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Siren (2/4)

Here’s chapter 2. I’ve had some (friendly) complaints that chapter 1 was too short and to those people I apologize because this is no better. I didn’t think the story worked if I did it in one long post, but breaking it up in quarters does mean smaller servings. Sorry! If it’s any consolation I am currently finishing chapter 3 and it’s set to be (a smidgen) longer. (Not to mention my favourite chapter so far ;) )  As always, thank you for reading and for all the kind words/likes/reblogs! They make my heart happy :)

Part 1

It had been a week since the kiss on the cheek, but the simple gesture had Finn floating ever since; his hope lifting him like helium. His meet ups with Rae had gotten more frequent, the banter had reached rom-com level, and Finn’s fancy was at the point of daydreaming about cute dates and night thinking about horizontal kisses.

He’s on his way to work, ridiculously happy, having just escorted Rae to the tube station. By some gift from the universe she had been early today, and they had been able to actually sit and drink their tea. His smile grows impossibly larger as he thinks about how they’d been discussing music; her arguing with him so animatedly that she’d knocked over the sugar bowl and had to sweep the fallen crystals from his thigh. He gets a tingle in his fingers as he remembers how he’d tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear before wrapping her up in a lingering hug. She smelled like apples and Finn’s mouth had watered at having her so close. After that he knew brief touches weren’t enough and he had felt the urgency to finally ask her on a date. She had blushed and, in true Rae fashion, teased him about having to “check her schedule to make sure she wasn’t already going out with some other bloke”. He knew it was just to push his buttons but he’d held his breath anyway. He wouldn’t be surprised if she had a dozen lads wrapped around her finger. In the end though she had agreed, leaving him with her phone number and an increased pulse. Finn’s not ashamed to admit that as soon as she was out of sight his body had done an celebratory joyful jig in the middle of the pavement for all pedestrians to see. He’s still grinning ear to ear as he walks into the locker room of the fire hall.

“Oh, I know that look! Saw the girl today, didya?” Chop yells from the other side of the room. “You realize you look like a lunatic with that face? People ain’t gonna trust you to lead them out a fire when you’re smiling like the fucking Joker.”

“Shove off, Chopper.”

“‘Ey mate, I’ll shove off when you grow some blimmin’ bollocks and ask the lass out. Archer and I got a bet going. He reckons it’s within the month and I say it’ll be a week from never!”

“What makes you think that?” Finn asks, suiting up.

“Mate, usually with the ladies you’re in and out…literally.” Chop pauses to make his brows dance lewdly. “But you’ve been going on about this girl for ages and nothing’s happened. She’s got you all twisted up. Face it, you’re meant to wank not spank with this one.”

“What’s the wager?”

“A night of drinking at the pub.”

“Well I hope Archie’s liver is ready, ‘cause I got a date this weekend.” Finn winks and saunters out of the room.

Chop’s hot on his heels and he claps him on the shoulders. “Fucking finally! Now you gonna tell me her name or do I keep calling her the ‘pussy unicorn’?”

Finn shoots him a scowl and shakes out of his grip. “First of all, never call her that again.” He points a warning finger at Chop’s chest. “Second, it’s exactly that kind of shit that makes me want to tell you nothing.”

“So serious, Finny boy!” Chop holds his hands up to placate him. “This lass has really done you in, ey?”

“Mate, you don’t even know. I haven’t even kissed her yet and I’m half in love.”

Chop stops walking and pulls Finn back. “Love?! Fuckin’ hell. If she’s got you thinking of the L word she is definitely a mythical creature. Scratch 'pussy unicorn’, how about 'sex siren’?”

Finn considers that, tilting his head to the side. “She is pretty fucking sexy.”

“Yes then! Now she just has'ta stay interested in you long enough for her to meet the gang. Think you can manage that lad?”

“Don’t worry, if it’s up to me, she’s gonna be around for a long time.” Finn wiggles his eyebrows and pushes Chop off him.

“Alright, then when are you gonna bring her 'round?”

“Dunno! Week from never?” Finn shouts over his shoulder as he walks forward.

Chop throws a pair of gloves in his direction. “Yeah you better hope so knobhead! The stories I could tell her!” Chop yells after Finn who’s moved to the next room.

Finn pops his head back into the hallway. “Alright, a month from never then.”

Rae adjusts the needle on her record player and tries to busy herself with tidying up her crates of vinyl. It’s completely non-laborious; she is literally only moving her fingers and shifting from foot to foot, yet she feels the gentle sheen of sweat on her brow. She’s aware of how unfit she is, but even this is ridiculous. Cause to blame? Finn fucking Nelson.

It’s Saturday, and their date is supposed to start in precisely 37 minutes but she’s been ready for ages. At this rate though, she’s going to need another shower and a change of clothes. She can’t help it, the sweating. Finn makes her so nervous she feels like she’s caught in his own personal fire; of which only he can put out. That leads to thoughts of him in uniform, which leads to her imagining peeling said uniform off, which leads to images of them both naked and glistening with more than just sweat. Yep, definitely another shower. A cold one.

She glances at the clock again and scolds herself for counting minutes. On the outside she’s been bold and flirtatious, but on the inside she is completely bricking it. Rae’s still stunned that this hunky, sweet, funny, frustratingly irritating, fucking firefighter is interested in her. She’s convinced he belongs in those calendars women claim to buy “for charity” where he’s topless under the suspenders and posing suggestively with his hose, not in a tiny tea shop flirting with the chubby girl who spills everything. Fuck, imagine that. 12 months of Finn in various states of undress. That hose wouldn’t be necessary with the literal flood in her knickers.

Looking at the clock again she thinks sod it, she’ll leave now and take the long way to the shop where they’re supposed to meet before she’s completely dehydrated from perspiration and arousal.

Rae pauses after exiting the lift. She’s surprised to say the least when she spies Finn on the other side of the glass doors of the foyer. He’s pacing back and forth, brows furrowed, as he mutters to himself. He fails to notice when she tentatively pushes through one of the doors, and now she’s close enough to hear his words.

He seems to be giving himself a personal pep talk, as she hears him say “Alright, calm the fuck down. She’s just a girl. A girl you can’t stop thinking about, but still. A human woman, not like a unicorn or mermaid or whatever the fuck Chop keeps calling her. A beautiful, funny, music loving human with…amazing tits - SHIT. Do not say that in front of her!” He shakes his hands at his sides, as if trying to loosen tension in them, and screws his eyes shut as he continues his monologue. “Just say, 'hey Rae, wanted to come pick you up’. No, too eager. 'I just happened to be passing by’…no. She knows you live on the other end of the road, knob'ead.” Finn’s shaking his head at himself, as he glances at his watch. “Fuck, still so early. Alright maybe another circle around the block…”

Rae bites her lip and chuckles, flattered and charmed by how flustered he seems. The sound makes Finn’s head snap up and his eyes fly open in alarm.

“Rae! Shit, uh. Hey. Er…I was just…um…” he trails off, one hand coming to rub the back of his neck, face and ears and collar all burning brightly.

God, what a sexy dork. “Hiya,” Rae answers, her own cheeks crimson. She feels bad for embarrassing him, but his display of nerves - for her of all people - has lessened her own anxiety. “Thought we were gonna meet at the cafe?”

“Right yeah, we were…but I…” Finn clears his throat and looks down at his feet. He takes a deciding breath before admitting, “look, I was excited for the date and I just…couldn’t wait to see you. Hope that’s okay?” Finn’s voice is bashful and the tail end of his sentence is so endearingly tentative that Rae is surprised she doesn’t drag him in the building and throw him on her bed.

