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Ride With Me.

PAIRING: ReaderxBucky! AU 


WARNINGS: sweating, alcohol consumption. 

So here it is, my new Biker!Bucky au inspired by this  Let me tell you guys, this is going to be a ride from start to finish! I’ve planned most of this but with work I’m not sure how regularly this will be updated. But I will do my very best because I am very excited about this!  


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You stood across the road looking at the building before you; you had to admit it was nothing special. But that’s what made it so, the neon sign had seen better days you were sure. You could imagine it in its heyday, all light up for the world to see. Well the underworld most likely, you never did hang with the ‘right crowd’ as your mother called it. Maybe it was her consecutive ways that drove you away and into the darkness. But still, at least you weren’t attending charity events or sitting aimlessly waiting for your husband to come home and fuck a couple of kids into you. That was never your life and it was never going to be.  Taking a quick look up the street you hurried over to the bar, weaving in and out of a few haphazardly parked motorbikes you pushed open the door with confidence.

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Scribble-Doodle: Wet Secrets

Based on the promo pics from 208. Yes, 208! Alec and Maia and wet secrets.

“What can I get you?” asks the girl behind the bar - Maia - with a wide smile. 

The party is in full swing and Alec decided to finally get a refill - if he held an empty glass in his hand for a minute longer, it would start looking suspicious.

Peering around furtively, Alec leans over the bar to request quietly, “I’ll have the special from the fridge.”

Maia raises an eyebrow. “O-kay,” she replies, drawing the word out, probably wondering what kind of a “special” he could mean, considering that there are vampires standing over by the door, sipping O-negative. 

Bending down, she opens the mini-fridge. And then she pauses. And then she stares. And then she looks up. “There’s just cranberry juice in here,” she points out.

Alec nods, looking slightly embarrassed. “Yeah, I don’t really… like alcohol,” he mutters, “that’s why I… uh.” He waves his empty wine glass. “Cranberries are good for your kidneys,” he informs her helpfully.

Grinning, Maia takes his glass and fills it with the juice out of anyone’s sight. When she straightens up again and hands him back his glass, she winks. “Your secret is safe with me,” she promises quietly. 

Alec smiles, startled, then he grins, too. “Thank you,” he whispers back. And then he goes back to mingling. He and his boyfriend are hosting a party, after all!

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I love it when you bump into a fellow young person working a customer based job and you both just understand. I went out for breakfast yesterday with a friend (both of us 18) and the girl behind the bar was obviously super frazzled cause everyone else at the bar was 40+, as soon as she saw us and started to serve us she was a totally different person and we all had a giggle at the pain of working a hard job with a hangover.

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"Will you stay with me anyways?" + Aruani

Armin froze in his tracks. Her shaky hand had an iron tight grip on his wrist, enough to crack it if he twisted away. Not that he was planning to. Armin found himself, instead, silent and listening to the girl behind the prison bars. A girl he’d known so well, so intimately not too long ago. 

“Please…” Annie’s voice was hesitant. Her usual monotone gave way to something more unsure, almost fragile. “I’m not asking for forgiveness, Armin. Believe me, I know I don’t deserve it.”

He stared at the stone dungeon ground, brows furrowing. Armin could feel the lump in his throat as her voice sang in his ears.

“…You’re not being fair.” He mumbled, his once balled up fist going limp as she loosened her grip on his arm. In spite of himself, a snicker passed his lips. “I guess I should expect that from you.”

Her hand slipped from his wrist, moving down to grab his hand. With little reluctance, he turned around to meet her eyes for the first time in what felt like an eternity. 

Annie’s eyes had always had a certain pull to them. They were sharp, icy, yet so clear and captivating. In someone so typically aloof, he could see so much of her mind in them alone. And he’d missed them terribly when she was gone.

“Just…stay with me. For a little while. To talk.”

“I could get in trouble.”

“You’d have left by now if you cared about that.”

The faintest of smiles pulled at her lips. With the warmth of her hand in his, he could swear they were back in training. Two kids with no clue what they were doing, trying day after day to figure each other out. Long talks on the way back from a training exercise, that would eventually give into passionate nights in the stables.

The memory alone was enough to throw off his train of thought.  

Alright, he thought. There’s no reason to be so nervous.

Slowly, he sat down in front of her cell. Annie followed his action, accompanied by the jarring clanking over her chains. They sat face to face, separated only by the barred door keeping her away.

“What do you want to talk about?” He asked, hugging his knees against his chest. Annie shrugged, and again mimicked his actions.

“Anything.” She pushed stray blonde hair behind her ear. Armin observed her reserved body language, and how little it had changed since the last time he’d seen her. “You always had this strange ability to keep me interested. I think I could use a catch up, as well, don’t you think?” 

Hey Bartender pt. 1 (Alex Summers x Reader)

I started this a month ago and ended up being really long so i’m splitting it up into two parts just so I can get it out there and still not have it finished so yeah.

The bar was filled with drunk men and scantily clad girls. You sat behind the bar, pouring drinks for men who thought they were gonna get lucky tonight and the women they paid to do it.

The place was a dive and you couldn’t help but wish you were somewhere else every time you came in for work. It’s a living and you’d rather be doing this than dancing on a pole in the strip club nextdoor.

It’s not all bad you thought as you watched the handsome blonde boy at the end of the bar finish off his second glass of whiskey. He raised the glass, silently asking for another. You grabbed the large bottle of golden colored alcohol and brought it to the man, giving him a small smile as you poured.

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Summary: Braun Strowman is out with some friends when he sees his ex-girlfriend with another guy. He realizes she looks happier. He finds her walking alone in the rain later that night and takes her home. Angst. Smut. Fluff.

This one is long and an emotional roller coaster. The beginning will probably break your heart but the end is so fluffy, and I threw in some smut because why not?

This is based off Ed Sheeran’s song “Happier” from his latest album, Divide.

Final note: I wrote this for my best friend who I introduced to professional wrestling. Since then she has fallen in love with the man that is Braun Strowman. And because there is not nearly enough Braun fics out there I thought I would write one of my own to give to her. So to my best friend (you know who you are) I hope you enjoy this, love!

*          *          *           *

**Braun’s P.O.V**

A couple of the guys and myself were in New York City walking down 29th and Park on our way to check out some of the bars in the area. I was talking and having a good time until I froze. And the feelings didn’t hit me at two a.m. They didn’t hit me during my sixth beer of the night. They hit me at seven o’clock, in the middle of a laugh, when I was completely sober.

There she was. Her hair down, her lips curved up in a smile, and someone else’s arms around her. The girl that stole my heart and never gave it back. And now she was in another’s arms. It had only been a month since we broke up. How could she be moving on so fast? But seeing his arms around her wasn’t the hardest part. The hardest part was realizing that she looked happier.

