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Every time I think I’m okay with the lack of closure regarding GMW, I come across posts with people saying Rilucas is very similar to romantic Corpanga or posts where people still believe that Maya liking Lucas was a misperception/an identity crisis…….and I just ughhhhhhhhhhh

where’s that real q&a we were supposed to get when you need it??

anonymous asked:

girl are you still salty about GMW? i know i am. will we eVER get the answers ?

I’m not salty about it in a “fuck Disney, I won’t even watch Andi Mack bc of GMW cancellation” type of way

I’m salty about it in a “Michael Jacobs, what the fuck was that sorry excuse of a q&a” type of way

ハッピーサマーウェディング PREVIEW
ハッピーサマーウェディング PREVIEW

Happy Summer Wedding PREVIEW

Hello, Happy World!

弦巻こころ (Kokoro Tsurumaki) | CV: 伊藤美来 (Miku Itou)

瀨田薫 (Kaoru Seta) | CV: 田所あずさ (Azusa Tadokoro)

北沢はぐみ (Hagumi Kitazawa) | CV: 吉田有里 (Yuri Yoshida)

ミッシェル (Michelle) | CV: 黒沢ともよ (Tomoyo Kurosawa)

松原花音 (Kanon Matsubara) | CV: 豊田萌絵 (Moe Toyota)

//friendly reminder that raven is no longer “upgraded” ( bc it was, you know, killing her ) and monty will have to be the main person when it comes to hacking into the ark’s computers and coding. friendly reminder that monty and raven have different specialties and that doesn’t mean raven still isn’t a fucking incredible genius. 

friendly reminder that monty can do stuff too.


Just got done decorating my personal work space at American villian tattoos and appearal here in NY. Most of the art you see on the wall are prints of my original work. Besides the nuka cola poster, evangelion stuff and the fallout 4 perk sheet which is not my work.

A girls’ soccer team joined the boys’ league and won the regional championship

  • Perhaps it’s time to rethink gender segregation in sports.
  • After realizing a single girls’ team was consistently dominating their league, Sergio González, president of amateur soccer club AEM Lleida in Spain, decided to register the team for the boys’ league in 2014.
  • And in 2017, they beat out 13 boys’ teams to claim the junior regional league championship. Read more (5/12/17)