girls can be bros

Matt Boyd gave up drugs and his reward was joining the foxes and meeting the actual love of his life, can you believe

hung out with some frat boys last night and here are some quotes:
“bro did you know girls can have orgasms”
“yeah like they start shaking and lose control of their legs”
“oh HELL no. that is not happening”

So, when I first started my job almost two years ago I overheard my manager  bragging about his Halo scores to my other coworker. I perked up and said that I loved playing Halo. This made my coworkers laugh because I was a 17 year old girl. They ignored me and kept talking and I got really irritated so I kept butting into the conversation until finally my manager looked up his Halo scores and then he asked me if I’d like to compare (thinking he could prove I was bad and shut me up) so I typed in my gamertag and my scores popped up next to his. Not only was I a higher rank than him but I scored better in almost every single category and on almost every single weapon as well. After that he left me alone and he’s not been too fond of me ever since then.

this one’s for u james corden

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tbh i think if boomer had an actual bad bad nightmare and it wasnt something silly like girls touching him and him dying. he might dream about his brothers not wanting him around anymore and leaving him all alone

thats why boomer is so scared of getting to close to girls! but I can see him having a dream about his bros leaving him too

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Ok sooooo for a Namjoon fic I keep thinking of some kind of gang au where maybe the OC falls for Suga in the beginning but they grow distant and bad and something makes them turn on each other and Namjoon is his best friend and Namjoon in the beginning Hates the OC but only because he really loves her. Even though he knows he can't because it's his bros girl. But in the end Namjoon and her end up being together. OK SO YOU CAN TELL IVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS A LOT BUT I SUCK ASS AT WRITING SO

That’s a great idea. Will start working on it. As you suggested it, anon, you can pick the title of the story and dm it to you so I can credit.

EXO when other guys are checking you out

Anon Said: can you do a react of you and exo out in public and he sees a group of guys checking you out he gets jealous and protective over you


Suho: *starts practicing how he will beat them up*

Baekhyun: No, no, no you will stay away from my girl

Chanyeol: I wouldn’t mess with my girl if I were you. I have back up.

Chen: *hears them from behind* /thinking/ Seriously?! How low do they have to be to be hitting on another man’s girlfriend?

D.O: Get your dirty eyes away from my perfect jagi

Kai: *wants them to stop but doesn’t want a big confrontation*

Kris: Oh really? You think you can just come over here and check out my girl? Sorry bro, that’s not how it’s gunna work out

Lay: *just chilling until he hears their comments* Um, excuse me?

Luhan: *to the guys* Come here and let me comfort you. Now, how does it feel to not be able to get a girl for yourself?

Xiumin: What the hell did you just say?!

Tao: Disgusting pervs…

Sehun: Alright, let me give you guys a round of applause for being the biggest a**holes i’ve seen all day