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[NEWS] EXO and others to hold a workshop at Jeju Island

EXO and other SM artists will soon be making their way to Jeju Island to participate in a workshop organized by SM Entertainment Group.

According to reports alongside the idol groups, there will be an additional hundred K-Pop stars that will partake in the workshop. These K-pop stars will include actors, models, MCs, musical actors, and other SM related stars for a total of nine hundred attendees.

The stars plan to promote Jeju Island, the mecca of electric cars, by utilizing an electric car from the airport to Seogwipo. Additionally, the stars will participate in a memorial ceremony honoring multicultural families in Tokyo.

The influx of stars visiting the island is expected to have a positive impact on the otherwise decreasing number of tourists to Jeju Island.

The convention will be held from June 19 to June 21 at Jeju Convention Center. This would be a great time to fly to Jeju Island!

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