girls don't read comics

I was at a con recently. And while looking at some of the art, I made a comment to a guy who had a collection of cat avengers prints that he was missing the best avenger. So he goes, ‘oh and who is that’ and I just kinda look sideways at him and say 'hawkeye, the only one you don’t have’. To wich he of course smirks and says 'is he really the best or is it just cause of jeremy renner?’

First of all… Jeremy Renner is a gorgeous human being and he is more than enough reason for Hawkeye to be awesome, so why the hell you got that smug look on your face like I’m just some random ass fangirl who don’t know shit about comics. I was fuckin dressed like Captain Marvel, 100% comic accurate costume thank you very much.

So my dad starts laughing cause he can see I got my 'fight me’ face on. And I proceed to list each and every reason why I have loved Hawkeye since waaaaay before the movies and why he gets even better with new movies and comics.

NUMBER ONE, he is the only fully human Avenger in every single story line.

To which of course I get 'well what about Black Widow’ well sir you must not know your comics very well because in the Earth-616 universe she has the Red Room version of the super soldier serum which gives her enhanced physical abilities as well as a very long lifespan.

Then comes the 'well Scott Lang is human’ well yeah but he’s got a mother FuCkiNG SUPER SUIT. What does Hawkeye have? Spandex or leather, not quite the same thing. And you take away that super suit, is Scott still a super hero? No he is in jail for being a thief. You take away Hawkeye ’ super sui… oh wait that’s right HE DON’T GOT ONE.

'But what about Black Panther he is human right?’ Do you know anything about comics dude? The dude eats a magical plant and is gifted his powers by the Wakandan Panther God and has enhanced speed, strength, agility, healing, reflexes, stamina, etc. NOT FULLY HUMAN he also is proclaimed King of the Dead and is granted the power and knowledge of past Black Panthers and gains the ability to control the dead… so awesome but still not human.

Hawkeye is 100% human 100% of the time (except a very brief moment when he borrowed pym particles just to help out on a mission) and still manages to keep up with super humans, gods and guys with fancy super suits.

NUMBER TWO, he is deaf, canononically.

'Well Daredevil is blind’ his accident enhanced his other senses… and not an Avenger… so your argument is not even relevant.

NUMBER THREE, he shoots a bow, usually a recurve, in battle with people that have magic and laser guns and other shit and he can shoot it with out even looking!

'But he has trick arrows’ wich are guaranteed to be weighted terribly and that weight changes depending on which arrow it is. So he not only has to compensate for the strange weight but he has to do it on the fly in the heat of battle for each individual arrow. Not to mention when he shoots multiple at once.

And come on, have you ever tried to shoot a bow and arrow, it’s not easy. It takes a lot of practice patients and skill. Especially to get as good as him.

NUMBER FOUR, I mean have you read the guys backstory? If you looked up tragic backstory in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Clint Barton. He was orphaned after his abusive father got into a car accident that killed his mother as well. Was sent to a children’s home, ran away to the circus, was trained by Swordsman and Trickshot who were not the best mentors, was betrayed and abandoned by Swordsman and his brother and left for dead, ended up severely injuring his brother, had to leave Trickshot, when he tried to do the hero thing he was mistaken for a criminal, was manipulated into trying to kill Iron Man, kept falling in love with women who didn’t love him back, left the Avengers at one point believing he was unwanted, was passed over because he was not super human, watched his brother die, was forced to leave the Avengers, had a bounty put on his right arm, lost former mentor Trickshot to cancer, split with his wife then watched her die saving him, sacrificed himself and came back, was almost assasinated, went to prison so the rest of his team could go free, was shot and conducted a suicide mission that saved the planet but killed him, lost his memory, was vanished into nothingness, doubted he was himself or even alive, faked his death, and that’s just the short list.

NUMBER FIVE, he ran the West Coast branch of the Avengers, as well as other treams.

NUMBER SIX, he took on the mantle of Captain America for a short time.

NUMBER SEVEN, Caw Caw Mother Fucker.

So yeah, suffice to say that I left the guy speechless surounded by his friends who were nodding along and adding in their own bits of info and laughing hysterically at him. I turned to walk away after that mic drop and heard him mumble, 'well I guess I’m making a cat hawkeye’

reasons to read Siren’s Lament:





and mORE ABS

Bonus: Some butt cleavage

I’m 100% certified Fake Geek Girl. I live for the romantic subplot. I liked the movies better than the comics. (Soz, I don’t really get comic books.) A gamer? Sure, I’ve had five-generation dynasties in The Sims. No, I haven’t read the book and I’m NOT GOING TO. I don’t give a shit if the reboot contradicts an obscure part of the novelization canon from the mid-90s. Fantasy’s not my thing. The character customization screen is always my fave part of a game. I hate grind. I’ve never finished a series of Star Trek. I LIVE FOR THE ROMANTIC SUBPLOT. 

100% real about being 100% fake and you cannot even begin to fathom the lack of fucks I have about it bothering you. Do not even think about trying to tell me how to like what I like.

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Does it truly matter if the main characters (Sangwoo & Yoon Bum) aren't shipped together and that I read Killing Stalking for the story/plot? I am asking because some of the girls I mentioned that I don't ship and read the comic for the plot ended up giving me hate. So I wanted your opinion on my experience. I mean... It's only a few people and not everyone. But it kind of bothers me.

