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She's The Prettiest Girl At The Party And She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook
frnkiero andthe cellabration
She's The Prettiest Girl At The Party And She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook

frnkiero andthe cellabration | She’s The Prettiest Girl At The Party, And She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook

You’re on my mind, the things that you say hurt me most of the time
but I’m on your side ‘cause I know I’m not easy to deal with sometimes.
But once in a while I wish you would tell me if you even care
‘cause I’m sinking fast, I need you to know I’m alright


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What I Hear on The Daily about Relaxed Hair

Your hair is relaxed? Wow, you must hate your culture”

“You must really hate yourself if you put chemicals in your hair”

“You just wanna be white”.

“You gonna end up bald if you keep relaxing your hair”

“Why aren’t you grateful for what God gave you?”

ANDDDDDD, last but not least…

“Relaxed hair is unhealthy and can’t grow long. Why’d you waste your time?”

I have nothing against natural hair. I think its gorgeous actually. Just not on me in particular. So I don’t hate it, I love it. Just didn’t love mine and it was difficult to handle. Ladies, wear a weave or wig if you want to. Rock your natural hair if you want to. Pull out yor ‘creamy crack’ if you want to. Its YOUR hair, YOUR decision.

Oh, and this goes out for one of my old friends who said something similar to the last post above…

Yeah, you were sooooo right. Relaxed hair IS unhealthy and can’t grow. *inserts annoyed eye roll*. True, ONLY if you don’t take care of it. By that, I mean don’t jus throw a relaxer on it and call it a day. Start a regimen, and take care of it.(Making one similar to Natural hair to just so people can understand I ain’t bashing natural hair)

Some things I love individually about each of the kids:

Gaten: His kindness. He is so sweet it’s almost unbelievable and you can just tell he’s the type of person that makes anyone feel welcome.

Caleb: this kid has the best fashion sense and some awesome dance moves but outside of that he is also so supportive and encouraging not just towards people he knows but to everybody

Noah: Noah is the sweetest thing with the best taste in shoes. This guy has the best smile I’ve ever seen and the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard not to mention this guy can rock a bowl cut.

Finn: the actual coolest kid. He has the coolest sense of humor and while he likes to meme and be silly is seriously mature and reasonable.

Millie: she has a way with words if you watch interviews she’s just very amazing at wording things. She also is outgoing and confident. Not to mention this girl can rock the curls

I love these kids equally but for different reasons and yes they’re amazing together but apart they’re just as amazing

672: Fifteen

By @autopistaaningunaparte: Hi!! Congratulations for your milestone!! You rock, girl! 🎉🎊🎉🎊 Can I still send my request? If so, my number is 672 and the sentence is “I figured I could tell my side of the story and people could either choose to believe me or not.” Thank you so much in advance! PS: i’m super hooked on Avenging Angel 😳😍♥️ xoxo

Word Count: 976

A/N: T-Swizzle! God, I love her. I love how she can tell stories with her songs, especially her older stuff. Her music video for You Belong With Me is seriously one of my favorite music videos ever. And her new stuff has this deep level of maturity and I just absolutely love how you can literally see how she grows up through her albums. But it’s really difficult to write something off of one of her songs (especially this one) because the song itself is a story.

Version en Español: Quince

Song 672: Fifteen by Taylor Swift

“I swear, it wasn’t me!” You leaned across the cold metal table, the handcuffs around your wrists jangling. “I haven’t killed anyone.”

The police officer leaned back in his chair and raised an unbelieving eyebrow. “Well we find it mighty suspicious that you just happened to be in the same towns when two murders with the same MO happened, years apart. Tell me, Miss Y/L/N, were you planning on killing another high school history teacher, or did you just kill your history teacher because you hated her class?”

“I never killed anyone. Please, you gotta believe me.”

“Then why did you come here today? Just turned yourself in to offer information? In my line of work, that’s a clue in itself.”

This was going nowhere. You should have known better. “I figured I could tell my side of the story and people could either choose to believe me or not. But I guess you’ve already made up your mind, so what’s the point?”

“Giving up already?”

Fire burned behind your eyes as you fixed a determined glare on him. “On you? Yes. But I didn’t kill anyone when I was fifteen, and I haven’t killed anyone now that I’m twenty-six. I know I’ll be able to convince someone else of my innocence, but obviously not the officer with a personal grudge against the girl who turned him down at the bar last week.”

Your jab at his lack of professionalism obviously hit close to home. “That is not what this is about—“

The door to the interrogation room opened and a tall man in a suit stepped in. He flashed his FBI badge as a second man entered behind him. “I’m Agent Shriver and this is my partner, Agent Hansen. We’ll take it from here.”

The officer stood up and grumbled, but handed the floor over to Agent Shriver and Agent—Dean Winchester?

Your mouth dried up when the second man turned and locked eyes with yours. It had been eleven years, but you would never be able to forget those beautiful green eyes. His head tilted minutely for a moment, but you could tell when he placed you in his memory. He stood up straight, electrified.