“You okay?” One of the guys asked as he glanced up at me.

“Yeah. It’s nothing. Just got something in my eye.” I said brushing it off.

I hoped I could get on with my night and forget about seeing her. She was happier. I couldn’t change what happened in the past. I still loved her with all my heart, but if she was happier with him, then I couldn’t be upset. All I want is for her to be happy. Even if it’s not with me.

An hour later we were sitting in the back of a bar, laughing and having a great night off. I saw the door open and didn’t think anything of it until I saw her for the second time that night. He still had his arms around her. He leaned in and whispered something in her ear. She threw her head back laughing at whatever he had said. I couldn’t help but notice the smiles they both had were twice as wide as ours ever were.

It was true. Nobody hurt that girl like I did. I put her through absolute torture. But it was also true that nobody loved her like I do. I just wasn’t always the best at showing it.

She wanted to hear how I was feeling. She wanted to hear me say I love you. She wanted to hear what she meant to me. But I was scared to let my feelings show. I let my pride get in the way, and I never told her exactly what she meant to me, and I lost her because of it.

If I was honest with myself, she was the definition of a perfect woman. She was a badass with a good heart. Strong enough to stand alone, but kind enough to let others in. She was unapologetically honest. She didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear. She told you what you needed to hear. She wasn’t made of sugar and spice and everything nice. She was made up of a soul for adventure and a heart with a love of music. She had a good head on her shoulders, and she was the most genuine person I ever met. She was the type of woman you go to war beside. The type of woman you marry. They type of woman I should have married. But I was stupid. I didn’t appreciate her. And she was strong enough to walk away, and I was stupid enough to let her go.

I still love her. With every bone in my body. I just never could show her how much she meant to me.

I knew one day this would happen. That she would move on and find someone new. I promised myself I wouldn’t take it personally. But keeping that promise was a hell of a lot harder than it sounded at the time.

But I knew I had to. I couldn’t take it personally. She looked happier. He makes her happier, and I can’t take it personally that she’s moving on with someone new.

“You okay big guy?” One of the guys asked as he noticed me staring down the glass at my almost empty glass.

“Yeah,” I said.

“It’s her, isn’t it?” He asked.

“What? No-“

“It’s okay, Braun. I get it. You loved her. You probably still do. Feelings don’t just turn off overnight. It’s hard when you see someone you used to love with someone new. I’ve been there. But trust me, one day you’ll feel it too. You’ll find someone new, and she’s going to make you so happy. She’ll make you smile again. She’ll make you laugh again. You’ll be happier too.”

I took a drink and forced myself to smile to hide the truth.

I wanted to believe him. I wanted to believe that someday I would find another girl who would make me smile. And maybe he was right. Maybe someday another girl would come along who could put a smile on my face. But it wouldn’t be a smile that went all the way to my heart like the smile Y/n put on my face. No matter how great the next girl would be, she would never be Y/n. And I knew that I might be happy with another girl, but I would never be as happy as I was with Y/n.

Two hours later and I was still in the corner of the room. She had left an hour ago, and yet everything was reminding me of her.

The girl behind the bar shaking a cocktail that had the same crazy curly hair as Y/n. She hated that hair. Always complained about how poofy it got when it was humid and how it had a mind of its own. Seemed to take her an hour just to brush it and she would mumble to herself, but it was adorable. I loved her crazy hair. It made her, her.

Then I noticed the shorter girl dancing with the tall guy in the middle of the dance floor. He was built like me. He had a beard like mine. He looked just as out of place on a dance floor as I did. But just like me, he would do anything to make his girl happy. And I couldn’t help but notice the way the girl looked up at him. Full of love and adoration. The way Y/n used to look at me.

Then I noticed the band that was playing on the speakers. It was one of the bands she loved, but I hated.  It was too pop-ish for me. I remember when she went to their concert and that was all I heard about for a month. She had every album and knew every word. I didn’t get it. They weren’t a band I could get into. But she loved them, so I guess in a way I loved them too. I let her play their songs in the car because it made her happy. And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me smile listening to her sing every word.

I looked down at the empty glass in front of me. It had to be my sixth or seventh one of the night. I probably looked pathetic from an outsider’s perspective. A 6’8” 385lb man in the corner of a bar nursing an empty bottle and telling himself he’s happier.

“C’mon big guy, let’s go back to the hotel.” One of the guys said pulling me out of my trance. I headed to the bar to pay my tab before we all headed to the car.

I was in the backseat of the car staring out the window when I saw her for the third time that night. Walking in her high heels in the middle of the night in the pouring rain. She was completely soaked. Why was she walking alone in the middle of the dark? Why was she walking in the rain? Where was her new boyfriend?

“Hey, pull over! That’s Y/n!” I said.

“What? That’s not her, Braun.”

“Yes, it is. Please, just pull over.” I said.

“Braun even if it is her she probably doesn’t-“

“Pull the car over!”

He sighed but pulled over on the side of the road. I opened the door and ran over to her.


She looked up, and her eyes widened when she saw me. She looked shocked to see me there. Her hair was soaking wet, and there was some makeup running down her face. Her tight dress was clinging to her body. And she looked like she was freezing.

“What are you doing out here?” I asked.

“Walking home.” She said.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” I asked.

“He left me. We broke up.” She said.

“Let me take you home. You shouldn’t walk home in the rain.” I said.


“Y/n, come on. You can’t walk home in those shoes. Let me get you home.” I said.

“I’m fine, Braun.” She said.

“Y/n, just get in the car,” I said.

I took a step closer to her, and that’s when I realized that she was crying. I hadn’t noticed at first because of the rain. But there were tears mixed in with the raindrops.

“Are you okay? Did he…did he hurt you?” I asked.

“No. He didn’t hurt me. I’m fine.” She said.

She reached up and rubbed her hands up and down her arms, trying to get some warmth into them. She was wearing a short dress with skinny straps. She had to be freezing.

I shrugged my jacket off and wrapped it around her shoulders. It was big on her, but I swore I saw her sigh into the warmth of it out of the corner of my eye.

“Thank you, Braun.” She said as she looked up at me.

“C’mon. Let me take you home and get you warm.” I said as I wrapped my arm around her to give her some added warmth.

She hesitated, but sighed and gave in and let me lead her to the car.

I opened the car door, and she slid into the middle. I slid in next to her. I felt bad that she was squished in between me and one of the guys who was also in the back seat.

She scooted over closer to me, and I was shocked when she laid her head on my arm. Maybe it was the alcohol in her system. Maybe it was a way of saying thank you for picking her up. Whatever it was, I wasn’t going to complain about it. I moved my arm so that it was around her shoulders as I held her close for the first time in a month.

