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Queen of Disaster - Lana Del Rey  🎵

@simplifiedsimi‘s release of this wonderful hair totally inspired my simself to channel her inner Lana Del Rey today. 

(also look it’s @our-dazed-sims denim skirt recolour)

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For the Butch/femme discussion for Kara: I think the wardrobe department is the stereotypes(social programming) to express Kara's thru self. Color and cute dresses for her more femme qualities that scream girl, but still using butch influence to give of a tone of strength. Us queer people are just picking it up more cause we look for it more, the straights are only picking up subconsciously. So it showing she is super-sweet but will kick someone's a$$ if she needs to.

Yes yes yes. She’s like… a cupcake made of metal

Bulletproof pastel cardigans. Cute tan flats with steel tips. Ponytails with razor blades in them that fall out occasionally and Kara goes “Oop! Watch the razor blades! Sorry! Golly.” 

But really it’s gay button ups but in cute “girly” colors. Plaid shirts with pants but with high-maintenence hair styles. Hell, she could wear a bow tie, but it’d have like little flowers or polkadots or something on it.

Pan Pants and a Bi Belt but an attemptedly Straight Shirt:

So much plaid (but usually- though not always- in dress or skirt form or paired with a skirt.)

And then there’s the original and most iconic of Kara’s half-butch half-femme looks, the gay sweater with collar poking out paired with a bright ass skirt that only a straight should wear.

Don’t even get me started on those neutral-ass shoes.

“Kara, doing your hair nicely will not negate the fact that turtlenecks are gay and that that is a gay jacket” 

“Oooooooh. Well what about the jeans?”
“Well they’re not helping.”

And then. My absolute favorite. This. Which looks like a gay-ass button up shirt that changed it’s mind halfway through and decided to become a dress instead:

And then it threw in some butch boots with a femme heel and just enough ankle to drive the ladies wild and called it a day.

But the point is, Kara can go anywhere from:


During the span of one daily, non-fancy event day. Especially since her outfit could be damaged during Super Things. If not because she was wearing it when attacked then because she threw it in a bush when changing.

But I bet Kara is most comfortable in just

To conclude, Kara’s style, from soft butch to chill femme, pretty much just looks like:

These two girls behind me at college were talking and all I heard was “Imagine Lucifer picking Sam and being like ‘Yes I want that one, I’m saying yes to that dress” and the biggest smile cracked on my face I s2g



I felt compelled to make this post due to a few posts I have been seeing on tumblr along with other comments I have seen about “get a girl who can do both.” And lesbian stereotypes

To all of you ladies out there: LGBTQ-ABCDEFwhatever….








SO DONT SAY TO ME “uhhh you’re wearing THAT?”





alright I’m done. That’s all I gotta say.

End rant.

Illusion of Choice (M)

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Summary: You’ve grown up with the Jeons, Jungmin and Jungkook, for as long as you can remember, your parents being very close. But little did you know that this is because you are in fact arranged to be married to the Jeon heir, Jungmin. However, a tragedy causes Jungkook to take up his brother’s mantle, and that includes becoming your fiancé.

Word Count: 7.3k+

Genre: Heir!AU, Arranged Marriage!AU, angst, fluff, smut

Warnings: Smut and mentions (but not depictions) of death

A/N: Honestly one of the thoughts going through my head while writing this was “What’s the best way to make the readers suffer?” I’m not even sure if I’m kidding.

You always wondered why your parents let you have boy best friends. After all, being from such an affluent family, as well as being the oldest child, you will be expected to marry someone for the good of the company. Letting you be around boys would just risk you falling for someone that you can’t have.

These are the thoughts running through your mind as your parents call you up to their study on the eve of your 18th birthday, and you know that the day has come. They would finally tell you who you were betrothed to. You stand in front of your father’s big wooden desk, listening to their spiel about your duties as the heir to their company, only listening for one thing: a name. However, what leaves your father’s lips is not what you expected. The words “Jeon Jungmin.”

Jeon Jungmin, whom you had grown up with, along with his brother Jungkook. You had always been closer to Jungkook, having been closer to him in age, but Jungmin would always show you his drawings and sneak you an extra cookie at the dinner table.

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SG writers: So Katie this episode you will get married. We will need a dress and idk maybe a spacesuit since you are marring an alien and-


SG writers: Hahah… About that… it’s actually Mon-El


The Prisoner. Part 2.

Part 1: HERE.

Morning dawned just as the door slammed open, this time jolting Claire awake.

“Up wi’ ye, lass!” Brian barked, his fists knocking rapidly against the thick wood as he waited impatiently. “We dinna have much time, and I will get ye t’ Fort William. Willie, my son, has sent word that yer presence is required.”

He must have ridden hard to make the journey, and get word to his father, Claire thought, dimly. But she didn’t question it, only rose from her temporary dwelling to obey the commands set before her.

To give him his due, Brian didn’t drag Claire straight away, instead he brought her to the breakfast table and sat her down.

