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Actual news: SM confirms 3 members leaving, rumored to be Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sooyoung

Insider says they want to focus on acting and have no renewed their SM contracts.

Honestly though SM has treated them all like shit and seem to not care anymore anyway with their last promotions and album availability. Tiffany should just promote in the US and I’ll get to see her in concert more.


Just A Reminder Cuz It’s Voting Season For MAMA

Soooo it’s that time of year when it’s time to vote for MAMA and tensions start rising between different fandoms.

Please don’t get swept up in the negativity and remember:

•You have the right to vote for whoever you want. If you stan multiple groups don’t feel like everyone is going to hate you if you vote more for one over the other. IT IS YOUR OPINION NOT ANYONE ELSE’S!

•If you don’t vote that does not mean you are not a true fan. As long as you continue to support the group that’s all that matters. You don’t have to buy all the merch or see them in concert, just send out positivity!

•Everyone has the right to their opinion, if you don’t like it just keep it to yourself, don’t start a fandom war. A fandom war just tarnishes a groups reputation. It doesn’t look good for you or the group/person you are rooting for.

If your group/person didn’t get nominated just continue to support them! The more you support them the more likely they will be nominated in the future!

•If your group/person is nominated for an award and win, be happy but don’t rub it in the face of any other fandom.

•If your group/person does not win don’t grumble about everything being rigged or saying that the people who won have no talent, be respectful and just cheer on your group!

Stay positive and spread love, not hate!


Actual news: All Night just dropped!

Just a friendly reminder

that it costs $0.00 to have some respect for idols and not flood their social media private life with nasty, disgusting, overtly sexual comments

Person: kpop sucks

Me: wow.. Thank you for changing my views I have seen the light now I shall take down all my fan accounts and get rid of all this music that I have been listening to for years because you have shown me the light thank you