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Person: kpop sucks

Me: wow.. Thank you for changing my views I have seen the light now I shall take down all my fan accounts and get rid of all this music that I have been listening to for years because you have shown me the light thank you

Breaking news: Blanc and Eclare head designer Jessica Jung admits she started her sunglasses line to shield her eyes from rumored boyfriend Tyler Kwon’s enormous reflective forehead.

Medical experts have released details of her eye strain and possible sight loss as a result of prolonged exposure to the sunlight being directed from the business man’s cranium.


gifs of sooyoung smiling

Breaking news: Tiffany is under fire by YG stans for existing, having friends, and wearing black??

Through a series of videos on twitter with the idol hanging with YG artists, she is now receiving hate due to reasons such as being in the general vicinity of YG and smiling. Reports are flooding in regarding th-

Wait…wait…we’re getting something…Uh huh…uh huh…This just in, YG now owns the color black. That explains so much.

Breaking news: Netizens react to Sooyoung’s mysterious censored shirt logo

[+928 -29] is it Adidas?

[+234 -67] their censoring is getting so much better now

[+789-5] it’s obviously for Lush..her skin is so good they are sponsoring her daebak~

[+123 - 15] Sooyoung looks so good, truly a queen

[+2331 -898] i wish I knew wut it was i would buy all the clothes