girls in kilts

anonymous asked:

Idea: Girls wear skirts Guys wear kilts (same as skirt, just diff name) Enbies wear a pant. Just a single pant. Because it's pants (gender neutral) but only one for both legs. :D

Lies. I will wear my pant as a single pant leg on only one leg. My other leg is barren, vulnerable. My left ass cheek is out. I dance with fate itself on this day.

-mod bird


Long Chopper by Chad Horwedel

chellerrific  asked:

that percy fanart makes him look like a posh steampunk schoolboy so now i'm thinking of vm as trouble-making students at a gothic boarding school jsyk

dANG the VM girls in purple-and-gold kilts in that colour, though? with cardigans and bows n’ shit???? sign me up for Steampunk High.