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Here ya go, human Spike! C: First time I drew anyone from MLP as a human, mainly because the discourse that comes with choosing the skin color of the characters, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut whatever I’ma do what I wanna.

So ye, Spikey-boi in the Fluffy!AU. c: About 10 years old and the owner of Twilight, Spike is the adopted son of Celestia. He’s about the same in this AU: sweet, smart, sarcastic, and with one hell of an appetite. However, Spikey isn’t unscathed in this AU.

He comes from a rather abusive household: what exactly they’ve done to him, know one truly knows since he won’t talk about it, but what is known is his parents took him one night on a long, long drive before stopping the car and telling him to get out. And once he did, they just sped off into the night, leaving a younger Spike to stand on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, with nothin’ but his PJs and his favorite dragon teddy to accompany him.

Spike suffers from PSTD, hence his reliance on Twilight in this AU.

It’s late and I’m gonna go to bed but I’ll add more later! C:

“Stop searching for the person who purposefully left you behind,”

16:45 - You won’t find them, because they wanted to lose you, and you’re so much better than that - moondustanddreams

“I still hear my phone buzz and pick it up at 2am with that small bit of hope left in me thinking that it’s you, telling me that you miss me, that you’re sorry, and that everything is going to be okay again,”

16:10 - It’s never you, and it never will be

“I don’t know what hurts more, knowing that I can’t have you, or that someone else can,”

15:45 - It all hurts (via moondustanddreams)



Who wore it better?