girls aloud


1997 | Spice Girls - Wannabe

1998 | All Saints - Never Ever

2009 | Girls Aloud - The Promise

2017 | Little Mix - Shout Out to My Ex

The only girl bands to win the British Single of the Year at the Brit Awards .

St. Trinians Theme
Girls Aloud
St. Trinians Theme

We are the best,
So screw the rest.
We do as we damn well please.
Until the end,
St. Trinians.
Defenders of anarchy.
St. Trinians!

For whatever reason, the upload is kind of loud, so definitely turn your volume down.

So for anyone that hasn’t seen St. Trinians, you are missing out on an AMAZING movie. I’ve been in love with it for years and I just recently got the first and second one for myself.

Seriously though, just watch the trailer.