girls go to school ep 3

Some of the good things from 2016:

Pokemon go
DiCaprio’s oscar
The deadpool film
Supergirl’s Sanvers
Stranger things
Hamilton the musical (and mixtape)
Steven universe/the summer of Steven
Finding dory
Yuri on ice
Fnaf sister location
Beyoncé’s lemonade
Fantastic beasts film
Grease live!
Tatiana Maslany’s emmy
Rouge one
Black mirror season 3
Ilvermorny was revealed/we got sorted
The Gilmore girls revival
“Baby groot”
Captain America: civil war
VR is finally here HTC VIVE/oculus rift etc
Robbie rotten memes
Tracer is officially LGBT+
Dat boi
Dodie Clark’s EP
Dan and Phil go outside
Mario run
High school musical 4 announced

The tiger population rose for the first time in years
Physicists found gravitational waves to be real
The priminister of Japan jumping out of a mario pipe to commemorate the olympics
The Juno spacecraft reached jupiter’s orbit
Money raised by the ASL ice bucket challenge may have found a breakthrough
A plane went around the entire world without a drop of fuel
Leicester city football club beat 1 in 5000 odds and won the premier league
A man was cured of HIV, world wide cure is just on the horizon
Child mortality is at a all time low
There’s an Ebola vaccine now
The FBI now labels animal abuse a class A felony

I have noticed a pattern on Pretty Little Liars.

Why is it always Aria who sees A before their friends do even when they’re in the same place?

Season 3, Ep 1: It Happened “That Night”

For the first time after Mona’s reveal as A, Aria sees A in the school bathroom and subsequently had a panic attack.

Season 3, Ep 5: That Girl is Poison

Aria sees a shadow in the shape of A wearing a hoodie outside Garrett’s house. But when she points it out to Emily and Spencer, A is already gone.  

Season 3, Ep 23:  I’m Your Puppet

Here she sees Red Coat when Emily, Hanna and Aria go to the morgue in search of “Toby’s” body. But only Aria sees her running away when she was on guard outside the morgue.

And the latest addition, Season 6, Ep 5: She’s no Angel

Only this time, Aria actually caught A on camera.

And if Aria sees A, then it is Spencer who finds out who A is in the season finales.

It seems A tortures Spencer the most, to the point where she had to admit herself to Radley and suffer a relapse. On the other hand, A barely concerns herself/himself with Aria. And let’s not forget that particular A ending in Season 3 episode 19, when A plays spin the bottle with the Liars and actually switches Aria’s place with Spencer when it lands on her.

I believe Spencer and Aria know more about what happened “That Night” than they let on. Aria actively blocks out unpleasant memories as seen in 6x05 when she tells Spencer that she wants to forget as much as she can about the Dollhouse. Spencer has a history with drug addiction so the credibility of her memories can be called into question. A seems almost obsessed with only Aria and Spencer and I think this will play out in giving us answers.


A/N: takes place in ep4. Maa, basically an extended version of that short scene with Kanan and Mari… what I fantasized really happened lmao.

Note that since there are still so little screentime for these two, I don’t feel confident with their characterizations yet… sigh. Like my last blip, whatever ‘background facts’ mentioned here would be nulled with the next ep so I didn’t elaborate too much on that. Also, Italics within “dialogue” is Mari’s Engrish
Words: 1,824
Pairing: Kanan x Mari

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[HUGE] Girls Girls Girls Era Master Video List Update

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Hello everyone!!(◕‿◕✿) It's been 2 months since I last updated the video list. So I apologize to the followers who follow me for those updates. I promise to update for frequently. I'll also be making a video list for their upcoming comeback. Anyway, a 
majority of the videos are old with added subs. Thanks for being patient(╥_╥). Enjoy~

☆ Official Teasers/ Music Videos

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anonymous asked:

can you recommend some hilarious variety show/interviews/anything snsd appeared? (or anything you consider that ' a sone must see video' ) thank you , and is it weird to say i am inlove with this blog *__* ♥



Basically anything with OT9 or any show that lets them unleash their weird lmao and aww thank you anon ♥ I wish nice anons like you would un-anon yourselves :(

anonymous asked:

hiii, sorry to bother you but i need some help and since your blog is one of my favourite sonamoo ones i thought i'd try and ask you (does this even make sense im sorry). anyway... i just recently got into sonamoo but dont really know which videos to watch to start getting REALLY into them, like knowing their personlities and stuff, do you ave any suggestions? sorry to bother you again keep up the amazing blog ^^

OK THIS IS NOT A BOTHER AT ALL!! WE ARE REALLY HAPPY TO HELP YOU GET MORE INTO THEM so i recommend you to watch almost everything

ALSO THEIR DANCE PRACTICES (just putting this here cus everyone needs to watch their sharp moves)

Spoilers for Scandal ep. 4. Episode filming from Aug. 29 to Sept. 12

Warning: stock up on caffeine in order not to fall asleep while reading. That’s how interesting it is.

Basically the characters being cast which are the parents of a High School senior about to go to college and boys being at this teenager raver party, ALL revolve around one thing. AGAIN seemingly the investigation for Jerry’s death.

The son of these two filthy nouveau riche people is in a sex tape that he made. It’s all teenagers in the video and the name of the girl involved is the same one of the girl they’re seeking in ep 3, and in that case it’s all clearly related to Jerry’s death and its investigation.

They are clearly desperate for showing some kind of kink one way or the other because there are specific indications saying we’ll see the filthiest sex tape scene we can get away with on network TV. I imagine it won’t be much but… Seriously? The parents of this kid try and blackmail OPA (it seems like it’s Abby and Quinn) into buying the tape. Quinn (or Abby, it’s only one of the two in this scene) goes berserk on them and tells them they are child pornographers, and she will destroy their image or whatever is left of it. That does it and they give in to Quinn’s requests.

And that is literally ALL there is for ep. 4.


I’d be ok with investigation for Jerry’s death if that went anywhere, but given we all know this stuff NEVER goes ANY damn where on Scandal and Fitz will NEVER find out it was Rowan and Tom, this is supremely irritating because it’s just a waste of time.

And the fact Ausiello posted that there is gonna be YET ANOTHER Papa Pope monologue with Fitz and sparks will fly, makes me think not only he doesn’t get caught but also he thinks he can get high and mighty again? Which… REALLY? He killed Fitz’s son, all that needs to happen the next time he crosses paths with Fitz, is Fitz removing him from his position AND THEN HAVING SOMEONE SHOOT HIM.

What the hell.

PS: because she can’t write enough teenager BS into the show’s regular characters, I guess SR found the way to do so by having an ENTIRE freaking Jerry death storyline with teenagers everywhere.