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Essays in Existentialism: HSAU

can you do a high school AU where one is the captain of the football team and they sweep off the nerdy girls’ feet?

Morning started the same, every day, rain or shine. Four thirty in the morning, the alarm beeped in the small attic room, and under one section of angled roof, where a pile of blankets slumbered, an arm would appear and slap around until the offending noise stopped. It was precise and methodical and never changed, six days a week.

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Summary: Just a little blurb about Harry being a stepdad.


When Evangelique and Harry had first met, It hadn’t been under the best circumstances. Evangelique had been running late for work because her babysitter had bailed on her at the very last minute, something that was starting to become a common occurrence, but what could she do? She didn’t trust anyone else with her child.

She was walking quickly with her three year old tucked safely into her arms, asleep, which was a good thing because Evangelique didn’t want her little girl to see her like this. Crying, her makeup smearing, hair flying all over the place as it came out of her neat bun piece by piece, breathing harshly- A little too harshly. She was an absolute mess.

The tears blurring her vision and her head ducked low in shame, she hadn’t noticed that someone was in front of her until it was too late. She bumped into their hard chest and let out a loud, frustrated groan, cursing under her breath before making sure she hadn’t woken up Bella. 

“I’m sorry.” Her head snapped up as she heard the voice. The accent was beautiful and quite thick, Obviously, an English one, which was strange considering this was L.A. “I-I’m sorry, It’s my fault.” She muttered before looking down again quickly. She blushed as she realized how horrid she looked, and how attractive he looked. She hadn’t looked at him for too long, but just long enough to realize that he was a very, very, nice looking guy.

“What’s wrong, love?” He asked, frowning as he stared at her. The strong and dreadful feeling of worry slowly found its way in the pit of his stomach. It was 8AM and this woman, no older than him, maybe even a tad bit younger, was sobbing her eyes out and looking like a nervous wreck.

“It’s alright-Really. It’s okay.” She choked out, sniffing a little and swallowing harshly. His frown deepened and he reached out to touch her arm gently, causing her to hurriedly back away from him. She muttered a quick apology as she realized he hadn’t meant to scare her or hurt her.

“No, It isn’t. You’re upset.” He mumbled. “Do you want to grab some coffee and talk about it?” He asked. Why not? They’d bumped into each other a short way away from a small coffee shop anyways, and he wanted to make sure that she was okay, especially since she was holding a little girl in her arms.

“No. I have to get to work.” She sighed as she glanced sadly towards the shop. Coffee sounded so good to her in that moment. She hadn’t had any earlier as she’d been rushing around trying to get her and Bella ready for the day and find other arrangements.

“When was your last day off?” He questioned, hoping she’d decide to just call in sick or something. By the look of things, she really needed the break.

“The last time my babysitter bailed on me. A week ago.” She muttered through clenched teeth. Somehow, the strong smell of the warm beverages being served only a few steps away made its way to her nostrils. She looked up at the sky and took a deep breath before looking towards the worried looking man in front of her. “I’ll probably get fired soon anyway. Let’s go.”


She’d downed her coffee in only three minutes, and she regretted it as she watched him slowly sipping his latte, wishing she could have that too. She always preferred lattes over black coffee, but she didn’t want to complain because he’d insisted on paying, and considering she was more than sure she’d be searching for another job before the week was even out, she figured it’d be smart not to object.

“So…Why are you so upset?” He asked softly, staring at her with piercing green eyes. She shrugged her shoulders as she moved around in her seat a little, rocking Bella as she started to stir. “I…My babysitter decided not to show up at the last minute and…Well, that’s no reason for me to be running around like a mad woman.” She sighed. “I’m just stressed.”

Harry hummed to show her he was listening and then it was silent for a moment. He stared at her for a bit as he sipped his latte, causing her to shift around awkwardly in her seat. She wondered if she’d gotten something on her face, and then mentally facepalmed when she realized that she still had smudged makeup on. She must’ve looked like an absolute joke to him!

He ignored the makeup, though, and instead focused on her eyes. They were a beautiful chocolate brown color, one he knew he’d probably seen a thousand times before, but not like this. Not so pretty. Sadly, there were still tears in those gorgeous eyes, and he didn’t like that one bit.

