Embrace Who You Are

So, we all know it’s summer time. Most people are trying to get a nice tan right now. Guess what? SO AM I. Now, for me, it’s not technically tanning since I’m already black, BUT, I am trying to get darker. I told my best friend about my wanting to get darker this summer, who is white by the way, and she was shocked! She said, “You’re the first black friend I’ve ever had that wants to get darker!” To which I replied, “I feel prettier when I’m darker!” Even my family was surprised when I told them. It’s not normal for black girls who aren’t naturally light to ACTUALLY WANT to be darker, and I think that’s pretty sad. I used to not like how dark I was because I was teased about it when I was younger. What really changed how I viewed myself was a family vacation I took when I was 10. We went to Turks and Caicos for 8 days, took wonderful family portraits on the beach, and by the time the trip was over, I was a delicious shade of mocha. Never in my LIFE had I felt more beautiful than I did after seeing myself after we returned from the trip. From that day on, I was proud of the warm, Brown tone God has blessed me with. I was even more proud of the fact that I could enhance that tone with a little bit of extra sunlight. I find it shameful that society and the majority of the world push the opinion that “lighter is better”. Especially on young black girls coming up, trying to find themselves. Why do these young, beautiful black girls not understand that the array of tones and shades they come in are wonderful and beautiful in their own ways? Lighter is not better, nor is darker better. All shades of black are beautiful, certain people just have different preferences. I have learned that embracing the shade I’ve been given is what makes me special. I wouldn’t want to be any other color than Brown! You couldn’t come up to me and tell ME that I’M ugly because I’m not lightskinned. I am FLAWLESS honey! If you don’t like this mocha queen RIGHT HERE, you can keep it moving. Your opinion of what shade of black looks good is irrelevant. Every shade is beautiful. It’s all about how you view yourself. Embrace who you are.

I know that you don’t accept request but this is definitely something that P and Alfie do like it’s the cuttest thing ever pls you need to write something about 

I saw this on Facebook the other day, and oh my goodness, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s early in the morning, and when I say early, it’s just as the sun is peeking over the horizon so it’s still quite dark in Alfie’s nursery. Persephone is quiet as she makes her way down the hallway towards Alfie’s room, the door creaking open as she steps inside, seeing her baby brother standing up in his cot. Eyes alert to the new found presence in the room. And he’s instantly a babbling mess of incoherent words and Persephone walks over to him and coos and sticks her hands through the slats and grins when he takes her fingers in his hold. 

The missus is close to the end of her pregnancy with the twins so she’s already wide awake and sat with Harry in bed as they discuss bits and pieces that were missing from their birth plan. Her body tucked up under his arm as they lean against the headboard, clad in his t-shirts and their underwear because if she couldn’t sleep comfortably in pyjama bottoms then Harry would sacrifice and subside the cold legs and numb toes so she wasn’t alone. 

“I definitely think we should take up the offer of what the midwife said at the last appointment,” Harry mumbles, fingers raking through her hair as he plays with the ends, “maybe taking the delivery into the theatre and delivering the twins that way. Just in case anything happens and you or the babies are put in danger.”

“I just wish and hope that things go smoothly. I want the comfort of a private room in the hospital we had Persephone and Alfie in with the nice view overlooking London. Right on the outskirts of this city,” she mumbles, head against his shoulder as he rests his cheek against her head, “all this talk about twins, it makes me feel like it’s all going to go pear-shaped. Who knew we would end up with twins, huh?”

“I mean, some of our distant relatives may have had twins. On both sides of the family,” he chuckles, lips pressed against her forehead before she’s head-butting his chin with confusion, looking over at the clock on Harry’s bedside table before glancing out the open curtains, “s’the matter?”

“Can you hear the kids?”

“I think you’re just hearing noises, Gorgeous.”

But, she knows she isn’t. Because soon after, she can hear the sounds of padding feet across the hallway, echoing as Persephone bounded down towards the bedroom and opened the door. Working by the lamp-light as she jumps up on the bed with Alfie soon turning the corner and into the bedroom, a giggle thick from his mouth as he runs towards Harry’s side of the bed and tries to hoist himself up like Persephone did.

“What the heck are you two doing up so early on a Sunday, hm?” Harry asks, lifting Alfie up and plonking him on his lap as Persephone snuggles up between the two of them, “also, how on earth did Alfie get out of his cot, huh?”

“Helped him, daddy! Wanted to climb out so I helped him,” Persephone giggles and snuggles up to the missus, letting her hand run over her bump as she feels the babies kick under her hand. Ignoring Alfie’s squeals as Harry buries his face into Alfie\s neck.

“Yeh sister helped you out, huh? I think we’ll have to buy you a bigger bed soon, you cheeky thing.” xx

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