girls be jealous!

Red Velvet Reaction To Another Idol Flirting With You

Irene: Would be really jealous but would try to keep it cool just because you’re in a place full of other people. But I think that she would stick by your side the whole time you were talking to Sehun. She would also hold your hand all the time to show him that you were hers and that she didn’t like no one messing around with her girl.

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Seulgi: She would be jealous but would also just watch from the distance. If she sees that it is starting to get out of control she would interrupt in classiest way possible, considering that you are in a award show. She would be polite and would try hard to hide her jealousy.

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Wendy: Would feel betrayed if it was a same company idol then she would get super jealous and uncomfortable. She would want to know if you were reciprocating all the flirting. When she made sure you wasn’t she would feel a little better and but still would want to take you away from Taeyeon.

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Joy: If you were in an award show, she wouldn’t even care. She’s too fabulous to deal with this. Except if Jennie starts to get touchy with you. Then the jealousy would start to hit her and she would feel like she has to go to you to keep things in her control.

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Yeri: Would probably be uncomfortable and insecure about it. She would wait until you finished talking to Jeongyeon to talk to you. She would be really insecure and would think that you liked Jeongyeon more. Which you would have to reassure her that you didn’t, over and over.

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kim namjoon | dating namjoon would be neck kisses and late nights in the studio and trips to antique bookstores and waking up with his limbs all over you because he just has to be touching you at all times

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  • Hermione: You sound like a jealous boyfriend.
  • Draco: Yeah right, you wish.
  • Hermione: No. You wish.
  • Draco: Please, you forget who you're talking to.
  • Hermione: So do you. Do you... like me?
  • Draco: Define 'like'.
  • Hermione: You've got to be kidding. I do not believe this.
  • Draco: How do you think I feel? I haven't slept. I feel sick, like there's something in my stomach...fluttering.
  • Hermione: Butterflies? Oh no no no no no. This is not happening.
  • Draco: No one is more surprised or ashamed than I am.
  • Hermione: Draco. You know that I adore all creatures and the metaphors that they inspire. But. These butterflies..have got to be murdered.

Jealousy is the worst emotion. 

The most bitter.

It eats you up,

Consumes you.

You over think, and over think, until you can’t think any more. 

So you just have to sit alone while your insides rip themselves apart.

All because you can’t stand the thought of him being with her.


365 days of rory gilmore: day 51