“Too much stress isn’t good at all.” He sighed. “We’ve got to get you calm. Happy. When I’m upset, a nice stroll through the park always cheers me up. Even better than that, a run.”

“I don’t run.” She stated flatly.

He tilted his head as to ask why and she shrugged her shoulders again. “I don’t have time to run since having Bella.” She explained. He nodded. “I could watch her while you take a jog. Clear your mind a bit. Yeah?”

“It’s a no from me.” She hurriedly stated. “I only use Bella as an excuse to not exercise, for one thing.” She admitted. He chuckled, his eyes crinkling up, and she had to look away because wow. Who the fuck made this guy? He was beautiful. “And no offense, but I met you like ten minutes ago. I don’t trust my child with just anyone. That’d be stupid.”

“You’re right.” He nodded. “But you can trust me. Obviously, that doesn’t mean much of anything to you right now. Few months from now, though, maybe it will." 


“My names Harry. Forgot to mention it earlier. Yours?” He changed the subject. She gave him a skeptical look before slowly stating her name. “Evangelique." 

"Wow…That’s beautiful.” He complimented. “Would you like another coffee?” He asked. She shook her head shyly. “I don’t really like black coffee. More of a latte girl.” She admitted. “I thought so. I got the black coffee for me and the latte for you. I’m not really a fan of milk in my coffee.” He shrugged.

“I’m sorry!” She whisper yelled, her eyes widening adorably as she thought back on how she’d grabbed at the first mug she saw in front of her without even giving him the chance to pick his beverage up first.  “That’s alright. I can get you a latte if you want?” He smiled.

She shook her head. “I can finish that one.” She said, gesturing to the one in his hands. “I’m assuming you don’t have too many germs.” She smirked. “I’ll buy you a black coffee. The least I could do since I chugged yours." 

"Don’t worry about it.” He smiled, handing over the latte. “So, tell me about yourself.”

“Harry sucks at this, mama.” Bella whined as she yanked at her mom’s dress. Evangelique swatted her daughter’s hands away gently and gave her a look. “What did I tell you about saying stuff like that? Be polite. At least he’s trying.” She said sternly. “He can make broccoli and Carrots and peas and every other suck-Nasty food just fine, but I ask him to make me one bowl of ice cream and suddenly he don’t know how to do nothing?” Bella pouted. Harry let out a hearty laugh before ruffling the four year old’s hair, causing her to push at his large hands angrily. “I’m sorry, bug, I don’t know how you and your mommy usually make your sundaes but this is how I make mine. Why don’t you tell me again so I’ll know next time?”

“You said that last time, but I’ll explain one more time.” She growled, pointing her finger at him. In her mind, she was scaring the poop out of him, but in reality, he could barely keep himself from laughing as he watched the little girl dressed in a pink princess shirt, a tiara, and some ‘football tights’ try to intimidate him. “You put the sprinkles on the bottom, then the banana-No, half the banana, then some ice cream-but not too much that mommy makes you stop there-then you put some chocolate and then the other half of the banana and then more chocolate and then more ice cream and then more chocolate and then the sprinkles.” She explained, waving her arms about to get her point across. “He been here for three years and still don’t know how to make ice cream.” She huffed to herself.

“A year, hun. One year.” Evangelique corrected her.

“Same thing, mama.” Bella insisted around the mouth full of ice cream she’d shoved into her mouth. “What did I say about talking with your mouth full?” Evangelique sighed. Talking to this child was like talking to a wall sometimes. “But mama-” She swallowed before continuing after receiving a glare. “You only seem to wanna talk to me when I got food in my mouth.” She said.

“You sure were complaining a bunch about my ice cream just a minute ago, but I see you’ve got no problem shoveling it all into your mouth now.” Harry teased. The little girl rolled her eyes at him. “There’s people starving in Atlanta. We don’t waste food in this house.” She sassed before going back to eating. Evangelique didn’t even bother trying to correct her, instead she sent Harry a small smile and shook her head.

