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Meanwhile I’m raising Anna because she is a unit with high res and also one of only three axe weilders I haven’t sold for feathers.

Same, haha. I haven’t rolled a Camilla, Beruka, or a Cherche, so Anna it is. Plus she and Sharena are girlfriends I need to keep them together

…except maybe Arthur. He’s one guy I can stand. He is a good man.


lads, @emilybrontay blessed my pm with a high school au shes writing a while back and i have finally drawn it

general Main Points, which sennen and i have decided upon, include:

- the inseparables are on the school’s football team (Real Football, not the american nonsense thanks) w treville as their coach & truly they love to pretend theyre star footballers

- dartagnan is the FIRST FRESHMAN to MAKE THE TEAM!!! and he is so excited he tells his best friend constance and her best friend anne, who are also in his year

- as u would assume, athos porthos and aramis are seniors

- constance’s BIG DREAM is to become a STAR FOOTBALLER and PLAY ON THE SCHOOLS TEAM but bc their school doesnt have a girls team, she is WOEFULLY INCAPABLE until the last act of the story wherein dartagnan’s arm gets broken bc rochefort is trying to sabotage their game but LO AND BEHOLD he played himself bc constance convinces treville to let her on the field and she scores the winning goal, naturally with a LIT assist by porthos and aramis, and they WIN THE GAME AND SAVE THE DAY (idk why the game saves the day but it does its One Of Those Movies) 

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Dean Forester’s cameo

Okay, I need to talk about Jared’s Dean scene in more detail now that I’ve watched it a couple times.

-can we talk about the outfit they put him in?  Pea coat with popped collar, really nice grey shirt that, had he NOT been wearing the pea coat with popped collar, would have left Rory in a drooling mess.  PLUS skinny jeans?  Like guh.

-that even though it is a small scene, the dialogue reveals a LOT about what Dean has been upto:
- he lives in Scranton with a wife.  They have three kids, all boys, with another on the way.
-This means he’s in a dedicated and healthy relationship.  He’s not spent his life pining.  The mistakes he made as a 19 year old are not haunting him the rest of his life.  He found someone to be happy with and that makes me happy.
-That Rory’s lack of surprise when he talks about said kids or wife says that this isn’t the first time they’ve run into each other over the years.  She knows he’s married, she knows he’s got kids.  It means they’ve stayed in (at least peripheral) touch, even if its only through perhaps Christmas cards.  
-His clothes say ‘success’ to me.  Not rich, but he’s not struggling.  Maybe he did go back and finish college?  I’d like to think so.  Maybe that’s where he met Jenny.

-In all, it seems like he got himself together.  I’m happy about that.

Next, can we talk about how Jared was able to revert to Dean’s cadence, body language, and speech patterns really flawlessly I felt?  After playing one role exclusively for years, matured physically a whole ton, and been away from this character, I was pleased to see Dean’s speech patterns and body language matched pretty well.  Especially when he asks Rory if she’s “just okay”.  

Also, and I’ve already spoken about this in a previous post.  But it was absolutely NO ACCIDENT that Dean’s wife was named ‘Jenny’ and was referred to as a ‘Saint’ helping take care of young boys.  It was absolutely a shout-out to Gen and what she does for Jared, and I was pleased as punch to see that.  That ‘Jenny’ was pregnant with a girl on the way was just icing on the cake (tho the timing on that line HAD to be an accident).

Also this:

How Revival should have gone:

- Rory returns to Stars Hollow after her grandfathers death.
-Learns of the Gazette closing down and decides to take it over.
-Enter Jess, who tells her she has to write about her and her mothers life.
-She does what Jess says, because she has always secretly loved him and he also has the best ideas.
-This takes her on a journey through her past as she researches and delves deeply into the community she grew up in.
-She reconnects with all her old friends, family and the broader community who have watched her grow up.
-She helps to facilitate the healing between Emily and Lorelai.
-She comes to realise that Logan is just like Christopher and ultimately it was always Jess and always will be.
-Luke and Lorelai get married.
-Jess and Rory admit their love for one another.
-She publishes her book and they build their writing and publishing empire together.

See, not that hard is it?!

I could write the shit out of Gilmore Girls.
Dear Literatis,

I know after watching the revival, we’re all a little upset with the way things ended.

I am not happy that they have essentially made Logan the “Christopher” of Rory’s life. I’m not happy that their entire relationship was an affair. I’m not happy that it is heavily implied that Rory is not even going to tell Logan that she is having his child. And I’m definitely not happy that Rory didn’t just ask him not to marry Odette… because I actually kind of think that would have solved everything.

But in a way… I am happy. Because even though they made it clear that Rory and Logan are not end game for each other - it was also made clear that they both will always have lasting and meaningful feelings for each other. And they will be tied together permanently by their child. It was closure in a way - albeit it not the best one.

I’m really sorry you didn’t get that.

There was not enough Jess in this revival.

It is BULLSHIT that Jess’ character existed only as a passing wise sage to dish out advice without any autonomy of his own.

It is BULLSHIT that he has spent years pining after Rory when he is intelligent, hot as fuck, and has MADE something of himself.

It is BULLSHIT that he was not at the wedding.

It is BULLSHIT that he and Rory didn’t even share a dance together much less have a meaningful conversation about what they meant to each other.

And it is BULLSHIT that although it’s implied Jess is her “Luke,” we didn’t actually get to see the beginning stages of that play out. The only romantic moment between them happened through a plate of glass.

Jess. Deserved. More.

And I truly wish he would have gotten it.


A Team Logan

Jason flying and hanging upside down in front of Piper and her pushing his glasses up as she giggles “ever seen spider-man?” And proceeds to kiss him