted into different houses they must have very different distinct personalities. So I decided to make Padma a bit more serious and preppy than her sister. Hope you enjoy!! :D (PS since I went with book descriptions for characters I also went with the book version of the ravenclaw colors: blue and bronze instead of blue and silver like the movies.)

I want a girl that’s okay with silly dates. Dressing up and going to a fancy dinner is fine but I want a girl who’d be ready to go to the arcade at 4pm on a Thursday just because it’s there. I want a girl who’d go on NYC tour buses and act like a complete tourist with me. I want a girl who’d go to the movies with me and watch the newest Pixar films even if we’re the oldest people there. I want a girl who’ll go to the amusement park with me. I want a girl who considers playing wii sports all day a date. A girl who doesn’t need fancy dates, expensive nights and money to have fun. I want a girl who won’t complain about having dominoes for dinner because I can’t afford a fancy restaurant. I want a girl who’ll text me date ideas that include carnivals or karaoke night. I want a girl I’ll have fun with. I want a girl who won’t mind staying in all night watching movies together in a homemade fort. I want a girl who’ll cook meal with me but when we burn it we will look at each other and we know to order Chinese food. I want a girl who won’t give up on me because I’m broke, but when I want to spoil her I want her to let me. I want that girl.
Tangled Before Ever After: my thoughts in bullet points

- Help I can’t get over how cute it is every time Eugene calls Rapunzel “sunshine”
- I know Lady Caine is a villain but?? I love her?? She’s so badass?? And pretty??
- these things were probably confirmed prior to last night but it was so nice hearing them call the kingdom Corona and the king and queen Fred (lol) and Arianna
- Raps
- they dealt with Eugene and Rapunzel’s relationship so well!! Personally I didn’t even realize that Eugene was making the whole thing about him and what he wanted until Cass pointed it out
- ngl I was having fun but I didn’t get really excited about the movie until the last 10 minutes when my girl Punz decided that she’d had enough and just wHIPPED OUT HER HAIR I LOVE HER SO MUCH
- if I could change it now my senior quote would be “plus est en vous”
- Eugene’s rant when he sees Rapunzel’s hair like how does that man just not breathe
- “HIDE. YOUR. HAIR. WOMAN.” (+ glad he said “woman” that made me happy)
- I am going to spend the weekend memorizing the lyrics to Wind in my Hair & Life After Happily Ever After I already bought both singles

This is so much longer than I was expecting I’m sorry

i am actually really liking this story idea i have about a teenage time traveller who uses random modern day technology like kool-aid flavoring packets and an ipod to go back in time to pretend to be a wizard. like okay, yeah, the CONCEPT isn’t that original, but it doesn’t have to be, as long as the jokes and characters are original. i mean, i grew up on back to the future, star wars, those disney channel tv movies, and all that campy stuff that makes me appreciate goofy scifi stories 

so obviously on her adventures as a time traveling wizard something goes horribly wrong. i’m thinking, MAYBE she discovers REAL magic? or MAYBE she meets other time travelers, like, some other time traveling wizards but they’re evil. like, she’s just trying to prank people and have fun, but she meets some bad guys who actually want to take over the world, and like……only Jokes Girl can stop them………………..

dont get me wrong i LOVE writing stories about political intrigue and demons and murder etc etc but lets be real here: as a writer and an artist, comedy is where i truly shine 


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 I had a hard time with this because I tend to rewatch any movie I love over and over.  These are in absolutely no particular order of preference!

1. Cinderella (Disney animated version)

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2. Grease

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3. West Side Story

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4. Titanic

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5. Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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6. Dirty Dancing Havana Nights

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And bonus Christmas version - I watch these every single year without fail:

A Very Brady Christmas (that is literally the only gif that came up)

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Christmas Vacation

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Build A Boyfriend - Mark Tuan

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The most boring movie in the whole world and you were forced by friends  to go watch it. It was some stupid love story about a girl meeting the “Love of her life” and other ridiculous plot lines like that. It wouldn’t have been bad if it wasn’t for them ALL bringing their boyfriends. They just made out and giggled the entire time. When you all left you were walking behind the laughing, stumbling group, that would make the occasional joke about you being single. 