“Miss Y/L/N, we have a few questions about—“

“Get me out of here or I’ll blow your cover,” you whispered so that no one in the observation room behind the two way glass could hear.

That gave the first man pause—Sam, you guessed. Dean just sat down heavily in one of the chairs and kept his eyes on you. “Y/N, look, I promise I can explain everything.”

“Not in here. Use that fake FBI badge to get me out of here. Then you can explain.”

Sam and Dean shared a look of silent communication for a moment before turning back to you. After a few minutes of fake interrogation to make it look believable, Dean uncuffed you and the three of you managed to make it out of the police station.

As soon as the three of you were in the fresh air outside of the police station, Sam spoke up. “You two know each other?”

“My freshman year of high school you guys moved to my town,” you explained, trying to be as concise as possible. “Dean and I… we had a thing. Then, the day after Mrs. Harold was killed, Dean didn’t show up and he never came back.”

He’d broken your heart. Dean Winchester had been your first love, and one day he just disappeared. Though you supposed that you should be grateful for that. If he had stayed, you might have stayed with him and Dean Winchester hadn’t been a good influence on you. Fifteen years old and just trying to fit into the big new high school… you were easily manipulated and ended up skipping more classes than you went to just because Dean flashed you that bad boy smile.

“You ever notice how after Mrs. Harold was dead, no one else started showing up dead?” Dean gave you a little bow before he unlocked his classic car. “You’re welcome for that.”

“And now you’re impersonating federal agents. I think I’ll walk home.”

“Wait, Y/N.” Dean grabbed your arm to stop you from walking away. “I promised you an explanation.”

“Yeah, you also promised me that you would never break my heart, but you broke that promise eleven years ago. I loved you, Dean. Well, as much as you can love someone when you’re that young. And then you were gone.”

He opened his mouth, probably to explain some more, but you weren’t done.

“Which I’m fine with now. It was for the best. I didn’t know who I was back then, and I was becoming who you wanted me to be. Not who I wanted to be. And I know who I am now. I know what my dreams are. I’m finally the person I want to be.”

“I don’t want to change that,” Dean said, holding his hands up. “But I do want to explain. Give me that much, at least?”

Eleven years. You’d changed a lot since you last saw him. Maybe he had too. And you’d come to the station today to explain your side of the story. The least you could do was give Dean the same courtesy you’d been denied by the officer. A glance at Sam cemented your decision. He was watching the exchange between you and his brother very interestedly. There was definitely more to this story.

“Alright. But you’re buying me lunch because they had me in that station for hours and I’m starving.”

“Deal.” A hesitant grin covered his face, and he opened the back door of his car for you, just like the gentleman he never was in high school.

Eleven years had changed him, and you were hoping it was for the better.

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I just shared the new video for Diet Cig’s Barf Day over the weekend, and here we are again, partaking in the acclaimed New York pop punk duo’s charming music as they drop a fresh new single on us fans. Together We Can Conquer Whatever is a brand new treat too (not from their recent debut album), which the pair have released as a contribution to upcoming Amazon Original Special “An American Girl Story – Summer Camp, Friends For Life.” The head wagging gem is meant to represent young girls in a positive, meaningful way. It’s a saccharine lifting treat from a band who certainly seem like they can “conquer whatever” as they continue to provide us with dulcet lilting yet raw affecting tunes. Snag the song from Amazon, here.

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My Opinion Profile On: Jooheon ~ Relationship/Personality

Request: Hey your opinion profile about Jisoo was really cool , can you please do one about Jooheon too?👀

I really enjoyed your opinion profile on Jisoo (i believe thats his name) can you please do one with Jooheon from Monsta X too please? If you do thanks honey! If you don’t feel like it that’s totally fine

~This is all based off of MY opinion..~

Ideal Type: He spoke that he liked a girl who looks very good in jeans (good butt?). I think that he would probably date a girl who is younger than him (not too much younger than him though). Maybe someone who is close to him in height and on the slightly chubby side.

Ideal relationship: I think his relationship would be long termed. He wouldn’t have to see her every day and the two of them would be okay. Since he’s a hard working idol he can’t always be there and I think he needs a girl like that. I think he would be very cheesy with her as well wanting to cuddle and love her as much as he could when he has free time. He would bring her foods and drinks when he would come over to see her.

Him in the relationship: Overly touchy and such. He would be slightly annoying when he wasn’t given the attention he wanted from her. He would love to spoil his girl with gifts. Sometimes too expensive so he would get lectured but claim its worth it. Spending hours trying to find the perfect gift.

What kind of person I can see him with (based of a mental picture I painted in my head): I can see him with a black girl honestly. Dark skin. Someone who prefers their natural curls,long hair. I think he would date someone who is close to his height. And the most important thing is toned legs and butt, he likes a girl who can rock a pair of jeans. 

His personality: I think he’s adorable and dorky. He would do his best to make people feel better. He would want people to laugh at things he says. He’s an entertainer after all so he wants to make people happy.

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