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Jax, Tig, & Clay did so many fucked up things that got brushed off but when Juice or someone else did something small they suffered. I hated that element of the club.

This subject gets me so heated honestly. I could write a fuckin’ book on how unfair everything was in that club. Some people could do whatever they wanted, and it was fine, but others (Juice. Always Juice.) did something small and it was always an extreme.

Chibs talked to Stahl with absolutely no pressure from anyone, and was ready to sign a deal to give up Jimmy O. But hmmmmm??? did CHIBS ever get told he betrayed the club?! NOPE. THEY SAID HE DIDN’T “SIGN ANYTHING” SO IT WASN’T TECHNICALLY RATTING. I seem to recall Juice not signing any sort of paperwork?????

Also, Tig and Clay. Not only did they both go behind everyones backs and plot to kill Opie because Stahl made him LOOK like a rat, but Tig wound up killing Donna. A totally innocent woman. He then felt so guilty that he told Opie. 

Sounds a lot like the Juice/Darvany/Nero situation, huh? (let us not forget the fact that Juice was on drugs and had no idea what he was saying at the time.) Were there any repercussions for Tig for “betraying” Clay? Nope. Did any of the other club members decide that going against the club and plotting to kill a member, and accidentally killing his wife was something that should be frowned upon, and should have consequences? Nope. 

The guys treated Juice like a prospect through the entire series. They had about 5 actual prospects through the shows run, yet Juice always wound up with the grunt work????? Amazing. 

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all you big blogs are the fucking same. supporting your friends publicly call out another writer for saying her thoughts on her blog and twt so they can get their gang of followers to go and attack her? pathetic. I can't believe you'd support that because yes ivory I've seen all your likes and replies on their call out posts. consider yourself unfollowed.

You know what.

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She sacrificed herself to save her beloved prince, even though she was the only one who truly loved him. And yet, the prince she loves is no longer the prince she knew. Not any more…

All she has left is her suffering!

Today is the 20th anniversary of ‘The Rose Signet‘, the episode with the big reveal that tore out my heart and proceeded to stamp on it. Repeatedly.

“That tough Irishman with his tough Irish mug! You couldn’t put him in the same frame as Rita!”

(Harry Cohn - Head of Columbia Studios)

Columbia’s Harry Cohn protested the potential casting of Gene Kelly to star with Rita Hayworth in Cover Girl (1944).

In the end, the filmmakers got who they wanted and Gene & Rita made an absolutely gorgeous screen couple.

(Incidentally, I see nothing wrong with his Irish mug!)💕