regression to the mean || girlrunningwithwxlves

Scott, as it turned out, had been totally serious about Scott and Stiles time. With all of the pressure that had been on them lately, between deaths in the pack and evil fox demons and de-aged werewolves and trips to Mexico–there hasn’t been nearly enough time, as far as Scott has been concerned, for the important pillar of his life.

That pillar being his relationship with his best friend on the entire planet, Stiles Stilinski.

So he’s demanded time, put his foot down both as best friend and as alpha, made space for himself in Stiles’ schedule. Or so it feels like. Either way, he’s also loaded his room up with a wide variety of snackfoods, hoping to appeal to Stiles’ tastes, and the X-Box is booted up and waiting, Halo’s main menu screen currently serenading the room with its dulcet tones.

Scott is laying on the back on his bed, waiting, eyes flicking occasionally between his window and his door like he isn’t sure which direction Stiles is going to choose to come from. If she ends up being too late, he’s going to start to get worried. He misses one-on-one time with his friend.