“Yeah. It’s definitely okay.” She gives him an encouraging smile and Finn beams as he walks to bring them closer.

“At least I got all the embarrassment out of the way, yeah?” Finn chuckles awkwardly.

“I don’t know, Finn. The date has barely started. Did it feel like enough for the whole evening?” Rae teases, bumping shoulders with him as they begin to walk.

Finn huffs a breathy laugh out of his nose. “Trust me, it feels like enough for our entire relationship. That just became my new answer to when people ask what my 'most embarrassing moment’ is.” He shakes his head at himself, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he watches his feet.

“Hmm…and how long do you plan for 'our relationship’ to last?” Rae asks cheekily, using air quotes around the term.

Finn turns a deeper shade of red and begins to stammer “wha- I. I just meant…well -”

“I’m just teasing Finn,” she assures him, before looping her arm with his. “If it helps I thought it was cute.”

Finn stops walking and turns to face her. “Really?” He’s sucking his bottom lip and his eyebrows have vanished behind his hairline and Rae doesn’t understand how he can’t see that everything he does is devastatingly cute.

She nods shyly and drops her arm from his, only for Finn to grab her hand and intertwine their fingers. The gesture catches her off guard and her breath stutters, but she clears her throat and answers, “yeah, but I’m still glad it was you and not me.”

“Right.” Finn laughs as they begin walking again. “If it was you, you might have made me hopeful that you really fancy me.”

Rae hums through her lips that she’s pressed together to stop from smiling too wide, and gives his hand a squeeze. “Don’t worry. There’s hope.”

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I don’t think it’s exactly what you asked but the general idea is there. I kind of just went with it. I hope you don’t mind and you like it lots.

Jade xo

“Are you ready to go and surprise Daddy?” you asked excitedly to your daughter as you lifted her up onto your hip and showed the security guard your backstage passes.

She clapped enthusiastically and cheered. “Let’s go!” she shouted, throwing her arms cutely up in the air. “EXO! EXO! EXO!” Your daughter had been excited all day to go and see Chanyeol in concert; it had been a struggle to get her to do anything else.

A security guard escorted you to their dressing room, where you dropped your bags off and then headed for the stage. The concert was already halfway through but you and Chanyeol had decided your daughter shouldn’t be exposed to the loud music for such a long period of time. Although this way, she could watch the finale and then see her daddy straight afterwards.

“I can see Daddy!” she squealed in your ear when you reached the side of the stage. “Daddy! Daddy! I’m over here!” She started squirming in your arms so you placed her on the floor.

“Don’t run off,” you told her sternly, before letting her go and watching her dance just like Chanyeol was doing on the stage.

It was so cute watching her dance and sing along with her dad. Her eyes were alight with excitement. A couple of times you had to catch her before she ran onto the stage but for the most part, she just spun around enjoying herself. She was so like Chanyeol – something which he was very proud of. She was a little idol in the making.

The end of the show was near because the side of the stage suddenly got extremely busy. Someone tapped you on the shoulder, making you turn around and take your eyes off your daughter for a split second. You greeted their manager and gave him a hug, just as the crowd starting screaming earsplittingly so. Turning back to see what had them all screaming, you gasped in shock and muttered a couple of swear words under your breath.

In amongst the chaos, your daughter had found herself onto the stage and was dancing her way to Chanyeol, who was looking around trying to find out what all the screaming was about. You frantically ran to the edge of the stage but she was already too far out. Thankfully Chanyeol spotted her and scooped her up into his arms, showering her in kisses. His eyes met yours and you threw your hands up defensively. He smirked and then tickled his daughter while the song finished.

“SEOUL! This is our last song; is it ok if my daughter joins in?” At Chanyeol’s words, the crowd went crazy with their cheering. Your daughter was waving at the crowd closest to her, lapping up the attention. Chanyeol placed her on the ground and held her hand, leading her into position for ‘Love Me Right’.

Watching the two of them warmed your heart. Chanyeol danced with his daughter, moving her arms and lifting her when his position changed. When it was his turn to sing, he’d crouch down and share his microphone with his daughter so the pair of them were singing. And when the song was done and they were running to all corners of the stage to thank everyone for coming, he let her walk like she wanted and the both of them bowed to everyone and waved.

When they came off stage, you were no longer angry with your daughter. You couldn’t be when she was grinning wide from ear to ear. “Mummy, did you see me on the stage with Daddy?” she exclaimed proudly, running into your open arms as you lifted her onto your hip.

“I did,” you told her excitedly, smoothing her hair down and kissing the top of her head. “You were just like Daddy!”

Chanyeol patted a towel against his sweaty head and wrapped an arm around your waist to tug you closer. “She’s Daddy’s little girl,” he joked, kissing her cheek before tilting your chin up to kiss him swiftly.

“I was really good, wasn’t I Daddy?” your daughter asked excitedly as the three of you left the side of the stage for the dressing room.

Chanyeol lifted her out of your arms and squeezed her tight. “You were amazing baby girl! Your singing was beautiful!” he praised her, making her clap her hands and beam with happiness.

“You’ve been practicing your singing all day, haven’t you?” you continued, resting your head on your husband’s arm as you pushed the hair out of your daughter’s face. When she nodded, you looked up at Chanyeol and laughed to yourself, thinking back on this afternoon. “She wouldn’t listen to anything else all day! It had to be Daddy all day!”

“Why are you moaning?” he accused lightly. “I thought you liked my singing!” He mocked a hurt expression and looked at your daughter. “Have you heard this baby girl? Mummy doesn’t like my singing!”

“Mummy!” she squealed, throwing her hand up as she tried to slap you.

You dodged her hand and scowled at Chanyeol. “I don’t like Daddy’s singing, I love Daddy’s singing!” That seemed to please your little girl, seeing as she stopped trying to take a swing at you.

The dressing room was humming with activity, with all the boys in various stages of undress. Ages ago, you would have shied away and covered your eyes but you had seen them all in worse states. Plus you were married. Chanyeol passed your daughter back to you and went to the table for a bottle of water.

“Did you want your juice?” you asked her, grabbing your bag from the corner.

“Yes please Mummy,” she said politely, squirming slightly to get down.

You placed her on the floor and rummaged in your bag for her drink. “There you go!” you said, handing it to her. “Why don’t you ask Uncle Sehun to help you open it?” In a flash, she was off again, running across the room shouting for Sehun.

Chanyeol came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, his chin resting on your shoulder. “I can’t believe she just ran on the stage like that with no fear,” he murmured softly. When you craned your neck to look at him, you caught him staring at his daughter with wide eyes of admiration. “She wasn’t even slightly scared.”

“I didn’t even take my eyes off her for more than five seconds,” you explained, finding Chanyeol’s hand on your stomach and rubbing soft shapes on the back of it with your thumb. “She’d been itchy to get on the stage since we arrived.”

He sighed in your ear and kissed the top of your neck. “That’ll be a memory she’ll remember forever.”

You turned in his arms to face him and moved your hands up to his face. “All thanks to her amazing daddy,” you told him proudly, kissing his lip. “You were amazing on stage tonight. Thank you for letting our daughter join in.”