I ran into this question quite some time ago when I first started my blog, back when I had a limited understanding about what shipping really was. Based on what I’ve seen, there is a little bit of shipping in almost every fandom, and some take it more seriously than others.

As you can see, the ks fandom is one of those fandoms with their share of adamant shippers.

I myself read ks for the plot, and its okay if you do too. You are not obligated to be apart of the Sangbum train. And if along the way you decide to, there is nothing wrong with that either.

In my opinion, shipping shouldn’t be another thing to create disputes in fandoms. We should just learn to accept others views and interests.

If those girls gave you hate over such a trivial preference, than just simply ignore them. No matter what you are, a shipper or non-shipper, there will always be hate. If it’s on Tumblr, block them. In real life, simply ignore them.

Saturdays are for reading… here is a comic book (Rat Queens 2) and a manga (The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún Vol. 2). I love these two, the first one is crazy, hilarious and sexy, it’s full of strong female characters in a fantasy world. The second one is the perfect combination of darkness and cuteness, it can be possible. 

This is the New York Time Best Selling Graphic Novels list for 11/16/14.

1 SISTERS, by Raina Telgemeier. (Scholastic.) Raina is stuck in the back seat between her younger brother and sister for a weeklong road trip in this family memoir. Will such close quarters force the siblings to finally get along?

2 MS. MARVEL, VOL. 1, by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona. (Marvel Entertainment.) Kamala Khan has always dreamed of gaining superpowers, but when her wish actually comes true, can she use them to save the citizens of Jersey City without being grounded by her parents?

3  SMILE, by Raina Telgemeier. (Scholastic.) Raina experiences braces, an earthquake, boy troubles, frenemies and other plagues of the sixth grade.

4  THE WALKING DEAD COMPENDIUM, VOL. 1, by Robert Kirkman and others. (Image Comics.) This massive collected edition — over 1,000 pages — reprints the first 48 issues of “The Walking Dead.”

5  THE WALKING DEAD, VOL. 21, by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. (Image Comics.) The causalities continue to mount as the war between the Survivors and the Saviors reaches its conclusion.

6  HAWKEYE, VOL. 3, by Matt Fraction, Annie Wu and Javier Pulido. (Marvel Entertainment.) Kate Bishop arrives in Los Angeles, intent on creating her own path as Hawkeye, and almost immediately finds herself in the crosshairs of Madame Masque.

7  THE WALKING DEAD COMPENDIUM, VOL. 2, by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. (Image Comics.) This collected edition, of issues 49-96, follows Rick and his group of survivors as they try to stay alive — with zombies and some humans against them.

8  AMULET, VOL. 6, by Kazu Kibuishi. (Scholastic.) Max makes a promise to the Elf King that he may not be able to keep while Emily and Navin are ordered to go into the war-torn city of Lucien.

9  DRAMA, by Raina Telgemeier. (Scholastic.) Middle-school drama becomes much more intense when Callie becomes the stage manager for a production of “Moon Over Mississippi.”

10.  AMULET, VOL. 1, by Kazu Kibuishi. (Scholastic.) Emily and Navin are two ordinary children who discover a dangerous world filled with demons, robots, and talking animals under the basement of their great–grandfather’s house.

In addition to Ms. Marvel (a comic about identity and alienation with a diverse cast and a distinctly feminist slant) debuting at the number two slot, you know what I see?

Three of the ten are the stories of teenage girls, AIMED at pre-teen to teenage girls.  Two more (Amulet) are aimed at both boys and girls, but feature a central female character (Emily) and her single mother (Karen.)  And one is a superhero comic about a rarity in the female world: a female character who is not a “Ms.” who is not a “Lady” or a “She” or a “Madam” or a “Girl.”  She is just HAWKEYE, just like the man who carries the title, and that is encouraged and accepted within the narrative.

Seven of the ten are the stories of girls.  

But girls don’t buy comics, right?  8)

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Kate I know you worked in a comic shop for a while so I have a question for you. I have this customer who constantly complains about females being involved in comics because (in his words not mine) "girls play with dolls and care about clothes they don't read comics". Now this is a long time customer of ours but every time he comes in he complains about this kind of thing to my male coworker and I am so tired of remaining silent. Is there ANYTHING I can say to him or do I just stay quiet?

You should absolutely say something. Say it as nice or as blunt as you like. Tell him it’s an outdated and unrealistic attitude, and to take a look at the numbers. Throw some stats at him. Tell him about Emerald City Comicon having more women attendees than men the last two years. Hit him with Ms Marvel’s sales numbers. Casually bring up Lumberjanes’ TPB going to a FIFTH printing.

Then, if he won’t listen or throws another sexist comment in your face, tell him he’s not welcome in your shop. We make these spaces safer and push for change not only by encouraging the great and positive things in this industry, but by making it very clear that prejudice and bigotry are not welcome. It can be hard to say something, I know, but you’re in a good position to do it. You’re in charge of his comics, dangit. Tell him to wise the fuck up.

‘you shouldn’t be at comic con if you don’t read comics, you’re such a fake geek girl’

look here white boy, i travelled for 24hrs straight to get here and didn’t do it so i could be judged by some spoiled jar of mayonnaise so unless you literally flew in from mars or some shit you better sit the fuck down.