girls go to school ep 4

Some of the good things from 2016:

Pokemon go
DiCaprio’s oscar
The deadpool film
Supergirl’s Sanvers
Stranger things
Hamilton the musical (and mixtape)
Steven universe/the summer of Steven
Finding dory
Yuri on ice
Fnaf sister location
Beyoncé’s lemonade
Fantastic beasts film
Grease live!
Tatiana Maslany’s emmy
Rouge one
Black mirror season 3
Ilvermorny was revealed/we got sorted
The Gilmore girls revival
“Baby groot”
Captain America: civil war
VR is finally here HTC VIVE/oculus rift etc
Robbie rotten memes
Tracer is officially LGBT+
Dat boi
Dodie Clark’s EP
Dan and Phil go outside
Mario run
High school musical 4 announced

The tiger population rose for the first time in years
Physicists found gravitational waves to be real
The priminister of Japan jumping out of a mario pipe to commemorate the olympics
The Juno spacecraft reached jupiter’s orbit
Money raised by the ASL ice bucket challenge may have found a breakthrough
A plane went around the entire world without a drop of fuel
Leicester city football club beat 1 in 5000 odds and won the premier league
A man was cured of HIV, world wide cure is just on the horizon
Child mortality is at a all time low
There’s an Ebola vaccine now
The FBI now labels animal abuse a class A felony

i slept for like 4 hrs nd when i woke up i had to get ready for this filipino summit thing im going to tomorrow, but none of my outfits were good enough so my mom told me to wear the blazer, but ive never worn that and id be overdressed and uncomfy in a place idk. and everyone was texting me, the coordinator and my school grp for a project, and my sibs wanted me to watch the new su ep but my mom wanted to show me how to get to fremont and i wasnt even ready to leave so suddenly

anyway im on a train for a good part of my night now nd im still hungry and tired from being mad :/