girls generation

I find it amusing that inetz got so mad at knetz who were angry over the whole Tiffany thing. It’s just funny that people are so mad at knetz for being angry about Tiffany’s actions when they hold onto other idols problematic actions for years after they happen. Just because it doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean it’s okay. If you’re gonna get riled up about someone saying the n word don’t be mad at Koreans who are offended by Tiffany posting a symbol of Japans occupation on Koreas Independence Day.

think about how lonely queer idols must feel… knowing most of their fans would turn on them in a moment if they came out… it’s hard to be an idol in general because majority of fans - even subconsciously - feel like they have some kinda of ownership over you and don’t actually care about your well being… but imagine been closeted queer. not only do they use you but they would actually hate you for just being queer.

i really really hope there comes a day when idols can come out and not be ashamed of who they are. on top of that, im so proud of all of them for having the courage to pursue their dreams and make music despite the bigotry that exists in their very audience