Later that night, when they finally got Bella to go to sleep after promising her that Harry would be back to visit again tomorrow, Evangelique walked Harry to the door and sent him a tired smile. “Thanks for today. She had a lot of fun and so did I.”

“Always fun when I’m 'round.” He smirked. “Thank you for today. I love it here. Spending time with you two.” He told her before pushing his hands into his pockets awkwardly. “I know your mum has plans on getting her this weekend, and I was wondering if maybe you’d like to…Well, I don’t know. Maybe grab something to eat? Or watch a movie? Or…”

“Go on a date?” She asked softly, leaning against the doorframe and looking up at him with admiration in her eyes. “Yeah.” He mumbled. “Yeah.” She nodded. “I’d absolutely love that.”

Only a short month or so ago, he’d admitted that he had feelings for her, and it’d gone much better than he’d thought it would. He thought she’d laugh in his face or tell him to never speak to her again, but she didn’t. She’d sent him a warm smile, squeezed his hand, and told him she felt the same way.

He was beyond happy about that. He’d known her for a year and he’d seen her go through so much. She’d go on dates with guys who only wanted her for sex and didn’t care about her feelings at all. She’d go on dates that were beyond awkward and she’d come back and tell him about how she felt like she just wasn’t good enough for anyone and how she was just too awkward for love. She’d spend hours getting ready for dates only to receive a text an hour after she was supposed to get picked up that always read something along the lines of 'Something came up. Sorry.’ He hated seeing her so upset. He hated the fact that these douchebags kept letting her down. He wanted to make her happy. He wanted to take her out on a proper date and show her a good time. He wanted her to realize that it wasn’t her, no, she was the closest thing to perfect that he’d ever seen. He wanted a chance, just one chance, to show her that he could give her the world.

“I’ll see you then.” He grinned before leaning down to give her a small kiss on the cheek. Her heart fluttered and she sighed a little as she waved him off. She was so happy that he’d come into her life. She didn’t know how anyone could get so lucky.

“Kick his bum! Bloody opposite of heaven!” Bella screamed as she watched her favorite wrestler beating up John Cena. Harry tried to stifle his laughter as he watched her jumping around the room trying to imitate their moves and yelling out every remotely British sounding thing she could think of. She was going through a phase. She wanted to have Harry’s accent so she payed close attention to everything he said and tried to imitate him, something he’d caught onto quickly when he heard the six year old screaming all sorts of curses in a weird sounding accent. Deciding it’d be better for the both of them if he didn’t mention it to Evangelique who hadn’t been around at the time, he’d quickly informed her that she’d be in lots of trouble if her mother heard her saying the things she was saying, and he’d vowed not to swear either, because if she wasn’t allowed to why should he be? That was her logic, at least.

“Daddy Harry.” Bella sighed as the wrestling went on commercial. He hummed as he watched her tiredly climb onto his lap. She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, clinging to him tightly. He was shocked, to be honest. She wasn’t much of a hugger, just like her mum. She didn’t like to be touched most times, not by him or anyone else, something he was hoping would stick around even in her teenage years. “You and my mum are getting married soon? Yeah?” She asked. He chuckled a little and nodded, rubbing her back softly. “Then you’ll live with us and we’ll see you everyday?” She questioned. “Well, it isn’t like we don’t see each other every day already.” He laughed. “But yes. We’ll all live together.”

“That’s good. I like when you’re around. You help me hide my vegetables sometimes and you learned how to make my ice cream properly. That’s good.”

“Thanks.” He smiled. “Do you want me to tuck you in? You seem tired.” He teased. She shook her head and yawned. “Raws only been on for an hour. Sleeping’s for losers. Gotta watch the main even.” She muttered.

“Goodnight, bug.” He whispered as she drifted off almost as soon as she’d finished talking. “I love you.”

Dating Tom Holland and being an Argentinian Would Include...

