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I really like the akubloss ship I think it's cute and I just love both characters 😊 but my brother thinks otherwise, he calls me disgusting because blossom is a child I told him that it's just fiction and there's nothing wrong with it, after saying that he told me that is an excuse I personally think there no harm in shipping but what do you thinkk? 😓









hung out with some frat boys last night and here are some quotes:
“bro did you know girls can have orgasms”
“yeah like they start shaking and lose control of their legs”
“oh HELL no. that is not happening”

this one’s for u james corden

So, when I first started my job almost two years ago I overheard my manager  bragging about his Halo scores to my other coworker. I perked up and said that I loved playing Halo. This made my coworkers laugh because I was a 17 year old girl. They ignored me and kept talking and I got really irritated so I kept butting into the conversation until finally my manager looked up his Halo scores and then he asked me if I’d like to compare (thinking he could prove I was bad and shut me up) so I typed in my gamertag and my scores popped up next to his. Not only was I a higher rank than him but I scored better in almost every single category and on almost every single weapon as well. After that he left me alone and he’s not been too fond of me ever since then.

My brother finally acknowledged my bisexuality
  • Bro: Why is your Instagram feed mostly women?
  • Me: Why not?
  • Bro: It's weird.
  • Me: Why? You already know that I'm bi.
  • Bro: It's one of those truths that you get uncomfortable fully acknowledging so you know it but you prefer not to let it sink in.
  • Me: Hahaha! But I already told you that I like girls & I like guys.
  • Bro: I just realized you weren't kidding when you hung out with that girl the last time.
  • Me: I can't believe you're being homophobic.
  • Bro: I'm not being homophobic. I'm just worried about having you as my competition.
  • Bro: I mean, it's different when you're the only guy in the family but the game changes when you have to compete with your sister for the attention of girls.
  • Me: HAHAHAHA! At least you have the advantage of girls hitting on you instead of girls hitting on me.
  • Bro: But...still...I'm not liking the competition.

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What do you think the 2p Allies and Axis would look for in a s/o? Like their s/o's personality type thing. (Btw your blog is great and I love it. Keep up the great work! 😁)

((Thank you for your support~! I hope these kind of make sense; i mostly went for what i felt my interpretations of them would prefer. :D))

Scenario: *What the 2P’s look for in a S/O*


Humor- any girl that can make him laugh is an A+ in his book!

“Bro”- He’d like a girl that shares common interests, and can double as his best friend!

Assertive- He wants a girl that isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, and can help him realize when he’s in the wrong. After all, he’s a troublesome boy. Someone has got to keep him in check.


Quirky- He enjoys uniqueness, and he love sit when people have cute/silly/weird talents or tendencies or interests that aren’t commonly found in people.

Nice- Now, i don’t mean you have to be a 100% sweetheart, but at least have the control over what you say and how it may make others feel. He wants a girl who doesn’t limit herself or others and knows better than to ridicule.

Childish- He’s grown to love childish people; they remind him of Allen and Matt, and can be the most free-spirited and fun types of people, in his opinion. If you have childish tendencies, quirks, or resemblances, he’ll fall in love~ 


Mature- He needs someone who can fully comprehend that life isn’t always fair, and knows how to handle situations properly; because his life is full of them.

Persistant- He’s a tough nut to crack in just about any aspect of life, so persistence/patience is key with this guy. Even he’s fully aware of his stubbornness but doesn’t make any effort to change it…that’s where you come in. You have to show him that his bullshit isn’t going to faze you!


Intellectual- Okay, maybe i should rephrase this; he doesn’t need for you to be naturally smart with a 4.0 G.P.A and an IQ never seen before; but he does want a girl to at least have some sort of motivation, interest, or craving to learn new things.

Patience: This guy is a bigger piece of work than he looks. Getting him to adapt to a close-knit sexual relationship will be tough for him, so this trait is very essential in the process; or else it will be a lot harder than it has to.

Creative- As a result of Viktor’s very analytical personality, he lacks the creativity and imaginative skills necessary to transition in life smoother. He relies on his S/O for that, so that they can learn new things together as he take on new challenges himself.


Dominant- This guy may seem like he wants a submissive girl, but dominance is actually something that turns him on way more than it should. Something about being at the mercy of his S/O is just incredibly interesting to have in his sexual/romantic life.

Caring- he needs someone who will care about him enough to help him overcome life’s challenges, like his addictions and his personal flaws. He hides a lot of emotion behind his smile, and a caring S/O would surely help work to get though it.

Easygoing/Assertive- He needs a girl who s contradictory in these two aspects; being easygoing and being assertive. He needs a S/O who can just as much get in on a joke and laugh about it, as they can scold him for being lazy and demand that he put effort into things!


Innocent- Matt would like his girls to be meek and harmless. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be 100% pure, but be virtuous enough to remind him of the nature that he feels the need to protect.

Open-minded- He wants a S/O who is open to the world, and looks to involve themselves in just about anything that interests them. Whether its archery, snowboarding, hiking, video games, or anything else, Matt has a variety of different interests that he’d more than love to enjoy with someone else.

Forgiving- Matt makes mistakes. He holds back, he judges poorly sometimes, and really he may even come across as someone that shows no remorse. Although, he takes all of this out on himself more than anyone knows, o he needs someone to emotionally support him and be able to encourage him and forgive him when he can’t do the same for himself.