Both of you peeked over at your daughter, finding her surrounded by Sehun, Tao, Jongin and Baekhyun. They were giving her lots of attention, making her laugh and smile happily. She wasn’t just a daddy’s girl, she was an EXO girl.


ok so this was supposed to be a longer fic but i ran out of time so i’ll do it eventually, but, here are some headcanons about the legends ladies (or canaryhawkvixen or sara/kendra/amaya whatever u know who i mean,,, it’s them. it’s the girls.)

so they kind of, assume that they’re allowed to be anywhere at any time? and most of the time they’re making out so. here’s how they stole some rooms from people.

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omegaverse... mako walks on korra and asami. mako is extremely awkward and shocked and korra tells him to leave becarse they are kind of busy

(Poor Mako)

Mako walked through the halls of the dormitories, lookingfor the room where Pema told him Korra would be.

She and Asami had returned from the Spirit World yesterday, and Mako had wanted to stop by and say hello since he had been unable to previously due to working the night shift.

The door to the alpha’s room was shut, and he slid it open as a smile spread across his face in greeting, “Hey- OH MY GOSH!”

Mako stood wide-eyed and frozen as he stared unbelievably at the scene.

Korra was pressing Asami into the bed, both girls in various states of undress.

Asami locked eyes with him, and frantically covered her bare chest with the white sheet, “Mako! Don’t you knock!?”

“Uh…” the detective couldn’t seem to form a complete sentence, “Uh…”

Korra turned to look expectantly at the male beta, a smug look crossing her face, “Do you mind? Kind of busy here!”

Asami glared at the alpha hovering over her, and smacked the Avatar on her arm in mock anger, “Korra!”

The master of the four elements didn’t respond, instead she continued to gesture to the exit, “Any time now.”

“Uh, right,” Mako sheepishly shook his head and backed out of the room; the Beta snapping out of his surprise and waving a hand in surrender, “Sorry! I’m so sorry!”

Korra gave him a dismissive wave of the hand as he shut the door behind him, immediately walking back down the hall which he came.

“Lock the door!”

He grimaced as he heard Asami kick the bender off the bed, followed by the dutiful sound of Korra’s footsteps at the door and securing it closed, “Happy?”

The voices faded as he rounded the corner, but he thought it might be prudent to tell Pema not to let the kids journey anywhere near the Avatar’s room for the next hour.

He only wished he had been warned ahead of time too.

A Perfect Denial - Part 2

This was a stupid idea.

I had repeated those words in my head, over and over again, from the second I had stepped off of the plane. How had I let Jared talk me in to this? He was so good at being authoritative, so calm and in control, that even after I had said no a thousand times I had still found myself on a plane flying across the country to…what? Demand that Shannon admit to feelings that I didn’t believe he had? Confess to my own feelings, when I didn’t even know what they were?

This was not going to go well. I was a nervous wreck - it had taken me two hours just to work up the courage to leave the hotel room, and now that I was forcing one foot in front of the other through the venue, I was regretting every decision I had made today. I shouldn’t be here.

I scowled down at my phone, shoving it back in my pocket and taking a deep breath as I reached the security staff by the entrance for the backstage area, flashing my pass and digging deep for my best game face as I started walking through the crowds of people gathered here. I had only been to a couple of their shows in the whole time I had known Jared - they were good, and I was proud of him, but it wasn’t really my scene. Too loud, too crowded. Too many groupies hanging around desperately waiting for their chance to throw themselves at the boys. I was reminded why I usually avoided these nights as I squeezed through the cluster of women loitering in the area, all of them turning to give me a once over as I walked through, sizing up the competition as I passed. I felt myself bristling at the judgement on their faces as they tried to work out who I was.

The music was blaring in front of me as I neared the side of the stage, the support band jumping around to an insanely large crowd stretching out through the venue to my left. I stood behind the row of people in front of me, peering out at the stage for a moment as I watched them. The sound was so distorted I couldn’t even tell if they were any good - just loud. I blew out a little sigh, scanning the backs of the people in front of me as I tried to find Jared with no joy.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I grabbed it, grateful for the distraction.

I looked up across the stage, my eyes instantly landing on Jared standing on the opposite side next to Emma, waving an arm above his head as he grinned at me. I threw my hands up in the air in frustration, pointing down at my phone before typing out a text.

I watched him look down at his phone, smiling as he typed out a reply.

My mouth went dry as I read his text, and then read it again, realising he had set me up. Resolving to never speak to my best friend again, I swallowed nervously and glanced briefly to my left.

I saw him straight away, of course, my eyes instantly drawn to where he stood amongst a crowd of people, arms folded tightly across his chest as he watched the band intently. Dressed for his own set, in a black vest and black pants, his hair scraped back in to a tight bun he looked every inch the rock star, and I felt my heart thud an unsteady beat in my chest as I looked away from him again. 

I couldn’t do this. It was ridiculous to even think about it - what the hell was I going to say? In front of all these people, right before a show, how could I possibly even be thinking about it? I looked over my shoulder quickly, eyeing up the exit – it would be easier to leave than it had been to get here, the women around me already looking at me as though they couldn’t wait for me to move out of the way. And then my phone buzzed in my hand again, my thoughts being read from the other side of the stage.

I muttered a string of profanities under my breath, cursing the day I had ever met Jared goddamn Leto, and pushed my phone back in to my pocket as I turned to walk towards his brother. He didn’t look at me as I reached him, focused intently on the band in front of us instead, and I stood beside him silently while I fought the urge to run away.

“My brother is on the other side.” He said beside me suddenly, the sound of his voice making me jump a little where I stood.

I glanced up at him but he hadn’t moved a muscle, arms still firmly crossed over his chest, his jaw clenched into that unforgiving line.  I nodded slightly, not that he could see, and turned my head back to the stage.  “I know.”

He shifted position slightly, obviously looking at me for a moment, and I felt my face burning as I struggled to keep my eyes forward. He moved again, this time taking an almost imperceptible step away from me. I tried not to flinch.

“Go back out the exit behind you, you can walk round.” He said coldly, straining his neck to see the singer who had bounced forward towards the crowd.

“Actually… I’m okay here.” I said, forcing my voice to say the words without wobbling.

He turned to face me then, a little frown tugging his eyebrows together. “Alright…”

He stared at me for a moment, as though waiting for me to explain, and with a rush of nerves I realised this was my moment. To tell him that I was there for him.

“I need to go get ready.” He said suddenly, stepping around me and heading through the crowd of people behind me towards the exit.

I deflated instantly, watching over my shoulder as he stopped for the women behind me with the flash of a smile, posing for pictures with them as they draped themselves round him like cheap fashion accessories. I shook my head as I moved away from the spectacle, my phone already in my hand. 


I should have moved round to the other side. As the support band left the stage and the boys disappeared to get ready, the VIP ticket holders had been escorted to the sides of the stage – crowds of girls who had paid extortionate amounts of money to watch the band from back here. Up close and personal. I had moved, trying to keep out of the way while I contemplated making my way to Tomo’s side – at least there I would have been welcomed with a warm smile and some company from Emma.

But I had left it too late, and now Shannon was in front of me, smashing out the steady beat of their opening track while the audience made more noise than I thought was humanly possible. He had seen me the second he had walked towards his kit, that frown returning to his face even as I tried to smile at him. I had turned to leave at that point, every cell in my body screaming at me to just run; and had collided with Jared as he pushed his way through to the stage ready to perform. He had reached out to squeeze my forearm as he passed, half a second of contact which instantly made me feel better. I would stay if only to cheer him on – even if the girls around me had been staring at me ever since the tiny exchange. I already knew my photo would be floating around social media tomorrow while fans tore my relationship with Jared to pieces for the hundredth time this year. I didn’t care. It wasn’t Little Leto I was concerned about today.

