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at my school, girls have to wear a kilt once a week as it is a part of our uniform and since i don't identify as a girl, is there anyway i can present myself more masculine even while wearing a kilt?

Dress up as a Scotsman.

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Idea: Girls wear skirts Guys wear kilts (same as skirt, just diff name) Enbies wear a pant. Just a single pant. Because it's pants (gender neutral) but only one for both legs. :D

Lies. I will wear my pant as a single pant leg on only one leg. My other leg is barren, vulnerable. My left ass cheek is out. I dance with fate itself on this day.

-mod bird

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at my school, girls have to wear a kilt once a week and since i don't identify as a girl, is there anyway i can present myself more masculine even while wearing a kilt?

Kii says:

I would recommend focusing on the parts of your outfit you can change. If you can choose your shirt, pick a masculine shirt or wear the men’s shirt if you’re allowed. If not, focus on your undergarments, since no one is going to see those. If you can wear masculine shoes, even if they’re just the “men’s” version of unisex shoes, that might be helpful as well. If you can wear masculine shorts under your kilt, you can also try that, though I do admit that I’ve never worn a kilt or even seen one up close, so sorry if that’s not possible. If you are allowed to wear accessories at your school and you like them, you can wear some masculine jewelry. 

Our dysphoria page might also be helpful to you!


Long Chopper by Chad Horwedel


Hey everyone! How’s everybody doing today? Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive lately - I promise I haven’t died or given up or forgotten you all. Have some Wally West fluff to make up for it. Enjoy!

Warnings: Extra-relationship flirting (?), swearing

Another spray of ice shards shot over your head; you ducked down behind the couch and cursed. Okay, so the common room of a girls’ boarding school wasn’t exactly a great place for a firefight, but you kind of had to take the fight to the bad guys sometimes. And while Killer Frost wasn’t the worst you’d fought, she were still robbing the school and endangering the students. So Batman had sent the team to stop her.

‘Hey, Kid!’ you yelled over the mind-link. ‘Can I get some backup, maybe?’

“Certainly, beautiful.” As you heard Wally’s voice in your head, a streak of yellow whizzed past the couch, and resolved itself into your speedster boyfriend. “Hey Frost!” he yelled.

You peeked out around the edge, your face against the beige carpet. Frost stilled, icy hands still poised to throw her shards. The woman’s pale eyes narrowed and the corner of her blue lip lifted. “Hello, baby flash,” she purred. “You have grown up lately.”

Wally scoffed, offended. “It’s Kid Flash, lady,” he said. “And I really don’t want to know what you meant by that last part.”

You growled under your breath. ‘I know I don’t,’ you said indignantly. ‘Keep her distracted, babe.’

“Y/N!” Kaldur’s mental voice was scolding. “We’re on a mission. No affectionate nicknames in the field.” A pause, no more that a heartbeat’s length. “We’re still frozen. Can you handle this one?”

‘Ugh. Fine. Keep her distracted, Kid Flash,’ you thought, rolling your eyes. ‘Yeah, I got this.’

“So, Frost,” Wally said conversationally. “You’re, uh…you’re looking well.” He dodged an ice blast.

She chuckled, raising her arms for another blast. “Is that the best you can do? The real Flash is much better company.”

‘Oh, she is going down.’ You inched forward from behind the couch, shut your eyes and focused. There was a pulling in your gut. You opened your eyes to hyper-vision, shining in crazy colors.

You reached out with both hand and mind, and pulled at empty air. 

Killer Frost fell to the ground like she’d been yanked by the ankle - which, if you wanted to get technical, she sort of was. Her eyes flashed poison-blue, and she snarled. “You’re dead, little hero! DEAD!” 

You rolled out into the open, both hands open and poised like weapons. “Actually,” you said, “I don’t think dying fits with my schedule this week.” You reached out and batted her to the floor again. Her hair splayed out over the floor. “Kid Flash, would you do the honors?”

Wally didn’t answer; there were flashes of yellow, and then a black collar beeped and sparked electricity around Frost’s neck. She screamed in outrage and fell - again - to the floor. Apparently deciding it was safer to stay there, she whined like a bad tempered cat and crossed her arms. 

There was that familiar minute of silence that came after every mission - the waiting, the breath-holding are we done? Did we really do it?

Apparently you had. You gave a relieved laugh and reached for Wally’s hand, and the flare died. The power left you, and colors returned to normal. 

