girls fights

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Fell Sans and SF Pap found their s/o fighting each other (almost to the death)and the reason of it is because they are arguing who is the better boyfriend D:

{ OMG-! Fell! Sans and SF! Pap are the true stars~✰

This thing is became the fight-over party X°D

Last ask of the series: 💕 }

👀  Reddy & Rus  👀

The skeletons are totally shocked, because the both of them could have never excepted something like it. None of them think to be worthy for their actual S/Os, and they are still wondering why their S/Os keep staying with them, in the first place. It’s a mystery, since they both think to be two poor losers while their S/Os are too wonderful for them, even if the boys don’t say nothing about it (it should be a shame if their S/Os would notice it, understanding how weird the skeles are).

Sans thinks it’s cool that they’re fighting and he wants to see more violence and gore, and it’s kind of exciting because girls-fights are usually sexy, he could suggest to continue it in a mud-arena, and maybe without those uncomfortable dresses. He takes his seat, enjoying the show.

Then, Papyrus remembers to him that they’re still their beloved ones, and he is worried they’re going to hurt themselves, so Sans understands that maybe he has to keep his girls-fight desire for himself and ask to them to stop (yes, this boy has infinite weird kinks and fantasies).

The skeletons don’t know why they’re fighting, and when they find it out, they are more shocked than before. Are they fighting for them? For declaring who is the best bonefriend? That’s so hilarious that Red and Rus start laughing because it’s ridiculous. The poor guys have a low self-esteem so they think it’s all a candid-camera, a mere prank. Sans is too lazy for this world while Papyrus is too melodramatic for this life, something in this universe goes wrong if they are considerate good boyfriends. Then, their S/Os explain to them that they’re serious, the girls are pulling each other hair like two schoolgirls bitches, for real. No fiction here!

Sans is suggesting again the solution of the girls-fight in a pool of mud but Papyrus silenced him, because it’s not the time for this bullshit (even if this is not a bad idea, but they have to be serious now).

Papyrus is the one who tries to keep them calm because it is not a good reason to fight, because they are adults and mature people don’t do such stupid things. Make love, not war-!

Since they are two good bonefriends, they offer ice-creams to everyone (Actually, it’s Rus to pay the ice-creams because Red is short in cash).

And how did you think this thing ended? You, sinners!

  • Daddy: I love you
  • Me: I love you too
  • Daddy: Who do you love?
  • Me: You?
  • Daddy: No, what's my name?
  • Me: D-Daddy?
  • Daddy: Good, now say it in a full sentence.
  • Me: I love you daddy
  • Daddy: I love you too little girl
  • Me: *S C R E A M S*
That one time in 8th year (Probably).
  • Hermione: That’s it! You’re all grounded!
  • Hermione [to Harry]: No Draco for you.
  • Hermione [to Draco]: No Harry for you.
  • Hermione [to Ron]: No quidditch for you.
  • Hermione [to Pansy]: Oh my God, is there even anything that you love?
  • Pansy: Girls.
  • Hermione [to Pansy]: No girls for you!