I tried to concentrate on Jared, watching him give the crowd everything that he had as he bounded around like a crazy person, but my eyes kept drifting back to the drum kit on the other side of me.  As another song ended and Jared talked to the audience from the front of the stage, I watched as Shannon pulled his t-shire over his head, using it as a towel to wipe his face before tossing it to the screaming girls in front of him, a smile on his face as they jumped around in front of him.  I couldn’t tear my eyes from his chest, the fine layer of sweat shining on his skin under the bright lights.  It wasn’t the first time I had seen him like this – he usually played in various states of undress – but it felt like I was seeing him for the first time. Finally allowing myself to acknowledge what he was doing to me. He caught me staring at him, his eyebrows raised in a challenge as though he expected me to look away. I didn’t, keeping my eyes on his as my heart threatened to beat its way out of my chest, and for the briefest moment a tiny smile played at the corners of his mouth. And then it was gone, his attention turned back to the stage as he watched Jared for his cue.

The show was amazing. Although I had only witnessed a couple of gigs in person, I had seen the rehearsals and the endless Youtube videos – I knew how it went. When the boys left the stage so that Jared could take over his acoustic slot I slid out of the way, watching from the back as Shannon disappeared out of sight, presumably to a dressing room.  Feeling like I could breathe for a moment I turned to watch my best friend singing his heart out, the girls around me calling out his name in the quiet hoping to get his attention. It was surreal, pure adoration pouring out of everyone in the building, and I smiled to myself as I watched him.

“You’re still here then?”

I jumped a little at the sound of his voice in my ear, my body tingling as I realised that he was standing so close behind me I could smell his aftershave, and I clutched a hand to my ribs as I tried to stand still.

“Why wouldn’t I be here?”

He huffed out a little laugh, his breath blowing across the skin on the back of my neck. “You’d get a better view of him from over there.”

Jared finished his song in front of us, turning to hand his guitar to a tech as the stage lights shut off. Finding bravery in the sudden cloak of darkness I turned my body towards Shannon, tilting my head up to look him square in the eye. “Well your brother isn’t who I’m here to see.”

The darkness did nothing to hide the look of surprise that crossed his face, the slight widening of his eyes as they searched mine, and I held my breath as I waited for him to get it. To understand what I was too scared to say out loud.  

“Shan! You’re up!”

I turned to see his tech waving him over furiously, and before I could say anything else he was gone, striding towards his kit purposefully, ready to finish the show. I stayed where I was, one eye on him as the band blasted their way through the last few songs, waiting to catch his eye, hoping to see something on his face that would tell me what he was thinking. But he kept his head down, concentrating on what he was playing. He didn’t look at me again.


“It’s not that bad.”

I lifted my head out of my hands, glaring across the table at him. “Did you hear anything I just said to you?!”

“Jo, there was only so much you could say in the middle of a show surrounded by people! You let him know you were there for him – that’s the starting point. Now you wait for him to get back here and you get him on your own so you can talk properly.”

I shook my head adamantly, glancing around the mostly empty hotel bar in case anyone was listening to our conversation.

“No. No way. This whole thing was insane – I can’t believe I let you talk me in to this.”

“Talk you in to what?” Emma said, sitting back down at the table with our drinks and sliding mine across to me.

“Coming out here to finally tell Shannon how she feels.” Jared shrugged, taking his own glass and scooping the ice cubes out with his fingers.

“Jared!” I hissed, watching as Emma lifted one shoulder at my outburst.

“About time. Maybe now he’ll be bearable to be around.”

I stared at her as Jared laughed, slapping his hand on the table. “Guess I’m not the only one who noticed huh?”

I groaned, elbows on the table as I buried my face in my hands again. “This is not happening.” I mumbled from between my fingers.

“What’s not happening?”

My head snapped up at the sound of his voice, staring at Shannon as he approached our table with a wary expression, his jacket swung over one shoulder.

“Hey - you joining us for a drink?” Jared asked, avoiding the question as he sat back in his chair and smiled at his brother.

I couldn’t move, frozen in my state of panic as Shannon flicked his gaze from Jared to me, and back again, that familiar frown pulling at his features.

“Wouldn’t want to interrupt.”

Jared’s foot connected with my shin under the table and I jumped, clearing my throat a little. “You’re not interrupting,” I said hastily, watching as he scrolled through the phone in his hand, not acknowledging that he had heard me.

I felt my smile falter a little as I glanced at Jared, suddenly doubting I had even said the words out loud, and he frowned beside me. I looked back across the table to Shannon in time to see him push his phone back in his pocket and shrug at Jared, steadfastly avoiding my gaze.

“I’m gonna turn in. See you in the morning.”

My heart sank in my chest as he turned on his heel, strolling back through the bar towards the lobby. “I told you,” I said softly as he disappeared from sight. “This was a mistake.”

“No,” Jared said firmly, grabbing my wrist on the table. “Stop that right now, you came here with something to say – you’re not leaving until you’ve said it.”

“Yeah… in case you didn’t notice, it wasn’t me who left.” I said pointedly.

“He didn’t leave. He went to lick his wounds.” Emma said from beside me, smiling a little when I looked at her.

I was already shaking my head before she had finished speaking, pulling my wrist out of Jared’s grip. “There are no wounds! Whatever it is that you two have gotten in to your heads, it’s not there okay? The guy can’t even look at me!” I cried, trying to keep my voice down as I struggled against the lump in my throat.

“Not true,” Emma replied, her voice taking on that calm tone I had heard her use on the boys so many times before. “I see him looking at you all the time.”

A slow smile spread over Jared’s face as I watched them both, feeling like I was missing out on some big joke. “What do you mean you see him looking at me?”

“Come on Jodi – do you really think I would have made you come out here, knowing how much you would freak out, if I wasn’t absolutely sure of my brother?” Jared said firmly.

I opened my mouth to argue against his certainty, only for Emma to cut me off.

“He’s right. He’s totally in to you,” she grinned. “Pretty much since Jared first brought you home. This silent treatment is only cos he thinks you and Jared are a thing.”

“That’s what I said!” Jared exclaimed, before turning to me. “Would you please, please, just go and put him out of his misery?”

“Please,” Emma echoed. “I can’t take one more mood swing, he’s giving me whiplash.”

I looked between them both, my heart already starting to thud in my chest at the possibility that they might be right. I took another sip of my drink, trying to swallow the nerves as I took a deep breath in. “Fuck it. If this goes wrong, it’s on you two.” I muttered, pushing my chair back to stand up.

I ignored Jared’s victorious grin and barely acknowledged Emma’s voice calling out Shannon’s room number as I walked away from them, knowing if I allowed myself to turn round for even a second I would lose my nerve.

Watching the floor numbers tick over on the elevator screen I shook my hands out at my sides, trying to hold it together while I searched for the right words to start the conversation, but the doors had opened before I could slow my thoughts enough to catch hold of them, and I was at his room.

I knocked quickly, holding my breath as I listened for sounds of movement coming from inside. The panicky feeling started to subside as I realised he might already be asleep; I might not have to face him after all.

And then the door wrenched open, Shannon standing in front of me wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and a surprised expression, and the fear that had been twisting inside my belly curled itself in to a new feeling altogether; excitement. Nervous butterflies that were fluttering through me, as I realised that this was my chance to change everything.

