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There’s nothing more confusing about life, or nightlife, in Korea than clubbing! Trying to navigate through the ups and down of clubbing in Korea will get you lost—literally. Some clubs are so hard to find.

Well, “here today, gone tomorrow” seems to be the motto of many clubs that end up closing almost as soon as they open, or reopen. With club after club appearing and disappearing, one thing is for sure. The competition between clubs is fierce, and every club claims to be the best. Of course, we only want to go to the best clubs. So, The Party Girl’s Guide is for you, Slaymates!

Are you ready for our first club, Soap Seoul (@soapseoul)? Here are six tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your girl’s night out in Itaewon.

1. If you want to get in Soap Seoul before midnight, plan, prepare, and pregame accordingly! The wait can be one minute or one hour.

2. If you are going to The Cut Presents (@officialcutstudio), one of the best parties at Soap Seoul, don’t forget to RSVP! It’s first come, first serve, but guests who get in before 11 p.m. get in for free.

3. Start out with dinner and drinks at Vatos Urban Tacos (@vatoskorea). I recommend the Mama’s Tamales paired with any of the amazing craft beers on draft, but I’m a sucker for a good stout! If you want to go girls gone wild, share a “Makgeollita,” which is what you get when you mix makgeolli (Korean rice wine) with margaritas.

4. Head on over to The Rose & Crown Ale House (@the_roseandcrown) for a cheap, “Hard” or “Super Hard” cocktail after dinner. If you skipped dinner and drinks, pair it with a delicious appetizer. I love their mac and cheese!

5. There’s a 7/11 on the way to Soap Seoul. Two words: flavored soju. My favorite flavors are apple and… Okay, flavored soju doesn’t taste good, but it does get the job done!

6. Soap Seoul closes at 5 a.m. You’ll probably have an hour or two to kill before the subway starts running again, so stop by Sultan Kebab (@sultankebabseoul) for the craziest kebabs in town. They’re served by some of the coolest guys in town! It’s open until 6 a.m.

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