“Have a dram, and some bread and honey. I dinna want ye to starve afore we get there, aye?” He *was* joking, but behind his jest lay a very serious concern.

True, she hadn’t eaten a decent meal in a while. But she wasn’t likely to fall foul of death just yet.

Sighing, she took a large bite of the fresh bannocks placed in front of her. The warm dough coated her tongue and she closed her eyes as bliss rolled down her throat. From the other side of the table, a feminine cough brought her out of her revelry, causing her to look across the table.

“We’re all worrit, ye ken?” The girl spoke, her eyes wide as she viewed Claire with a sort of apprehensive wonder, “da doesna mean to be short wi’ ye. He kens well enough that yer hurting, that ye’ve been hurt. But we canna leave him, aye?” She explained, worry lacing her words, “he’s our brother. I’m sure ye understand. After all, I did hear yer prayers, and I’m sure father would be grateful fer them.”

Scrapping her chair away from the table, the older girl bowed and exited, her dress sweeping along the floor as she left, “enjoy the honey, Claire. Dinna deprive yerself, ye’ll need yer strength.”

The ride through the Scottish countryside was filled with tension.

Claire rode with Brian as she had done before. He had enough fillies in the stables to accommodate her, but she was a flight risk and he wasn’t about to chance her bolting on him. Not when Jamie’s life was at stake.

The high rise of the east wing tower came into view on the horizon as Claire sought refuge in her mind. Thinking back, she brought to the fore anything of the life she’d had before the garrison had claimed her. She could see her uncle as he collected clams from the beach, he eager eyes intent on locating the biggest and best for her. She remembered the feel of the sand on her feet, the small grains trapping between her toes as she wiggled them in the ocean.

“Claire,” Brian coaxed, his weight shifting as he dismounted and brought her with him, “ye need to come wi’ me now.”

She did as she was bid, opening her eyes as she watched a troop of army men trot towards them. Behind the first group was Jamie. Clad in irons, Randall had him to heel, his shoulder brushing against the horse’s flanks as he tried to keep up with the captain.

Steeling herself, Claire held her hands at her sides, the blood pulsing through them as she stepped forwards.

“I’m glad to see that you are a man of your word, Mr Fraser. Good work.” Randall praised, a dull mockery to his tone.

Claire nearly vomited at the sound of his voice, but she managed –just about– to keep it together as she dipped her chin forwards, looking only at the floor now. She couldn’t –wouldn’t– look *him* in the eyes. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. She wouldn’t give him the power.

Tinkling of metal kept her grounded as she imagined the soldiers removing poor Jamie’s bindings. She felt, rather than saw, the breeze as Brian pushed her towards the British. Her ankles almost buckled, but she focused on the feel of the damp long grass as it tickled her bare skin.

Anything to keep her from those dark thoughts. Anything to keep her here, on this hill.

“Claire!” Randall called, the pleasure at her re-capture chilling her to the bone, “five seconds and I take the boy back, you wouldn’t want that –would you?” He cautioned, the warning painfully clear.

Eyes still fixed to the ground, Claire began her steady walk back towards captivity, her legs wobbling as she made her way down the small hill.

Sensing Jamie’s close proximity, she stuck out her pinkie finger, brushing it gently alongside his as they crossed paths, ships passing in the bleak night. Warmth spread through her frozen digits as they met, the silent apology flowing from her to him as she pulled herself together and ended the contact.

Thick fingers gripped her as Randall’s guards attached the irons around her tiny wrists, any larger and they would have slipped clean off. But, unfortunately, they just weren’t big enough, and the solid metal hit her fragile skin, tearing it as the jagged material held her prisoner.

Shutting off everything else, Claire locked herself away. She heard nothing but the soft wisps of the breeze as she was marched, unceremoniously back towards Fort WIlliam, her feet barely touching the floor.

Darkness surrounded her, the inky blackness closing in as every inch of her ached. Her back, shredded as it was, protested as a stray boot came into contact with her much abused skin.

Feeling his wretched touch against her scalp, Claire shied away as the stray locks of her sopping hair were pushed away from her damp forehead.

“I thought of you, you know,” he taunted, his voice cruel and callous, “all the while I had him here. He wouldn’t talk, stupid boy. He wouldn’t give you up…oh, but I knew he’d seen you. I could tell. I saw the spark of recognition behind his eyes as I showed him your portrait.”

Claire baulked at the image, her heart going out to Jamie Fraser. A man she’d hardly even spoken to who had been willing to suffer on her behalf.

“I offered him the same out as you. Same words. Same offer…same response,” he sighed, his words filled with pleasure at the thought of his little game.

He liked to play.

He liked to win.

But he hadn’t with Claire, and he never would. She would rather die first. Even the most brutal death was better than –that.

“But now I don’t think you get the choice anymore,” he sneered.

Claire curled herself up into a smaller ball, her legs crossed and pulled under her chin in a fruitless attempt at hiding from her fate.

“…and when I do it,” he continued, horror and wretchedness dripping from his tongue, “I shall think of him. Trussed up here, at my mercy. And then once I’m done with you, Claire, I will go back for him.”

Scrunching her nose and squeezing her eyes closed, Claire tried to hold back the relentless agony as it tore through her, the manacles at her wrists chaffing as she twisted her arms across her bleeding knees.

“Leave him alone,” she choked, letting the gloom consume her once more, “you have me, leave him be…”

Murky dusk pulled at her vision as she tried to bury herself back into sleep, quietly begging for a reprieve.

“Claire,” the voice spoke, the tone of it wavering from one sound to another as she battled to remain unconscious.

“Claire, it’s time…”

The subtle change in pitch made her ears prick.

“Sassenach? It’s time, breakfast is done, please…come and eat today.”

She still hadn’t let him touch her, only his fingers against hers, but he was getting closer.

“J-Jamie?” She stuttered, her mouth dry as she squinted one eye open, daring not to hope.

“Aye, Claire, it’s me. Jamie.”

“I’m not–”

“No,” he cut in, eager to calm her frayed nerves.

She remembered.

Sitting upright, Claire stretched out her limbs, cracking a few bones in the process.

“But your father–”

“Doesna ken, Claire,” Jamie interrupted again, his cheeks pinking as she turned, pulling the sheets up to cover her chest as she look over at him timidly.

“What did you do, Jamie?”

“Do ye trust me, Claire?” He began, hope burning behind his eyes as he asked the question.

“Is he coming for me, Jamie?” Claire returned, her heart slamming against her ribcage, its jagged rhythm making her breath come in short sharp pants as her fingers gripped the thick blanket.

“Ye understand, mo chidhe, that he couldna be allowed to live, aye? I couldna let him…” wiping his hand across his lips, Jamie stood, his teeth clenched tight at the mere thought, “I *could not* let him take ye to his bed. To *force* ye to lay wi’ him. He told me, ken? What he would do. To me –to you– and he had to be stopped. For everyone’s sake.”

Claire nodded, her bright blue eyes wide at the implication of his words.

“Will they know it was you?”

“It’s been nigh on a month now, Claire. There has been reports, as always, word travels fast in the highlands –it has too– but no, I havena been implicated. And they think ye deid too.”

“Oh goodness,” she exhaled, her hand hovering over her heart as she tried to breath normally and failed. “But your father still doesn’t know?”

Seeing her distress, Jamie fell at her feet, forgetting his dislike of his touch in an instant as he laid his palms against her covered knees and shaking his head as he did so.


She didn’t even so much as flinch, for which he was grateful.

“Jamie, what will he say?”

“You leave that to me, aye? But I needed ye to ken that no matter what, ye willna be returning to that man. Ever.”

Claire raised her head, meeting him eye to eye as she took her first clean lungful of air in a while, untainted by the knowledge of Captain Randall and his merciless rampage.

“B-but…you *killed* him?”

“I set the tower alight as he lay in his bed, aye. I made sure he wasna likely to wake either –after I had ye in a safe place, of course.”

Taking his hands in hers, Claire brought his fingers to her lips and kissed them over and over. Slowly, the sorrow diminished, leaving only a great sense of awe and loyalty.

“You took a man’s life, though. For me. I’m n–”

“Nay!” he returned, raising his voice a little too high.

Claire jumped, but didn’t let go as Jamie righted himself, shaking off the rage at the dismissal of her own worth.

“Dinna ever say that again, sassenach. Do ye hear?”

Claire nodded, fresh tears falling as she slipped forwards into Jamie’s arms.

Wrapping himself around her, he let her sob openly against him, his shirt and chest soaking up the moisture as she cried.

“Ye are no’ nothing, Claire. Ye hear? Nay, mo Sorcha. You are *everything*.”


Pushing his buttons || Dan H.

A/N: This is mostly dialog and I loved writing it. I also have a thing for university!dan now. Thanks for the request!

Word Count: 1.9K

POV: Reader


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„What are you wearing?” Dan asked, raising his eyebrows and looking me up and down. He sat at the kitchen table and looked up from his laptop that he did some work for university on.

Daniel James Howell, 21, wearing a wrinkled t-shirt and plaid pyjama bottoms, messy brown hair that he let grow out, freakishly tall, university student and unfortunately incredibly hot.

Since my parents were currently on a business trip to another continent for two weeks I was staying at Dan’s flat. I could have told them that I was old enough to look after myself, but honestly sharing this flat with him was much better than being on my own all the time. He was the son of my mum’s best friend so we knew each other since we were little kids. My parents had a soft spot for him and over the years he became one of my best friends.

I was confused by Dan’s question and quickly checked my outfit. It didn’t look bad, did it? The dress I was wearing perfectly hugged all my curves. It also showed the right amount of skin: not too much and not too little.

“I’m going to this party” I explained, putting my keys and phone into my purse.

“Are there gonna be boys?” Dan asked, completely forgetting about the paper that was due tomorrow.  

“Yes.” I truthfully answered. Why would there only be girls? What was up with him?  

“What do you mean ‘yes’?” Dan shut the laptop in front of him close and shot me a strange look. Was he angry now?  

