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Inuvember - Week #3: Relationships

Day 16: Sesshomaru & Kagome
“Big brother! That’s weird, he looked like he was annoyed.”

Some Undertale Dads

Hugo : So you’re playing as a Child who falls into the Ruins ?
Amanda : Totally !
Brian : Oh I like that Toriel gal ! Butterscotch pie ? Awesome !
Damien : This flower seems to be a great pal-wait, what ? AH ! Scary !
Joseph : Holy Golly, a kid should never be on it’s own like that.
Robert : … Got a toy knive ? You’re screwed, kiddo.
Mat : I like that Sans buddy. He’s cool !
Craig : Oh my, that Papyrus is such a blast ! He keeps it going ! And having a cool girl like Undyne to bro-training with ? Heck yeah !
Amanda : Guuuuuuys… Can I play now ?

Rey learned to fight growing up on Jakku. She needed the skill to survive, as we see in the movie.

Later she fights against Kylo Ren, a far more practiced warrior and Force prodigy. She wins because she uses the Force.

Luke Skywalker learned to fly growing up on Tatooine. He was bored with farm life and so he practiced flying whenever he could.

Later he is pursued by Darth Vader in the trench run, who is the “best star pilot in the galaxy”, a war veteran, and a Force prodigy. He wins because he uses the Force.

That’s not even getting into the fact that Kylo was badly injured and emotionally unstable and not, apparently, fully trained, whereas Vader had no reason for his flight skills to be hindered in the trench run.

Anyway that’s my take on the matter.

Matt Boyd gave up drugs and his reward was joining the foxes and meeting the actual love of his life, can you believe

High School Band AU: Ch. 21

“So… how have you been?”

“Is that seriously your first question? After 3 years, a few weird phone calls and showing up like this now and you ask me how I’m doing? How do you think I’m doing, mom?”


“Exactly!” you look at her. It’s the first time you’re actually seeing her. When she showed up in the hallway with Jumin and Zen, how to explain? She was like… a ghost. For a moment, you didn’t see your mom, you saw… the pic of hers you keep in the drawer of your nightstand… to put it simply, you weren’t seeing a person. Now that you are alone, it feels like you are. “I’m pissed at you!”

“I guess I don’t even have the right to tell you to watch your mouth when you talk to your mom, have I?” you glare at her and look away, only hearing her sigh “I’m sorry.”


“I’m apologizing. I left you, I would call and pretend everything was fine, it’s just… you’re so strong, I thought you would handle everything greatly, but you didn’t, you… aren’t dealing with everything greatly.”

“Of course I am! Don’t talk like you know something, don’t…”

“I know you. You’re not angry, you’re hurt.”

“I’m no- I’m not hurt! You did what you have to do, I would… I would have done the same…”

“You would never leave your child behind in such a phase like this. You wouldn’t, MC… because you’re kind and you care… you’re like your father.”

“He’s hurt.”

“No, he’s angry. You don’t know him like I do, he’s angry and frustrated, and neglecting you because of our resemblance, but he hates this, he hates hurting you, that’s why he’s angry.”

“I already said I’m not hurt…”

“And you’re a terrible liar, I’m glad you didn’t change so much, honey… You are in pain, you think the divorce is your fault, and because of that, you think you should be alone before you wreck more relationships. That’s why you didn’t have many friends, and that’s why you’re trying to run away from these ones you have now.”

“What did they tell you?”

“The brunette one said you’re out of control and thinking of committing a crime…” Ugh, now Jumin gets to be dramatic? “And the hot one said you needed some female wisdom…”

“Zen is still a minor, mom…” she laughs softly “Those two… they are always bickering, but when it comes to me, they seem to agree…”

“It’s because they care about you, honey. They are your friends. Don’t you see how much your friends care for you? And here you are, about to do something very stupid that could ruin not only this friendship, but your dignity, your future, and theirs too?”

“I’m… I don’t know exactly what they told you, but… did they explain why I’m helping that other girl?”

“They did, and… I’m sorry to tell you, but if you go on with what you want to do, you won’t help her, honey. MC, this girl needs professional help, she can’t be put on a stage and lip sync, something that it’s against the rules, because she’s sad and afraid about things that happened in her past, way before you showed up.” She chuckles, what the hell is so funny now? “I wonder from who you got that…”

“I got what?”

“This need to embrace the world, take everything as your responsibility… it didn’t come from me or your father, I’m sure… maybe it’s something just yours… anyway, what I’m trying to say is, if you go on with that, you’ll do more harm than good, not only to you, but also to the girl you want to help so much…”

“So you’re saying I should…”

“I’m not telling you what to do, MC. I… lost this right as your mom when I left you, so this is advice from… someone that loves you and admires you a lot… like all those kids over there.”

