girls in bikini boys doin the twist

the key paris/rory episodes are

  • season 1 episode 2 - the lorelais’ first day at chilton - paris steals rory’s old report cards from the principal’s office and then corners her outside a classroom to tell her, “you’ll never beat me. this school is my domain.”
  • season 1 episode 9 - rory’s dance - paris pays her cousin to go with her to the school dance and then melts down about it in front of rory
  • season 1 episode 11 - paris is burning - paris’s parents are going through a messy divorce that’s being written up in the papers and, desperate to stop being the focus of gossip, she leaks the news that rory’s mom is dating one of the school english teachers, and when rory confronts her about it she says, “you’re not going to kiss me, are you?” and then rory is empathetic and says “if you ever need to talk, i’m here” and paris is very moved by this kindness
  • season 1 episode 13 - concert interruptus - rory’s mom takes rory and some of her school friends to a concert and the other school friends run off with some guys leaving rory and paris alone for most of the concert and then at the end of the night paris says “you know rory i think this is the best night i’ve ever had”
  • season 1 episode 18 - the third lorelai - rory tries to set paris up with a boy in their class and paris comes over and rory helps her get ready for the date and paris feels like she looks ugly but rory repeatedly tells her she looks great and amazing
  • season 2 episode 7 - like mother, like daughter - rory gets into a secret society at her school and paris really wants to be a part of it so she lobbies for paris to get into the group 
  • season 2 episode 9 - run away, little boy - paris is directing the school production of romeo and juliet and she refuses to let anyone but rory play juliet and then minutes before the performance decides that none of the boys are good enough to play romeo and she puts on the romeo costume and goes out and plays romeo opposite rory as juliet and there’s a scene where she goes “thus with a kiss i die” and then sort of leans in for a kiss but chickens out and just faceplants in rory’s boobs
  • season 2 episode 16 - there’s the rub - paris begs rory to tutor her one on one in chemistry and she invites herself over to rory’s house on a friday night to study chemistry and later literally no exaggeration intervenes to prevent rory’s boyfriend from physically abusing her and then rory asks her if she wants to have a slumber party and there’s a deleted scene where they’re lying on the living room couch together eating junk food and watching tv and paris keeps asking prying questions about rory’s dating life
  • season 2 episode 18 - back in the saddle again - rory and paris get paired together for their business fair project with rory’s grandfather mentoring them and he loves paris and thinks the world of her even though he hates all of rory’s bfs makes u think
  • season 2 episode 22 - i can’t get started - paris asks rory to be her student council vice president and tells her “you look like little birds help you get dressed in the morning” she also makes handmade buttons that say VOTE GELLER GILMORE with little pictures of her and rory on them
  • season 3 episode 1 - those lazy hazy crazy days - a boy asks paris out on a date and paris has a full panic attack about it, rory helps her get ready for the date and calms her down and combs her hair and they talk about what they want “in a guy” while paris makes love eyes at her, then the boy knocks on the door and paris literally no exaggeration asks rory to go hide in a closet while she greets the boy like she literally physically walks rory over to the closet, shuts the door, and tells the closed closet door “thanks for helping me get ready” this is satanic
  • season 3 episode 11 - i solemnly swear - this one bitch on the student council has been trying to sow discord between paris and rory since the beginning of the season and in this episode her tactics finally Work and paris thinks rory has betrayed her and they have a sexually charged fencing match which ends with paris ripping her helmet off and shouting “i can’t believe i ever considered you my best friend” before running off crying
  • season 3 episode 12 - lorelai out of water - the principal drags rory and paris into his office and asks if they’re fighting over a boy and paris is like “OOHHHHHHHH OF COURSE… WE’RE GIRLS SO WE COULD ONLY BE FIGHTING OVER A BOY… YOU SEXIST WHITE-HAIRED…” real dialogue from a real heterosexual character
  • season 3 episode 16 - the big one - paris goes over to rory’s house after they’ve been fighting for five episodes and explains that last night she had unplanned sex with the boy she’s been seeing “because when you’re with a boy for a certain amount of time intercourse becomes inevitable” and she and rory sit on rory’s bed as paris tells her that she didn’t enjoy the sex and doesn’t know how to feel about it and rory tells her she’s never had sex and paris says “well if it’s not the right time for you then it’s not the right time for me” OH and the end of this conversation is paris going, “rory, i’m…” and rory interrupting with “it’s okay” so it’s entirely possible she was about to come out to rory like it is not a reach in the least lol and THEN paris gets rejected from harvard and has a mental breakdown on national television where she repeatedly shouts “i’ve had sex but i’m not going to harvard” and then rory pulls her offstage and holds her in her arms and paris sobs on her shoulder saying things like “what if my boyfriend doesn’t think i’m special anymore how do i tell him i didn’t get into harvard” and rory says things like “you are so smart and so special and you are going to get into so many great schools” honestly amy sherman palladino literally owes me money
  • season 3 episode 22 - those are strings, pinocchio - it’s the high school graduation episode paris tells rory “i’m so glad i found you” and rory says “most of the time i really hated you” and paris says “I really hated you too” and then they hug
  • season 4 episode 2 - the lorelais’ first day at yale - rory walks into her dorm room at yale and paris is standing there and races across the room to hug rory and rory is like “this is a big surprise” and paris says “i didn’t want you to know i was going to yale i wanted to surprise you” and rory is like “aight” and paris is like “i told my life coach about our history and he felt that our life journeys weren’t over yet so i had my dad make a call and put us in the same dorm” i’m so tired
  • season 4 episode 17 - girls in bikinis, boys doin’ the twist - paris proposes a solo trip to spring break for her and rory and then kisses rory on the mouth in the middle of a dance floor and acts all heartbroken when rory freaks out about it and then one of their friends tells rory and paris “you two would make a good couple” and rory’s like “ew no” and paris is like “why not” again i cannot stress how much i hate this show and how much amy sherman palladino owes me money
Gilmore Girls Rory/Logan Fanfiction

For those of you who’ve finished the show on Netflix and want some more Gilmore Girls in your life!

I’ve Got Your Number Son

Set in S4. When Rory impulsively asks out a boy at the coffee kart she gets more than she bargained for.


While helping Lorelai out at the Independence Inn, Rory finds herself being chatted up by an attractive guest. What happens when that chance meeting turns into more?

The Unexpected

Rory unexpectedly runs into Logan while on Spring Break. Set in “Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin’ the Twist”

In Between (one shot)

Set at the Male Yale Party. A lot happened between Dean leaving and Rory stumbling out of that limo.

Party Crashers (one shot)

Rory and Lorelai crash one of Mitchum Huntzberger’s parties. Set in “Come Home”.

Payback (one shot)

Set in “But Not As Cute As Pushkin”. A Rory and Logan conversation after her and Richard’s scheme.

The Last Resort (one shot)

Set in “But Not As Cute As Pushkin”. When Rory cannot get a hold of Marty or Lorelai after Anna goes missing, she is forced to go to her last resort.