You wanted someone who can have fun and be happy but not scream in your ear every 3 seconds. Sometimes your friends would bring an extra person in hopes to get you a boyfriend but they were never your type. It didn’t matter to you, you didn’t need a boyfriend to be happy.

Your friends dropped you off at your house and quickly left. You scoffed and unlocked the door. It had been a long day and you just wanted to rest. You went to your room and saw your laptop, open, on the bed. You contemplated going on it but gave in and turned it on. After about 30 minutes of mindless searching and scrolling through media an ad popped up. It read “Build a Boyfriend”.

“Wow so now I’m getting ads for kids games.” You rolled your eyes going to close the ad. “Why did they use pictures of real people? That’s…weird.”

You clicked the link curious about the picture. It sent you to a page with a fill out form. It had a bunch of questions. Ones you’d find on a dating service.

“Wait…Is this a freaking dating site? Even the Internet is telling me to get a boyfriend.”

You examined the questions, they were kinda weird. “What is his name?”, “What is his hair color?”, “What is his height?”. Was it just going to find someone who fit your ideal type the most? It was fairly confusing but you did it out of curiosity. When finished you clicked the send link and it closed out. Not even the random ad was open.

“Well that was a waste of time. I should sleep.” You said looking at the clock. It was late and you could feel your muscles get heavy. You put up your laptop and rested under the covers. It didn’t take long for you to fall into sleep.

The quiet sound of your door creaking open woke you. The light from the hall seeped into the otherwise dark room. You screamed when a man’s figure began blocking the light. His body tenses and he turns on the light. You were met with the face of your “Boyfriend”. There was no doubt that it was him. Down to every facial feature on his beautiful face. His blonde hair looked so amazingly soft and fluffy. He stepped forward and put his hand out. Once he was closer he grabbed your hand, trying to get as close to you without scaring you.

“There is no way. It…How are you even real?” You asked totally mesmerized by him.

“All that matters is I am. I was made for you, can you accept that, Jagiya?”

“O-of course, …” You were still unsure if who you were seeing was actually him. It was impossible but then again there he was.

You stepped forward and pressed you lips on his. His lips were soft and the kiss was gentle. He might have been “impossible” but as long as he was there it didn’t matter to you. He was your perfect boy and you couldn’t have been more happy and worried about it.

Sorry this is so short!!! I hope you still enjoy it.


more gorillaz head cannons

-when noodle arrived, 2d and murdoc tried their damnedest to be sure she had a happy child hood. Murdoc even began to feel like he played the role of her father. When she went missing, he felt like the worst guardian ever.

-murdoc started his chain smoking after the stress from having the band, and keeping it together settled in. 

-when Noodle saw All the girls coming and going from murdocs room, one day she asked him what they were there for. His exact reply was “they wanted a bit of fun.” Noodle thought that just meant they watched movies or something m so one day after she and 2-D were in his room, watching night of the living dead, murdoc asked her what she was doing in there. She answered “we were having a bit of fun.” 

-Murdoc feels guilty for what he had done to 2-D, but refuses to accept thats what it is. He often drinks obscene amounts of alcohol when he feels especially guilty. But, he never tells anyone what’s wrong.

-2-D isn’t really that absent minded, but he is always out of it because of his migraine medication. He isn’t aware that it makes him seem so scatter brained.

