girls i'm intimidated to talk to

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I'm pretty sure this has already been said, buuuut KuroKen Bad Boy AU? Even better, Fem!KuroKen Bad Girl AU. Where Kuroo is very popular and Kenma is a nerdy girl that bumps in Kuroo one day and she tries to be all cool and intimidating but Kenma just lowkey ignores her and calmly goes away. But in reality she went away because she was to embarassed to talk and Kuroo decides she wants to know that girl better and kiss kiss fall in ove ensues.

the signs as things my friend has done
  • aries: literally chased me around with a lighter trying to set my hair on fire. we were in school.
  • taurus: the scary face she made when a sub claimed 'trees like it when they're cut down.'
  • gemini: was warned by a friend that guy was an undercover cop, thought friend was joking, then proceeded to piss off the guy so much she almost got arrested.
  • cancer: stopped talking to me for a week and then got mad bc i 'ignored' her.
  • leo: slammed down a catcaller so hard i'm still surprised he survived.
  • virgo: tried to force one of our friends to leave during a study session bc he was disctracting us. got so mad she chased him with a chair.
  • libra: casually dated two guys at the same time with the same name and sign.
  • scorpio: was so intimidating that she managed to scare off a girl she didn't like simply by standing near her.
  • sagittarius: started slamming a girl and claiming the girl was hater and did not see the irony of what she was doing.
  • capricorn: somehow managed to get chased by a crazy homeless person in one of the quietest streets in our country.
  • aquarius: immediately guessed a guy was a capricorn bc he looked like a goat (was actually right).
  • pisces: has a habit of giving people fake names whenever she's out.

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I could be wrong, but I really don't see how not being attracted to black people is racist. I'm not attracted to men, but I don't discriminate against them. Please explain it to me?

I need to know why y’all can’t just let the conversation be about how having “preferences” that exclude an entire race is, in fact, steeped in racism, instead have to constantly derail it into talking about gender which is comparing apples and oranges, but okay. Here we go.

You ever stopped to ask a person why they don’t like [x race]? Chances are, they’ll follow it up with some horribly stereotypical “observations” about generalized behavior (“black guys are too intimidating/aggressive/sexist” “black girls are too loud/demanding/ghetto”) or some ~aesthetic~ preference steeped in colorism and/or Eurocentric ideas of beauty (“oh, I just prefer lighter skin” “ugh, but blue/green eyes are so pretty!” “I just don’t like dark skin”) but hey! It’s all okay! Because it’s just a preference! And because it’s a preference it’s entirely free from criticisms and in no way was informed our society/media/politics/institutional systems/etc that reinforces racist stereotypes!

Since I doubt you or I or anyone else has met every single person of any given race, how are you just gonna decide you could never find anyone of that race attractive? I’m not even saying sexually (because hey, whaddup fellow grey-A folks). I’m just talking about “Oh, this person looks beautiful/handsome/has a good face.” If you’re okay with saying, “I’m perfectly fine with writing off an entire race of people as attractive” that’s on you, I guess, but then don’t be shocked when someone thinks your racist preferences are, in fact, racist.

But what about not being attracted to a certain gender, you said? That’s totally the same thing, right? It’s not like there isn’t racism within both  straight and LGBTQ communities, right? It’s not like there isn’t intersectionality based on race and gender or anything and that even if you’re a man who’s only attracted to other men you still ~unconsciously~ prefer white men?

Idk, people get so overly-defensive about their so-called preferences without taking the time to examine why they think that way, and maybe it’s because I’m coming at this as a person who used to think the same way years and years ago, but it’s and incredibly limiting and terrible way to think.

“Wow, I didn’t say I hate [x race], I just said I didn’t find them attractive.” Okay, yeah—but stop to and think about why. You’ll probably find your excuses are steeped in some kind of racist assumption, and it’s perfectly fine to reexamine that and come to the conclusion that “whoops, this is kinda fucked up.”