“And this isn’t you living some kind of dream through your daughter by seeing me behind the spotlights you love so much?”

“Well, I’m still your mom, not the most doting one, but… of course I want to see you accomplish things and do what makes you happy.” You look at her again, not a pic in nightstand, not a ghost, not a person… your mom.

“I missed you…” you say so softly it’s hard to hear yourself… did she…? Your mom wraps an arm around your shoulder and brings you to her chest. She heard.


“Ouch!” you twitch feeling the little sting in the small of your back.

“My bad! I sew this kinda in a rush, so no wonder it doesn’t fit right.”

“I don’t remember seeing this dress at the rental video store…”

“Yeah, this one is new, I… might have spent last night sowing this.”

“For Rika?”

“No, for you.” You look at him by the reflection in the mirror. “What? I should be prepared for both scenarios where you would go on stage and you wouldn’t…”

“I don’t believe you… because you gave her that hideous leotard, and to me, you made something so… wonderful…”

“Do you like it?”

“It’s beautiful, Saeyoung… you are so talented…”

“Nah, I just happen to feel very inspired when I design for you. Turn around, let me see the front.” You turn to face him, only to find a camera flash in your face, he fist pumps as typing something on his phone. “Perfect!”

“What are you doing?”

“Huh? Ah, nothing, just sending this to Saeran.” WHAT?

“S-Sa-Sae-Saeran? Why… why?”

“So he’ll drag his ass here, obviously. Hey, let’s take one together, so he’ll come faster!” he pulls you for a selfie. You declined to see how it looks, you don’t have to see to know your face must look awful all that red… “You look beautiful, MC.”

“I agree.” Rika says, entering the dressing room, Jaehee is with her, and your face is on the floor from all the shame you’re feeling. “Come on, let’s see your make-up, MC.”

“Rika… I…”

“You’re on stage in 10 minutes, you can’t go there without at least some mascara.” She grabs your chin and makes you look at her. “What’s wrong?”

“I… I’m sorry, Rika… for not following what we planned, I…”

“This is not the time for that. Did you make your vocal warming?”

“I… I did, but Rika, I…”

“Look, we can talk about whatever you want after you perform, now you need to focus. If you lose, it won’t be because of your mind being somewhere else.”

“She’s right, MC. Are you ready?” Jaehee asks you.

“I am…”

“Good. So, let’s go. Saeyoung, go change.”

“Yes, sir! Jaehee, sir!” he salutes and runs out of there, making Jaehee roll her eyes.

“Rika…? Will you be alright?”

“Yeah, don’t worry. If you need me, I’ll be sitting next to your mom.” She smiles and waves at you. W-wait! Your mom?

“My… my mom? Is she still here?”

“Yes, you thought she wasn’t going to watch you?”

“I thought… I wouldn’t see my mom here today, in the first place, I… my father said he would come, Jaehee…”

“Great! Then you’ll have both your parents to see how amazing you are, MC!” she squeezes your shoulder and smiles, making you feel bad if you decide to say what’s really in your mind right now.

Jaehee walks you through the hallway, guiding you to the backstage. She helps you with your in-ear, she could help you with your potential mental breakdown, but… she’s probably on the edge of one too after all this… so you sigh, trying to swallow your worries.

“Wow…I always knew you were a princess, MC, but now that you look like one… I might start calling you a queen.”  

“Please don’t, Zen…” he laughs softly, playing with the strap of his guitar.


“My parents are here, Zen. What if they see each other? What if they start fighting? What if…?”

“Then you won’t worry about this adult stuff, this is something for them to solve, not you. Right now, just focus on having fun by doing something you’re great at, alright? Can you do this for me?” Zen asks as if he’s talking to a kid… he really sees you like a little girl, doesn’t he? How can you not see him as your big bro, then? And how can you not hug your big bro when he acts so nice?

“Oh, uhm… MC? I-I…”

“I have no idea what I’m going to do if you actually drop out of school… what am I going to do without you?” is he breathing? Doesn’t seem like he’s breathing…

“You’ll have Saeran.” He pats your back and pulls you away, smiling sweetly. “Now, where did I put my pick?”

It’s with Jumin, he was watching this pitiful scene from behind the stereo box.

“What the hell, dude?”

“It was really admirable what you did…”

“Well, yeah… I’m doing the right thing, there’s nothing to praise here.”

“So how does it feel? Doing the right thing?”

“It sucks.” He sighs. “Saeran can’t be that stupid… what if he doesn’t show up?”

