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Ok so with bmwmeetsgmwmarathonnight and OMG want a film that freakily explains and maps Lucaya so well???? watch A Cinderella Christmas I'm not joking 😂😂😂 So beautiful and sooo lucaya every freaking dialogue its like a gmw writer wrote the movie Omg 😂😂😂

But also you getvto know the truth behind skilodge its like reading both maya and lucas’s point of view got it like 100℅ 😂 and its so fustrating because lucas and maya have sludge but angie and nicolas dont have it

So you get to see why lucas gave up in skilodge
Why maya stepped back
The whole she was me plot
The whole freedom plot
Sense vs sensibility
The moment
Perfect vs imperfect
Brave vs coward
Insecurity vs confidence
So much guys so much

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