The car pulled up in front of her apartment building, and I stepped out so that she could get out.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to walk her up,” I said to the guys before I turned to her.

I walked beside her as she made her way up to her apartment. The elevator ride to her floor was silent. But it was comfortable. I didn’t want to push her to talk. I knew this wouldn’t lead to us getting back together. This was me still caring about her and making sure she got home safe when some other jerk didn’t.

She stopped when we arrived at her door and turned to face me. She looked up into my eyes for several seconds before she said anything.

“Thank you for doing this. You didn’t have to.” She said.

“I did. I couldn’t let you walk all the way home in those shoes in the rain. You’d catch pneumonia.” I said.

“Most guys wouldn’t stop to help their ex-girlfriend.” She pointed out.

“I’m not most guys,” I said.

“No, you aren’t. You know they call you the monster among men, but you were always a teddy bear to me.” She said.

My lips curved into a smile as I looked at her.

“You were the only one who could get away with calling me a teddy bear,” I said.

I saw her reach up and wipe some tears from her eyes. Why was she crying? Had I said something to upset her?

“Did…did I say something?” I asked.

“No. I’m just a mess.” She said.

“You’re not a mess,” I said.

“I am. I’ve been a mess ever since I left you.” She admitted.

I wasn’t sure what to say to that. I don’t know what I expected her to say, but it definitely wasn’t that. I expected her to say that she was happy and that she had moved on. It looked like she was happier with him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” She said.

“I’ve been a mess too. I uh…I miss you.” I admitted

“I miss you too Braun. I know we weren’t perfect. We had our problems. But we were so good together? Why did we even break up? I can’t even remember anymore.” She said as she looked up at me.

Where were all these tears coming from? She had always been an emotionally strong person during our relationship. Why was she crying so much? Was it the alcohol? Where was this coming from?

She took a step towards me and wrapped her arms around me and laid her head against my chest and began to cry harder. I wrapped my arms around her and laid my cheek against the top of her head.

“It’s okay,” I said as I rubbed her back.

“I miss you, Braun.” She said.

“I miss you too, Y/n,” I said.

“Will you stay with me?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’ll stay with you,” I said.

She opened the door to her apartment, and we walked in. I texted the guys to let them know I would be staying and to not wait for me out in the car.

“I’m going to go change.” She said before she turned and walked down the hall to her bedroom.

I sat down on the couch in the living room and looked around her apartment. It looked pretty much the same except the pictures of me and her had been replaced by pictures of her and the new guy.

I was looking one particular picture on the end table next to the couch when Y/n came back into the room.

“Sorry about that. This probably looks bad.” She said as she took a seat next to me and motioned to the picture I was looking at.

“It’s fine,” I said.

“I thought he was really great. But I found out tonight that he just wanted me for one thing.” She 


“Guys are dicks,” I said.

“Not all guys.” She said as she looked over at me.

“Most of us are. And even the good guys have their moments.” I said.

**Y/n’s P.O.V.**

Braun and I had been sitting on the couch drinking beer for a couple of hours. It felt just like it used to when he used to come over on Saturday nights. Part of me wanted to lean in and kiss him. I wanted to feel his lips on mine and his hands on my body again. But I knew I couldn’t. This was just for tonight. I would go to bed, he’d sleep on the couch and in the morning when I woke up he’d probably be gone. He was happier now. He was happier without me.

“I really want to kiss you.” He admitted before he covered his mouth quickly with his hand. I knew that he hadn’t mean to say it out loud. But I heard it. And those six words had my heart racing.

“Then do it.” I said before I pulled my bottom lip in between my teeth.

He looked surprised at my answer before he leaned in and gently pressed his lips to mine. His lips were soft and warm, just like I remembered them. It wasn’t a passionate kiss like his usually were, it was soft and gentle, like he was testing the waters.

“I can make you feel so good,” he whispered as he pulled away, his breath hitting my parted lips. “Better than that jerk ever could…if you let me.”

I felt his hand slid up my thigh to the edge of my pajama shorts. This isn’t right. We can’t do this. We’ve both been drinking. We shouldn’t do this.

His hands sent waves of electricity down my leg. It felt like for a moment everything stopped, and all I could do was look up at him as I bit my lip.

“Braun, w-we shouldn’t-“ I breathed out.

“We should, baby. If you didn’t want me, you wouldn’t have invited me inside.” He said quietly before leaning in and placing little pecks to my jaw as his lips moved across my jaw to the spot under my ear.

I gasped as he reached over and pulled me onto his lap. He rested his hands on my hips as he began to lightly suck on my soft spot.

“Stop me if you don’t want me to go any further. But just know if you don’t, I will take you in every single way possible tonight.” He muttered, placing a kiss underneath my ear before pulling away to allow me to give my answer.

My eyes flickered to his lips, and I knew my answer without even thinking about it. I leaned down and connected my lips with his. He reached up and tangled his hands in my hair, molding my lips with his, feeling the way the plumpness of his bottom lip felt against mine as the kiss got rougher.

“Could he make you feel this way, love?” Braun mumbled before grinding his hips up against my core with his hard on, earning an almost silent moan from me.

I wanted him more than anything. I had been longing a month to feel his body on mine, which didn’t seem like that long, but felt like forever to me.

I finally gave in, throwing the last little bit of common sense still in me telling me to stop out the window, letting my hands go to his shirt as I began to unbutton the top few buttons, allowing my hands to yank the fabric off his broad shoulders so I could run my hands over them.

“Braun,” I moaned out, grinding down onto his covered shaft, causing small grunts to come from his lips.

“Yeah baby,”

“Touch me.” I begged.

“Where? Where do you want me to touch you at, love?”

“Everywhere.” That was all he needed to hear before his hands began running everywhere, a pile of clothes quickly forming on the floor as both our shirts were pulled off.

I climbed off his lap to pull my pajama shorts and panties off while Braun took the opportunity to kick off his shoes and pull off his jeans and underwear.

“You have no idea what you do to me,” he moaned as his eyes ran over me standing naked in front of him.

I felt a surge of confidence go through me as I climbed back onto his lap and straddled him, and ground my hips down onto his slowly. I leaned in and kissed him again, our moans mixing together.

Braun broke the kiss with a smirk and sat up. He grabbed me and pulled me so that were flipped and I was now underneath him. His hands trailed down my body before making their way up to massage my breasts.

“Could your boy toy make you wet from just looking at you?” He asked as he reached down and ran his finger down my folds before bringing his finger to his lips and sucking.

He leaned down and wrapped his lips around my left nipple as his fingers twisted the other one.

“You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled. “I don’t care what anyone else says. You’re perfect to me, baby.”

He pulled away from my breasts and grabbed his cock and positioned it at my entrance. His eyes looked into mine as he paused, almost as if asking if it was okay for him to continue.

I nodded and he slid his entire length into me. We both let out a groan of pleasure, and I was so turned on from the way he was stretching me. Braun leaned down and began to lightly suck on the spot below my ear again, sucking hard enough to leave a mark as he thrust in and out of me. His thrusts were slow, but hard, and he hit that spot every time.


He reached down and circled my clit with his thumb, adding to the pleasure I was already feeling as the rough pad of his thumb worked its magic.

He squeezed my hips and slowly pulled out before flipping me over onto my stomach. He reached down and pulled my hips up, putting me in doggy positon before he slid back into me, pumping in and out hard. You were a moaning mess underneath him as he pulled my hair into a makeshift pony and lightly yanked

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “could he make you feel this way baby?”

“N-no, Braun.” You breathed out, trying not to cum.

“My name sounds so perfect coming from those pretty little lips, love.” He whispered before 

kissing my neck. He gently bit down and a loud moan left my throat, making my eyes roll back.

“You like that, baby?” Braun grunted. I nodded and gasped when I felt him push me back down into the couch cushion. He began to speed up the pace of his thrusts and I could feel the knot in my stomach tightening.

“Come on baby, cum for me.” He said as he thrust quickly into me. That was all it take for the knot to burst as an animalistic moan left my mouth as I came. He thrust a couple more times before I felt him shoot his release inside of me.

He pulled out and sat down on the couch, engulfing me into his giant arms as we sat there catching our breathes.

“You’re mine now.” He mumbled quietly into my ear.

“But what about-“

“Mine. No buts.”

“Yours.” I said with a smile.

He leaned his head against mine.

“Braun?” I said.

“Yeah?” He said.

“Just so you know, I’m always happier with you.”

With Leverage i just really want to know about the clients. How do they find the team??? Like i know that sometimes they find the clients but we can see from the episodes that thats not always the case, and im assuming they dont have a website or anything because that would get them caught realy quick.

I like to think there is a rumor. A myth. A whisper everwhere from mexico city to toronto, a rumor that only finds you when you’re world is on fire or already is ashes. When youve lost everything, when no one is in your corner and everyone who is meant to help you is turning a blind eye, when you’re suffering under an enormous weight that you know is going to crush you any day now and you just cant breathe-

Go to a bar in Boston. Sit down, order a drink and tell the girl behind the bar you’re drowning, and wait. A scruffy looking man and a pretty woman will come down and offer to save you and turn down any money you try to give him. An offer that seems to goodd to be true usually is. Except when its given in a booth in a bar in Boston.

(they save you and walk away and the next time you meet somone who can’t save themselves you tell them about the man and the bar in boston.)

The Coffee Coincidence | Dan Howell

Hello! This is a short fanfic about Dan Howell based on the request below. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

“See you tonight babe, have a good day.” Y/N said as she kissed her boyfriend goodbye, walking out of their London apartment. She had a long day of work ahead of her and so she decided her first stop would be at her favourite cafe. She’d discovered it within the first week of her moving to her new apartment two years ago and it had been love at first sight. Now not only the coffee but also the boy who worked there during the weekends had won her over and it made her happy just being there. She opened the door and the little bell rang, alerting the barista that a new customer had just arrived. “Krista! Hey!” She waved at the girl behind the bar and walked up to the counter. “Morning! The usual I assume?” Krista asked and she nodded, taking out a few pounds to pay for her coffee. She chatted with Krista about their new puppy which they were picking up tomorrow and showed her some pictures before thanking the girl for making her her favourite drink once again. She had about half an hour left before she actually had to be at work and it wasn’t far away at all, so she decided to sit down at one of the tables. She took out her laptop and started sorting out her e-mail when a soft but familiar voice made her look up.

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Reader and Happy have been sleeping together for a while now. He forbids her from telling the club about them through jealously but only succeeds in upsetting her, the boys try to help.

Pairing: Reader x Happy,  
             Reader x Sons!Friendship feels
             Chibs kicking suborn ass and taking names (what do you mean that’s not a pairing?)

Words: 3143

Warnings: Tig Trager being a loveable fool?
Chibs giving Happy a verbal kicking?
Nothing you wouldn’t expect from the show?


You laughed as Tig slid through some oil towards you in garage. He stuck his arms up dramatically as he came to stop in front of you and the car you were working on.
“Oh you remember what smiling is? And just for me, gotta tell you babe I’m flattered.” Tig teased you as he poked the tip of your nose playfully. Your smile dropped when he reminded you of your recent awful mood.
“Come on doll, you’ve had that face on all week and we’re all a little terrified of you right now. And before you blame your ‘lady issues’ we know that was the other week.” He crossed his arms and leaned in front of the engine you were inspecting so that you had to pay attention to him.

“You have no idea how disturbing it is to me that you know when I’m on my period.” You mumbled at him and he just gave you a cheeky grin like you were sharing a secret. Having worked as a mechanic at TM for a few years and being close friends with Jax, Opie, Chibs and Gemma you had learnt a few tricks to keep the boys out of your business.

1) Talk about periods – for badass murdering bikers they were wimps around ‘lady issues’ as Jax had once dubbed it.
2) Distract them by implying one was stronger than another – the last time you’d had to do this Bobby had destroyed Juice in an arm wrestle.
3) Comment on a pretty woman in yard – self-explanatory but works 90% of the time.
4) Ask about club business – This shut down almost all conversation for about half an hour, they didn’t want you to know more than you already did considering you were only a club friend and not an Old Lady nor a family member.

These tricks worked on almost all the men in the club but they almost never worked on Tig, Chibs or Happy. They knew you too well, especially Happy who was the source of your sour mood. You tried to lean around  Tig in the hopes of getting back to work but he just leaned further back into your way and raised his eyebrows like he was mocking you.
“Why the fuck are you so interested?” You snapped at him and he tutted and shook his head at you, his crazy hair coming alive.
“Because the club relies on your work here, we know that we put on you a lot when it comes to the work load and helping run the whole damn place, especially when we’re on a run or in the big house. You’re only this much of a bitch when someone has hurt you, so I need to know who I need to get rid of.” He gave you a sincere look and you felt your resolve soften.

How could you tell him that it was Happy that upset you so much?

You couldn’t. Just like Happy had forbidden you from telling the guys that you and him were sleeping together. He’d actually used the words ‘I forbid it’ before finishing his drink and helping you hike up your skirt up in the garage office while party continued outside.
The words hadn’t hurt as much at first; they were numbed by the drugs, drink and the delicious pressure of Happy holding your thighs as he pressed you against Gemma’s desk.
You and Happy had been sleeping together for a few weeks, you’d had the hots for him since you’d met him a few years beforehand when you started at the garage. It had taken those years for you to earn his trust, then his friendship until you were closer with him then most of the guys.

It was Chib’s fault that it had all started, you were all blind drunk at a Son’s party at the garage and as usual the boys had out drunk you easily. You were curled up against Chibs who was openly laughing at you trying to sing along with the song on the background when he spotted his favourite croweater. After checking you would be fine with him passing your drunk ass off to one of his brothers to keep an eye on you he’d called Happy over. Happy had guided you to his dorm room where you’d attempted to jump him.

You were so drunk that all that happened was a heated make out session before you slumped back on the bed passed out, it was only a few days later that Happy had cornered you near the dorms while you were on your break and you’d slept together before returning back to your shift. Thankfully Happy left soon after with the rest of the Sons on a run so it only left the garage workers to see your obviously dishevelled state and they were too scared of you to ask any questions.

Then it just kept happening, you’d kept it to yourself at first just out of respect for both Happy’s and your own privacy, though you guessed Gemma had her suspicions. You’d not slept with any of the Son’s before Happy (not that there hadn’t been temptations) but you weren’t a croweater and you valued your friendship with them over a fling any day.

Until Happy.

A onetime thing had turned on going and now you found yourself in his arms at least a few times a week when he wasn’t on a run or visiting his Ma. He often stayed over at yours and set of for the TM before you so you wouldn’t show up together. You had no idea what your relationship was defined as but when he’d forbidden you from mentioning it to the guys you felt your heart sink.
Was he that embarrassed to be sleeping with you?

The thought made your eyes prick with tears and you wrapped your arms self-consciously around yourself. Tig’s eyes narrowed as he noticed the movement. You weren’t built like the croweaters Happy spent most of his time with, you were slim but strong from years of working on cars and working out with Jax, Opie and Juice. You could handle your own in a fight and whilst most of the women around the club could dance around the pole with your strength and balance you could probably do acrobatics on it if you wanted to try.

“Come on doll, tell Tiggy whose bothering you?” Tig tried again as he stood up straight from his position against the car.
You shook your head and all the tears that threatened to gather disappeared and your expression hardened, “Right now Trager, you’re the one bothering me.” You snapped.

Tig’s expression fell and he threw his hands up defeat before storming off into the club main room leaving you alone with your thoughts.


Tig stamped into the main room and pulled his arms out of his overalls so that he could tie them around his waist. He approached the guys on the sofas, a few of them also dressed in their TM overalls.
“Beer.” He snapped at the girl behind the bar before dropping down heavily into an arm chair facing the guys.
“What’s got your knickers in a twist?” Chibs teased as Tig stared into space his hand by his mouth as he sat in thought. The girl came to give over and put his beer on the table in front of him and walked off after giving the men what she must have thought was an attractive pout. It was only then that Tig took his hand away from his mouth and addressed his brothers.

“We need to pull out the big guns with Y/N.”

That got their attention, especially Happy whose head snapped up from the Tattoo gun he was cleaning.
Tig continued, “I think that some guy has been giving her grief. I got a laugh outta her but we won’t get much more info unless she talks to Opie or Chibs.”
“What do you mean giving her grief?” Happy’s hard voice beat his brothers.
Tig shrugged and started to drink his beer before answering, “Messing her around or actively upsetting her. Definitely about a guy though, I’ve got girls myself remember.”

“So what we think this is club related? Someone upsetting her to get to us?” Jax asked.
“Or maybe it’s one of those asshole’s from Lodi who keep coming to town and asking her out?” Opie offered and a few of the boys smirked when they remembered their brother throwing one of those idiots through the office window. Gemma was pissed.

“Either way it’s bad for business and you know Gemma won’t let us have a quiet life until Y/N’s back helping her to keep you guys and this club in check.”  Clay waded in, “Chibs you have a word with her, see whose bothering her. After we’re done here so we can get this sorted before our run tomorrow night.”
“Aye, I’ll go talk to the lass now.” He got up from his seat and finished his own beer.
“Tell me who when you know and I’ll get rid of the problem.” Happy rumbled as he focused intently back on the tattoo gun in his hand. His brother’s all suddenly wished to be as far away from him as possible. When the Tacoma Killer got a little bloodthirsty they could tell, his voice dropped even deeper than it usually did and his dark eyes could set fire to you. It was a very good idea to get very, very far away from him and find a safe place to find.
“We might not need to spill blood brother; it might not be that serious.” Jax tried to defuse the situation and instantly regretted it when Happy’s dark eyes shot to up to stare him down.
“She looked like she might cry.” Tig added helpfully as he finished his beer.
“You get the info, we’ll get the shovels.” Opie told Chibs and the men laughed between themselves.
“Aye right ya are. If she gets me by the neck I expect help.” Chibs joked.
“You lived a long life old man, we’ll drink in your memory.” Jax commented and the others laughed as Chibs gave him the finger as he walked away

Happy focused as much as he could on the machinery in his hands but he couldn’t stop his mind going back to you. Was this way you’d been more distant with him over the past week? Had someone been terrorising you and he’d been too dumb to see it? Why would you keep this from him? Out of all the women he’d ever been with or even just slept with, and he’d stopped counting a long time ago, you were the only one he clicked with.
He watched cartoons with him on a Saturday morning.  
He let you ride on the back of his bike.
He stayed over at your house after you’d slept together and didn’t complain when you clung to him in your sleep.
He had even mentioned you to his Ma and Aunt.

Whoever was upsetting you better not have been hoping for a pain free death because he was definitely going to enjoy making them suffer. As far as he was concerned you two were exclusive. He’d laid off the croweaters since you’d been together – something his brothers had questioned endlessly – and he told you to keep your rendezvous a secret. If the boys found out they might think that you were open for business, unless you were an Old Lady or a Girlfriend if you slept with one Son most women ended up sleeping with all of them until they were a Friday night whore.
Not you. You were his and until you’d both figured out what you were going to class each other as, he wanted his brothers to continue thinking you were off the menu.

He looked up when he felt eyes on him and tried not to glare back at the suspicious look Tig was throwing his way. He narrowed his eyes and focused back on the tattoo gun and planning how he was going to make this mystery bastard suffer.


Happy was working on his bike in the garage and pretending not be watching you with Chibs. He was sneaky but it was hard since you were mostly hidden behind the car you’d been working on. Happy swallowed hard when he saw Chibs pull you into his arms and you rest your head on his chest. He pushed down the jealously that rose like bile in this throat and tried to focus on your body to see in you were shaking or crying but it was impossible to tell.

