girls brain

A real woman

has curves

is skinny

has muscles

is whatever the hell 

she wants to be

Cho Chang x Hermione Granger - dangerous girls with big brains and pretty faces who won’t take your shit


Heathers themed Valentine cards made by yours truly
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I watched the musical (again) last night and the ending just really fucked me up. In the musical Veronica still loved JD but she can’t because of what they did. In the movie she’s really mad and wants him gone. When JD dies in the movie it’s probably because he feels like nobody loves him anymore and he’s better of dead while in the musical JD trades his life for Veronicas’ and she doesn’t want him to die. That made me really sad. And i’m sad that i’ll probably never see the musical with the original cast on stage.

Don't Mess With anna-slay
  • Annabeth: Can I borrow A pencil?
  • Teacher: I don't know , can you?
  • Annabeth: Yes, And might i Add that colloquial irregularities occur frequently in any language, And since you and the rest of our present company Perfectly understand my intended meaning, being particular about the distinction Between "CAN" and "MAY" is purely pedantic and arguably pretentious.
  • Teacher: *Jaw on the ground*

Book II: The Sea of Monsters, Ch. 12 / pg. 183


felt like posting some heathers tonight