Confident- He needs someone who can make up for what he lacks; confidence. Maybe after spending some time with them, and learning from what they do and how they think, his S/O can help him learn how to feel better about himself.

Submissive/Dominant- Gilen needs someone who can just as much take the wheel and help guide him through the things he can’t do, as much as they can take a step back to have him take a shot at doing things new to him.

Understanding- Along with understanding, comes patience; and those are two things that he needs n a S/O. Gilen feels a mix of emotions on a regular basis, and coping with all of them is far from a simple task; so he needs someone prepared to assess the situation and take the time to help him deal with his struggles.


Patient- Flavio wants someone who can take the time and effort to deal with his weird/overwhelming self even when others can’t.

Open-minded- Flavio loves to try out new things, so having a partner who can do that with him would be incredibly convenient and fun~! Two’s company, right?

Mature- Needless to say, he is a bit much sometimes; to both his S/O and to others around him. Whenever Flavio gets into trouble, he needs to have a mature S/O who can help him realize what he did wrong, if anything, and how he should react if it were to happen again.


Attitude- Santiago enjoys a S/O with spunk, a little fire in their eye, and a little bit of venom in their words. Anyone who can challenge him with a straight face is his type of chico/chica~

Controlling- but not too much…what he means is he needs a S/O who can hold him back when he’s in the wrong, and stand up for him when he’s in the right. Although, when he is in the wrong, he won’t step down so easily, so he needs someone who knows him well enough to know how to get him to back down easy.


Motherly/Caretaker- Lutz is almost like a kid himself, so, much like what Luciano does for him in the Axis, he needs someone to delegate responsibilities or him and go about keeping him in line, while also cultivating his steadily maturing mind. Really, you and Luciano could be a tag-team to keep your boyfriend on the right track.

Social Butterfly- he mostly looks for girls who are active in conversation and can hold up a pretty good one. Charisma is just something that draws him into liking certain girls (other then dAT ASS!). While people associate social butterflies as preppy and popular girls, that isn’t always true. It’s possible to be a social butterfly who, while enjoying and having a proficiency in making conversation, can still enjoy solitude and being independent.


Otaku/Geeky- Needless to say, Kuro wants a S/O that he can bond with over interests; like his video games, or his anime, or his manga. Hell, maybe you can be a total American “Otaku” that prefers comic books over manga, and goes to Comic-Con for the superhero cosplay over the anime cosplay. Really, as long as there’s some sort fo unhealthy obsession over fictional characters/stories going on, he’s all for it. ((and considering the fact you guys are on this blog at all, the irony is this should apply to all of you XD))

Virtuous- He may have psychotic killing tendencies, but he doesn’t exactly look for that in a S/O. In fact, he looks for someone that, despite accepting him, still holds their own morals, virtues, and beliefs. They don’t judge him by the differences, but they surely can educate him on why they found themselves upon what they do. After all, Kuro finds independence and lack of conformity to be very honorable, and kinda sexy XD


Innocent- much like 2P!Canada, Luciano (while not minding himself innocent by any/all means) does value purity and finds innocence to be a very redeeming quality. He also wants tit to be unwavering innocence; no matter what you may/may not do to adapt to being around the 2P!’s, his S/O would somehow manage to keep their virtues and morals in line and remain pure and at least somewhat untainted. he loves trying to ruin perfection, if not achieving it himself, so your relationship would be a never-ending struggle for him to try to avoid others tainting his angel, in favor of him trying to untame you himself.

Little/No Experience- Whether it be sexually and/or romantically, Luciano prefers to start those kind of relationships off on a blank slate. He prefers teaching you the basics and having to go through the work of teaching you himself what he prefers, over having to undo or dismiss what you did for others ad have to do basically the same things over again. Being a leader, he prefers people to be malleable and quick to adapt, so having an S/O who can both love him genuinely and properly is something that he would look for.

((Whew! Sorry this took so long! Worked on an essay for English class last night until 11 at night XD Hope you guys enjoyed. Most of these are just what they prefer or look for when they are taking initiative to find someone, but it’s most likely their their S/O wouldn’t fit all of the criteria. After all, the 2P’s would still love you for you~! Have a nice week, everybody!))

EXO Reaction to you Being Broken Hearted By a Guy

Here it is!! The first reaction of the day i only have one more so if i don’t get more requests i will post my fanfics :)))) Btw have you guys see my new theme i worked really hard on it and it goes with my dashboard theme but if you wanna see it the link is here i think you can only see it on computer though:(

(none of these gifs are mine)

▼ ▽▼ ▽▼ ▽▼ ▽▼ ▽▼ 

XIUMIN: *gif explains all*

TAO: so you’re the guy whose been messing with my girl

(omg i can’t with kai in the back)

SUHO: fight me bro!

SEHUN: *kills him with sexiness*

LUHAN: and there is a trash can which you belong in

LAY: *just stares from a distance* (he doesn’t believe in violence)

KRIS: lets take this outside

KAI: *just scares him away* (i would be scared to)

D.O: *that stare though*

CHEN: #toughchen

CHANYEOL: *growling on the inside*

BAEKHYUN: HEY you listen here buddy! *looks at him* Oh me oh no i was talking to someone else……

why is nursing like the only respected college major for girls like dudes can major in sticker collecting and people are like cool bro ! very interesting :) but as a girl when you tell someone your major theyre like yeah but have you considered nursing tho :)