girls and baseball

I am not an insult

“She kicks like a boy!” The children on my elementary kickball team cheered as I kicked a home run.

“You hit like a boy!” My volleyball coach excitedly told me when I tried out for the middle school team in the sixth grade.

“She swings like a boy!” My PE coach yelled, trying to embarrass the weaker boys when I nearly hit a home run my first time playing baseball.

“You punch like a dude!” My sparring partner told me after I hit him so hard in a match that he lost his breath.

No. I don’t. I don’t kick, hit, punch, swing, or do anything like a boy. I’m strong. I’m athletic. I’m powerful. I’m a girl.

I kick like a girl.

I swing like a girl.

I hit like a girl.

I punch like a girl.

I am not an insult.

Steven Universe had that baseball episode and all I could think about when watching it was that time Haruko played baseball in FLCL. So here’s Lapis doing her best Haruko impression, because it’s the crossover everyone has been clamoring for. I also tried to do my best to copy the washed out water colory backgrounds from FLCL.

Also went ahead and added this one to the ol’ print shop. Take a look if you are so inclined: