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Shower/Bath time

You have to make sure your little is clean and cuteeee! It’s important that you help them clean themselves, they’re little so they can’t do it. You need to make sure they’re comfortable with you looking at them, especially since they’re vulnerable. They feel self conscious having a person look at their body.

-Temperature: Make sure the water isn’t too hot or cold. You want them to feel comfortable and have an environment to play with.

-Toys: If your little is taking a bath, have some things around for them to play with. Things like floating toys, bathroom paint, and bubble bath. Littles love bubbles so make sure its the best kind ;)

-Supplies: You don’t need to get a lot of fancy, expensive bathroom supplies. They’re littles, if you get something that smells good you can use use it on them. Also, make sure to get (or make) soap in a rag. Its the cleanest way to use soap. Plus it’ll look cute with a pig or frog on it.

After the shower/bath: Your little will be super cold not matter the temperature of the water. And sometimes, they don’t want to get out. You’ll need to have a warm towel around to keep them warm but dry. Once they’re wrapped in the towel, hug them to make them a little warmer. Carry them to their room and help them get dressed.

I love you all so much and have a wonderful night.

Concept: We’re in upstate new york in a pent house. We have a beautiful, rustic grammaphone playing, the lilting sound of string, percussion and wind instruments melding melodiously fill the apartment. We’re dressed up as 1920’s flapper girls, the jewels sparkling in the dim glow of the fairylights we have strung up. The room is glowing with a soft shade of pink. We sip on rose champagne and dance around the open room enjoying and basking in the presence of each other. Everything is perfect.

alpha-antares  asked:

I am SO happy that the new stage play is gonna have Kiyoko, Yachi and Saeko in it. I was thinking, if they are doing more stages, they couldn't possibly cut them out of the story. And GOSH I'm so glad they were included. I'm excited to see what they'll bring to Haisute!

I was always curious about how they could continue to cut them out (although other stage shows have done this in the past and found work-arounds), but I’m soooo glad they decided to make the effort to bring them in!!!  

I think they were very hesitant about only casting Kiyoko without Yachi because then she would have been the ONLY female actress in the cast, and due to some of the intense gender segregation in the Japanese media industry, I’m sure she might have felt lonely without any other girls to interact with.  Backstage it seems like most of the guys share dressing rooms and stuff, and she would’ve been sequestered separately in her own.  And for PR reasons, a lot of times they really discourage the actresses from hanging out too much with the actors (even if they do, they can’t tweet/blog about it).  I think they deliberately waited until Yachi could also appear beside her.

And now with Yacchan and with Saeko too, I’m sure we’ll get to see a lot of feminine cuteness both on-stage and backstage!  


I’m so super in love with this look!!! I haven’t worn my thigh high boots in a while, and I forgot how cute they were lol.

Also, I’m almost ready to publicly launch my website :) I need to write some blogs and update a few more things, but I’m super excited for it and can’t wait to see what happens and where it goes! following back similar ask/message for a blog rate, advice, follow back💕


a surplus of:

- stuffed animals (must be cute… varied sizes…)

- coloring books that have cute themes

- crayons to use for said coloring books

- hello kitty / pusheen / my melody / rilakkuma themed stuff

- cute pens, pencils, & stationary supplies

- cute band-aids with animals or princesses or the themed stuff i listed

- collars for pet-space or to just feel cute in bc duh adorable

- cute cups for drinks

- maybe some nice little hair-bows

- pastel sweaters that are too big for me so i feel small

- pastel sweaters that fit me just right too tho

- adorable thigh highs that don’t suffocate my thighs bc thicc

- garters … must be pink for aesthetic

- fluffy or just cute socks (preferably pastel pink or other pastel colors)

- white jeans to pair with my cute pastel sweaters when going out since at home i’ll obviously just be wearing them without pants and maybe paired with some thigh-highs or my cute socks

- skirts to maybe try to wear out and not feel self-conscious in

- super cute dresses that flatter my figure &/or make me feel small and pretty (preferably pastel pink or other pastel colors)

- cute pink/pastel/white shoes to wear with said skirts and dresses and just outfits in general

- puppies and small animals to pet

- lotion and perfumes that smell nice

- big soft pillows to lay on and cuddle with all my stuffed animals

- love and attention and cuddles and pets

feel free to add on to this list!