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LGBT Kpop Music Videos

As comprehensive as i could make it, i tried not to include one with either 1) just some suggestive dancing between girls or boys 2) ones where 2 boys/girls look at each other romantically maybe for 0.2 seconds and that’s it and ones that are exclusively lyrics except for a few exceptions, enjoy

a youtube playlist with everything listed here

Not to be that bitch but I am going to be that bitch but like why do so many kpop fans hate on girl groups? I don’t get it? The majority of the kpop fandom are girls/women. There are a lot of fangirls that hate on girl groups like wtf is your deal? You’re a WOMAN the least you can do is support these WOMEN that are succeeding and making a name for themselves. There are so many dislikes on girlgroup mvs and its so heartbreaking. These women work as equally as hard as the men and they still get shit for it. Just because its not your style or you hate cute concepts doesn’t give you the right to bash on them as creators. I’m not saying to stan them I’m just saying to stop hating on them.