girls just want to be baaaaad

Peter should be glad this isn't canon
  • Peter: We have to do something about Groot. I swear, that kid needs to learn or two about respect.
  • Gamora: Quill, don’t be too hard on him. I’m sure it’s just a phase. You know how they are at this age.
  • Peter: Ugh. You’re right. But it’s times like these that I wish my dad were here. <sob>
  • (also, spoiler warning, but whatevs)
  • Ghost!Ego: Howdy.
  • Peter, after screaming like an 8-year-old girl: Not you! Hey, aren’t you supposed to be in that bad place?
  • Ghost!Ego: You know they call it that but once you’ve gotten used to it noncorporeal post-existence isn’t all that bad. Hey, Mephisto’s place is swingin’. Plus, I get to have what I truly wanted in the first place: eternity with Meredith.
  • Peter: WHAT! How cou-
  • Ghost!Meredith: Oh hi, darling. I’ve seen you’ve met your daddy.
  • Peter: That can’t be. Why are you with him?
  • Ghost!Meredith: Oh, honey, I’ve been a baaaaad girl.
  • Ghost!Ego: Say those orgasmic words again, my love.
  • Ghost!Meredith: Hail Hydra.
  • Peter: I don’t even know what that means.
  • <flashback to a scene where Ego and Meredith shoot darts at a poster of Captain America.>
  • Peter: What did Captain America ever do to you?
  • Gamora: Enough. Just… call for Yondu specifically. I have no clue what this “Hydra” is but it can’t be a good influence on an adolescent.
  • Ghost!Meredith: <Glare of disapproval>
  • Ghost!Ego: Well, love, I told him I didn’t approve of the green who-
  • Gamora: Get lost, spectres.
  • Ghost!Ego: Meh, whatever. Meredith and I would just blow this pop stand and boogie an eon away at Mephisto’s dance party.
  • <Justin Bieber’s “Baby” plays>
  • Ghost!Meredith: Honey, it’s our song!
  • Ghost!Ego: Duet?
  • <They vanish into the void while singing “Baby,” while Peter’s face freezes, with the caption “screaming internally” placed in front of him.>
  • Ghost!Yondu, but with ridiculously tiny angel wings: Just a spoonful of Yondu helps the ravagers get down!
  • Gamora: Speak of the devil.
  • Ghost!Yondu: Now what is it you want me to ask? This face of an actual angel’s got pressing business to attend to.
  • Gamora: Parties at the afterlife?
  • Ghost!Yondu: Like you wouldn’t believe! Is his face frozen like that? Boy, snap out of it.
  • Gamora: Now, about Groot.
  • Ghost!Yondu: Ah, Puberty. I remembered when Pete hit that mark.
Bunny’s Favorite Shoujo Manga

Shoujo manga are some of the best when you just want fluffy romance and bad communication. Some are really good, some are really bad. It can be difficult to pick out a good one just from a brief summary (I’ve read some really baaaaad ones, believe me). I’ve listed a few of my favorites (in no particular order). All of these are school life, shoujo, romance, comedy manga.

1. Namaikizakari

Namaikizakari is an ongoing shoujo that revolves around a school basketball manager and one of the players. Yuki Machida, the manager, is a girl with a hard look who is bad at expressing her feelings, even though she cares about her team. Shou Naruse, the player, is younger but one of the best on his team and has that usual standoffish feel that’s common to shoujo manga. It starts with Yuki liking someone else before (not in a love triangle way) slowly realizing that she loves Naruse and they end up dating. Right now in the series, it’s mostly Yuki trying to figure out how to be in a relationship and Naruse being the affectionate one. It’s fucking adorable. I’m a sucker for these types of characters so that might be the reason I love it so much, but it’s pretty dang good. The innocence and the awkwardness on both sides is cute without being frustrating. Plus, the height difference between them is also wonderful. The art is also super clean, which is something I’m really picky about. Of course, all the guys do look 10 feet tall since it’s a basketball manga, but I’ll let that slide. This one is worth catching up on, even if you do have to wait for the next chapters still.

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“Just the thought of you gets me so high.” (Sammy Wilkinson Imagine)

Requested by @roryasullivan: “Can you do an Imagine with Sammy based of the song Want to Want you by Jason Derulo?? Please love“ 


I got your body on my mind
I want it bad 


“Baby girl, I need you here. Now.” Sammy text you one night. You had been house sitting for a friend while they were out on vacation. They had been gone for three days and weren’t gonna be back for another seven.

“You know I can’t leave the house unattended at night.” You replied.

“Okay, what if I come over there?” He asked.

“Sammy, we cannot have sex in their bed.” 

“Who said anything about a bed? 😏😉” He replied.


“Baby, please. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do, just to get up next to you. I need you, baaaaad.” He pleaded.

“Well, I guess one time couldn’t hurt.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice, I’m on my way beautiful.” He replied. You laughed to yourself and waited for him in the living room. After a while, you heard a knock on the door and knew it was Sammy. “Finally.” He said out of breathe. He took your face in his hands and kissed you all over. You lead him into the living room, bumping into the walls and furniture on the way, You plopped down on the couch and pulled away to catch a breath.

“Mmmm, maybe I should stay away more often.” You said sarcastically.

“Ugh, please don’t.” Sammy said as he started to kiss you again. He started to take his shirt off, but you stopped him.

“You know what, fuck it.” You said as you lead him into the bedroom.

“Oh, thank god.” He said as he threw you down on the bed. You began to undress each other, your bare bodies brushing against each others.

“Baby, I’m yours.” You whispered.

* * *

“Dammit man. Maybe you should stay away more often. That was possibly the best sex we’ve ever had.” Sammy said.

“I think my aunt is going out of town next week.” You laughed.

“No, (Y/N) I was just kidding. I enjoy sex in our own home much better. Not that I’m saying this isn’t nice.” He rambled.

“Baby, I’m playing.” You laughed.

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter where we are, just as long as we are together.” He said as he wrapped his arm around you. “I love you.” He added.

“I love you too.” You nuzzled into his chest and cuddled until you both fell asleep.