girls are sill


The yell shattered the horribly eerie silence that had been present in this destroyed lab for so long. But what was most disconcerting was that this cry came from a child who could be no more than six years old.

His eyes were red, not just from crying, but the irises themselves were red. That combined with his deep blue hair confirmed that this child hadn’t been born naturally. He’d been grown and was probably an Innovade, one released too early.

He was crouched in front of a set of three shattered holding tanks, glass underneath his bare feet, pointing a shaky sidearm at Tieria’s hip. Beyond him, a truly sad sight, two other children face down in the shattered glass, unmoving. One, a boy a few years older, the other, a girl about his age. Their sill living companion was perched defensively in front of them, protecting them even now.

“I m-m-mean it. Get away. I’ll shoot you. I-I’m not scared!” He squeezed the trigger threateningly but with how badly he was shaking his aim would be wild and probably not hit what he intended to.

Cups of Black Coffee
But with Y/N, he could be himself. There was no second guessing himself when he spoke, no wishing he could just talk to a girl as well as he could write to a girl. There was none of that, but there were her happy eyes and his wobbly smile over cups of black coffee, and Calum figured that was enough for now.


The second part to 3 O’Clock Thoughts.

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this is why cat person

me: “hi pretty girl” <3
cat: [ jumps off window sill onto a stack of books ]
me: [ watches poetry book fall to floor ugh
cat: [ licks paw ]
books: ugh, fuck this
cat: [ jumps from stack of books to floor ]
books: sugar, we’re goin’ down swingin’!
cat: [ licks paw ]
me: [ screaming ] “run!”
cat: [ calmly sidesteps 5lb norton anthology ]
me: [ whispering ] "…asshole"