Originally posted by tomhstories

Words count: 408

Warnings: Fluff, a few cursing words, mentions of sex, reader being a Latina and from Argentina

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  • Okey, to be honest, the first thing that you made him do the first time he went to Argentina was tasting the food. 
  • When he first taste the roast he was about to get upside down of how delicious it was
  • Teaching him how to dance Tango
  • Making him listen national rock, like Charly Garcia, Sui Generis, Callejeros, Don Osvaldo, La Beriso, Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, etc.
  • And making him listen to tango’s songs too, specially Carlos Gardel
  • Watching Argentina’s football matchs together
  • Whenever he does something stupid you’re just like “Sos un boludo Thomas”
  • Pronuncing his name in spanish (Tomás)
  • Helping him with his spanish pronuciation for Spider-Man: Homecoming 
  • Teaching him curses words 
  • Showing him your favourites places from Buenos Aires (Your birth place)
  • Travelling together for all over Argentina
  • Like Iguazú Falls, Salta, Mendoza, Córdoba, Bariloche, Tierra del Fuego, 
  • At first, he wouldn’t know how to move his hips like you do, he will be SO frustrated 
  • But when he learned it, he was not able to stop
  • Like, you would be alone in your shared apartment in the UK and Tom would take your hand and both will start dancing together, with or without music,
  • Or you would be at a party with his friends, and he would put a Quartet song and dance together while the others would be like “WTF with these people”
  • Insulting him in spanish when you fight 
  • And when you two started dating he didn’t understand a thing
  • But after you teach him he would be like “I UNDERSTAND THAT”
  • And you would answer “That’s the idea, idiota”
  • Calling him pets name in spanish like “Amor, corazón, lindo, etc”
  • And he calling you sweet things he learned from you as “hermosa, bella, princesa, etc.
  • He will be SO turned on with your accent and lenguaje 
  • Like, you could make him cum just telling him in spanish when you have sex
  • Talking dirty to him in spanish
  • And he would be like “I don’t have idea what are you saying but keep going”
  • But his major turn on would be seeing how you move yout butt like the Latina Girl that you are
  • Him wearing Messi’s football t-shirt just because of you (And bc he scretly loves him)
  • Talking together in spanish, even in public
  • Can you imagine Harrison or his family’s faces when you do it? 
  • They would be sooooooo lost
  • Fighting about whose country is better
  • Sharing history facts about your countries to each other
  • And speaking about history… 
  • NEVER talking about the whole Malvinas theme 
  • Bc, once you argued about that and… let’s just say you didn’t talk to each other for two or three days, okay?
  • Saying ‘Ahre’ ALL.THE.F*UCKING.TIME
  • Basically, him loving everything about you, your country and your culture

Please Don’t Leave (Don’t Jump pt 2)

Alrighty!! So i’ve gotten a few requests to continue my little story and so I shall. Please if you haven’t read the first part you really need to. It’s only best if you read everything so you’re not confused but feel free to leave questions if you have any. My inbox is always open.

Part One 

Also this is a bit long…I needed you guys to understand the story. So of course a build up. yup

This is dedicated to @lukekilledme30x for being awesome yup. (The first to comment)

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It’s been a year since…it happened. My family tried so hard to help me find him. Everything happened so quick I couldn’t remember anything that could give away his location. Just a bridge and the strong smell of the ocean. His eyes…


Since then my parents thought it would be best for me to explore the world on my own. So they sent me straight to college. 

Dorm room and everything. 

They hope that maybe i’d find him during school season. What i don’t understand is why they’d send me to the smallest campus in the world. 2,000 students in a town that’s not even a mile long. Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. Where the cows and sheeps outnumber the people.


After my last class I wandered home staring at the sky in hopes that by a miracle he could summon me back to him. But everyone knows for unexplained reasons that one’s true soulmate could only summon you once. 

Maybe I should summon him…

I stopped in my tracks. I turned my gaze across the open field of long grass to my little student house. I pulled my notebooks closer to my chest and stalked off into the open field. Away from the road and any curious eyes.

I knelt down besides a tree, hiding in the shade closing my eyes.


Bring him to me”

Please Please Please Please Please

The more time passed the more tears came. All those bottled up emotions and the “I’m fines” completely overtaking me. The long months of failing to find him. The whispers around my school of how sad it must be to not be able to find your one true mate.