Chibs rested his chin on the top of your head and was gently swaying you from side to side, Happy narrowed his eyes when he saw his brother pull back and put his hand to your face wiping your eyes with his thumbs.
He tried to ignore the clench of his heart, you had been crying. Some bastard needed to bleed for upsetting you like this. But why couldn’t you have come to him about this?

Was it just sex to you? Did you not realise that he would happily rip people apart for you. Well he was happy to do it anyway but that was beside the point.

He stood up when Chibs left your side and was stalking over to him. The Scot’s eyes were steely and he stalked over to Happy with an aggression that wasn’t often seen from the club medic.
Chibs got close to him, leaning up so he was squaring up to the other Son, “Ah think you and I need a word brother.” He accent was thick from his anger.
Happy gave a sharp nod and let himself be led into the club until they stepped into Happy’s dorm room.

Chibs closed the door, let out a long sigh and took off his sunglasses before putting them down on Happy’s cupboard.
“Brother, ya know I’ve got love for you but what the fuck are you thinking?” Chibs fixed Happy with a hard stare and when he didn’t reply Chibs continued, “Ya know that girl is kin to this club. Why are you being such a bastard?”

Happy’s eyebrows shot up and usually the Scot would have found it hilarious to see his usually stoic brother looking utterly confused.

“How can you be embarrassed by her? I’ve never seen her cry Hap. Do you know what this could do to the garage?” Chibs pressed.

“Wait wait wait,” Happy rasped his hand gesturing that he wanted Chibs to slow down, “What the fuck are you talking about?”
Chibs put his hands on his hips and let out an annoyed sigh, “Ah know about you and Y/N. She told me all about it. Ah know you didn’t want us to know about you and her. Ah get its not serious to ya Hap but you hurt the lass.”
Happy shook his head and spat out, “You don’t know a fucking thing. We’re-” Happy struggled to find the right word, “We’re exclusive.”

Realisation dawned on Chib’s face though it was tinged with sadness as he ran his fingers over his beard, “Aye, it had been mentioned you were ignoring our Friday night girls. We were worried it was bad news about your Ma.”
Happy shook his head, “No she’s doing better, keeps badgering me about bringing Y/N to meet her.”
“Hap if it’s that serious, why’d you upset her like that?” Chibs leaned back on the closed door.

Happy ran his hand over his head in frustration; the man he’d been plotting to murder and torture was himself. He’s never meant to upset you like that, how could anyone ever assume that someone like him could be embarrassed with being with someone like you?
“I didn’t mean it like that brother.” Happy grumbled, he was man of few words and right now he only wanted to share them with you.

“You thought we’d all try to ‘ave a go?” Chibs asked in that all knowing voice he used on the younger members of the club and sometimes Tig when he was being particularly mischievous.
“You telling me you hadn’t thought about it?” Happy accused, his eyes narrowed as he took his brother.
Chibs raised his hands in self-defence, “Ah won’t lie brother. You’ve been with the rest of the club when we’ve talked about women, Y/N, Tara, ah fuck even Gemma. But that’s all it is Hap, talk. We know Gemma and Tara are Old Ladies and if you had come to us and said that Y/N was off limits we would have respected that.”

Happy’s shoulders deflated under the weight of Chibs honesty. Deep down he knew that they would respect the boundaries that Happy would put down to them and if he was honest he knew that you had one of the meanest right hooks going so he wasn’t too sure why he was worried about the guys trying to push up on you.
What he was trying to put off was manning up and making a decision about being with you or not. Exclusively fucking was a lot different from being someone’s boyfriend. You’d been there when he’d beat people down but how would you react to him showing up at your front door at 3am covered in another man’s blood?

How could he do that to you?

But then, he thought about you with someone else and the sicking bile rushed back up his throat. No you were his but could he drag you further into this life?

“Brother.” Chibs’ reassuring voice knocked Happy back to life, “Stop over thinking it and go talk to your girl.”

They shared a short laugh together as Happy headed back out into the yard with Chibs on his heels ready to give him moral support. They came out into the forecourt and found you instantly across the yard. You were leant against the tow truck and Kozik leaned next to you, one hand on the truck so he could lean over you as he blatantly flirted with you.
They watched as you gave him a small smile, which was a lot for you given your mood this week, and as Kozik gently tucked some of your hair behind your eye.

“Ah fuck.” Chibs hissed.
But Happy paid him no mind as he was too busy watching his blonde brother touch his lover. “He’s dead.” He rasped lowly as he began advancing towards the pair of you with murder in his eyes.

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Find Official part two of this here.
Old Lady - Part three

Send in any one shot requests to me.

Raphael Santiago X reader | long night

request; could you do one where Raphael’s still Camille’s second and she makes him kidnap the reader from campus

I hope you like this one 👏💓


The girl standing behind the bars of a cell sighed, “ I want to go home. ”

“ And I want to go to the moon. It ain’t happening, sweetheart. Time to accept that. ”

(Y/N) frowned; she never thought that she’ll ever get kidnapped by a stranger whom she never saw in her entire life.

“ At least tell me why I’m here. ”

She overanalyzed the stranger that was looking at her from across the room; his dark hair perfectly arranged , put in contrast by his extremely pale skin and dark eyes.

The brunette smirked, “ Like what you see?”

“ Maybe if there wouldn’t be bars between us, I could enjoy the view better. ” or I could try to hit you and run .

Raphael chuckled; for sure the girl had a lot of sass in her. He observed that her bottom lip started to tremble, so he started to walk towards the other room, searching for an old blanket to give her .

“ Where are you going ? Don’t let me here alone! ”

He rolled his eyes as he entered back in the room with a blanket in his hand,

“ I didn’t realize you liked me that much . ”

Raphael opened the door to the cell and gave her the blanket, “You looked cold ”

“ T-thanks.”

(Y/N) grabbed the maroon blanket and wrapped around her; not only because there was freezing, but because a feeling of panick installed in her body; she didn’t know who this guy was or what he could possibly want from her.

(Y/N) studied at the college of art, she didn’t do much more besides that. Painting she could express her feelings and voice her thoughts, so that activity kept her busy all the time.

(Y/N) never got herself into trouble, she always stayed in her row, obeying to all the rules. Why would such a horrible thing happen to a nice girl like her ? Fate wasn’t quite fair.

“ What are you going to do with me ?”

Raphael sighed, “ I don’t know; I’m not the one who’ll do anything, I have a boss above me, ya know. ”

“ So what? You’re just going to do the dirty work for your boss? I didn’t take you for such a dog. ”

“ What did you just called me, mundane ?!”

Raphael used his inhuman speed to get in front of the cell, showing his fangs. He despited werewolves, so calling him a dog didn’t make him very happy.

