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Hey I'm working on a story where the best student of this college class has to help this other student pass. There are two problems she has about this though: one, he's seems to be the type of guy good girls should stay away from, and two, they don't like each other. At all. I was wondering if could help me with some dialogue prompts. Please?

I will certainly try! 

1. “Is there seriously NO ONE ELSE who could help me?”

“Afraid not, Princess. Guess you’re stuck with me.”

2. “Don’t start. I know what they say about you, you know?”

“Really? That’s funny, ‘cause I know what they say about you, too. I prefer what they say about me.””

3. “Listen, I don’t care about any of this, but you do. If you want me to help you, stop picking fights and let me help you.”

“Well, aren’t you a gentleman?”

4. “I didn’t ask for this any more than you did, okay?”

“… Then why are you here?”

5. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“What you just did-”

“What? It doesn’t fit into your ‘useless human being’ image of me?”

“I never said-”

“You didn’t have to.”

6. “I’m sorry for… Everything. Can we call a truce, and get back to tutoring?”

“Nothing to be sorry for. I deserved it.”

7. “So, I guess… This is it.”

“Yeah. See you around, Princess.”

I hope these helped!!!

Pan’s Pet

This is something I’ve had in storage I guess. I figured since I won’t be doing a lot of writing over the next week I should at least post something.

Warning: kinda dark. not exactly happy. doesn’t have a happy ending.

Note: Reader is a omega werewolf (teenwolf style) and being young and pack-less, she is taken to Neverland by the shadow. But things aren’t much better than home.

You screamed as you were pulled from your bedroom though the open window. You felt a grip under you arms and turned to swipe your claws at whoever held you but came into contact with nothing. You looked over your shoulder and saw a shadow with glowing white eyes.

“WHAT ARE YOU!?” you screamed, still trying to get loose from its hold.

It said nothing in return, and as it began flying higher you stopped struggling to get away. Even your healing abilities wouldn’t stop you from dying at this height.

You felt your eyes shift from (y/e/c) to a bright shimmering blue and a thunderous howl ripped from your throat. Though you knew no one was listening. You were an omega after all.

You watched the ground bellow get further away until it was blocked by a layer of clouds. It seemed like hours before the shadow carried you back under. You were confused by the land you saw. A medium sized island cover entirely in forest was below you, completely surrounded by waters, no other land in sight.

That’s not possible. We should still be over the mainland.

“Where have you brought me?” you demanded to the shadow as he flew lower.

“This is Neverland,” his voice seemed to echo though your head.

“You’re joking,” Neverland is a fairytale…

The shadow dropped you in a small clearing and flew away immediately.

The air smelled of trees and sea water, and you could pick up the scent of humans.

You looked up at the moon and saw that it was about a day off being at its fullest.

I’ll be fine. You thought.

“I’ll be fine,” you repeated your thoughts outloud.

A twig snapping caught your attention and you whipped around to see about 6 teenage boys all wearing hoods.

“Will you now?” the tallest of the boys said with a sly smile. He held a club over his shoulder and had a long scar across his face. Despite the scar he was very good-looking.

His heartbeat was steady as were all the others.

“Boys, it appears we have a lost girl,” he chuckled and swung his club down to the ground. “Pan will be happy to have a new toy,”

“Pan… Peter Pan?” you raised your eyebrows. “I think I’ve died,”

“No precious, you haven’t. but I don’t know how long until that changes. Grab her lads!”

the boys all start towards you and you lower yourself into a defensive stance. You eyes flick to their bright blue and you bare you enlarged canines at the boys. They all looked shocked and backed away a little.

“You stay away from me unless you’re returning me home!” you snarl.

“Sorry that’s not an option,” the main boy turned away from you and looked into the face of the nearest boy to him. “You lot aren’t afraid of a little girl are you? Pan’s bite would be worse than hers NOW GET HER!”

you ran

you ran so fast you didn’t even realize you’d lost them until you stopped for breath.

You leant up against the trunk of a tree and listened. You could hear them shouting off in the distance as they searched for you. Suddenly you noticed a heartbeat very close to you. You knew they had to be within 10ft and getting closer. When they were about to come into view you jumped them.

It was another teen boy. You snag your leg behind his and throw him to the ground, pinning his arms beneath your knees as you straddle his chest. Your forearm is pressed to his throat while the other hand roughly held a handful of his light brown hair. This one was even more attractive than the boy with the scar. This one had very angular cheekbones and big green eyes. His ears stuck out a little and his plump lips looked as if they were constantly smirking.

“WHY AM I HERE!?” You shout into the boys face. You watch as his eyes flick from your eyes to your bared fangs.

His mouth pulled up ever so slightly to one side and he looked back into your eyes.

“Why don’t you tug a little harder and I’ll tell you,” his eyes gesture to the grip you have on his hair and his slight smirk is now a full blown grin.

You press down harder on his throat and growl deeply.

“I’ll ask again. Why. Am. I. Here?”

“Because you are just what the shadow is told to search for. Those who are alone and lost

“I’m not lost and I want to go home!” you feel you lower lip tremble and jump off the boy. He stayed on the ground but propped himself up on his elbows.

“This is your home,” suddenly he vanishes.

You hear his heart behind you and spin around quickly.

“Who are you?” you glare at him and feel your fangs and claws retract. Your eyes flicking between blue and (y/e/c) before settling on (y/e/c)

“Why I’m Peter Pan of course!” He laughed lightly and swaggered his way over to you. His face was so close to yours that his breath tickled your face. “And you are?”

“(Y/N)” you step back lightly and feel a tree against your back.

“That’s a lovely name. Ill be sure to write it on you dog tag,” he eyes darken as he steps closer and presses his body against yours, pinning you to the tree, his strength surprising you as you are unable to push him away despite your wolf strength.

“W-what?” you feel fear seeping into your bloodstream and your eyes shine bright blue yet again.

He turns his head away from you and shouts into the trees, “C’mon Lost Boys!”

Around 20 hooded teen boys step out of the trees. You see the scarred boy from earlier with a sly smirk over his mouth.

“You,” your voice is breathy when you speak to the boy.

“OH so you’ve met Felix then,” Pan chuckles. “This is good. Felix, take her to the cages,”

“of course Pan,” Felix smiles and steps closer to you. And that was the last thing you saw before Pan used his magic to knock you out.

You woke up cold, with heavy chains around your ankles and cold meal bars surrounding you in a box.

You scream so loud and try to howl but you can’t feel your wolf side. You can’t growl or draw out you claws, your eyes won’t shift. You didn’t hear Felix and Pan coming through woods until they were a few feet away.

“Is the puppy confused?” Felix teased.

“The chains are magic. They block your powers. Fun right?” Pan explained with his usual smirk. “Wanna know the best part?”

he dropped to one knee in front of you so he was eye level with you. “I’m the only one who can take them off. Do you know what that means?”

He reached through the bars and held his calloused hand to the side of you face, his thumb stroking your cheek.

“It means you’re mine now,”