Please…I’m so…lonely

A sudden movement crushed the leaves besides me

My eyes flew open staring at the noise

I let out a sigh

Jesus Christ Tia…Pretty sure he isn’t a deer…go home.

The deer stood calm staring than galloping away with its kin. 

Wiping my tears I began walking back home. Letting myself get lost in my thoughts like the clouds in the sky. 

I smiled opening the door to my roommates who I could hear arguing from two houses down. The smell of freshly baked weed brownies hit me like a train.

Jesus Cheeks…Do you ever take a break?

I laughed hearing the commotion between the towns most intelligent dealer (Chakira Woodlyn known as Cheeks) and my brilliant doctor in training best friend Teisa Tulsa. (Known as Tes)

They both turned to me when I closed the door

“Tes thinks I made too many!”

“Well you did! Now the whole block can smell it. Need I remind you weed is ILLEGAL here!”


I let out a laugh my mood instantly lifting. Holding up my hands to the lovely ladies.

“Isn’t Blake throwing that party tonight? By the bank? Just sell them there. We can leave all the windows open to air out the house while we’re gone. Calm it ladies”

Tes smiled

“Does that mean we’re all going to party?”



Cheeks smiled at me as we climbed up the stairs towards the booming music and cheap strobe lights. I gave her a fake smile trailing on behind her. Tes quick at my feet.

I’m surprised the cops haven’t been called

There was at least 100 people here scattered around the hallways and rooms, doing god knows what. I let out a sigh watching Cheeks work her magic. Tes got distracted by the beer pong across the room.

I turned towards the sink pouring myself a cup of water. I started taking sips watching everyone.

Hey at least we can go to Denny’s when she gets done selling

“Hey…you here alone? My names Brett”

I flinched staring at the man besides me.

“Sorry…I’m with some friends…so no”

“You look bored…I can give you something to be excited about” 

He gave me a smile that showed his perfect teeth. I’ll admit he was attractive. His dark hair and bright eyes probably won the hearts of dozens of girls. I’m guessing he plays football based on his Snow College varsity shirt and his height and build was made for a man who worshipped sports. 

Unless your name is Calum and you smell like the ocean go away

“…No thank you”

I turned away when he suddenly grabbed my arm pulling me back to him.

“Hey what the hel-”

He handed me my cup of water

“Don’t forget about your drink babe”

I stared at him a bit shocked.


I took a large gulp to hide my nerves as I headed towards the hallway. Trying to find the bathroom. I could hear the party falling behind me as i continued walking. 

When it hit me

Everything got blurry and I felt lightheaded. I stumbled forward holding my head. Feeling as if someone sucked the air out of my lungs

What the hell is happening? Is Calum calling me back? Thats impossible…

A flicker of hope sparked throughout my veins as quickly as it left when i saw him.

He spiked my drink!

Brett smiled at me. He stalked towards me. I tried to scream but It felt like my whole body was numb and every step felt useless. I stumbled towards cold tiled floors falling onto my hand and knees. I heard the door click behind me.

“Oh god…don’t do this! You’ll never get away with it!”

I crawled towards the bathtub losing my balance and failing in. My head completely spinning. He cocked his head to the side watching me. He chuckled

“Awe…but i’ve already have babe”

I struggled against his grasp as he pinned me down. My eyes focused on the faucet dripping on my forehead. His sticky breath on my neck


I closed my eyes feeling the tears fall. 



“Calum. You okay man?” 

Luke glanced at me holding his controller. His gaze flickering between me and the TV. Ashton and Michael looked up from their laptops watching me.

“Yeah…it’s just…it’s been a year sinc-”

“Since your soulmate saved your life? Yeah I remember.”

I closed my eyes. After my friends saw her push me off the ledge to save me they’ve always stayed 100% with her. I could tell it took a toll on them. My attempt but they wouldn’t understand I just wanted to see her. I needed to know that she was a real person. I’ve heard stories that if you touched death your soulmate would pull you back and it worked. 

I saw her and she saved my life!