Old but gold movies
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> -Grease (1978)<p/><b></b> -Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1985)
  • -Pretty in Pink(1986)<p/><b></b> -Dirty Dancing (1987)<p/><b></b> -Footloose (1984)<p/><b></b> -The Breakfast Club (1985)<p/><b></b> -Heathers (1989)<p/><b></b> -Clueless (1995)<p/></p><p/></p>
My favorite thing about the new Ghostbusters is all the fan boys being butthurt over males having fun poked at them. Legit left the theater with men whining about how the men were stupid and the fart jokes were horrible and the shot to the ghosts dick was bad and the movie attacked men and blah blah blah. What I wanted to tell them was like yo now you know what it's like to be a woman. It's rare we get the tables turned and have men as the ditzy dames instead of women. I mean fuckin Thor got saved by 4 fucking women. Not just women. A skinny business woman, a plus size nerd and scientist, a fuckin lesbian genius and a fuckin tall and in charge black woman who's quick on her feet and saved the team multiple times despite not having fuckin scientific training to start. This fuckin movie left women thrilled and men who didn't understand the point of it disappointed. But tbh I loved this movie. I love the originals but I gotta say this one was my favorite.

Plus the original cast for the old ghost busters not only approved the movie but had cameos including a bust for the late actors. So quite frankly yall that are salty over the jokes made can eat an entire ass.

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Good Morning Gorgeous, Happy Hump Day. Just two more days until the weekend. relaxation, fun, frivolity... Or two days to catch up on house cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, and seeing relatives that we really don't want to see. Just kidding Georgous. Have a wonderful day sweetie . 😆🌹

So ready for the weekend!!! Actually going to go out for a lil bit of Friday. Grab some dinner and a couple drinks. Saturday the girl has a movie date with her girlfriend for her friends birthday. Thought about going to see a movie at the same time but not sure yet. I want to go see the new Beauty and the Beast but that’s what she’s going to… grrrr other then that a pretty chill weekend. And I’m off on Monday again. Kids are on spring break next week and the boy has a dentist appointment.

i bet pepper and jane get together and have a girl’s night every month or so. darcy usually joins them and when she does, they usually end up going out to laser tag or a dance club because darcy insists they need to have more fun. if natasha is in the country and not undercover, she’ll come too but there’s a rule that they don’t play video games on those nights because natasha takes them way too seriously. especially call of duty and mario kart. 

one night natasha brings wanda along too after their avengers training session and things are kind of awkward at first. but then jane can’t control her excitement and starts asking wanda all kinds of questions about telekinesis and how she controls and channels her powers. eventually she just starts talking to herself about energy manipulation and quantum field generators and wanda really doesn’t know what to do or say. pepper just smiles and says “welcome to the team” 

Overcome (’95 Line Hogwarts AU Foursome - Unofficial Update - Part 3.5 - Almost Part 4)

(A/N: yoooooo so i’m posting this right now because i’m an impatient motherfucker heeeyy. and for a couple of other reasons. 1) my blog has been kinda dry lately and i want you guys to have something to read 2) i really really would like the feedback on this part, kinda like what happened with the jeongcheol threesome and 3) it’s just fun. see if you can catch all the og Harry Potter references in here, and all the Mean Girls references (aka lines i stole from Mean Girls because that movie is so deeply implanted in my head that i accidentally wrote lines from the movie in. not even kidding.) the entire thing when posted in full is gonna be a monster cause this is over 6000 words so yeah. and this is only half. anyway enjoy the unofficial half update. also there’s no smut in this part (yet), but warnings for major swearing and smutty type talk from the characters and ish in the narration. you know what you’re here for-Tanisha<3)

The Great Hall was buzzing with the sounds of dinner. Students coming and going, voices humming, each conversation being able to be picked out only if you listening carefully, otherwise just a cluster of indistinct voices that made the room filled with a great hum. People were free to sit wherever they pleased, and the number of inter-house friendships really showed.

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It's not like Heather denied those facts. If I remember correctly from her Instagram, she only took that ballroom lesson for a movie she was shooting last year and Ekaterina was her instructor but they really need to grow up because at the end of the day, it's just a show made for entertainment. Leave the girl alone, she just wants to have fun and enjoy really dancing again. 🙄

i get you, i’m just saying don’t expect pure to grow up/to stop talking about it. this is going to persist all season. and only because of who her partner is. this has little to nothing to do with heather.