girls answer to boy

today in french we were doing an exercise on adjective forms and some of the sentences said things like “boys prefer pretty girls,” “girls prefer muscular boys,” etc. and my 40 yr old straight married professor makes an awkward face and says “ok, wow these just got weirdly heteronormative. how about you fill in the blank with whatever noun-adjective combination you want, as long as it follows correct grammar”

and the answers that we came up with were amazing.

  • girls don’t prefer boys, girls prefer (fast) cars and money 
  • boys prefer beautiful barbecues
  • girls prefer annoying cats
  • boys prefer 75 large plastic dinosaurs
  • and of course: pretty girls prefer pretty girls 

so remember kids, heteronormativity doesn’t belong in the classroom but 75 large plastic dinosaurs do.

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Okay but imagine tiny!les amis in the first year of primary school singing 'revolting children' from mathilda the musical.



  • Very competitive, especially in subjects he loves, like history
  • Impossibly eloquent for an 8 year old. Impressive vocabulary and rhetoric
  • The best at designing and organising games and make-beliefs, with costumes, action and high stakes


  • Insists on reading everything within reach, even books that aren’t suitable for his age. Mathilda is his ultimate role model
  • Brings insects, snails, and the like in jars for show and tell, knows all the latin names etc etc
  • Calm and reliable, but also king of the Stone Cold Roast. That kid is savage and goes for the kill


  • The kid who trades pokemon cards, marbles, pogs, or whatever it is kids trade these days. He’s very proud of his collection.
  • Once watched a PG 10 movie and talked about it for 3 months
  • Will fuck you up and get into fights if you mock his friends


  • The class clown but also really smart because he reads a lot and actually likes learning when he’s not obligated to
  • Dyscalculic as fuck, thus sucks at maths. He was scared people would make fun of him, but they’re really cool and helpful about it
  • Knows all the current memes for some ungodly reason. Help this child


  • It doesn’t matter what people say, cure-all kisses are real and if you say they’re not, you’re a liar
  • Brings his own lunch box because of food allergies. His mom prepares the cutest lunches anyway, and everyone’s a bit jealous
  • Loves golden star stickers so much. All the stickers, actually


  • Every party trick condensed in one kid, be it the milk snorting or juggling
  • So many novelty band-aids
  • So generous and kind, you have no idea. He’ll give you up to the tooth he’s just lost if you needed 2€ from the Tooth-Fairy


  • Really likes French lessons because they get to learn poems by heart and recite them, even though they’re really really shy
  • The school once called their parents because Jehan had “unusual and morbid hobbies” after they found a dead bird and organised a very dramatic funeral for it
  • Will stand up to bullies with every inch of their tiny intrepid body


  • Makes a lot of little origamis in class
  • Adores geography more than anything else, because learning about other people and their culture and what’s going on in other places is fascinating
  • Is very protective of younger kids, even though he’s not that old himself.


  • Knows absolutely everyone from the youngest batch of pupils to some adults who are part of the school staff it’s just??
  • He looks a lot older than he actually is and is a bit intimidating like that, but he’s actually a huge softy
  • Merciless in PE. He /will/ destroy you. He didn’t come here to make friends, okay? Friendships disappear once you step foot on a football field

Asked … and answered.

We must have been very good boys and girls to get this kind of basketball for Christmas.

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Hi :DD If you're still doing the 5sentences and aren't overwhelmed? Anthony x Hermione. "Why is there a Kneazle in my underwear drawer?" Please and Thank you, you wonderful Word Mage :*

“Why is there a kneazle in my underwear drawer?” 

Hermione ignored Anthony’s question, burrowing further under the sinfully soft duvet on the bed. The sun hadn’t risen yet and it was Sunday and the only reason why her boyfriend was out of bed before her was because he’d made some stupid dare with Ernie Macmillan about jumping in the freezing Black Lake in February. 

Actually, she thought to herself, I should really go supervise this…why the Head Boy and a prefect want to do this anyway is beyond me!

“Crookshanks goes where he pleases,” she said, slowly slipping out from between the sheets, “And he’s a half-kneazle.” 

Really, the sheets on her side of the Head’s Dormitory were the same but she had it in her head that Anthony’s were softer, justifying her tricking the stairs and sleeping with him.

Send me a ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next five  

if you think biology proves that there are only two genders you’re wrong and don’t know anything about biology!!!

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What Scarecrow comic did he start caring for a little girl?

There’s only two stories that come to mind, once during the Cycle of Violence Arc and in the Arkham Knight prequel comics. I need to preface that in neither of these stories does he actually take care of the little girl, but if you saw a panel out of context it might look that way.

In Cycle of Violence he kidnaps a young girl and experiments on her, although he does have a change of heart in the end. I won’t spoil it for you, because it’s worth reading despite what people say. There’s also this subplot in the Arkham Knight comics were Scarecrow’s seen holding a little baby, and if you saw this panel out of context it’s really jarring. In reality he’s just working with Calendar Man who wanted to execute the child in order to get to Batman. (the child doesn’t die, don’t worry)

Anyway, I don’t think there’s any comic were he actually takes care of a little girl. I could be wrong though. The few times he interacts with children, it usually doesn’t end well.