“Before you say anything,” I said quickly, watching as he opened his mouth to speak and knowing that I had to go first. “I just need you to listen. I didn’t come here for Jared. Whatever you seem to think about me and him, you’re wrong. It’s not like that. He’s my friend, and only my friend, and yes he asked me to come today… well, actually he kinda forced me to come today, but that’s not the point…” I said, frowning at myself as I felt the words tangling up in my throat. “The point is, I didn’t come here for him. I came for you.”

I glanced at him, his frame still filling the doorway as one arm leant against the open door, his eyes locked on to my face, his lips still parted from where he had been about to speak. He looked incredible, and I forced my eyes back down to where my hands were nervously twisting the ring on my finger, making myself concentrate on something other than his bare chest in front of me, the soft splattering of hair that trailed down from his chest over his stomach.

“I hate this atmosphere between us all the time. I feel as though I make you angry just by being in the same room, and God help me I have tried to stay away from you but I just… I don’t think I can anymore. I don’t want to.”

I cleared my throat, looking back up at him determinedly. “And I really just need you to know that.”

There was a moment’s silence, and for the first time in months I realised that he wasn’t looking at me with that dark expression of anger – instead it had been replaced with something else. Curiosity. Amazement. Hunger.

“Who is it, Shannon?”

The sound of a girls’ voice drifted out from the room behind him, snapping me out of the moment as I realised with a sharp clarity that he wasn’t alone.  I glanced over his shoulder, the colour rising in my cheeks as I caught a flash of blonde hair on the far side of the room by the balcony window, and involuntarily I took a step back away from him.

“Oh my god you have company…” I mumbled, the humiliation spreading through me as I put my hands to my cheeks.

He stepped forwards as I backed away, one hand reaching out a little. “Jodi… wait…”

The sound of my name on his lips, his deep voice wrapping around the word for the first time since I had known him, only fuelled the stabbing pain lacing through my gut, and I shook my head as I kept my eyes firmly away from his. “I shouldn’t be here… just, forget I said anything…” I said shakily, turning to walk back down the corridor as quickly as I could without breaking in to a run.


Safely back inside my own room, the door closed, I paced up and down the small space as I relived the moment over and over in my head. I felt sick, hearing my own pathetic words, opening up to him like some sort of love sick teenager when the whole time he had been in the middle of…

“Stupid stupid stupid…” I whispered, hearing the sob choke out of my throat as my eyes landed on the travel bag on the bed.

I had to get out of here. There was no way I could spend the night in this hotel, knowing he was upstairs with someone else. No way I could face him in the morning knowing Jared had booked me on to their flight home. I lurched forward, grabbing at the things I had unpacked and throwing them in to my bag blindly, tears obscuring my vision as I tried not to think about him standing in front of me, watching as I made a fool out of myself and not even trying to stop me.

The sharp knock at the door made me jump, and I paused for a second hoping whoever it was would go away. I guessed it was Jared, coming to placate me after his brother had let him know how I had just embarrassed myself so dramatically. Another bang on the door had me drawing in a breath, trying to clear the lump in my throat before I could speak. “Go away, Jared.” I called, turning back to my bag as I threw the last few things inside hastily.

“It’s me. Open the door.”

I bolted upright at the sound of his voice, my heart lurching, and I shook my head silently as fresh tears fell down my face. I didn’t want to see him.

“Open the door, Jodi.” He repeated, his voice louder, firmer. He sounded angry.

I wiped my face with my sleeve, walking towards the door and taking a deep breath as I opened it slowly. He barged past me in to the room, still dressed in jeans but with a baggy grey jumper now covering his chest, his face set in to that hard expression as he surveyed my bag on the bed before turning to look at me.

“Look, I’m sorry okay, I had no idea you had someone with you…” I started.

“What the fuck Jodi, you can’t just pitch up at my door and start saying that shit to me…”

“I said I was sorry…” I interrupted, watching as he shook his head and turned away from me, hands on his hips as he started to pace the little room in just the same way I had been.

“Who the fuck does that?” he cried, not seeming to hear me. “You’ve been wrapped up in my brother for the best part of a year and now, what? You just fancied a change?”

I felt my mouth fall open as I stared at his retreating back, the first stirrings of anger started to bubble through the hurt in my chest. “Excuse me?”

“You don’t come anywhere near me, ever - you fucking avoid anything that might involve being near me, and now you’re gonna stand at my door and tell me you’ve flown across the country to see me? What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?!”

He kept his back to me, facing the window with his head down as I flinched at his words, each one like a punch to the stomach reminding me just how wrong I had gotten all of this.

“Seeing as how you think I’m just ‘swapping’ one brother for another, you can do what you want with it. I’m out of here anyway.” I said bitterly, watching as he span back round to face me.

“And what the fuck does that mean?”

“It means I’m going home, Shannon, so you can go back to your girlie and your night and forget all about this huge fucking mistake I just made.” I snapped, storming towards the bed to grab my bag, wanting more than ever to get out of this hotel.

“A mistake?” he laughed, watching as I threw my bag over my shoulder. “You need to make up your fucking mind – ten minutes ago you were ‘here for me’ and now it’s a huge fucking mistake?!”

“Ten minutes ago I didn’t realise you had some dial-a-hoe in your room!”

“Oh I’m sorry, was I supposed to check my plans with you first?”

“Nope – please, feel free to continue your night!” I cried, angry with myself as I felt the tears welling up again and turning around before he could see them.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me, we’re not done here…” he snapped, his hand closing round my arm before I could reach the door and pulling me back round sharply.

“Get the hell off me!” I yelled, wrenching out of his grip so hard I dropped my bag on the floor between us, watching as he snatched it up before I could get a hold of it.

“Give me my god damn bag,” I said quietly, holding out my hand towards him and trying to ignore the tears dropping down my cheeks.

I watched him as his eyes travelled across my face, his expression softening, and he lowered my bag to his side. “No.”

I closed my eyes with a sigh, unable to look at him for another second without losing it completely. “Shannon please, just… give me my bag and let me go.”


“For god’s sake…” I whispered, turning my back on him and wiping my eyes with shaky hands as I tried to pull myself together. I heard the soft thud as he dropped my bag on to the floor, my whole body aware of him as he moved across the room towards me.

“Look at me.”

I shook my head firmly, trying to figure out how I was going to get out of this room, when his hand wrapped around my wrist and turned me gently. I wanted to move away from him, yell at him for coming down here just to humiliate me even further – as if I wasn’t mortified enough. But the warmth from his skin burned in to mine, and as I looked down at his fingers curled around mine I couldn’t get past the fact that this was the first time we had touched, the first time I knew what it felt like to have his hands on my skin, and my breath hitched in my throat.

“Look at me.” He urged.

I forced my head up, making myself look him in the eye even though the sight of his face so close to mine made the tears well up again.  I blinked them back furiously, determined to hold on to any shred of dignity I might have left. All the anger dissolved from his face, deep brown eyes searching mine as though trying to read my mind.

“Tell me why you’re here.”

I frowned at him, trying to pull away from his grip. I didn’t want to have this conversation again. “I already told you why…”

His grip tightened on my wrist, pulling me back towards him as his free hand came up to cup my cheek gently. “Tell me again,” he said firmly, his thumb gently wiping a stray tear from my skin.

“I came here for you.” I whispered, the words almost inaudible as I struggled not to cry, not to lose my bottle and run away like I so desperately wanted to.

