girls braces

don’t you just love girls with big thighs? curvy girls with wide hips, large feet, and round bellies? girls who have cellulite, stretch marks and folds? girls with full lips, crooked teeth, and braces? girls who don’t shave? girls with flat noses, small eyes, oily hair, and dry skin? girls who can’t find makeup to match their skin tone because it’s dark? girls who are thick in all the “wrong” places? girls who are ugly according to eurocentric beauty standards?? 

I know I sure do. 

My top 10 songs of the first half of 2017

1) Really Really- Winner (prods in my top 5 favorite songs in general)
2) Never Ever- Got7
3) Never- Sons of People (produce 101)
4) Spring Day- BTS
5) I’m Serious- Day6
6) Wee Woo- Pristin
7) Swimming fool- Seventeen
8) Why Don’t You Know- Chungha
9) Rollin- Brave Girls
10) Beautiful- MONSTA X

Some honorable mentions:
- Paradise- Got7
- Eyez Eyez- Victon
- Easy love- SF9
- Talk to me/Rookie- Red Velvet
- Pretty Pretty- pentagon
- Not today- Bts
- Incomparable- MONSTA x
- Baby- Astro
- Yesterday- Block B
- Good thing/ Back to U- NCT 127
- Girl like me- Gugudan

In Finding Nemo, Nigel is a kind, friendly pelican voiced by … holy shit, Geoffrey Rush?! Captain Barbossa?! How? 

Anyway, Nigel is good friends with some fish who live in the dentist’s office where Nemo ends up trapped. When he runs into Nemo’s dad (Marlin), Nigel agrees to help him bust Nemo out of the dentist jail instead of, you know, ripping him from fin to fin and eating him alive, like any other pelican would.

However, unbeknownst to Nigel and Marlin, Nemo was already planning an escape of his own. When Nigel and Marlin arrive, they see Nemo floating upside down and looking to all the world like a dead-ass fish. Of course, Nemo’s only faking it so he’ll get flushed down the toilet and into sweet, stinky freedom … but Nigel doesn’t know that.

And while Marlin eventually reunites with Nemo, Nigel never learns the truth. Discounting a short cameo in the credits (which is probably not in continuity, since birds can’t breathe underwater), the last time we see Nigel he’s telling Marlin, “I’m so sorry.” It’s pretty clear that Nigel blames himself for the botched rescue attempt. He didn’t get there in time, and now a child is dead (remember – in this world, everything is a person). And it gets worse – as seen in the final scene of the movie, the rest of the fish at the dentist’s office also manage to escape. The next time Nigel returns to say hey to his friends, they’ll all be gone. As far as he knows, that satanic girl with the braces murdered every single one of them.

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