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I've curiosity; Did you find the inspiration for the smutty Stucky x Reader Valentine’s Day fic?

No :/ Couldn’t find a ‘prompt’
But instead I wrote a smutty Bucky x Reader Fat Tuesday fic héhé

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Hello I would just like to say that I am also Really Gay. I really really like girls. Boys too on occasion but mostly just girls. I am So Gay and I love being So gay it is the best and girls are just so soft and beautiful and I love them

hello this makes me rlly happy. i’m glad ur Really Gay. i am also Really Gay. i hope ur Gay Self is doing v well indeed

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Yugo? Sorry if u already answered but are u a Girl or boy? (Not trying to be offensive! Sorry)

Girl,alien,anime,boy,woman,man or animal

I dont really care what u see in me xD

But i prefer neutral X3

I guess I’ll start off with my peak tran moment that killed libfeminism for me:

One peak trans moment occurred after watching transgender children “documentaries” (I am Jazz, ect.) 

Every one of these children (ages 7+) simply had this identity forced upon them based on not conforming gender roles. Transgirls were girls because they liked pink or wanted to wear a skirt. One transboy was considered such because they wanted to play with toy trucks. 

When interviewers ask “Why do you think you’re a boy/girl?” the answer is always “I don’t like one gender’s social constructs as much as the other.”

The most awful thing was that the parents and psychiatrists just rolled with it, seeking to halt puberty based on arbitrary gender constructs. Instead of actively seeking to understand “why?” they (for some reason) assumed that a child could make medical decisions based on a construct they don’t even know exists. 

I was offended as a woman because these people reduced me to nothing but gendered constructs forced on my sex for simply having female biology. I begin to see the faulty logic behind trans activism and it reinforced gender roles. I am not a woman based on whether I preform femininity or not. I’m not a woman solely because of female body structures. I am a gendered a woman by society based on the roles society has in place for those with female biology. That’s the marked different between trans and nontrans. Gendered socialization is the reason transgender–as a term–exists. 

Instead of showing these kids that pink isn’t inherently “just for girls,” there’s an automatic reaction to tell these kids that there’s something “wrong” with them. That to be a male and like pink/dresses/barbies (to be female and want to play in the mud with toy dump trucks) you are mentally ill and only invasive medical treatment can “fix” you. 

Trying to gather your thoughts on stuff like this is more difficult than I thought! 

Dramione - shh

Harry and Ron were walking through the hallways.
A sound came from a closetroom and Harry stopped to make sure he heard it right.
‘Harry,’ Ron said. ‘You comin’?’
Harry held up his hand. ‘Just a second. I thought I heard something.’
‘You hear something everyday. Don’t be so paranoid.’ Ron sighed. 
‘No really, Ron.’
‘I’m going to miss my food. And besides, if Hermione’s there first she’ll know we weren’t studying like she asked us to do.’
Harry nodded. ‘Alright. I guess it was nothing.’ 
The two walked away and the halls remained silent. 
Untill a few minutes later….
‘I think they’re gone.’ Someone whispered, a boy.
‘You sure?’ A girl’s voice asked.
‘Yes,’ The boy answered. ‘I’m sure.’
The girl sighed relieved. ‘Gah I thought he was going to check it out.’
‘I was already making an excuse.’
‘Probably very bad one.’
The boy and girl that were whispering were Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.

Draco smiled at Hermione. ‘But we made it. And nobody saw us.’
Hermione nodded. ‘Indeed.’
‘You know… If Goycle wasn’t as stupid as he is, he would’ve already figured out that I’m always checking you out during class. I just can’t help myself when you’re around. I have to look at you.’
‘Good thing I’m smarter. Ron and Harry don’t know a thing.’
‘Yea what about Ron, though. I see him look at you constantly.’
Hermione laughed. ‘Oh please. He’s like my brother. I love him, as a friend.’
Hermione pulled Draco closer. ‘I love you as more than a friend.’
Draco grinned. ‘Good thing I do, too.’ 
Draco got closer to Hermione and they locked lips.
‘I’m glad I found you.’ Draco breathed as he rested his head on Hermione’s head.
‘I am too.’
They were quiet for a few seconds.
‘I think the coast is clear.’ Hermione said.
‘Then I think it’s time to go.’
Hermione laughed. ‘You’re such a smart boy.’
Draco kissed Hermione again and then left the closet room.
Hermione waited a few seconds and then left too.
When she entered the Great hall she locked eyes with Draco and he winked. She blushed and walked over to Harry and Ron.
‘I see you’re studying, like I asked you two to do.’
Harry and Ron looked up.
‘I see you’re late.’ Ron noticed. ‘What happened? Got lost in a book.’
‘You can say something like that.’ 
Hermione joined the boys and started eating her food.