He closed his eyes for a moment, his forehead dropping towards mine before his gaze was back on mine and I was drowning in him once again.

“And you and my brother…?” he said quietly, the words almost a growl as he scrutinised my reaction.

“Are just friends. We’ve never been anything more than that, because…”

I stopped talking, clamping my mouth shut before I could say anything to embarrass myself any further, my emotions so twisted by this whole evening that I was too scared to tell him the whole truth. He watched my hesitation, a frown tugging his eyebrows together as he realised I wasn’t going to finish my sentence.

“Because what?” he asked, watching my mouth as he ran his thumb across my bottom lip, as though he could pull the words from me.

“Because… it’s you, Shannon. It’s always been you.”

His mouth crashed to mine before I had even finished speaking, his lips claiming mine and his hands fisting in my hair, pulling me as close to him as he could with the desperation of a starving man. 

I knew, in that moment, that everything had changed. In a heartbeat every angry expression, every argument, every fear and uncertainty just melted away. Disappeared from my mind, as though memories had been erased just to be replaced by him. By the look on his face when he pulled away from me long enough to just look at me, to check that this was real. By the feel of his skin on mine as we ripped clothes from each other, desperate to be closer, closer still. By the sound of his breathing, raw and then sated, the taste of his lips on mine.

He didn’t say it back. He didn’t need to. His body spoke in volumes louder than his words ever could. 

It had always been me, too.

10x05 CODA

The next time Dean sees Cas, it’s awkward. 

They’re just sitting in a diner, enjoying some lunch after a run in with a wendigo. They’re both worse for wear; Sam’s got a busted lip and he’s got bruised ribs, but they’ve had worse happen to them. Dean’s up at the counter, flirting with the Heather their waitress, but then, a deep, gravely voice greets him from behind. 

“Hello Dean." 

When he turns around, he just stares. He stares at Cas as if he’s never seen the son of a bitch in his entire life. He tries to back up and rams himself back into the counter, then when he turns again, he trips back over a stool, runs into another table, spills someone’s drink all over his shoes, and finally falls on his ass to simply stare up at Cas. 

After the entire diner is staring at him, he manages a, "Hey Cas." 

Sam can’t stop laughing and Hannah is just confused. Dean can feel his face heating up and Cas is just… standing there, with his eyes all squinted and his head tilted. Finally, after more awkward beats of silence pass over them, Castiel offers his hand. Dean ignores it and tries to push himself up from the floor on his own because if he touches Cas he fears the spark that may fly between them. After the musical… he can’t stop dreaming about Cas. 

Cas haunts his dreams every night. Literally every night. In various states of undress. He even woke up with a raging boner one night and he had had no choice but to rub it out, trying to focus on girl thighs, but his mind had quickly turned to Cas’ lips and his eyes and voice… and everything

Stupid Supernatural musical. 

Ruining him. Ruining his feelings for Cas like this. Bringing them to the surface. He hates subtext. 

Say It Ain't So, Part 10

Hey everyone, Sorry it took so long to get part 10 out. Its pretty short this time. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Forgive me if I tag you twice or miss your tag. Forgive the typos. I think I’ll wrap this story up in 12 parts. The other parts are here 

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Thud, thud, thud….

Rae could hearing the music from the warehouse from several blocks away. Finn turned to smile at her, clearly excited about tonight. The bass from whatever this track was had rattled the car. I thought this shit was supposed to be secret. You can hear it from miles away. Rae had spent most of the car ride trying to decide if she would take another one of those pills. By the time Finn found a space to park the car, she decided against it. I’ll just get drunk, nothing else.  

Rae took Finn’s hand and they followed Chop down the road to the warehouse. Chop was jumping up and down as he walked, clearly the most excited of the gang. Rae had to admit to herself that she was nervous. Even with Finn holding her hand and sneaking kisses every few steps, she felt like anything could go terribly wrong tonight. Chloe glanced over her shoulder and Rae and Finn. She gave them a smile and joined arms with Archie whispering something in his ear. Archie didn’t give anything away and  Chloe almost looked back again but stopped herself. What the fuck is that about?

“Alright girl?” Finn asked. She had involuntarily squeezed his hand. 

“Yeah, I’m alright.” She smiled at him push her doubts and Chloe out of her mind. No one would ruin this night for her. Finn smiled back at her and kissed her lips softly. 

The warehouse loomed in front of them and streams of people were going inside in various states of dress or undress depending on how one looks at the world. Rae thought most of the girls were basically naked in the dead of winter. Not unlike Chloe. 

The light from the doorway was the standard black light and neon paint splashed on the wall mad it look like a killer clown got sick on his way inside. It wasn’t a doorway really, but a rolled up hatch of some sort. Chop whispered a few words to the “bouncer” and he wave them inside. The music was a form of industrial house music and Rae could feel the whole building shake to the bass pounding in her ears. Her body relaxed and she was finally in heaven. Finn tugged her arm, “Drink girl?”

“Yeah, I’ll come with you.”

“Don’t worry I’m not leaving your side tonight.” Finn yelled before pulling in the direction she could on guess was a bar. Archie took her other hand and went along with them. She noticed that Chloe had seen some girls she knew from somewhere because they ran up to her and started hugging her. Chop and and Izzy were ahead of them and Keiran and Danny brought up the rear. 

Once at the bar Finn started yelling drink orders and Rae took things in while she stuck her finger through one of Finn’s belt loops. Izzy nudged Rae and they both started dancing and laughing.

“Shots first!” Chop yelled as he handed everyone a small neon cup. “Where the fuck did Chlo get to that fast?” Chop asked.

“She saw some friends, I’m sure she’ll catch up with us.” Rae said as she took her cup. Izzy stuck out her bottom lip. Rae kept forgetting she couldn’t drink. Izzy quickly recovered and continued dance with Rae. Finn turn away from the bar and the gang took Chop’s shots. Finn started handing out the other drinks.

“Let’s dance.” Finn said as he wrapped his free hand around Rae’s waist and clinked his cup against hers. They made there way to the biggest dance floor Rae had ever seen. It was just a bit smaller than a football pitch and on the second level she saw the deejay waving his arms in the air and screaming at the top of his lungs. The gang minus Chloe were jumping up and down and dancing to the hypnotic beat for what felt like ages. Archie and Keiran would leave to get more drinks while Rae made it clear that Danny was not to leave her eyesight. Rae noticed that Finn made sure some part of him was always touching her at all times. It was some much fun that Rae lost track of everything except Finn.    

It was half past 11 when Rae got the urge to pee. Fuck! Maybe I can hold it until after midnight…no can’t do it. Damn it!

“Finn,” Rae put her hand on Finn’s shoulders to stop is jumping, “we gotta find the loo.”

“All right girl.” Finn took Rae’s hand and lead the way. I hope he knows where he’s going. Finn saw Barney and a few other blokes we know, asked about the toilets and they pointed to a dark passage a few feet away. He turn to Rae and tugged her hand with a reassuring smile. Rae smiled back and followed him down the corridor. It was a cold passage way and near the end were red emergency lights that illuminated the entrance to the ladies and gents. 