“Yes, there are gonna be boys.” I answered, stating the obvious.

“And they are all just your friends?” He sceptically eyed me.

I didn’t even know everyone who was going to be there. Why did it matter anyway? I shrugged my shoulders instead of answering.

“I asked you a question.” Dan snapped, getting up from his chair.  

“Not all of them want to be just friends, I guess” I admitted, blushing a bit.

“Pardon?!” The dark haired boy almost shouted, looking at me the same way my mother probably would.

“I don’t know, there is this guy called Brandon and he’s been trying to get into my pants for about half a year.” I told him nonchalantly.

We were close friends and we talked about a lot, but we never talked about my relationship to other guys or anything like that. It felt weird and I immediately regretted telling him that when I saw his facial expression.

“Into your what?!?” Dan’s eyes grew wide and the vein on his neck was pulsating. If he had taken a of sip water he would have spit it out.

“Pants. It’s a saying. It means he wa-” I explained, trying to stay calm while he was close to losing his mind.

“I know well enough what that means. Have you told him to back the fuck up?” Dan’s question sounded more like a demand. I had spent enough time with him to know that him starting to curse is definitely a sign that he is mad.

 "What if I don’t want him to?“ I challenged him, not being entirely serious. He deserved that for acting like a dick.  

"What the fuck, Y/N?” Curse word again. Damn he was really mad.

“Dan, can you please calm down?” I asked, tired of his stupid behaviour. I was going to be late because of him.

“Calm down? No! Why do you want to be with that stupid prick?”

“Dan, that’s none of your businesses!“ I defended myself, extremely irritated by his act.

"Oh hell yeah it is!”

“No it’s not!”

“You are not going to that party and you are going to tell that Brandon ass that he can get lost.” Dan smashed against the kitchen table with his fist, thinking that he had spoken the last word.  

“What?? Why?! That’s so unfair.” I complained. He was not my father and he couldn’t tell me shit.

“No it’s not.”

“You get to go the a hundred parties a week and take home as many girls as you want, but I need to stay at home and play good girl when I want to go out once in like half a year? Double standard much?” I snapped, having seen enough girls quietly leave this place before noon.

“That’s different.” Dan just stated and cleared his throat, obviously embarrassed that I had to witness some of his hook ups leave.

“How is that different?” I wanted to know, my eyes burning into his skin.

“You are still in High School.” That was excuse, seriously? My hands were trembling with anger.  

“I am eighteen, Dan! You were at my birthday party remember?!”

“Eighteen or not. That Brandon pervert just wants to use you to have sex because he is a horny ass teenager.” He tried to end this conversation and have me go back to my room.

He’d like it that way. Who does he think he is? My babysitter?

“Maybe, Brandon has just realised that I am a desirable young women and not some little baby contrary to you!” I screamed at his face, fed up with having him look down on me like he is the wise and mature guy and I’m the little baby that wasn’t allowed to do anything.

“I- Look at how naive you are acting right now!” My words had clearly thrown him off track. Good.

“Oh so it’s totally unbelievable that I can be desired?” I took it up a notch, now that he got me completely furious.

“That-that’s not what I said!” Dan defended himself and swallowed hard.  

“But that’s what you are thinking. You treat me like a baby 24/7!” I shouted, feeling relieved right after the truth had left my mouth.

“Y/N that’s not true! And you can’t deny that this Brandon guy just wants to ‘get into your pants’ because he is a horny teenager.” Dan lectured me, raising his voice.

I just angrily glared up at his stupid face, too furious to even say something.

“Look, if I were that young again I’d probably think you are hot too.” Dan bluntly explained to me, ignoring my death glare.

“So you don’t think that I am hot now?” I spat, his words piercing my heart like a sharp sword.

“Uhm what?!” He definitely didn’t see that coming.

“You said that if you were a horny teenager again you’d think I’m hot. So you don’t think I’m hot now.” I explained what his words sounded like to me and couldn’t get over the fact that they had deeply hurt me.

“Y/N, I a - I don’t see why this is relevant right now.” Dan stuttered, scratching the back of his neck.

“It’s not. I’m going to the party and you can’t stop me.” I snapped, absolutely done with him.

I knew he didn’t like me back, but I could still hope, right? Well, not after what he had just said.

“You are going to the party and what? Fuck this Brandon guy in the bathroom?” He asked, laughing scornfully.

I put on a coat over my dress and slipped into my heels before I turned to face Dan again.

“Why not? Why would you care?” I riposted, wiping that snarky grin off his face.

“Why not?? You seriously want to lose your virginity like that?” Dan snorted angrily taking a few steps towards me as I opened the door to leave.

“So you are now just presuming I am a virgin?” I raised my eyebrows at him and watched his face fall.

“Woah, woah woah. Stop right there. Explain that!” He put his arm out in front of my chest, stopping me from leaving his flat.

“It’s none of your business if I am virgin or not. I am not hot enough to have sex in your eyes anyways.” I said, trying to sound calm although I was still offended by what he had said earlier.