“ Bloody hell, what are you?”

“ Depends. I can be your worst nightmare if you don’t shut your mouth. ”

The good looking vampire turned around and grabbed ghis cell phone, searching for Camille’s number.

“ where in hell are you? the mundane you made me kidnap is noisy. ”

Raphael sighed when he received the reply from Camille ; “ she’s a prize for you, dearie. have fun. ”

He glared at the now half-asleep girl.

“Get up.” he demanded

“ W-what?”

He hissed, “ You can go.”

(Y/N)’s eyes widened ; his actions were odd to her, why would one kidnap a girl, then just let her go freely?

She didn’t waste her time, (Y/N) got up and let the blanket fall down, Raphael opened the cell, letting her walk out.

“ Why?”

He frowned, humans must be so stupid. Raphael grabbed her wrist and guided her to the back exit.

Raphael opened the door quickly and pushed her outside. Before he could close the door, she stepped back inside.

Her eyes were now icy; she glared at the sky - which was dark , and at the thunderstorm that was happening in front of her eyes.

“ You’re afraid of thunderstorms? You gotta be kidding me.”

She murmured, “ Actually, I might want to stay the night. ”

“ You have to be joking. Tell me you’re joking. ”

“ No , not a chance. I’m going out while there’s a storm . Guess we’re both stuck here, weirdo.”

(Y/N) pushed Raphael back inside and made her way back to the room she was previously held in.

Raphael shook his head, “ This will be a long night. ”

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Imagine being a plus size girl with a crush on Juice....

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You pulled into the lot and parked next to Gemma’s car. The California sun beat down on you as you pulled your sunglasses out of your pocket and you pushed them on to your face. As your heels clicked against the pavement you could feel a pair of eyes on you, and a blush growing on your face. 

 The eyes could only belong to one person, Mister Juan Carlos Ortiz, the newest patch in the Sons of Anarchy, and the man who you had a huge crush on since the night you both sat in the lot and talked for hours. Since then every member of the club knew about your little club, that is except for Juice. 

 As you opened the door you were greeted by the smell of cheap cigarettes and alcohol from the night before, your best friend sat at the bar, smoking his cigarette as you took a seat beside him. 

“So did you hear…." 

"That the love of my life is back in town? Yeah I heard. She call ya for lunch?”

“Yeah, you gonna go talk to her?”

“Sweetheart, I’ll go talk to her when you finally tell Juice how you feel.”

“Now you know I can’t do that Jax. He will just laugh at me.”

“And why? The whole time I have known you have never been afraid to voice your option, or feelings. so why now…”

“Because you haven’t seen him at the parties. Every girl he takes back to the dorms are skinny and sexy. And I am not, meaning he would never go for me.”

Originally posted by tarons

“Darling I am sure…”

“So how is Wendy?” you said as Jax took a drag of his cigarette.

He had dropped the topic, and soon the whole topic was dropped, until Juice walked into the bar, and took the seat beside you. A blush forming on your cheeks as he smiled at you.

“So are you going to the party tonight?” He asked as you smiled at him, thinking about how you would once again be spending the night watching Juice flirt with a skinny, sexy croweater…. but hey, at least you were with Juice.

“Yea. I just have to go home and change before then, but I should be there.” You smiled before turning back to Jax, “I’ll be back.” 

“Ok Darling.” He answered, before you slid off the stool and walked out. While you did you missed Juice’s eyes follow you out the door, both fixated on your ass as you left. However Jax didn’t miss it, and there was no way it would go unmentioned.

“Why don’t you just tell her?” He asked as Juice turned towards him quickly, a blush invading his face as he avoided eye contact.

“Tell who what?”

“Tell [Y/N] that you like her and that she has an ass you wish would sit on you.”

“Jax, no girl like that would ever go for a guy like me. She deserves someone who….”

“Just try, you might be surprised by the response.” Jax interrupted before sliding off the stool himself and heading towards his own dorm, leaving Juice alone to ponder if he should tell you or not…..

That night you pulled into the same spot you occupied earlier, your flats gliding across the lot as you approached the building. You could already hear the bass of the speakers, and the melody of the music, which you could identify as classic rock upon opening the door. The space filled with the dimmed lights, along with a faint wall of cigarette smoke, the loud music, and the smell of beer and whiskey. The sound of cheers also filled the room, leading you to assume that Chibs or Tig had just won at pool, or were going to get laid. You slowly found your way to the bar, and signaled to a young girl behind the bar for a whiskey, her boobs  practically tumbling out of her white, see-through blouse, and her long legs on display in her short shorts. She was also dressed in 5 inch heels, and her lips were pouted, you were sure she would find her way into Juice’s bed that night, and quickly shook the idea from your mind when you caught his eyes across the floor. 

He was wearing a white tee shirt, and his tight blue jeans, the high top converses he wore hidden under the end of those jeans. He was holding a beer as he leaned against the wall, his attention was focused on Chibs who stood at the pool table, surrounded by his brothers, and the crow eaters. As far as you knew he didn’t even know of your presences, however you were wrong. Soon you found your eyes wondering elsewhere and soon found the sight of Jax, quickly bee-lining to him, just so you would stop staring at Juice. However you were standing with him for a matter of seconds before you felt a hand on your lower back.

“My dorm, now.” He whispered into your ear as you looked at Jax, who was smirking at you.

“Excuse me Jax, I have to piss like a race horse.” You responded as the hand slowly pulled away from your back, and as you stood with Jax trying to think about what was about to happen, you knew he was waiting for you.

“Go get him doll.” He smiled as you started towards the hall, where the music wasn’t so loud, and members stood with crow eaters just eating their faces. Your hand found it’s way to the cool metal knob. 

“Tell me you are decent.” You joked covering your eyes as you opened the door and stood there in the doorway as his laugh drifted out of the doorway.

“I am, however if at any time you want me to not be, I will gladly take it off for you.”

You removed your hand from your eyes and closed the door, before looking at Juice nervously watching you.

“So what’s up? Shouldn’t you be hitting on….”

“I love you.” he blurted out, cutting your sentence short as your eyes widened.

“Excuse me?”

“I love you. I find myself wishing that I could kiss you all the time, or touch you. I want you to be the one I take back here at parties, or even on a normal work day. I wish after long runs, or even short runs it was your bed I was coming home to, or my bed with you in it, wearing nothing but one of my shirts and your shorts. I want to be the name you moan and the man you long for, and I want to be the one to tell you I love you, and the father of your future children. I want you to want me, and I want to be the one you long for for the rest of your life.”

“Juan….” Tears prickled your eyes as you covered your mouth, praying a sob didn’t slip out, “This isn’t funny.”