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I loved the part that was like Ronaldo: I'm now at the hideout of the mysterious, reclusive- Steven: Oh hey guys. What a nice surprise. Why don't you come in, I just made some fresh squeezed lemonade. Then Steven's description says "gracious host".

I loved that bit too! Steven is so sweet, I bet he invites delivery people in for snacks all the time. 

The labels under people’s names were great, like Kiki was “Pizza Heiress” and Jenny was “Intimidating Teenage Girl” and Mayor Dewey was just “Mayor Dewey”. Oh, and Onion’s was “?????”

  • Don't you fucking dare tell me that we don't need feminism or that it's just an issue in countries where arranged marriages and female subservience is common.
  • I need feminism because when I was chatting with a male friend and he said "You're gorgeous" and I said thank you, HE SAID "YOU DON'T SOUND SURPRISED". And to this day, still have to remind myself that I deserved that compliment.
  • I need feminism because after visiting with me and some other friends at a coffee shop and walking to her car, my friend was cat-called and whistled at by men standing outside a bar and now I'm afraid to let her walk alone at night.
  • I need feminism because when my best friend and I walked by a table of 'men' in a restaurant wearing our prom dresses after the dance, my night was RUINED when one of the so-called men muttered, "How much do you think we'd have to pay them to strip?" I'M FIFTEEN.
  • I need feminism because statistically at least one of my closest friends- the girls I share books with, talk about boys with, have sleepovers with, do homework with, laugh with, cry with, LOVE IMMEASURABLY- will be sexually assaulted.
  • So don't you fucking dare tell me that feminism isn't needed in this country. Feminism is needed everywhere. It's needed because I don't feel comfortable in my skin, it's needed because I fear for my friends' well beings, it's needed because I am intimidated and objectified and sexualized as a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD. It's fucking needed and don't fucking tell me otherwise.
  • Don't.

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How does one ask a girl out? There's this girl that I like but I'm having trouble thinking of how to approach her and ask her out cause honestly I don't even think she knows I exist… could you please give me some pointers? I've never really asked a girl out before haha

Well you should probably talk to her first like say hey and introduce yourself haha don’t be too scared cause a lot of times people look intimidating but who doesn’t want more friends??? Anyone would appreciate someone talking to them and wanting to get to know them

okay so let’s all just take a moment to appreciate this cute little fucker right here okay
he’s a giant ball of sunshine and happiness okay he’s just so pretty and funny and adorable and made from the tears of fangirls everywhere
his laugh is just a giant stab in the feels because it’s so cute the way his eyes crinkle and close and the little chuckle he makes and the way you can see the whole fucking universe in that one moment and oh fuck give me a minute
he looks all punk rock and intimidating but as soon as he smiles or giggles or laughs or fUCKING TALKS is when you know that he is an absolute angel and you just want to cuddle him for the rest of your life and never let go
ladies and gentleman, michael fuckyouintheheart clifford

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All of my friends have boyfriends or talk to a guy and I have never ever done that or even had the opportunity to do that. I'm starting to think I will be single forever, I'm the girl that's always overlooked because her friend looks better. 😢

Or maybe you’re the girl worth taking home to their mother in 5 years rather than being taken home to fuck when nobody’s home. You need to understand that you are probably an intimidating young woman who doesn’t seem like they can be easily manipulated into an object. Be proud of that.

baudlaire’s follow for as long as i have my tumblr probably bc forever is a large concept and it scares me forever

super spooky halloween ghost drawn by me don’t get too scared woah

so basically i changed my url and to let people know i still exist i decided to do this follow forever (i was achilcs)

i haven’t highlighted anyone this time round bc you’re all beautiful people whom i love dearly


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tbh i’ve included almost everyone on this list apart from the people who seriously intimidate me, so if you’ve not been included on this list it’s probably bc you’re 2cool™ for me (or i’ve just blatantly forgotten you and in that case i am so sorry please forgive my poor soul)