“Why is it so important to you if I think you are hot?” Dan bellowed, not taking away his stretched out arm that stopped me from leaving.

“Why do you care so much about me and that Brandon guy?” I countered loudly.


His brown eyes evilly glared at me and I wasn’t afraid to stare back. Both of our eyebrows were furrowed together. Me and Dan normally didn’t fight, but damn I hated him right now.

I could hear Dan angrily breath through his nose, not breaking eye contact.

“I don’t care. If you want to fuck around, suit yourself.” He said through gritted teeth.

He was obviously challenging me and I was not going to lose.

“Fine. Then I’ll go and find Brandon.” I stated, waiting for him to show any reaction.

“I said, I don’t care.” Dan snarled, his eyes were dark with anger.

“Maybe you can give me a few tips on how to quietly leave after a one night stand. You seem to be an expert.” I chirped, pushing his buttons on purpose.

He looked like he was going to explode.

“Don’t fucking take this too far, Y/N. You are acting like a child.” Dan growled, his deep voice sending shivers down my spine.

The fact that he told me that he doesn’t care still upset me. I wanted him to care, but not because he thought I was a baby.

I wanted to set him off like ticking bomb.

“Can you give me one of your condoms? I don’t know if Br-“

That was it. The final straw.

The look he was giving me made my inside tingle and I had to take a few steps back because the heat that was radiating from his body was suffocating me. My back hit the cold white wall behind me, making me jump. I swallowed hard, watching Dan step closer to me. His hands smashed down on the wall on each side of my hot face.

His breath fanned my neck, causing me to nearly lose my senses.

“If that Brandon asshole ever touches you then I’m going to gladly break his fucking neck. Do you understand that?”

I looked to my left to avoid eye contact.

“Why do you get so angry at Brandon? Why do you even care?” I challenged him having risen my voice once again. I was not giving up that easily. He was acting tough but I wasn’t intimidated by his behaviour.

“Just change out of that stupid dress. I can almost see your boobs.” Dan told me, taking a step back and avoiding my question.

“Oh and you don’t want to see them?”

Where my boobs not good enough for him now? Prick.

“Y/N-I.. please. We are not talking about that now.” Dan sternly shut me down, noticeably annoyed by me.

“Why not? I’m tired of you treating me like an ugly little child.” I told him, standing up straight to shown him my determination.

“Y/N please can we-“ Dan tried to calm me down, gently touching my shoulder.

“No, we can’t! Why am I not good enough for you!” I shouted hurt.

“Look. I don’t know why you have that idea-“

“You always make sure to let me know that I’m totally unattractive. And that makes me feel like shit!”I admitted loudly, completely lashing out on him.

“It was not my intention to make you feel like shit.” Dan defended himself, throwing his arms up.  

“Then what was your fucking intention?!” I snapped, losing my patience.

“I just have to stop myself, okay?!” Dan shouted.

“Stop yourself from what!?”

“Stop myself from fucking pushing you against the next wall and kissing the living shit out of you!”

Haikyuu Promposals

Kageyama attempts to set up volleyballs on the court before practice to spell out PROM? but the volleyballs keep rolling everywhere and he’s getting frustrated. In the midst of shuffling around on the floor in a nest of volleyballs, Hinata walks in on him and asks what he’s doing. He scrambles to his feet and tries to explain what he was trying to do. Hinata smiles and tells him he could have saved himself the trouble and just asked and that he’d love to go with him either way. Embarrassed, Kags calls him a dumbass, but the that dumbass still gets a hug and a small forehead kiss, so he takes it as a compliment.
Daichi visits Suga’s home late one night and tosses pebbles at his window to get his attention. A sleepy Suga opens his window, shedding light upon the lawn below. PROM? is spelled out in the grass with rose petals and Daichi stands to the right with a bouquet in his arms. Suga gasps and bolts downstairs to tackle Daichi on the lawn, scattering the flowers and petals while they laugh and kiss. (Spoiler alert: they end up winning prom king and queen)
Noya plans on asking Asahi before practice one day with the assistance of the rest of the team, who are all more than willing to help out their friend. Noya’s plan of course involves the whole team to be shirtless, and he paints the letters to spell out the question on their backs. It’s a bit of a mess, but Noya is thrilled with how it turns out and waits eagerly at the end as the question mark for Asahi to enter the gym. When the doors open it takes Asahi a minute to understand what’s happening, before he gets all blushies and covers his mouth with his hands. Noya turns around all excited and bounds to his boyfriend’s side. Asahi tells him through cupped hands how over the top it all is but when he sees the electric look in Noya’s eyes he is forced into a smile and hugs the tiny bean in a bear hug.
Tanaka frantically runs up to Ennoshita before school one day and grabs the confused boy by the shoulders. Ennoshita notices a bunch of wires and a large device strapped to his torso and after hearing faint beeps from the machine, he immediately identifies it as a bomb. With a look of utter panic in his eyes, Tanaka tells Ennoshita “QUICK I NEED YOUR HELP” and he shoves a pair of wire cutters into his hands. He then unzips his sweatshirt revealing a note on the bomb that says, “Will you go to prom with me? Cut the red wire for yes, let me blow up for no” Ennoshita’s heart drops from 100 to 0 when he realizes this was just a dumb promposal and he slaps Tanaka hard across the face. Taken aback by this, Tanaka falls to the ground and still disoriented, watches as Ennoshita kneels down to his side and cuts the red wire.
The thought had been swirling around his head for weeks now. Tsukki wanted to ask Yams to prom, but he didn’t want anything too attention grabbing, and he decided that the best time to pop the question would be when they were hanging out alone. Their famous movie nights seemed like the perfect atmosphere for Tsukki to work with but he still didn’t know how he’d do it. While waiting for Yams to arrive that night, Tsukki contemplated if he should just ask him out right. He started playing with the food he got for their dinner, specifically the french fries, Yamaguchi’s favorite. Spontaneously, as Yams approached the front door, he spelled out Prom? with french fries and smiled to himself. He invited the boy in and when they went to sit down to their meal, Yamaguchi saw the message and flashed a huge ear to ear grin that lit up the whole room. He cried out Tsukki’s name before leaping into his arms and squeezing him as tight as he could. Tsukki grinned back, pleased at how easily floored by his proposal Yams was. It was just french fries after all.
A very nervous Iwa-chan finally works up the courage to ask Oikawa to prom after practice. He waits for Oikawa to come out of the gym while he waits with a sign by his car. When Oikawa sees Iwa he gasps and drops his bags. The sign reads, “Will you UF-GO to prom with me?” Oikawa spits out his answer before running over to Iwa wrapping his arms around his neck. In between kisses he tells him every thing he’s been planning and how the only thing he was waiting on was his proposal. He’s actually had a dress picked out for months, and he knows exactly how he’s styling his hair.
Once he’s changed after practice, Makki leaves for his car to find Mattsun dressed in an all too revealing mini skirt and heels dramatically posing on the hood of his car. He’s holding a poorly made sign that reads, “Can I drag you to prom?” with ribbons and glitter all over it. Mattsun looks like the ugliest girl ever, with heavily applied blush, lavender lipstick, and fake lashes that have been applied completely  wrong. This however doesn’t stop Makki from dropping his bags and running to the drag queen’s side and dramatically replying with the clichéd “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!” They start passionately making out in front of the team simply to piss them off. The rest of the team stands from afar rolling their eyes and making gagging sounds.
Yahaba opens his door to reveal a very red faced Kyoutani on his front step, holding a bouquet of busted up flowers. He looked as though he tried to dress nice for the occasion but at the same time it appeared as though he’d just been in a fight. His dress shirt was untucked and the sleeves were rolled up, and his face bore the discoloration of a fading bruise under his eye. He spat out the words, “Do you wanna come to prom with me?” like they were vinegar and after this his face was a deep shade of red Yahaba had never seen on him. The scene made him smile and he accepted his proposal and warmed him in an embrace. Once the flustered puppy was deep enough in the hug that Yahaba couldn’t see his face, he let it slide into that smile he’d been holding back the second he opened the door.
After being advised by the rest of the team countless times not to mention Yaku’s height while asking him, Lev still decides that when he asks him, he’s going to bring up his height. The team begins taking bets on where Lev’s gonna be kicked when he asks him. Lev waits patiently by the door with his ingenious sign that stands at Yaku’s exact height of 165.2 cm, and reads, “You must be this tall to go to prom with me” To the rest of the team’s amazement, when Yaku sees the sign he doesn’t dropkick Lev like expected, but instead he smiles and laughs out loud, and then hugs the beaming Lev around the waist (where he can reach). The hug however is short lived, as Lev then comments on how Yaku is finally tall enough for something. He’s then promptly kicked in the back of the shins and Kuroo wins $15.
Kuroo knows he won’t be able to get Kenma to look up from his game long enough to ask him to prom, so he changes the names of every Pokemon in his party to spell out his question.

Kenma almost drops his game when he discovers it and through teary eyes he nods his head and then buries it into Kuroo’s chest, who wraps his arms around the small kitten, beaming all the while.
Bokuto tries to train an owl to deliver his prom message to Akaashi at his locker. He sets the bird free in the hallway during passing and watches in horror as the bird begins to attack Akaashi’s beautiful face. Everyones screaming and Bokuto runs in and grabs the owl off of Akaashi. After apologizing over and over Akaashi notices the note on the birds collar and reads it. “Will you go to prom with me? (It’ll be a hoot)” Still hanging his head out of embarrassment, he sneaks a peek at Akaashi, who’s flashing the most beautiful smile Bokuto’s ever seen. He then places a kiss on the blushing boy who looks up in shock as Akaashi whispers in his ear, “Owl totally go to prom with you.” He fainted.