“I’ll meet you right here, all right?” Finn said letting got of her hand and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. He waited until Rae opened the door before he turned to go into the men’s room. Inside the ladies, a few girls were fix their makeup or getting a quick fix of white powder. When one girl straightened up from inhaling whatever it was, Rae recognized Stacey Stringfellow. She was with some girls that Rae didn’t know and she hadn’t seen Rae yet. Rae ducked into the nearest cubicle before being noticed. Luckily the toilet was relatively clean and Rae quickly did her business and holed Stacey would be gone by the time Rae got out. Rae heard the doors open and close and the chatter died down. 

Rae kept her head down as she walked toward the sinks. “Well well look who it is. What are you doing here, Earl?” Stacey spat out, she was alone by now and Rae wondered why she hadn’t left with the other girls. Fuck really? Was this bitch waiting for me?

“Fuck off Stacey, I’m just trying to have a good time with me mates.” Rae breathe with as much annoyance in her voice to make it abundantly clear that she was not here for Stacey’s shit. 

“Oh luck at you, someone’s grumpy. I guess a bit of Finn has rubbed off. Shame really, what of waste of such a fit boy.” Stacey giggle and tugged on her pony tail. Does she know any other hair styles…

“Right, well I’m off…” Rae turned and made her way out the door. When she opened the door she saw Finn waiting and was greeted with a smile that quickly fell when he saw Stacey hot on Rae’s heels.

“The fuck are you doing here,” Finn mumbled as he took Rae’s hand and lead her away. 

“Fuck you Finn, you must be madder that that fat cow to actually want to be seen in public with her!” Stacey shouted from behind. “I can’t believe you went from me to her of all the girls in bloody England.” Finn was walking faster and Rae tried to keep up. Once he found the gang, still dancing and laughing he turned to Rae. Rae hadn’t let Stacey’s words get to her and she could see the relief in Finn’s eyes when he saw her face. He leaned in and kissed her gently.

“Where were we? Ah yes I was dancing like this,” Finn started jumping up and down to the rhythm of whatever song this was, “and you had your arms here,” Finn put Rae’s arms around his neck, “and you were jumping too I believe?” Finn yelled over the music, Rae laughed and they continued dancing. A few minutes later Chloe found her way to them with a few of her old mates. They joined in on the dancing with the gang. Danny and Chop reappeared with more drinks and there was five minutes to midnight on the neon clock overhead. Keiran had found a cute little blond to dance with but he stayed close to the group. 

Rae noticed that Chloe noticed how close Keiran and the girl were dancing and she gave Chloe a sympathetic look. Chloe just smiled and moved closer to Rae. “Its okay babes. To be honest and because I’m high, I never really loved Keiran that much anyway. Not like I loved…"Chloe stopped her self and glanced at Finn who looked confused and a little annoyed that Chloe had pulled Rae away from him. "Sorry, Rae but you know its now easy turning feeling off. I love you and I’d never try anything on him I promise. I’ll get over it soon, its just being here brings back memories of that first kiss…."Chloe looked down with guilt.

"Its all right Chlo, I get it.” Rae said but she was a bit shocked. She knew something was up with Chloe all this time but she didn’t think her feels for Finn were still so strong. She glance over to Finn who was dancing next to Archie and laughing even though he kept his eyes on her. She smiled and looked back at Chloe. “He’s a hard one to get over that’s for sure.” Chloe hugged Rae and kissed her on the cheek. 

“Thanks babes!” She started dancing again and her friend moved closer.

“Hiya Rae!” all three said in unison. 

“Hi,” Rae replied with a small wave that immediately made her feel like a dolt. But then Finn caught her hand before she put it down and kissed it. Rae could hear lustful squeaks and moans for Chloe and her friends. 

“All right, Chlo?” Finn asked and she started to dance with Rae again. 

“Yeah, just girl talk. She’s yours again!” Chloe laughed and danced with her friends. Then the ten second countdown had begun. My first new years kiss with Finn is about to happen. Get this right Rae! Finn was already pulling Rae closer to him as the clock ticked down to midnight. He looked directly into her eyes and smiled. 

The clock struck midnight and Finn pulled Rae closer and kissed her softly at first, but the kiss became passionate and deep. Rae felt light-headed and delighted all at once. She felt Finn move one of his hands to the back of her neck and the other to her lower back. He held her tightly as she tugged on the hairs on the back of his head. When the came apart Rae pulled him into a hug and rest her head on his shoulder and light kissed his neck. “I love you,” she whispered. She felt him hug her tighter and he pressed his mouth against her neck.

“I love you too, Rae. This is gonna be a good year as long as we’re together.” Finn said as he smiled on her neck. Rae opened her eyes and saw that everyone was still screaming and dancing around them but they were perfectly still. She wanted to stay that way forever but the beat of the next song got the best of them and she started dancing again. This time Archie and Izzy appeared with tiny glasses of champagne and passed them to everyone.   

“Cheers and Happy New Year!” everyone shouted. The gang hugged and kissed each other then continued to dance and drink. After a few hours the crowed has thinned a bit but that gang were just as excited as ever. They laughed and joked about things they were seeing around them. There were a few couples having sex in not so dark corners of the warehouse. 

“Finn I hope you don’t get any ideas about you and my Raemundo!” Chop shouted over the music. The deejay had changed and the music was more of an up tempo ambient sound. Still good dance music but not as loud. Finn smirked at Rae and she could swear she saw a bit of disappointment in his eyes. She laughed. 

“What girl? You can’t tell me you weren’t thinking about it too.” Finn yelled in her ear. Hell yeah I was.

“No of course not, I’m a lady, ” they both laughed and Finn pulled her into another kiss. Suddenly, an air raid alarm with off. At first Rae thought it was the beginning of some trance song but then she saw people running. Finn grabbed he by the waist and looked around.

Chop ran up to them and yelled “Cops! Let’s go!”

Finn grabbed Rae and pulled her toward the exit. She reached out and grabbed Chloe’s hand. Danny was in front of them along with Archie, Keiran, the little blond girl, Izzy and Chop. They made it out a side door into an alley with a large crowd of kids. They were all trying to push their way out to the street and avoid the cops that could be seen entering the warehouse. Chop was going on about how mint this night had been and Archie was sing a song that he made up. Finn and Rae walked hand in hand smiling at each other. 

People started pushing from the back. Rae assumed the cops had found the side exit. The crowd got more and more rowdy and people were trying to run towards the front. A big blond twat ran in between Finn and Rae’s hands separating them and then all hell broke loose. She could hear Finn yell her name but she was being pushed to the side and forward. Luckily she still had Chloe’s hand and they held each other up and decided to just get out of the alley and make it back to the cars. Rae kept looking to the side hoping she would get a peak at Finn but all she saw were bodies rushing forward. Her heart was pounding and the alcohol was starting to make her dizzy. Finally, she and Chloe made it out of the alley. They still didn’t see anyone else in the gang. A couple of Chloe’s friends emerged from the crowd and scurried over to Chloe. Rae thought one was Lori and the other might be Sara. She wasn’t sure. 

“Wow, that was epic!” Might be Sara yelled and threw her arms up.

“Don’t relax now we gotta get to the car. Where’s Glory?” Lori said looking around. 

“Chloe you want a ride?” Sara asked not looking at Rae.

“Nah babes I’m gonna find the rest of my friends. See ya around” Chloe said as she squeezed Rae’s hand. “Let’s just go to the car and wait for them, yeah?” She said to Rae and started to walk. Rae kept looking around. She saw several torchlights that meant the cops were close. She and Chloe walked down the street where the cars were parked. She was still feeling uneasy without Finn around her. The street was starting to clear out but she heard a lot of noise and running behind them. She kept turning back to make see if it was anyone else in the gang, but it was always someone she didn’t know. She started to turn around when she noticed that Chloe had frozen. She looked and Chloe then she turn to see was Chloe was looking at. Ian, Saul and their loser friends were walking toward them. Fuck! Rae wanted to turn and run but they had already been seen and the twats were heading to them with sickly grins on their faces. Chloe began to shake. 