I wonder if she’s even more beautiful than I remember 

I stood up staring at Luke

“Gonna head to the kitchen you wa-”

I stopped in my tracks. Feeling something dripping on my forehead. I shook my head staring at the floor as I felt dizzy. My vision cutting from my TV to a mirror in a unfamiliar lit bathroom.

“Calum? What ar-” Luke began but it cut off. Ashton stood up staring again at me. His eyes widen as my eyes flickered around the room

“What the hell is happening?”

“Grab him Luke!”

Luke sprang forward and my vision cut. 

I was suddenly standing in a bathroom I didn’t recognized. On the sink was a shirt…looked like a american football jersey with a bright orange “S” imprinted on it.



My whole body turned towards the bathtub and going completely in rage as I took the scene in. 

She was struggling against a shirtless man with tears streaming down her face. Her body completely covered by him, I could smell the alcohol. His hands trying to peel her clothes off

Her eyes met mine and I lunged towards him pulling him by the shoulder. He hadn’t noticed my summoning so it was a surprise when my fist connected his jaw.

“What the fuc-”

I grabbed him again pulling him towards the furthest wall from her. He push me back punching me square in the jaw causing me to fall towards the tub.

“Calum please!”

Her voice echoed in the back of my head as I stood back up tackling him right through the bathroom door. Taking down the frame as we both fell through. I had him pinned as I took one more punch knocking him out cold.

The rage in my veins pulsing through me as I gasped for a breath. My eyes flickered around the room. Everyone on the outside staring back at me in complete shock

My soulmate

I stood up wiping the blood on my shirt. Sending one more glance at the monster on the floor. I stepped quickly into the bathroom looking for her. She laid in the bathtub struggling to get up. Her eyes still filled with tears. I ran towards her crawling in. I wrapped my arms around her feeling her shaking in my arms. She buried her head in my neck holding me in a death grip.

“Please don’t leave me Calum”

Her voice shook


Two girls stumbled in as my vision flickered back to the ceiling of my home. Calling me back.

NO! Not now Please!

The girls knelt by the tub holding onto her arms as they realized me already drifting. I stared at the closest friend as my arms held Tia closer. My voice coming out hard

“Where am i?”

She stiffened sharing a look at with the other girl.

“Your Calum aren’t you?”

My gazed tightened

“You’re in Utah, Calum. Ephraim, Utah”

I gasped sitting up nearly knocking Michael out. The room still spinning as i took in my friends. The warmth of her body slowly slipped away. I was completely back home. Ashton was kneeling holding a phone to his ear

“No Mali-Koa…He just came back. I think you should get over here soon. He needs help” 

He clicked the phone leaning towards me. 

Luke and Michael shared concerned looks

“Shes in Ephraim, Utah”


Alrighty Guys!!!!! Wanted to know if you guys liked it? Was it intense or nah? Aha Well i just wanted to know if I should write one more part…showing them trying to find each other?

Also please feel free to send me some feedback. Anything helps. Much love!!

England Women's World Cup success sends female football shirt sales soaring

As England progressed through the Women’s World Cup in Canada, with wins over Mexico, Colombia, Norway and the home nation, sales rocketed as female fans decided to have a kickabout themselves.

The team lost in the semi-finals to Japan on Wednesday, with 2.4m Brits staying up late to watch the match.

Bosses at MandMDirect said like-for-like sales for June this year compared to June last year were up 237 per cent.

“Since the World Cup started the number has shot up - it’s fantastic that more and more women, and girls, are taking up the beautiful game.”

A spokesman said: “ has experienced a huge rise in sales of women’s football products over the period of the women’s football World Cup.

“Year on year sales of women’s football boots, shin pads and football kit have risen by 237 per cent for the month of June alone.

“The success is directly attributable to the high profile of the tournament, especially the heroic efforts of the England women’s football team.”

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  • Men: *on which Australian woman should be on the cover of FIFA16* Who cares, just put whoever's the hottest
  • Men: *after US win the world fucking cup and break several records* oh yeah Alex Morgan is really hot
  • Men: *insist that female players have to wear hot pants if they want people to watch them*
  • Men: *demand that the women in FIFA16 celebrate with their shirts off*
  • Men: ...girls only watch football to look at hot players, the fake bitches!