girls bathroom lines

w4w guide to talking to girls at parties

wow. it sure seems like there are a lot of parties out there. a lot of girls also. “i am weak and unsure of what to do with this information or my life,” i’m sure you’re finding yourself mustering feebly. do not worry! it means you should be meeting girls at parties and that i am here to teach you how to do so!


people throw parties for many reasons, such as turning 1, turning 2, etc. there are also parties thrown for other more important reasons, like hedonism or the devil. unless it’s the type of party that you don’t think a girl who likes girls will be at, then it’s a safe bet that there will be at least a few. if it’s not that type of party then just stay home, re-read Nevada, order some za, and commune with the ancient ones that periodically burst through the astral wound in your bathroom. assuming you do go out, however, you have to be ready for everything a party throws at you.

getting ready

always, always, always wear your second favorite outfit. your first favorite is a) trying too hard and b) best saved for a first date. so you need to be showing off, but just not too much. anyway, this is a party you’re going to go to, so try and have fun! wear easy, semi-comfortable clothing. if you plan on altering your consciousness this is very important. you don’t want to be wearing heels that you stumble on or a ceremonial headdress that curses everyone. consider avoiding make up that actively mutates the wearer into something foul (but rad as hell). also avoid any mobile devices that might dilate the time stream, as you don’t want people accidentally showing up to work two years late the next morning. just focus on looking good, looking confident, and looking gay. the idea is that this will keep boys away while drawing in girls. this idea does not work.

dealing with boys at parties

yikes. these suck! often these are strangers and many of them will try to touch you without consent. outside of wearing a plate mail or carving protective sigils into your yielding human(?) flesh, what is there to be done about these? well, if ignoring them doesn’t work, just remember your ABC’s: Always Be Condescending. does he try to talk about the music? you’re above it. literally planes of existence above it. yes, you’ve heard of that band, you’ve also heard of a thousand bands beyond his pathetic range of hearing. does he invite you to dance? turn him to stone. does he try to give you a drink? dump it on the floor and consume the red solo cup. you’re above them, you’re above all of this. what you’re not above is seeking advice about talking to girls at parties from an alleged witch on the internet. 

the talking to girls part

what do you talk to girls about? well, that’s easy! if you’re a girl you can talk to another girl about anything! long bathroom lines, filing income, the unhealing cut on your neck that seems to keep producing more and more spiders. anything! girls, it turns out, love talking to girls. why? because they’re not boys. but how do you know if she’s one of those kind of girls? no, not a werewolf (see: how to talk to wolfgirls and their kin), a gay. this is literally impossible to tell. is she in flannel? then she could be a hipster or a lumberjane. pierced septum? maybe she’s just into jewelry. a howliing cavity in her a chest that beckons you inward? again, maybe she’s just into jewelry. what were often, in the past, common signs girls gave to each other to telegraph gayness are now often just hip shit that all girls do because, let’s face it, gay girls are fashionable as fuck. anyway, assuming you are talking to a girl, assuming you are getting a little bit of a vibe from her, just shoot her the old “I AM GAYBONES FOR YOU AND WOULD THROW MYSELF INTO A VOLCANO IF IT MEANT YOU WOULD KISS MY NECK IN THE BEYOND” look that we all know how to do. if that doesn’t seal the deal just try gently touching her anywhere from the shoulder to the fingertips and telling her she’s cute while smiling. works on me every time.

hope this helped! don’t drink and drive! use erowid if you’re iffy about the weird pills you’ve been given and the necronomicon if the dead start eating guests! bless!

So I saw The Great Comet a few weeks ago (June 24) with the OBC and it was the most amazing thing ever so here are some really cool things about it.

  • The area where you walk in is all grey and there’s a ton of posters in Russian but when you go to the sitting area there’s a lot of warm colors and there’s Russian music and it’s just a really cool difference.
  • I was sitting in the third row from the back in the middle and there was this little stage right in front of me where some ensemble members would dance. There is a railing there that made it really uncomfortable if you were tall so keep that in mind if your looking for seats.
  • The lighting is so amazing and they do a bunch of cool stuff with it throughout the show and even that is just such an experience.
  • They give out little food things? before it starts. I don’t really know cause I didn’t get one but that’s pretty cool.
  • The beginning note made me really emotional so yeah that was great 
  •  Also, I actually had a pretty good view of everything and I wasn’t even wearing my glasses so don’t worry to much about not being able to see things. 
  •  Pierre basically is in his study the whole time it’s kinds funny
  •  So in the Private and Intimate Life of the House, Bolkonsky is sitting in this chair and I’ll get back to that later but it’s kinda cool.
  • Bolkonsky also uses someone sitting of the stage for the french women and Mary uses some guy. 
  •  So during Natasha and the Bolkonsky’s they have this conversation across the table and they carry these stools and the people at the table looked so confused it was great.   
  • When the girl’s are running around they have to hold up their dresses and it’s kinda funny.
  • The blue spotlight for the moon in No One Else.
  • During The Opera they have these Opera singers and I saw some people with hooded cloaks????  I’m not really sure but it was great
  • Okay so Anatole’s entrance was the best thing ever. I highly recommend sitting somewhere in the middle so you can get the full effect of it. There’s these huge door’s at the back of the stage and when they opened there was this blinding white light and Anatole walked in super dramatically and Lucas Steele plays him so well it’s amazing.
  • So The Duel has all the strobe lights and they even tell you if you aren’t comfortable with that just close you eyes. This is where there were a lot of people on the little stage in front of me and this girl was twerking right in my face it was kinda weird but mostly great.
  • Dust and Ashes was amazing.
  • During charming Helene also enters through the doors but it’s gold light instead. It also really seems like Natasha almost like worships her and she wears here cloak for a bit.
  • People in bear masks during the ball???????
  • During intermission the girls bathroom line is super long and apparently it always happens but everyone makes it back in time just leave your seat fast if you know you have to go.
  • Andrey standing there during letters
  • -I’m pretty sure everyone get’s an egg shaker so don’t worry about that. There’s also so much going on during Balaga it’s hard to keep track of everything
  • I think it was during Balaga but it might have been somewhere else but
  • Anatole like flirts with some girl on the stage and put’s his arm around her and it’s great.
  • People keep laughing during the quite part of The Abduction
  • So after Pierre and Andrey you can see Andrey kinds shove Mary and then he sits in the chair that his dad’s been siting it and it’s pretty cool.
  • Pierre and Natasha actually broke me it was so beautiful and also Natasha’s not wearing shoes. 
  • The lighting during The Great Comet of 1812 is so amazing they have one of the big light things come down and it’s the only one that’s on and it get’s super bright and ughhh. 

So yeah that was my experience I know I forgot to include a ton of stuff if you have any questions you can message me