“Let just keep walking Chlo, the gang bound to be at the cars by now. They’ll see us soon.” Rae said as she pulled Chloe forward. 

“If it ain’t the hog and the piglet…oink oink!” Ian yell from a few feet away. His loser friends laughed and she heard Chloe take a deep breathe. “What you too slags all dressed up for? No decent bloke gonna want anything to do with either of ya!” Ian was now standing in front of them blocking their way. 

“Fuck off, and let us pass.” Rae said looking in his eye to let him know she meant business. Chloe let out a weak whimper and Ian laughed harder. Rae could feel a warm breath on the side of her face and from the smell of him she knew it was Saul. He started to lean closer and raised his hand to touch her. Rae quickly moved away from him before she could touch her. 

“Frigid as ever.” Saul said and a sickly voice that made Rae’s stomach turn. 

“Yeah, it makes no sense really mate, I fat girl like that should put out for anyone willing to put up with ‘er.” Ian laughed. Rae could feel the air get colder around her. She tried again to push past them but Ian and Saul kept blocking the way. “You gonna scream, fat girl?” Rae closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Stay strong Rae. You’re perfect and these twats are scum. 

“Oi! Rae!” Finn yelled from behind, she could hear him running hard behind her. “Rae!” She turned to see his smiling face. He obviously had no idea what she and Chloe were up against. She could see the rest of the gang running behind Finn. 

“Who’s this wanker.” Saul shouted and Finn got close enough to hear him. “Hey pretty boy, why you running after my girl.” Rae felt like she might be sick.

“I said FUCK. OFF!” Rae shouted as Finn got to her. 

“The fuck did he just say? Fuckhead, Rae’s my girl and you heard her, fuck off.” Finn glared at Saul as Ian and the rest laughed from behind. “Did I say something funny?” Finn glared at the rest of the losers. Rae could see that he was starting to recognize them. “Chlo, you still hang out with these twats?" 

"Who the fuck you calling twats?” Ian yelled and stepped closer. Chop, Archie and Keiran appeared behind Finn.

“Seems clear to me he was talkn’ 'bout you and your mingy friends,” Chop bellowed with a toothy grin. 

“So our Chloe and this fat bitch have back up now.” Ian said as he turned back to Rae and Chloe. Then Ian was on the ground and Saul soon after that. Finn and Archie were standing over them glaring at the rest of their loser friends. 

“When Rae says fuck off, I’m pretty sure she means it.” Archie said as he adjusted his glasses and then he kicked Saul in his stomach when he tried to get back up. Ian was out cold and blood oozed from his nose. 

“You alright girl?” Finn said as he took Rae’s hand and then took Chloe’s in his free hand and they headed for the cars. Once they made it to the car, Finn helped them both inside and shut the door.

“I’m sorry Rae, I choked. I didn’t expect to see them so soon.” Chloe whispered from the back seat. “If Finn hadn’t gotten to us when he did…” Chloe started to cry. Rae had expected Finn and the others to be in the car by now. She looked out the window and saw Finn jogging a bit down the pavement. She opened the door and got out. Are those twats still at it? But when Finn moved to the left, she saw Izzy on the ground with Chop and Archie hovering over her. Oh shit.

“Chlo somethings wrong with Izzy,” Rae said as she jumped out the car and ran to help. Izzy had blood running don her legs and she was white as a sheet. Chop was trying to wake her with tears running down his face. Finn had his hand on Chop’s back and Danny was pacing back and forth. Keiran was running across the street to a call box. Rae knelt down and checked Izzy’s pulse. It was strong but slow. She nodded to Chop and whispered words of comfort in Izzy’s ear. Rae felt a panic attack coming on as she heard her friend crying and talking at the same time. You gotta be strong Rae, they need you. Don’t fall apart, not now. The ambulance was there a lot sooner than expected. Apparently several had been called out to this location because of the rave. The medics assessed Izzy and took her and Chop to hospital immediately. The rest of the gang followed.


At the hospital, there was a lot of pacing and crying. Finn held Rae for comfort but she was numb. Izzy had lost so much blood. Parents were yelling at them, calling them irresponsible for taking a pregnant girl to a rave. Linda kept asking them if they were on drugs. Chloe’s parents kept trying to make her go home. Danny’s parents dragged him out of the hospital which made him laugh and cry at the same time. Izzy’s mum sat quietly holding herself while her dad was nose to nose with Chop. Archie and Keiran were trying to hold them apart.

The first bit of news from the nurse was bad. Izzy was further along than everyone thought and she had lost too much of blood. The nurse struggled to tell them that she had an early second trimester miscarriage. There was damage to her uterus as well since it was in the process of stretching to make more room for the baby. Rae remembered Izzy complaining about a cramp the other day but it went away quickly.

“How the fuck does a doctor miss that? Isabel said she was just a couple months gone.” Izzy’s father was yelling at the nurse. 

“Bloody hell Rae, that means she probably got pregnant at the end of summer,” Chloe whispered. She had sat down on the other side of Rae as her mum stood in front of her arms crossed over her chest. Izzy’s mum was crying uncontrollably, so Chloe mum went over to comfort her with Linda as Izzy’s dad paced back and forth yelling at no one in particular. Chop had sat himself on the ground with his head in his hands.  Archie and Keiran on either side of him.

After an hour things got quiet. No one knew what else to say so they all sat in various positions looking at the ground. When the doctor finally came out everyone jump out of their seats.

“I was able to stop the bleeding and Isabel is doing well in recovery. I couldn’t save the baby but we were able to repair the tear in her uterus,” the doctor address Izzy’s parents. Rae could see that Chop was relieved but also gutted.  He’d lost his baby. The lads went over to support their friend and Rae and Chloe held each other. Izzy’s parents were going in to see their daughter. The nurse came out to let them know that only family would be allowed to see Izzy tonight and it was best if they all went home. 

“I can’t leave ma Izzy nurse, I’ll just stay right here. You guys go home, I’ll call you laters, all right.” Chop ordered. Rae had never seen him so serious. Everyone said good night to Chop and Izzy’s parents.

“Rae you are to be back home the day after tomorrow, in the morning young lady. Don’t you dare give me that look, you’re lucking I don’t drag you home with me right now,” Linda said as everyone was walking to the car park. Finn squeezed Rae’s hand and pulled her closer to him. “Finn, I’m sorry but Rae needs more boundaries and structure. I know you both think you’re adults but, what happened tonight proves you’re not ready.”

Rae and Finn were on their way back to his house. Rae hadn’t said anything the entire ride and she knew Finn was the last person to initiate a conversation. She kept glancing over at him and she could see that he was gripping the wheel pretty tight. "Ya know its not like I’ll be in another country. We’ll just have to get used to our old routine again,“ Rae offered. Finn made a slight nod. 

"I don’t think I’m gonna like not waking up next to you,” Finn whispered and Rae could his voice cracking. He reached over and took Rae’s hand. He’s so dreamy. Oh my Finn! “So why did that twat call you his girl?” Finn had parked in front of his house and he was now looking at Rae. Oh bloody hell.