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anonymous asked:

Pilot: Yes. Maya and Riley are the main and most important relationship in the Show. "This is my world now and the first person l want in it, is you." But the Riley and Lucas storyline is introduced. "SUBWAY BOY." How important is the Riley and Lucas storyline that it is immediately introduced? 2nd episode (GM Boy): Their connection. 3rd episode (GM Sneak Attack): Jealousy. 4th episode (GM Father): Dance.

Pilot: Riley and Lucas’s storyline is intrinsically tied to Maya. Maya renders the dude smiling then speechless then confused when she first approaches, is aware of and empathetic to him in the cafeteria before Riley even notices he’s there, and at the end Lucas is concerned enough about Maya that he encourages Riley to go back to looking out for Maya because he thinks Riley is better than just letting Maya do whatever. (So does Cory, notably.) Riley and Lucas are absolutely convinced it “means something” that she “fell” on him, but the truth is she was pushed (by Maya) and she also landed on Evelyn Rand when Lucas didn’t even bother to reach out and catch Riley on the second push.

Boy: Riley and Lucas connect in the library. She listens to and swoons over his horsey story. He likes that and tells her what he might wanna be when he grows up. She’s the first person he’s told. (Notably Riley has an eerily similar moment with Evan two years later in which she’s a much more equal partner in terms of contributing to the conversation, and Maya’s also confessed a possible future career to Riley.) Maya and Lucas connected in the classroom in the cold open, bantering back and forth without a cell phone between them before the library even happened. Lucas talks a little bit about his family as a means of dishing back to Maya. Lucas manages to “best” Maya in the repartee and this clearly affects her and amuses him. Maya and Farkle also connect when he discovers her talent for art.

Sneak Attack: Maya exhibited jealous behavior too, and was in fact treated by Missy as if SHE were the legit threat/rival. Riley’s BEST moment with Lucas (one of the most important interactions they’ve ever had IMO) however is her strong and brave and reasoned appeal to him in the cafeteria, which I have no doubt pulled Lucas back to the “good” side of the line, especially after Missy revealed her true colors. Then Lucas puts his new friends collectively over Missy at the end, and Maya is pretty clearly tickled by the way Lucas takes Missy out. She even punctuates his rejection of Missy with a gleefully sarcastic “boop!”

Father: Lucas hardcore flirts with Maya in the cold open (although whether he realized that’s what he was doing or not is debatable), dresses like a cowboy just for Maya and brings her a damn red rose because he “puts thought into their little game.” He also dances with Riley and is very polite to her.

And that’s not even TOUCHING the major Riarkle in Sneak Attack. Those episodes were not just about the Riley and Lucas relationship. Other stuff was going on too. The big picture includes ALL OF IT. Acting like Riley and Lucas was the only thing going on is very much so having your eyeball glued to a microscope.

(Also way to just copy and paste Nina’s stuff, anon.)



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