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Types of Girls: names of scents 🌼✨

🌸Vanilla sugar: really shy, wants to draw more but too much of a perfectionist, wants to make more friends but thinks they annoy everyone, apologizes unnecessarily, surprisingly calm under stress

🍎Apple pie: overthinks everything they say, has no idea what they want to do, collects sentimental objects, their most valued things in life are their friends, has too many things on their wish list

🍁Maple butter: loves cute quirky items, thinks they’re bad at singing but sings anyway, loves glittery nail polish, goes on Instagram every 2 minutes, highly empathetic, motivated by kindness

🌼Orange blossom: good at sports, easy to talk to but feels awkward 24/7, messy but pretty hair, wears doc martens, reads fashion magazines, likes the color yellow and pineapple on pizzas, cute laugh

🍯 Milk and honey: has lots of revelations bc they’re deep thinkers, sees beauty in the smallest things, always sensitive to people’s feelings, gets overwhelmed easily, loves a broad range of music

🌷Lavender silk: listens to Lana del Rey or the 1975, wears red lipstick, really wants a silk robe, angelic aura, has ambitious daydreams, eats a lot of berries, likes long strolls on the beach, wishes for romance

Types of Girls: Summer edition

Ice cream girls: a hopeless romantic, likes mini skirts & off-shoulder tops, blushes a lot, nice handwriting, good with words, a bit of a nerd, bubbly and smiley

Mermaid girls: wears glossy makeup, loves the way the sun reflects on water, comfortable with silences, pretty hair, can be moody, needs a lot of alone time

Picnic girls: loves skincare and books, up for an adventure, optimistic, can make anyone laugh, gorgeous fashion sense, a sweet scent in their hair

Sunflower girls: loves indie music, dreams about decorating their future apartment, likes concerts, coffee and astrology, puts succulents in their room

Strawberry girls: likes pastels and video games, introverted, wants a hug, good at studying and aesthetics, tries their best to make their friends smile

Bumblebee girls: keeps a bullet journal, draws a lot, wants to go to Southern France, messy hair, takes a lot of candids of their friends, likes blowing bubbles

They’re together at last….

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Representation in media is extremely vital. Since the beginning of time black women, and specifically DARSKIN black women, have been left in the shadows. We are FINALLY beginning to transition to a point where the stories and complexities of Darkskin women are now being featured on major platforms. While this is long overdue (and even now still WOEFULLY underrepresented), we are proud of the new faces we currently have in the forefront. The faces of these young women are helping to blaze the path and inspire a new generation of little black girls that will follow in their footsteps. 

Ryan Destiny (Actor/Singer)
Gabourey Sidibe (Actor/Author/Model)
Danielle Brooks (Actor/Singer/Designer)
Sevyn Streeter (Singer/Songwriter)
Normani Kordei (Singer/Songwriter)
Justine Skye (Singer/Songwriter)
Aja Naomi King (Actor/Model)
DeWanda Wise (Actor)
NAO (Singer/Songwriter)
Yvonne Orji (Actor/Comedian/Writer) 
Issa Rae (Writer/Director/Actor/Model)

Feel free to add other young Darkskin black women who are spreading Black Girl Magic!


Based on a dream I had, I designed a creature that is “the natural predator of merfolk” (I call her a Xocduct, which roughly translates to ‘seductive ancient shark’)

A massive sea witch with a humanoid ‘lure’ on the top of her prehistoric shark body.
She is a rare sea monster that can enchant merfolk and pick them off one by one. Mer-people are naive and naturally trusting of other aquatic humanoids, and this paired with the Xoducts inviting nature, causes whole villages of mer-people to vanish without a single sign of struggle.

This one is a juvenile Xocduct named Ecrive. She wanders a little too close to the shore and gets trapped between some reefs and the shore.

Luckily she is able to get in contact with a Marine Biologist named Teja who wants to help this mysterious primordial creature despite the danger.

Don’t fall for a Xocducts charms, it will feed you honey lies and sing deeply haunting songs too low for Merfolk to sign in their soft upper registers. Almost everything about them is to snar prey, even the humanoid torso is just a lure they can live without.

And whatever you do don’t kiss the giant enchanting sea witch, they can transform humans into merfolk and they don’t show merfolk the same respect they show humans.