girls holding

I don’t need a girl who will always agree with me or a girl who doesn’t have a past. I don’t need a girl who looks perfect when she wakes up in the morning or one who always knows the right thing to say. 

I want a girl who can tell me how she’s feeling, who will work with me to create a healthy and loving relationship. A girl who smiles as I clumsily try to cook her dinner and laughs at me for burning the entire thing in the end. 

I want a girl who will hold me when the world gets to be too much, while knowing I’d do the exact same for her. 

I want a girl to sneak cheesy smiles at when we’re at a restaurant with other people, one to make fun of stupid internet videos with. A girl who is open and honest and can deal with my lame jokes that aren’t actually very funny. 

I don’t need perfect, just a girl who is able to show me her imperfections while I allow her to see mine. 

A girl who will see the same stars that I see behind closed eyelids each time our lips meet. 


You clean up nice.

i just want somebody to...

-call me beautiful
-adore me
-never stop talking to me
-hold my hand
-go on dates with (or imagine dates)
-skype if we are long distance
-be my person
-kiss me
-hug me
-give me attention
-let me spoil them and love them
-not let me feel alone