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Hello talented people! Will there be a continuation of neighbouring love?

anonymous asked: Can you please continue Neighboring love? I love it and need to know what happens next!

anonymous asked: I’m offering cookies in exchange for more neighboring love!! I make really good cookies. and i’m begging. its so good, and i’ve read it and re-read it. Not to pressure, i’ll love you no matter what but i wish for more more more!

anonymous asked: I love neighboring love so so much!! Any chance of getting more installments from that story? I hate to feel pushy but Ive reread it so many time and can’t help but wish for more!!

“James Alexander, stop yer fidgetin’!” Ellen berated her youngest, slapping his hands away from the cuffs of his sleeves.

“But Mam!” Jamie protested with a groan. “It’s too stuffy and I’m hot! Canna I go play wi’ Ian in the stables?”

“No, ye can’t. Yer father is expecting us for Quarter Day and ye will be there to greet our guests, do ye hear me?”

“Yes, Mam.” Jamie dragged his feet, scuffing his newly made boots along the hallway floor leading to his father’s study.


“Jamie, my lad! Come here, son.” Jamie ran and scrambled into his father’s lap, tugging at his collar and cuffs.

“Canna please take it off, Da? It’s hot and stuffy and I dinna wanna wear it!”

Brian chuckled pulling his son’s hands away from the lace and velvet. “Ye ken ye have to wear it. I’m sure yer Mam has told ye so.”

“Aye,” Jamie mumbled.

“Weel then, I dinna ken why yer asking me if ye can take it off. Ye must look respectable and the image of the Laird. Ye are my son and ye’ll need to act that way. No one will be off playing until later.”

Jamie sighed, his small head drooped down in despondency. Putting a finger beneath his chin, Brian raised Jamie’s face so that his eyes could meet his own.

“I’ll make a deal wi’ ye son,” Brian said, pushing a curly red lock out of his son’s eyes. “Ye can change and go off and play after we’ve met with all the tenants. Ye dinna have to stay for the more business aspect of it, but ye will say hello and greet each and every one of our residents. They look up to us and count on us to take care of them. The least we can do is be there to welcome them graciously into our home. Ye never know who ye might meet, someone new or old, and form a new exciting friendship. Aye?”

“Alright, Da.” Jamie slid off of his father’s lap and trudged out of the study, Brian muffling his chuckles as he watched his son walk dejectedly away.

To Jamie, it felt like days he had been standing beside his family greeting all of the tenants in the land. He didn’t know when it would end. His mood soured as he could hear his best friend and the locals playing just on the other side of the dooryard. He longed to be over there playing with swords or chasing them into the burn. The icy chill of the burn would feel good about now, he thought to himself as a bead of sweat fell down his neck.

A quick, but quiet noise from his mother had him standing straighter and no longer tugging at his sleeves.

“Laird Fraser!” Jamie heard a distinctly English accent say with a flourish. “It is an honor to meet you on this fine day and my what a beautiful family you have!”

The accent drew Jamie’s attention over to the man, he stood in odd looking tan breeks and only his tunic. No plaid or red coat, no loyalties being shown.

“Welcome Mister?”

“Ah, Beauchamp. Lambert Beauchamp, but please just call me Lamb. This,” he pulled a girl in front of him, “is my niece, Claire. We were fortunate enough to obtain a small cabin on the edge of your properties from a Mrs. McNabb about a month ago. I do hope that is not a problem?”

“Not at all, Lamb. I’d be happy to discuss the terms of your tenantship in the study after while, if ye’d to me the honor?”

“Of course! Of course! I only want to make sure we can stay. Claire and I are the only family the other has, and we’ve been most graciously welcomed here. We find it very serene and more like home than anywhere else we’ve been thus far.”

Jamie watched as his father’s eyebrows disappeared in shock. “I would love to hear what ye could bring to the area and where all ye’ve been and how ye came to be here.”

“Claire, is it?” Ellen said, crouching down to the girl’s height.

“Yes, ma’am. Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, at your service.” She bowed low with a curtsey. Jamie was transfixed. The girl had curly brown hair that was not contained. It fell down in the ways his mother and sister’s hair did at night. She didn’t seem comfortable in her dress, but that didn’t matter, she was there and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“…my daughter will show you the way.” Jamie shook his head hearing the end of his mother’s sentence. What will Jenny show her? Where will they go?

“Thank you, Mrs. Fraser.”

“I’ll take her!” he said without thought.

“Jamie?” his mother questioned while his sister sniggered.

“I said, I’ll take her.”

“Nay, ye will not! That is my job. Ye dinna have a reason to be wi’ us. Go play wi’ Ian, Jamie,” Jenny said laughing, grabbing Claire’s hand.  

Brian looked from his wife to his son and nodded. Leaning down, he whispered to his son, “Ye like the lass then, Jamie?”

“What? No! Da, I only-”

“Wheest! I was the same way when I first saw yer Mam. Go on and get changed. Our deal is fulfilled. Go play with Ian, I’ll call for ye later and we’ll talk about Miss Beauchamp then, aye?”

“Aye,” Jamie said, running into the house. He heard Jenny’s voice and followed it to the library part of the study.

“Ye’ll find all sorts of books here!”

