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Killer Porn

Pornhub should make serial killer porn for all of us hybristophilia bitches. Just get actors who look kinda similar to the murders… Eric Harris fucks tight blonde girl in gym class while teacher is away or Richard Ramirez does hard anal on big boob Burnett girl in a cemetery while she scream papi. Or Dylan Klebold makes love for the first or Ted Bundys screws young librarian for extra credit on project. Or T.j lane has an orgy with 3 other prison inmates and a guard.

Mika Headcanons
  • Keeps all of her important personal belongings in a “secret hiding place” because she knows that Seiji likes to go through her stuff- it’s on top of the fridge
  • Has a daddy kink
  • Made a girl “disappear” after she found out that she tried to ask Seiji to the school dance
  • Knows where Namie’s “secret stash” of Seiji pictures is- and she even stole some
  • Sends Anri a multitude of selfies of her with Seiji at various places
  • Placed listening devices in all of the girls in her gym classes bags just to be nosy
  • Has had multiple crushes and obsessions over a handful of boys but says Seiji is her one true love
  • Enjoys arts and crafts
  • Always carries around the simple female necessities in her bag: a tazor, pepper spray, whips and chains, pens, hairclips, hairties, arsenic, camera, syringe, lighter fluid etc……the normal female necessities
  • Favorite color is Fresh Pink
  • Has a restraining order placed against her from one of the previous crushes she’s had
  • Has tried to arouse Seiji by parading around his apartment in skimpy clothes and making suggestive offers but it never seemed to interest him
  • Wrote Seiji an 18-paged essay on why she loves him on Valentine’s Day
  • Watched him rip up the letter in front of her and she gushed because words mean nothing when true love is involved
  • Is a vegan
  • Is a vegan but will eat Seiji’s meat anytime ;)
  • Is a vegan but will drink Seiji’s milk anytime ;))

Honoka as the cover girl, an illustration of the second year girls in gym class, and Chapter 02 of School Idol QUEST featuring Kotori, Honoka, and Umi (only Kotori is shown here) from Dengeki G’s Magazine November 2015 issue


and 800-ball free throw? that’s a 2400 point basketball shot right there.


I tell everyone that I grew up in a Friday Night Lights town up in North Jersey. Everyone [there] was like, “Oh, the football game, the prom!” And I’d be like, “Oh, I’m so hungover and I have exams tomorrow. I’m catching up on homework, sorry!” There’d be a girl in gym class crying because her boyfriend was Facebook-messaging another girl and I’d be like, “Oh that’s cool, I just found out my boyfriend’s doing heroin.” I’m not discrediting the experience of those kids, but I just went through that stage of life way, way earlier because I was an independent person, adventuring to New York and going through shit. I had to fucking hold my own. My parents were super young when they had me so they were super busy a lot, paying the bills and working all the time. They were so great though. I don’t think I’d be in the same position as I am today if I didn’t have the freedom I did as a teenager.

wow I must really admire that girl in my gym class bc I love being around her and talking to her gives me butterflies!!

and there’s totally nothing up with the fact that when she’s not there I get really disappointed!! gee, being straight sure is a blast!

Okay but I want you to imagine the little girls in gym class pretending to be Korra as they stand there and punch their skinny little arms into their tiny little palms or doodling blueprints of vehicles in class and pretending to be Asami designing her next invention and I’m not talking about Avatarverse schools I’m talking REAL-LIFE schools I’m talking real kids that’s what I’m talking

Me freshman year of high school: Wow this girl in my gym class is really cool and funny and really easy to talk to. its like really nice that we never talk about boys like i have to with my other friends haha. not that i dont like talking about boys it just a nice change. oh.. what if she’s gay… naaahhh she’s just awkward like me anyways i obviously like this boy in my art class who sits right next to me because he always makes me laugh

Me now: She’s gay. He’s gay. I’m gay. All my friends are gay. All the Straights have fled, there is only Gay. 

10/2 Workout:

Today I went to the gym and took a class! It was called “Spin and Lift” and I only felt like I was gonna throw up once! This is my personal trainer friend Lauren who taught the class😍 She is so badass and so much fun. And she made this ridiculously hard class a blast! It was 45 mins long and it consisted of spinning with and without resistance, then we would jump off the bike and do some lifting circuits, then back on the bike, etc. I def hope to be able to do it again and maybe make my own circuit in between!

Had to say..

I hate to be “that guy”, but the way that interview talked about Eric was a bit out of place in my view.

First off, Eric never (as far as I can recall), talked about “raping” girls. Wanting to “grab” some girls in your gym class isn’t the same as wanting to rape them. Being rough sexually isn’t rape.

Secondly, making comparisons showing Dylan with his hearts all over his journal and Eric’s violent drawings in his journal, trying to make Eric “more evil” than Dylan is really low.

I think you have to understand that Eric was bullied FAR more than Dylan (at least that’s what Brooks said I believe)

And fact is, both of them KILLED people. Period.

Trying to make one worse than the other because of the things Eric wrote about (which by the way, is him just trying to be Edgy-boy wanted to join the marines, remember? Would’ve wanted to join some neo nazi party or KKK if he was serious) is really low

The interview should’ve just stuck to Dylan and Sue in my opinion (and the massacre of course)

*13 yr old me* there’s this girl in my gym class who’s really pretty and has nice hair and sometimes talks to me while we’re stretching and makes me feel good and I keep wanting to look at her while we’re changing becauuuuuse she wears thongs and lacy bras and I’ve never seen anyone wear nice underwear before so I think the underwear is cool. not the girl though. I’m not gay.