“I’m not trying to be funny?” He replied

“I don’t get it, how can you love me?”

“You are the only girl I have ever felt comfortable enough to talk to like I do with you. You are kind, and caring. Your smile lights up a room, and your laugh is like music. You always put others before yourself, and you genuinely care about people. You are such a nice and funny soul that I want nothing more then to love you.”

“But I am not skinny, I am not sexy, I am not one of them.” You whispered as he wrapped his arms around your waist and looked into your eyes, before kissing your head.

“I don’t care, I don’t want a crow eater. I want you, I want a relationship with you that is deeper then just random sex. When I look at you I see the most sexy woman ever, I don’t see the weight, I just see you.”


“Please [Y/N], let me call you mine.” He whispered as his face inched towards mine, his forehead resting against mine.

“Yes Juan Carlos, I will always let you claim me, as long as you love me.”

“I will love you forever.” He whispered before his lips found mine.   

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I'm going to take you up on the offer of prompting a continuation of the christmas fake date fic, with Bucky's POV. It would be really nice to get to see their first real date/kiss at New Years. So if you ever feel inspired to write that, well, I know I'd love to see it at least! ~ R

Renting in the New Year 

Bucky believed in love at first sight. He knew for a fact it was real, because he kept fucking doing it. What he didn’t believe in was Happily Ever After.

He’d been in love with Steve Rogers from the first instant he’d seen him, freshman year of high school. Steve, tall, blonde, perfect, smart, talented, artistic. Head of the debate team. The Captain of the football team (the Patriots, and DAMN didn’t that boy look fine in his football uniform?) who’d taken it on himself to make the new kid from Indiana feel welcome. Bucky didn’t have a prayer. He’d nursed a crush and then when Steve had finally taken him up on an offer (Steve knew Bucky was queer, everyone knew Bucky was queer, he’d been flirting with Steve for years without expectations) Bucky’d said goodbye to his heart and given it over to Steve without reservation. 

One might think he’d learned his lesson. 


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CS numbers 5 and 8 in the same fic, please??

Title: Wanna Bet?

Rating: T for language at the very most

A/N: So when I said I was almost done with this, I meant I was basically done with this and went back and edited it since I had trouble sleeping last night. XD Enjoy this one for now and I will have so much fun writing the prompt you just sent me (and the LD prompt that’s still sitting in my inbox that I’ve been getting ideas for)!! 

Prompts in question were “Wanna bet?” and “Wait a minute, are you jealous?” but I wouldn’t even begin to remember where the list is in my archives. 

“What happened?” he asks as she sits down heavily on the stool next to him.

“Got stood up.” She’s lying. “You?”

“The girl texted and cancelled right before I got to the restaurant.” He’s also lying.

“Well, then here we are,” Emma says, and she and Killian hold up a finger each to indicate drink orders to the bartender.

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31 with barry?

31. You just want to dig your nails on his back and bite his neck.

You just want to dig your nails on his back and bite his neck, but you can’t do that. He’ll never let you do that.


Because heroes and villains don’t just have sex with each other.

Barry Allen aka The Flash has sabotaged your plans since you moved to Central City. Strangely though, he never turned you in.

Most recently he had begun to shamelessly flirt with you in order to get your guard down and ruin your fun.

Lately though, it wasn’t about destroying the city and causing people grief, it was about seeing him the only way that you could, causing problems.

You had been hit with the particle accelerator energy when you were in town visiting your friends and it gave you the power to control all elements on Earth. A true powerful meta human.

“Iris! Wake up!” You said to the girl locked behind bars.

“Y/N. What are you doing?” She asked holding the back of head where you had hit her to knock her unconscious.

“Barry will be here soon, I need you to be a good girl and stay here. I’ll be on the roof.” You smirked at her.

“You’re crazy.” Iris retorted.

“Iris, you do not call a woman in love crazy. Rude.” You said and began to walk to the door.

“You are not in love with him.” She said loud enough for you to hear. That insult actually stung.

“Iris dear, do you know how easy it is for me to just kill you here and now? How I won’t break a sweat burning your body so no one will ever recognize you. But I’m not stupid, I won’t kill you, we used to be friends remember? Besides, Barry will never forgive me if I hurt you, I know he loves you.” You said that last part to yourself. You didn’t wait for her answer because you ran to the roof sensing he was near.

“Hello my love.” You said.

“Hey there trouble maker.” He said but this time he didn’t smile, this time he said it in a cold distant tone.

“I thought you weren’t going to come.” You stepped closer and closer to him until you were standing less than a foot away from him. “She’s fine love, I didn’t kill her.” You reassurance earned you a nearly visible smirk.

“Why did you take her?” He asked.

“Because I knew you would come and find me…you always do.” You responded hooking your arm around his neck and pecking him lightly on his cheek.

He gripped your wrist but not hard enough to hurt you, it just seemed like he was keeping it there. As if making sure you would never let go.

“You know you could help so many people with your powers, save so many lives.” His look was sincere, he was so flawless.

“No one would save mine if they had this power.” You were practically clinging on to him now, your lips so close to his neck you felt the goosebumps run up his body.

“I would.” That answer was enough to make you weak at the knees. You propped yourself up and kissed him full on the lips.

He didn’t pull back though, in fact, he kissed back. That first kiss, of course to you wasn’t enough, you wanted more but as you moved in for another one you felt your wrist being handcuffed to a pole on the roof and when you looked up at him hurt he ran downstairs.

Of course, to Iris. You sighed and looked to the horizon as the red streak moved further and further away.

You didn’t notice when the tears blurred your vision blocking the red lighting that once again approached your location until you felt warm lips on yours and your hand being released from the cuffs.

“I’m back.” He said in a dorky smile and picked you up and ran to what you assumed to be his apartment. He placed you on the bed and immediately attacked your neck.

“And Iris?” You asked in case she was here in the apartment with him.

“With Joe.” He pushed you back on the bed and hovered over you unzipping the leather suit.

“Are you trying to trick me again?” You asked.

“I would never flirt with anyone I didn’t like. Trust me.” He kissed you long and hard once again.

Let’s just that if Barry didn’t have regenerate powers, he would be getting a lot of questions at work.

You didn’t have that luck though, because when you woke up you were covered in hickies.

Fake AH Crew: Orphan Brigade

The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager. GTA-verse

Geoff wasn’t exactly how or when it had happened, but somewhere along the line he had adopted himself a family. He hadn’t meant for it to happen of course. He had always been content on his own, pulling two men heists with Jack whenever he needed the cash. Two men jobs were easier. Far less risk involved with only two of them, it eliminated the chances that they would be double crossed or fall prey to an undercover cop. Over the years, Geoff had come to trust Jack. And he was more than happy with the way things were.

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