“Saeyoung can cover, he let the pre-recorded basis from the song already and…”

“No, you idiot! I mean… if he doesn’t come… for her…”

“Then you better be fast on running to comfort her before I do. But let’s think about that later, shall we?”

“Yeah, yeah… we shall.”

“Good. Oh, if you want advice, change this shirt, you will lose her perfume once you start dancing.”

“You’re really creepy, dude…” he looks around quickly. “Here, cover for me.” Zen gives the guitar to Jumin, grabbing the hem of his shirt as he runs towards the male dressing room.



It’s dark on the stage, all the lights come from the festival and the audience’s phones. You take a deep breath. This song is not appropriate for a pop rock band like yours, is too sophisticated for the instruments, and you barely rehearsed this one… why did you think it would be a good choice? Just because it’s something you feel like saying for real? Because it means a lot to you that people pay attention to what you want to say? Because… it’s your message to everybody? To the band members, to your dad, your… mom?

The pre-recorded synths start. It’s now or never…

I’ve been hearing symphonies, before all I heard was silence, a rhapsody for you and me
and every melody is timeless…”

Why is this part basically almost acapella? This is so hard… oh, there’s your mom! Rika is a few steps ahead of her… you got this, calm down, you got this!

Life was stringing me along, then you came and you cut me loose… Was solo singing on my own, now I can’t find a key without you.”

The beat comes in, along with Yoosung’s keyboards.

And now your song is on repeat, and I’m dancing on to your heartbeat. And when you’re gone
I feel incomplete, so if you want the truth…”

All the instruments come in, and you feel like your heart could overload. You didn’t rehearse this one that much, but it’s still pretty nice, and Saeyoung’s remix is just… you look to your side and… Saeyoung is on the pick-ups. But you’re hearing the drums, did he leave a pre-record of the drums too? No, but… Saeran just made a dramatic entrance again, huh?

I just wanna be part of your Symphony. Will you hold me tight and not let go? Symphony… Like a love song on the radio… will you hold me tight and not let go?”

You look over your shoulder real quick. And it’s so hard not hold a smile, but you can feel Jaehee’s eyes peering through you if you lose focus. So you look at your mom again, and now it’s impossible not to smile… she looks proud, and so does your father standing beside her.

 This is it. You did it. You sounded great, you look great. That’s it, right? This is how it ends…no, wait, there’s something more…

“I told you from the beginning that you would be a fan of my drums, didn’t I? Don’t think I didn’t notice how giggly you got when you saw me.”

“Your hair looks like shit…”

You grab him by his shirt and press your lip against his. He tenses up, but soon relaxes and wraps his arms around you. You tangle your fingers in his weird dyed hair. And it feels like an orchestra is playing inside your heart.

It might look like an end, but it’s not, don’t worry, there are still a few more chapters to go ;)

 Chapter 20 |  Chapter 22 

considering coming out to my dad today ayyy

hung out with some frat boys last night and here are some quotes:
“bro did you know girls can have orgasms”
“yeah like they start shaking and lose control of their legs”
“oh HELL no. that is not happening”


Request:  Shawn going out with his friends to like a college party or something like that, where all the girls are like throwing themselfs at him except for the one that got his attention. Kind if like the girl not showing interest, just having fun even playing a little hard to get. Idk how to explain it hahaha

“Look Bro, you can have any girl you want, why are you not taking advantage of that?” 

“What did you just say?” Shawn says looking over at Matt. “The fact that you even worded it like that proves my reason.” 

“Come on, live a little, be nineteen.” Matt says shrugging.

“I am, I’m at a god damn college party. You guys have been calling me ‘Ryan’ all night and made me go along with it even though every person here know’s who I am.” 

“Whatever, you’re missing out.” Matt shrugs.

Matt is right, Shawn could have any girl here. They are all throwing themselves at him, all wanting to go to bed with him. But he doesn’t want a girl that only wants to be with him because of his name. 

That’s what their after, the fame. 

“Excuse me.” A red head walks by, instantly catching his eye. But then he notices the phone in her hand and the way she seems to be grabbing his shoulder.

“Want a picture?” He sighs.

“Um, no?” She says, eyebrows knitting together.

“What?” He asks confused.

“I want you to get the fuck out of my way so I can find my friend that’s in one of the bathrooms throwing up.” She sasses. 

He steps back, liking her assertiveness. 

“Need help?” 

“No thank you.” He says pushing past him, lips pouty. 


“No I don’t need some asshole to come help me.” She stalks off. 

He just watches her walk away. Why the fuck would he just assume that she wanted a picture, well because he’s Shawn Mendes and everyone wants a picture. But that’s what he gets for assuming.

Don’t ever assume it just makes an Ass out of U and Me.