“Oh my god, you saved us!” The excited squeal was followed by a flood of girls in kilts streaming in from the hallway where they’d been waiting. Not in their rooms where you’d told them to wait for their own safety. You scoffed and rolled your eyes, then rubbed a hand across your sweaty forehead. “Yeah, you’re welc-”

“You were really brave,” one girl said, draping herself over Wally. You narrowed your eyes. It was like you hadn’t even spoken. 

The girl stared up at him adoringly. “Are you that brave all the time?”

“Ugh. Hardly.” You rolled your eyes. “Hey, Kid Flash? The bioship’s waiting.” 

“Mh-hm,” he said distractedly. “In a minute, Y/N.”

You rolled your eyes and turned toward the door. “I’m going,” you called, “If you’re interested. The others need unfreeing.”

By the time everyone was safely unfrozen and aboard the bioship, Wally still hadn’t appeared. You chewed on a lip. Maybe you should ask someone else to go get him. Robin, maybe? 

But you had sort of overreacted. You were the first to admit you could be a bitch sometimes - maybe you needed to apologize. You winced. Yeah, you needed to apologize. 

You pushed open the heavy oak doors of the dormitory. “Kid? I -” you stopped, cold fury settling in your gut.

Hey was lounging back against the wall, talking animatedly and easily with the throng of girls. “Yeah, it was no big deal,” you head him say. “Just stopped a supervolcano from destroying the northern hemisphere.”

The girls giggled. One stepped forward - a dark-haired beauty with deerlike eyes. With a pale flush on her cheeks, she handed him a scrap of paper. “Call me?” she said shyly.

Wally winked, kissed the paper and slipped it into his glove. You made a strangled sound in your throat and stomped forward.

“Just one minute, Y/N,” Wally said. You growled, and tapped the girl on the shoulder; she turned with a friendly smile. “Hey there! You were pretty good too.”

“Thanks.” You smiled viciously and met Wally’s eyes. “But just for the record, honey, this idiot’s not worth your time.”

You caught a second of the bewildered hurt in his green eyes; then you turned and stalked out of the common room.


You didn’t look up, just kept glaring stonily at the blue water of the Hangar. You swung your legs over the edge, but there was nothing happy about your posture. Every muscle was taut, arms crossed over your chest.


You shifted your weight and huffed. If he wanted an apology, he was damn well going to work for it.

“Ethereal dawn princess?”

You scoffed and turned your glare on Wally; he backed up a step. “Baby, talk to me,” he pleaded. “Can you at least tell me what I did wrong?”

You let your face harden into a calm mask. “You called me by name in the field, for one.”

“I did?”

“Twice, you idiot.”

He winced and rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I was just really distracted -”

“Yeah, I saw that,” you snapped, tears stinging your eyes. Damn it, why did you have to be an angry crier? You swiped the tears away angrily.

“Babe? Why are you crying?” The asshole sounded truly mystified. “Please don’t cry -”

“You kept her number, fuckface,” you spat, tears streaming down your face now. “I saw you. You kissed it.”

Wally looked frozen as a rabbit; eyes wide, hands clenched. Slowly, he sat down on the edge beside you.

He lifted a hand, like he was thinking about putting it on your shoulder, but thought better of it. “I’m an asshole,” he said glumly.

“You think?”

His shoulders slumped, and he ducked his head. “I have you - I have this perfect warrior angel who’s actually going out with me, and I - I fuck it up.”

You sniffed, took a shuddering breath. God, being angry was exhausting. You lifted a hand to your too-hot face. “Okay, to be fair, I was kind of a bitch.”

“But I deserved it,” he said. “I could say I just didn’t want to hurt their feelings, or that I just like the attention. And those are true. But I think it’s just a really terrible habit.” He looked out over the water. “To be honest, I never expect any of them - I never expected you - to say yes, so being flirty’s kinda my default.”

You shut your stinging eyes, and reached for his hand. “I forgive you,” you said, voice hoarse. “But please, don’t hurt me like that. I love you, West. Let’s not screw this up.”

His eyes widened. “Wait, you’re - you forgive me? You’re not mad anymore?”

“Not exactly,” you grumbled. “But I could really use a hug, if you’re interested.”

To make the long story that happened next into a short one: he was interested. He was very interested indeed.

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hi butterfly! i feel like you'd appreciate this: a few months ago my whole family took a "which asoiaf character are you" quiz. all was well until my mother burst out laughing when my younger brother got sandor clegane. she then proceeded to tell us about a quaker oats advert from just before my brother was born, starring a muscular man in a kilt. this handsome man first made her think of my brother's name, and so my brother is named after that one time rory mccann was in a porridge ad

OMG. You mean one of these ads?

That’s so cool of your mom, and congrats to your brother Rory, he has a fine legacy to live up to. :)