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According to a penis analyzer, Tom's penis would be: Length: 144 mm Diameter: 44 mm Shaft curve: -57° Shaft angle: 36° Glans Angle: 1° Shaft expansion rate: 110% Glans expansion rate: 106% I'm just going to leave this here.

Dear God this is a lot to take in (no pun intended… ok, a little pun intended)

Alright, first things first:

  1. 144mm = 5.67 inches / 44mm = 1.73 inches
  3. I got no idea how to calculate those angles and rates, and I’m good at math! Anybody out there wanna help a girl do some crazy science?

This picture is blurry and from a while ago but it was taken by a photographer that was hired to take pictures of some of the science labs at my college. That day we were measuring the currents and water levels in the creek on my campus.

I was the only girl in my class, so the photographer payed extra attention to try to get me into all of the photos he was taking of the testing. This gave me mixed emotions, partially it inspired me to work harder to be able to show that girls can do science, and can be successful in that field, but on the other hand it kind of put me down, science has always been kind of run by men and i’m not really sure why. We, as women, are capable of being just as knowledgeable and creative and able to do the things needed for this profession, and so it kind of hit me that i am one of few girls at my school in the environmental science major.

We need more girls learning science. For some reason when looking at two scientists, one man and one women, with the same qualifications, the man is most often chosen for the job. This is such a problem and part of it is because there aren’t enough women in the field to show men that we are just as capable of creating and testing, and experimenting! Stop raising girls showing them how to cook and clean, don’t buy them presents only consisting of barbies and princesses. Give them try at home science kits, and building kits, teach them not just to collect flowers to put in a vase on a table, but teach them also what these plants can do, and how this earth works. Don’t raise people to think that girls aren’t capable of science, because my gosh, we so are!

MBTI Types in High School

ESFJ: Peppy head cheerleader, has 10 social network accounts with over 2000 followers on each
ISFJ: That really nice person who always does their homework and has bunch of friends
ESTJ: Captain of the wrestling team, popular, the kid your parents told you to be like
ISTJ: Teacher’s pet, gets straight A’s, in boy scouts, does swimming because it’s the family tradition

ESFP: That one really nice guy who anyone can have a conversation with, gets B’s - D’s. Parties a lot
ISFP: The shy girl who can’t do science well, but draws a lot and is actually pretty good
ESTP: On 30 different sports, really lazy though. Talks about eventually being stating quarterback way too much
ISTP: Loves taking shop, pretty good at math too. Kinda friendly, but it takes a while to get used to them

ENFJ: Head of all clubs, and tries to get everyone to join them. Can be REALLY annoying
INFJ: The one that spends their time thinking about people, and the Right Thing For Them To Do
ENFP: The annoying person who spends class talking about anything not real in any way
INFP: Acts out, dresses eccentricly, all because no one pays attention to them

ENTJ: Student Council President, always tries to cram their opinion down your throat, but could also be the John Bender of their school
INTJ: Nerd, arrogant, not as smart as they think (not necessarily true), runs a homework business
ENTP: Lazy waste of brainpower, knows a little bit about anything, can’t do homework for $1000000
INTP: Ultimate nerd. Gets bullied but doesn’t realize it, is a genius, but like the ENTP, homework is a no

In 2015, being a girl can still be a hurdle, but you can choose to do something other than jumping over it. No one can stop you from walking around it. No one has ever stopped me from knocking it down every single time someone tries to stand it back up in front of me. I’ve got places to go, and they’re more important than a misogynistic child trying to make me play some game.
—  An excerpt of something I started writing today (January 16, 2015) that was originally supposed to be a 30-60 second speech I was writing for my English class about who I am and what I believe, that turned into a messy 2-page feminist rant with all sorts of symbolism that I didn’t know where I was going with. I liked pieces of it, though, so here’s one.

Like, this whole thing where “if you think any trans woman ever had male socialization, you are a terf” bugs me because

A lot of the people I follow talk about how many trans women seem to be rationalists, have STEM interests and succeed in them, etc.

And this may be completely random, but as someone who was “socialized as a girl” (with a few moments of being he’d and sonny'ed now and again), it confuses me that I am apparently terfy if I EVEN ASK THE QUESTION

“If more trans women are involved, proportionately, in STEM than cis women, could this be because society is more comfortable with people it thinks of as boys doing hard science than it is with people it thinks of as girls doing hard science? Could these trans women be more likely to be involved in STEM because, since the society around them assumed they were boys, it didn’t subtly discourage them from pursuing those interests?”

When I say that I suspect male socialization is a thing, this is the kind of thing i’m thinking about, not “you aren’t or weren’t actually a girl.”


I haven’t posted pics of my face in a while cause I have no good pics of my face.
Anyway I’m spending my days getting tired and sweaty and passing out in lab while putting different kind of electrodes into stuff and drawing graphs. And when i’m not busy trying to survive this terrible heatwave, I’m studying for analytical chem exam which is on tuesday.
Anyway my birthday is in 2 days and I’m not excited.
I’m so tired all the time and can’t wait for september to come.

Ms. Frizzle taught me that girls can do science.

The Magic School Bus is so so important, because as a kid I consumed everything having to do with science that I could find, and TMSB was one of the only sources of representation of women in science.

Bill Nye is great but I’m the scientist I am today because of Ms. Frizzle.

Reasons I loved Big Hero Six
  • people doing the science
  • people doing the science without being stereotypically nerdy 
  • girls doing the science
  • people of diverse backgrounds doing the science
  • boys doing the science
  • strong, independent girls who are tough and silent doing the science
  • girls who like to be feminine and wear pink doing the science
  • basically everyone doing the science
Girls Can't Do Science...

First computer programmer? Ada Lovelace. A girl.

Scientist who discovered hydrogen is the most common element? Cecilia Payne. A girl.

Researcher who identified the HIV virus as the cause of AIDS? Francoise Barre-Sinoussi. A girl.

First biologist to isolate embryonic stem cells? Gail Martin. A girl.

Scientist who worked out what radioactivity is? Marie Cure. A girl.

Who worked out that atoms can, indeed be split? Lise Meitner. A girl.

Who am I missing?

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This isn't Harry Potter, but I felt like it needs to be said, and I don't have a tumblr to post it on. I'm really tired of the narrative that women are nurturers and women. Some are, and that's a good thing, but it goes back to the times when women could only stay at home or be nurses. I'm a woman and I don't want to be a stay at home mom. I don't want to be a professional "nurturer". I want to be strong. I want to be a scientist. And screw society if they say I can't.

Girl, go do some science! Don’t let society tell you what a ‘proper’ woman should and should not do… there’s an entire world out there, you don’t have to be some happy homemaker to be A Valid Female. ~Taiga