girls do graffiti

BTS—Love Yourself Theories “轉“

轉— turn

Jin- While driving to meet with the girl, he looks at the photo with the members together on the beach, which happened in Prologue. He continues to look back on the past and you really can see the pain he’s in. But it also seems as if he sees all the events that are being shown to us. He’s in pain, just as the other members are in the events shown, as if they are all one. Once he gets out, he appears fine holding a bunch of flowers, when the girl shows up, but then gets hit by a car, right in front of him.

V- He and the girl are doing graffiti on a public bus station. It turns out that he really hasn’t changed much from supposedly being turned around by Rap Monster. I expected that he would have helped the girl change her ways, but it turns out he would have her to commit crimes with him. He wanted a companion to replace all the other members, in Prologue, he and the boys also did graffiti: the girl is just their replacement, but he still sacrificed for her. He eventually got arrested, leading him back to where he started.

The graffiti on the bus station say “I’m fine” in the same way as the words on his poster, which upside-down say “save me.” When V and the girl run away, we see he continued to write “won’t trust, can’t trust, don’t trust.” Does he not trust the girl, the other members, or himself?

Jungkook- His scene with the flowers mirror Jin’s; they both lose something (someone) while holding the flowers. The flowers are white. White can represent innocence and purity, but are also used in funerals due to those reasons. The innocence and purity of Jungkook visiting the girl who kept him company in the hospital, but only to find that she’s gone…

Suga- The fights with the girl were sudden and quick. He pulls away, showing how he’s suddenly changed. The way he’s pushing her away looks like the fight scene with Jungkook in Run. Although we don’t see the girl’s expression, it could be of either anger or pain… Suga is seen angrily playing the piano, the pain and stress is there. The emotions he’s playing with is there. He was stressed in the first reel about his music, but when this event happened, he had all the emotions ready to be let go.

Jimin and J-hope- Jimin is seen dancing alone, until we see the incident between him and the girl. We see J-hope carry the girl to the hospital, while Jimin is washing and tending his own injuries, we can see the guilt and pain in his expressions.

Rap Monster- We see him leave the hairband on the girls bag, a way of saying goodbye? Later we see clips of him walking away. He walks past the bus station that V and girl painted on. I’m honestly convinced that his is the vaguest at this point.

So what I believe is that Jin is connected to all of them, he feels their emotions, their pain and suffering. In the car we constantly see him look worried and stressed, while the other members clips show all of them hurting.

my little summary of what I think is going on:

Jin picks up a journal a mysterious girl drops; the story begins.

Jungkook is in a wheelchair a hospital. He makes a friend. 

Namjoon helps a girl pick up flyers. She becomes his bus crush.

Taehyung stops a girl from stealing and pays for her stuff. She starts following him around.

Suga has a girlfriend(?). She takes away a white lighter away from him before he can light his cigarette. She writes Y.K. on it. She offers him a yellow lollipop instead.   

Jungkook’s friend yanks his earbud out. Jungkook hears Suga’s girlfriend(?) playing the song he used to play with Suga. Notices girlfriend(?) has Suga’s lighter.  

Lollipops over cigarettes, Suga eats the lollipop. Someone (Jungkook?) calls Suga. Suga is upset because he gave his and jungkook’s song to his girlfriend(?) and now regrets it.   

Jhope and Jimin are hanging out. Jimin is watching Jhope dance. A girl walks in. Jhope gets a birthday cake from girl(friend?) even though it’s not his birthday. Jimin admires same girl from his phone camera. Crush alert! As Jhope closes his eyes he recalls a memory of his mother abandoning him at an amusement park as a child. 

Taehyung and his protege girl do graffiti; they get caught. Taehyung feeling responsible for getting caught turns himself in alone. Finds comfort in being someone else’s hero figure. 

Namjoon leaves his bus crush a hair twist tie (ironic considering film 3 is the twist in the story). 

Jungkook goes to see his friend and bring her flowers. She is no longer in the hospital, checked out the hospital without goodbye, or passed away. or ?

Jimin practices Jhope’s and girl(friend?)’s dance alone?. While in the same space Jimin and girl collide while dancing? Jimin hurts his arm (scraped it the floor?). Washes off blood. Girl is injured; Jhope’s runs with her on his back somewhere. Jimin watches from a distance and retreats.

Someone? chucks something away from himself. ??

Jin dresses nice to go somewhere. He smiles at a picture of members altogether. He recalls some memories? while he is driving. Jin picks up an order of smeraldo flowers. Sees (his) girl(friend?) and she gets hit by a car.    

However if none of the girls are real or a few aren’t real then than there probably aren’t concrete reasons for the some of the things happening, because their presence is figurative. Like was jungkook’s friend really there? Why exactly was Jhope’s girl hurt so bad she was unconscious?