“Thank you so much, Jenny.”

“Aye, it’s no trouble at all. Maybe once ye find a book, ye could meet me back outside to go for a walk? I can show ye around the land.”

“I’d really like that,” Claire said. Jamie could hear the smile in her voice.

“Good. I’ll see ye shortly then!” Plastering himself to the side of the wall, he nearly was caught as his sister skipped out of the room, a smile plastered on her face.

“I’m going to have a friend,” he heard Claire murmur. Chancing a glance, he caught Claire hugging herself and spinning in a circle with a laugh.

Making his way to his friends, Jamie couldn’t stop thinking of Claire. He wanted to be her friend as well.

“Jamie! What are they like? Did they have pointed teeth and horns?”

“What are ye talking about, Ronald?”

“The Sassenachs! My Da says there were a hundred of them infiltrating yer land! What are they like?”

“Yer Da is stupid then, Ronald, because there were only two Sassenachs and yer Mam is the one that sold them a house! No, they didna have fangs or horns. They were just like us, only with a funny accent.”

“Yer the one that’s stupid! My Mam never would have sold a Sassenach a pile of poop, let alone a cabin!” Ronald McNabb said, poking Jamie in the chest.

“I was there when the Sassenachs arrived and the man said he bought the cabin from Mrs. McNabb! Ye canna say I’m stupid for repeating the truth!”

Ronald snorted. “The truth according to a Sassenach!”

“Why would he lie? It was just him and his niece. There isna a reason for him to saying anything false!”

“He could to get into yer idiot Da’s good graces to keep them on the land! I say we should go and beat them up! Make sure they ken never to cross a Scot!”

A few of the other boys cheered at Ronald’s bold statement, but what cut through the noise was a soft gasp. Behind him, stood Jenny and Claire.

“My Uncle is not lying. We bought the cabin from a Mrs. McNabb and we’re here to offer what we can in rents due to the Laird. We have no quarrel with you or any Scotsman. We like it here!” Claire said defiantly, marching up to stand beside Jamie and in front of Ronald.

“Go away, ye filthy Sassenach! No one wants ye here!”

Before Claire could say anything further, Jamie lunged his fist connecting with Ronald’s nose, as both boys fell to the ground.

“Dinna say that to a lady! She’s no filthy! Learn manners, ye no good son of a-”

“JAMIE!” Brian yelled as he pulled his son off of the other boy who had curled up in a ball crying, bloody snot bubbles forming with each gasp of air.

“Ye dinna hit men whom ye don’t agree with. Ye talk it over. That way ye have no reason to be thought of as a criminal or scoundrel!”

“Nay, Da. He was speaking bad about Miss Claire. He called her a filthy Sassenach and wanted to beat her up!” Jamie exclaimed, wiping blood and dirt from under his nose. “I was protecting her.”

Brian sighed. “We’ll discuss this later.” He turned back to the crying form of Ronald McNabb. “Did ye learn yer lesson, lad?”

The boy didn’t answer.

“Come on then, let’s go see if Mrs. Crook can patch ye up.”

“Mister Fraser.. .erm.. Laird Fraser!” Claire called out.

“Aye?” he said, turning with Ronald in his arms to face Claire.

“Jamie really was protecting me, but if it’s alright with you please don’t go too harsh on him. His heart was in a good place.”

Brian nodded and began to walk away.

“Wait!” Claire called again. “I know how to fix what’s wrong with him. Can I help?”

“Come on, then!” Brian called and Claire followed, looking back again at Jamie for a moment, blowing him a kiss before catching up to Brian and Ronald.

The memory of the first time Jamie stood up for me rushed through my mind and I couldn’t help but see the small boy who pummeled another because he insulted me. And now, here an adult Jamie stood, not three feet from me, the same determined expression set on his face.

“Jamie!” I sighed and walked towards him, my arm being jerked back by Jonathan. “Let me go!” I said, angrily tugging on my arm.

“No! Why should I believe him! You love me! We’ll be happy together, Claire, just you see.”

“I’d rather not. I love Jamie not you, never you!” I tugged again. “Now, let. Me. Go!” I said emphasizing each word with a tug. He let go as I tugged causing me to fall right into Jamie’s arms.

“Are ye alright, mo nighean donn?” he asked, smoothing my hair back from my face.

“Yes, now that you’re home. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to be home early?”

Jamie leaned down and kissed my forehead. “Because I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Breathing deeply, I relaxed further into his embrace.

“You just think you’re something special, don’t you, Fraser? Always getting what you want, never thinking about consequences or what might happen to others. No, it’s always all about you. You don’t even understand or know who I am! What I can do and who trusts me!”

“I’ll be asking ye to take yer leave, sir. If ye will speak with my father before ye leave telling him ye are going, that would save me the trouble of explaining what I stumbled upon.”

“Watch your back, Fraser. I’ll not forget this and you will regret this moment. As will you!” he sneered, nodding in my direction.

With a turn of his coat, Jonathan Randall walked out of the garden and hopefully out of our lives.